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Abigail Rumpf

October 25 2016
English 4

Essential Question: Is obesity a problem in children?

Working Thesis: Physical education is an important factor in young peoples live
Refined Thesis: Obesity is increasing in children worldwide do to the lack of physical education.
Annotated Bibliography
Obesity has always been a problem around the world. The amount of obesity in children
has increased. Around the world kids are becoming less active in sports and in schools. Obesity
in children is a big problem, sch
Berman, Richard. "A Lack of Physical Activity Causes Obesity." Food. Ed. Laura K. Egendorf.
Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from "Sloth, Not Ads, Is
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in Context. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
In this article A Lack of Physical Activity Causes Obesity, it talks about how there is a
lack of activity and that's what is causing the obesity in children. There are lots of different
opinions in this subject. The article shows how politicians blame food advertising for childhood
obesity. In this statement there is no evidence that advertisements is what makes these children
obese. When it comes to the lack of physical fitness in children there is evidence in this article to
show that this statement is correct. The article talks about how schools are cutting back on
physical fitness. Schools are part of the problem. The schools are using money towards
educational purposes and going less and less towards physical education. The article is beneficial

towards my topic to show that schools are one of the problems when it comes to the lack of
physical activity.
"Childhood Obesity Is an Urgent Public Health Problem." Childhood Obesity. Ed.
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This article Childhood Obesity Is an Urgent Public Health Problem talks about how
childhood obesity is a public health problem. Childhood obesity has became a national health
crisis. This article talks about what obesity is and who does obesity impact. Obesity has become
more common among Americans of all ages, but obesity is becoming more common in children.
The article talks about what obesity does to your bodys and health. There is evidence that heart
disease develops in early childhood and is exacerbated by obesity states the article. When a child
is obese it can effect them for when they grow up. Most obese children end up growing up obese.
The article shows how the less amount of physical is one way that children can become obese.
But it also shows how there are things we can do to prevent this.
Kepner, Alison. "Delaware School Athletics Incorporate Extreme Sports to Fight Obesity."
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In this article it talks about how physical education curriculum in schools in effort
to fight the rise of childhood obesity. The school wants to change the traditional ways of
schools and to give more of a modern activities. By doing this they hope to get children

more involved. They have the options from the kids and how they can make them more
involved in and what activities do they enjoying when they arent in school. In the article
it shows the differences between kids and what they prefer. All kids are different and if
the schools could find different ways of making all kids like doing physical education
then the amount of obesity was decreased. In the article it shows that starting young with
this program will affect the children more and prevent obesity.