VOLUME 17.3 | NOV 2016


This fall was arguably the prettiest fall we’ve had since moving to
Denver 7 years ago. The oranges and yellows were simply breathtaking.
The leaves couldn’t be more gold if they were photoshopped; and the
weather has been more than spectacular. But as beautiful as it’s been,
winter is still right around the corner. Fall reminds us of seasons of
transition. As the leaves cover the ground, fall is a time for letting go
and releasing things that have been a burden. Fall is the perfect time to
practice getting out of the way and letting the Spirit take charge of our
With Hudson in half-day kindergarten, Emma constantly growing and
changing, Truman in seminary, and our ministries with moms and
professionals, trying to finding a good rhythm during this season of
transition has required nothing short of leaning into life with God - a
daily letting go and releasing of burdens, and getting out of the way of
the Spirit’s work.
While we’ve had some great days and some challenging days, God is on
the move in the city.
Re-imagining and developing ministry approaches for the 21st Century
has led our team to the development of the Leadership Circle, which
takes kingdom leaders through a unique nine-month journey into faith,
vocation, and culture. It includes professional leadership interaction,
biblical-spiritual formation, and an opportunity to further implement
their vocational calling.
We have about 20 amazing Leaders going through the Denver &
Boulder Leadership Circles. Some of these leaders include a former
NFL pro-bowler, an Olympic medalist, a founder of an organization that
has changed the lives of countless at-risk youths for more than 20
years (mentoring almost
500 kids aged 10-17 last
year alone), urban
government leader, and
many more. All these
leaders have a burden for
something in their city
that speaks to how
things ought to be Denver Leadership Circle
God’s shalom for the city.

• Pray for the Denver and Boulder
Leadership Circles participants as they are
hearing from the Lord about where He is
leading with the Impact Groups they are
to pursue.
• We are beginning to think about the
Leadership Circles that will start next fall.
Pray that God will raise up the right
• Pray specifically for leaders from the
communities of color. This year, we have 4
participants who are persons of color! But
we are trusting the Lord for even greater
impact into all pockets and facets of the
• As we enter this season of Thanksgiving
and Christmas, join us in praying for
grateful hearts. I know for me (Truman)
personally, the daily challenges of work,
life, and parenting can rob me of
gratefulness at times. Pray that we would
all be overflowing from a place of
gratitude and abundant joy.

We want to be praying with you as
well. Please send us any prayer
requests that you have.
( and

And by going through the Leadership Circle they gain a deeper foundation and understanding of God’s heart,
intent, and design for the flourishing of the city. And along the way, they discover a deep call as Os Guinness
describes in The Call “But who are we? And what is our destiny? Calling insists that the answer lies in God's
knowledge of what he has created us to be and where he is calling us to go. Our gifts and
destiny do not lie expressly in our parents wishes, our boss's plans, our peer group's
pressures, our generation's prospects, or our society's demands. Rather, we each need to
know our own unique design, which is God's design for us.”
These nine months (we’ve already gathered for three months) of the Leadership Circle(s) will be a deep dive
into transformation - city transformation as well as personal transformation. I’ve shared before, our team is also
involved in leadership circles around the world. This is what one participant had to share in Abidjan - “Since I
started The Leadership Circle classes, my sermons have changed. I am now focused on helping Christians in my
church and elsewhere to discover and live out their calling for the shalom of the city. Month 6 about Whole Life
Discipleship was a turning point in my marriage. I shared everything we did with my wife and we realized we
were not true disciples of Jesus Christ. We then made the decision to become Christ’s disciples and my
relationship with my wife improved greatly. I am so grateful.” Lucien: Pastor in Abidjan. Whole life
As I think about the leaders going through this year’s leadership circle: the former NFL pro-bowler, as a public
speaker, will have opportunities to speak shalom to audiences in ways you and I would never be able to. The
Olympic medalist is invited into the homes of government leaders and athletes around the world. Urban
developers and real estate industry leaders help shape physical structures, while government leaders help shape
policies, that lead to human flourishing.
The impact God is allowing us to have is moving beyond Denver. This past week, we hosted several leaders from
around the country. As they’ve learned about what we are leaning into as a team, they wanted to taste and see
the Leadership Circle in action. I had the privilege to lead one of the sessions. As the leaders reflected on the 3
days they were in Denver, they were all imagining how the leadership circle could impact their city. An attorney
from one of the cities left convinced they needed to do this in their city.
Amber and I are privileged to be able to engage leaders to live out their calling for the flourishing of their city.

We would not be able to do what we do with out you.

Thank you for partnering with us in h elping to change th e world,

so n, and Em m a Lo
Tru m an, Am ber, Hud

We’re coming to Texas!
At the end of December and beginning of January, we’ll be in Austin and
Houston and would love to see those of you in the area. Emma is super
snuggly and would love to meet you! We’ll have more details as we get
closer, but for now, we plan on holding an “open house” type gathering in
Austin at the end of Dec (date is TBD) and in Houston on January 7th. We
hope you can make it and look forward to connecting with you while we are
in town!