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Vision Statement Clase de espaol

The Spanish language is one of the most practiced languages worldwide, and in particular, is the
second spoken language in the state of Arizona. With an inspired love for culture, students will
have a better understanding of their surroundings and why it is essential to learning a new
language when finished with these courses. To be better engaged in the classroom and be college
ready, Students will:

Learn the fundamentals of the language and learn how to communicate with one another
in the target language.
Partake in projects using Skype to communicate with
another Spanish speaking student from another country.
This will help them advance in their communication skills.
Use technology to further advance in their understanding of
the language. This will include the use of Kahoot, Quizizz,
Plickers, and Flip Quiz.
Be able to grow in knowledge and develop their skills to a
proficient level in reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish.
Be able to appreciate and understand a different culture and
individuals who come from diverse backgrounds.
Participate in the Community Heritage Week.
o This project will allow students to discuss their
gained knowledge and understanding of Hispanic
culture while also building their confidence when it
comes to giving a presentation to an audience.
Will receive the necessary resources and instruction to complete the Advance Placement
Test if he or she desires.
My Teaching Philosophy

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Henry Adams
What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. Karl A. Menniger
The above two statements go hand in hand and are just a few reasons as to why I strongly believe
that teaching is such an important career and profession for our world today. Not only will I
simply teach future maturing generations, but I will play a major role in instructing and forming
my students. Also, I will be a part of my students in their lives and facilitate their understanding
of the outside world. As an educator, I am called to be both passionate and compassionate. It is
through my passion in which I will show my students the importance of learning and how an
education will benefit and help prepare them for the years to come. Although, us teachers do not
simply teach; we motivate, raise expectations, provide opportunities, protect others, and become
beacons of light by being role models. We have many skills to apply in our classrooms, but our
greatest skill is our ability to see students for who they are and assist them, pushing them a few
extra steps while opening doors and allowing them to see their dignity and worth as human
beings, making them a part of a united community.