Fannie Mae Contract Check List

NOTE: ** If Items Below Are Not Followed PRECISELY, OFFER IS AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED Multiple MOP (Multiple Offers Notification) Seller’s Name is referred to as “FANNIE MAE” throughout the contract. “ Owner of Record” NOT ALLOWED – AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED State contract includes “Pursuant to” language. “Pursuant to paragraph 28 of the real estate purchase addendum this document is subject to all terms and conditions set forth in the real estate purchase addendum.” If applicable, Condo unit number is included in the address of the property on the Fannie Mae Amendment. Buyer has initialed and/or signed all pages of Contract / Addendum. Contract is clear and legible. Contract is in PDF form and the file size is less than 7MB. ** BUYER pays Sellers docs UNLESS otherwise negotiated.

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTS ONLY UPON FANNIE MAE APPROVAL & ADDENDA FROM LISTING AGENT Paragraph 2(c) of the Fannie Mae Addendum is completely crossed out. Paragraph 3 is checked with the type of financing. (Cash offers check “Other” And insert the word “CASH.” Paragraph 4 is checked with proper buyer’s intended use. Section 14 has Deed Restriction terms for all Cash Buyers. (Deed restrictions Are 3 months and 120% of the purchase price.) (Only for Investors) Paragraph 16(e) is appropriately checked. Paragraph 38 includes all seller contributions and other agreed upon terms.

** Any contracts that are sent incorrectly will be sent back to you unexecuted for corrections. Please check all information on contract before sending.** DEPOSIT CHECKS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO: * WATSON TITLE or DAVID STERN,PA REGARDLESS OF WHO DOES TITLE WORK. THEY HOLD MONIES FOR FNMA. * Ask Listing Agent which one

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