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Question 1: - One of the leading newspapers wants to identify the social - cultural and behavioral parameter of people of Tribal region of Gujarat. Which secondary data sources they can use and also describes criteria for evaluating secondary data.

Question 2: - Read the following case and answer accordingly:

Over the last decade, recycling of household waste has become an extremely important behaviour across the nations. However in Asian countries this fluctuates from one country to the other. China is the leader amongst waste management while India, an equally large country, still has a long way to go. Punita Nagarajan, a business studies graduate with a keen interest in environmental issues, read about this in a special report in the newspaper. She recognized a potential business opportunity. It seemed obvious to her that there was scope for a potentially lucrative business related to some

aspect of household recycling. All she had to do was work out some way to alleviating the inconvenience people associated with recycling. Punita decided that a door – to – door recycling service may be a profitable way to get people to recycle. She believed that households would be willing to pay a small fee to have their waste collected on a weekly basis, from outside their home. Punita discussed this idea with a few friends, who were very receptive, reinforcing Punita’s views that this was indeed a good business opportunity. However, before she developed a detailed business plan, she decided it was necessary to confirm her thoughts and suspicions regarding the consumers’ views about recycling. In particular, she needed to check that her ideas, about convenience and recycling, were on right track. To do this, she decided to conduct some research into attitudes towards household recycling. Questions:

  • 1. What kind of research design you would advocate here?

  • 2. Identify your variables and population under study.

  • 3. Can you suggest any alternative design? Why/Why not?

Question 3: - ITC is a leading FMCG company in India. ITC wants to launch the fairness cream called “Superia skin care”. Being a researcher conduct research on market potential for the Superia skin care cream. Write a detailed research process for the same.

Question 4: - Cadbury is planning to launch a new line of cookies and want to assess the market size. The cookies have mixed chocolate pineapple flavor and will target at the premium end of the market. Being a researcher, discuss the six ‘w’s of the descriptive research design and help the top management of Cadbury to achieve the objectives.

Question 5: -

Uma Baxi has decided to open a placement agency. Kindly advice her on:

  • 1. What would be the ideal location for her setup?

  • 2. Who should she target – in terms of both individual and corporate clients?

  • 3. What databases would come in useful here?

What would be the nature of information that would assist her in the task?

How would secondary data sources help her here?

Question 6: - A number of entrepreneurs have been coming up with initiates of launching nursery schools. The nursery market has been quite competitive for last few

years because of many new entrants. “Prep”, which is one of the city’s upcoming chain of pre-nursery schools, are concerned with the attitude of parents towards the various aspects of a school. In spite of heavy advertisement, the potential parents still rely on word of mouth of existing stakeholders. They have authorized the undertaking of market research study to gather information and have directed that it should cover the following area such as admissions, school infrastructure, teachers, attitude of staff, meals, fees structure, parent teacher interaction, hygiene condition and so on. Being a researcher of Prep, answer the following questions:

  • 1. What is the management dilemma? Convert the management dilemma

into research problems.

  • 2. Write the objectives of the top management of Prep nursery school.

  • 3. Identify the target population of the school.

Question 7: - “Every business research starts with a problem statement.” Give your views relating to this statement with real life example.

Question 8: - Prepare a research proposal to study the students’ preference and satisfaction for semester system in Schools and colleges.

Question 9: -

Develop the research proposal for the measurement of consumer buying

behavior for a laptop brand (like Dell, HP, Acer etc) by considering the research topic, research problem statement, population size, sample size, sampling technique, data collection tools, data analysis tools, hypothesis with appropriate reasons whenever is required.

Question 10: -

Ice cream giant of India – „Delicious‟ want to set up various soft cones vending machines at various shopping malls and other shopping places. The USP of the ice cream is that it is less sweet, low calories and yet very thick and creamy. They have five different flavors i.e. Vanilla, dark cocoa, coffee, butterscotch and strawberry. They also have unique real fruit flavors in

orange, kiwi, black current, and mixed fruit. Before they launch the ice cream they need to know the taste preferences, buyers‟ behavior towards their

spending power and frequency of eating ice cream. The ice cream is targeted to health conscious consumers. Questions:

1) What is research process? Explain the research process for the above situation. 2) As a researcher which research design would you use? Justify your choice.

Question 11: - Prepare a research proposal to study the consumer preference and satisfaction for Tata Nano in the state of Gujarat.

Question 12: - Prepare a research plan for marketing manager of Tata Nano car who wants to know about customer satisfaction level across India who recently purchased newly Introduced car.