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Bridgette M.

Juarez BS Biology II
Soc Sci 5 N

To what extent is art an art when it comes to mature films?

Art is a form of language used by artists to communicate with their audience. In

films, we see art in the way the setting is built, how the characters are dressed, what the
actors are saying and how they act. In mature films it is primarily expressed by the sexual
exploits of the characters or in some cases the brutal fantasies that some people cant even
comprehend. Its in the writers and directors hands to steer the story to a place where the
viewers would get the most pleasure, not just sexually but also in the sense that they will be
contented with the story. To answer the question, there is no limitation to art when it comes to
mature films because art is an interpretation of the artists views and emotions and those are
Whatever the film is about, it would still be a work of art, but not everyone would
understand it. Every time a sexually themed movie or TV show is released, there are always
people that would start proclaiming it as pornography. This is an issue that seemingly gets
brought up time and time again. Some viewers argue that these shows influence the youth
into doing things that are inappropriate but they need to understand that most children already
have access to more explicit materials. Also, they need to consider the existence of the rating
system used in movie theatres to categorize which films are appropriate for certain ages.
Arguments that mature films lack the artistic element and are only made for the sole purpose
of getting off are invalid and narrow. Directors and writers spend time researching
information to make their works believable or unique. They are the artists, the film is the
canvass and the actors give color and bring the whole thing together.
One would think that because pornography is starting to be a part of the norm that
people would be able to tell the difference by now. Of course the line that separates
pornography from artistic expression may be thin but to generalize, pornography is all about
sexual intercourse and movies that have sexual themes tickle your minds in more ways than
one. Im not saying that you cant have art in porn, its just that it is limited to sexual aspects.
Naturally whenever someone sees graphic sex exposed on a movie or TV show, their mind
comes to conclusion that what they are is pornographic; when, simply thats not the case.

Movies like Blue Is the Warmest Color, The Wolf of Wall Street, Nymphomaniac, and
Fifty Shades of Grey have all been label by someone in the media as pornographic
To sum everything up, the number and the explicitness of sexual scenes in mature
films does not diminish the artistic value of the film. Some may view it as an excuse to make
pornography valid but it doesnt counter the fact that art can be found everywhere even in
sexual acts.

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