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Romanias participation in the Missile Defense System

Agreement on the deployment of the US ballistic missile defense system in Romania

Romanias participation in the development of the European component of the US Ballistic Missile Defense System
(EPAA / European Phased Adaptive Approach), approved by the Supreme Council of National Defense on 4 February
2010, represents a Romanian accomplishment both within the bilateral relationship with the United States, and as a
reaffirmation of Romania as a reliable Ally within NATO. The EPAA constitutes an essential American contribution
to the Ballistic Missile Defense architecture of NATO. Therefore, the Romanian participation in the EPAA also
represents the national contribution to the Allied Ballistic Missile Defense system.
This joint project with the US significantly contributes to enhancing Romanias national security and to strengthening
its bilateral Strategic Partnership with the United States.
The negotiation process for the Agreement establishing the terms of the bilateral cooperation in the field of Missile
Defense started on 17 June 2010. The text of the agreement was convened ad referendum by the two delegations after
seven negotiation rounds.
On 3 May 2011, the President of Romania, Traian Bsescu, announced the decision of the Supreme Council of
National Defense to approve the deployment at the Deveselu Air Base in Olt County, of the elements of the US
Ballistic Missile Defense system. On 6 June 2011, the Agreement was initialed by the two chief-negotiators, Bogdan
Aurescu and Ellen Tauscher, in Washington.
On 13 September 2011, Romanias Minister of Foreign Affairs and the US Secretary of State signed in Washington
the Agreement between Romania and the United States of America on the Deployment of the United States Ballistic
Missile Defense System in Romania.
The document was ratified by the Romanian Parliament by Law No. 290/2011 and entered into force on 23 December
As far as the implementation of this agreement is concerned, the negotiating teams of the two countries worked
intensely throughout 2012 and 2013 to agree the necessary Implementing Arrangements.

Missile racheta

to approve a aproba

reliable - de ncredere, pe care te poti baza

accomplishment realizare

therefore asadar

to enhance a spori, a imbunatati

to strengthen a intari

to establish a stabili, a nfiina

agreement- acord, intelegere

convened convocat

as far as X is concerned in ceea ce priveste X

field camp, domneniu

deployment lansare, amplasare (a forelor)

throughout - de-a lungul