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Historical Thought Pattern Clearance

This Historical Thought Pattern Clearance is for your personal use only.

Channeled and manual written by Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture, April 5th, 2016

When you seek spiritual assistance to grow and heal from your past, it can be
frustrating when your mind continues to review historical topics in a familiar
pattern. Especially if the old familiar pattern causes emotional wounds to reopen.
You have done the hard work, or simply let Gods grace set you free from your
past. You have determined to use self-control to engage only in actions that are
healthy for you. You resist re-contacting people who treat you badly but it is
becoming more difficult to keep the promises you made to yourself.
It is a new day and a great time to receive an attunement to Historical Thought
Pattern Clearance. This energy system is responsive to your mental direction in
regards to the specific patterns it can clear. You know the paths your mind takes
seemingly of its own accord. Now is the time to clear the paths and patterns of
thinking that cause you to relive old topics and tempt your resolve.

Historical in the context of this energy system means any way your mind has
behaved in the past. It isnt only experiences that actually happened to you or the
way your mind goes over relationships and your mistakes that can be cleared. Any
thinking pattern that you know your mind will set itself to presenting to you can be
For many people, specific conditions trigger thinking patterns that dont serve us
anymore. Maybe there was a time when thinking in this way was beneficial. Now
you know that it only leads to be sent straight into feelings that are hard to escape.
After you call in the attunement that your teacher sent out for you, youll be able to
reactivate Historical Thought Pattern Clearance any time you need assistance, for
the remainder of your life. Most strong energy work is best done when you are
reclined. This is because both your body and brain can be relaxed, not needing
attend to either the effort of remaining standing or doing other activities, including
being aware of ones surroundings.
Think of the energies of Historical Thought Pattern Clearance gently and
effectively educating your body consciousness. Appreciate your brain for working
so hard to help you navigate life and have the best experiences possible.
By clearance I am meaning that this pattern gets lifted from your conscious
minds inventory of patterns it frequents for you to glean information from.
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance will help your mind send to your
subconscious archive this particular thought pattern so it is not put into use often.
In addition to sending the particular thought to your subconscious, it is done so in a
way that it is not likely to be sourced for night dream scenarios while you sleep.
Now any historical thought pattern sent to your subconscious minds archive by
this energy systems communication with your bodys conscious awareness is
stowed away only to be reached for if there is reason that you really need it.
This is a very different positioning for this thought pattern to be in. Previously your
mind would ride this thought pattern, bringing your emotions along whether you
wanted to go through thinking in this way or not. You may still encounter
situations that would previously evoke the now obsolete way of thinking, but since
no real benefit would be gained by re-examining the topic you can be calm and
clear minded.

Attunements can be sent long distance by means of an energy sphere, often called a
chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of Eternal Light. It is
released to you when you call it in, like a prayer to receive it.
Now spend a few minutes to invite your Historical Thought Pattern Clearance
attunement. It is best to recline where you wont be disturbed for 20 minutes.
Simply say, out loud or in your mind:
I ask to fully receive my Historical Thought Pattern Clearance attunement as
sent out by my teacher and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source and delivered
to me by my helping healing guardians and angels now!
Mentally thank Eternal Sacred Source (Divinity/God/Goddess) for delivering these
energies to you perfectly. Now you have the privilege of consciously activating
this energy system. Your Angels and helping healing guides in the light and love of
Eternal Sacred Source will administer these energies for you and your mind.
The energies brought to you wont change your feelings. The energies of Historical
Thought Pattern Clearance do nothing for how you feel about anyone or anything
that happened in the past.
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance will free you from the ruts of old thought
patterns that land you in the quagmire of muddy thinking. Now that you are
healing from old emotional wounds it is time to have the advantage of being in
charge of your own thoughts and future actions.
Historical thought patterns remain because your mind thinks that it can glean
additional information from the past that can help you avoid a similar mishap in
the future. In truth, all that needs to be learned from you past has already been
learned. Learning from mistakes by pain is old paradigm thinking and not
necessary to live a spiritually awakened enjoyable life.
Minds are accustomed to constantly reviewing all information that arrives unto
them. Information that has the added intensity of emotional pain, such as a bad
experience or disappointment and hurt feelings in relationships with others make
especially lasting patterns of thought.

Here is an example of a mental pattern that can be cleared by reactivating this

energy system several times. If you have learned to stay out of conflict and safe
in a relationship by letting your own needs go unmet your mind has a tendency to
remind you of how to stay safe by encouraging you not to speak up about your
needs to others. Your mind will do what it thinks is helping you by suggesting to
you, by reviewing previous situations where less bad things happened because you
stayed quiet. Your mind does not always see the big picture. It is unaware of the
healing that your spirit and personality have received.
Your mind might only pick up on certain aspects of a situation, such as, this
situation includes you and another person. Rather than the fact that the problem
was with the previous person and not this new person. You deserve to be in a
healthy relationship and to have your needs met. But if your mind is constantly
trying to restrain you from your freedom of speech out of what it thinks is
necessary to keep you safe it is much more difficult for you to forge the
relationships that are best for you.
That is only one example of a mental pattern that can be cleared. Please approach
your mind with gratitude. It is doing its very best, with the previous prime directive
it had for how to help you. Minds are very loyal to the incarnated soul that would
be you! But minds dont know how to take into account the emotional healing and
spiritual faith you have. They only look at data. And data that carved patterns into
your minds landscape with intensity of emotion is treated as very important to
review regularly. There are many mental patterns that you are caged by that I look
forward to Historical Thought Pattern Clearance freeing you from.
To use this energy system in its most effective way, you need to be somewhat selfaware of when you are riding a mental pattern on a topic youve already gotten
over. In other words, a topic that youve already sought spiritual assistance for
emotionally healing on. This energy system can be used in conjunction with prayer
for emotional healing. It is most effective for topics that you really have done some
personal work on letting go and moving forward.
If you as a person are comfortable that youve learned what you need to know
about a historical event then you are ready to lift up that event, and the way you
think about it, to Eternal Sacred Source by activating Historical Thought

Trust that if there is ever a time, place or situation that the historical topic would be
relevant to making a decision in your life, that you would certainly have access to
that information. Acknowledge that until or if that time, you desire freedom from
the current unwanted thought patterns because they are not good for you anymore.
This is important, because some thought patterns are difficult to even want to let go
of. Those are usually relating to interactions with other people who we care or
cared about. This energy system will not cause you to lose love for someone. But if
you are torturing yourself with details of memories that only make it more difficult
to move forward, Historical Thought Pattern Clearance will help you to stop
thinking about those details. Some people are afraid that if they stop going over
every detail of their time with someone that their feelings of love will fade. In my
experience of working with this energy system in the past 6 months I can tell you
that love remains love, yet a freedom of new beginnings can be embraced.
If spouse or life partner passed on from this life many people feel immense guilt at
even the thought of letting themselves have romantic feelings for a new person.
These feelings can be even more gut-wrenching if they begin to develop for
someone who was in their life when their mate was still alive in body.
In the case of a breakup, and you want to still feel the love for that person it can be
difficult to let yourself have feelings for someone new. Even if the relationship was
not good but the love was remarkable, many people dont want to lose the feeling
of the love in addition to the relationship. This is one of the major reasons why our
mind keep going over details of times you had together. I implore you to trust that
the love can still exist while you stop feeding it by reliving the feelings of how it
felt to be near that person. Let it be alright to set the love aside in a special room in
your heart. Your soul knows what it feels like to love this person. You here in a
body deserve to grow a new love with another person. We are vast beings and
perfectly capable of loving more than one person. I am not telling you to get over
the previous person. I am inviting you to give yourself permission to love anew.
When you let yourself have new feelings, or to develop feelings that are already
burgeoning for someone it does not erase any other love. Even if you have
difficulty recalling the exact feeling of that persons presence, trust that your soul
remembers and knows that person. You here in this body, on Earth are embarking
on a new experience that can be just as remarkable, even as it is different than the
other love. And, in this relationship you will be respected and loved for the
brilliance of being that you are.

Historical Thought Pattern Clearance is very useful for situations that you felt
embarrassed. Times when you felt that you let yourself or another person down.
Times when you, despite doing the best you could, were not quite good enough to
accomplish what you intended to accomplish can bother you a lot. This is because
your mind really believes that there must be more to find in the historical
experience to keep it from every repeating itself. I highly recommend that you use
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance each time you notice your mind reviewing
situations that you did not live up to your own or others standards of behavior or
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance is meant to be topic specific and so the
activation of the energies are meant to be used when need be. It also might take
several activations to clear those historical thought patterns, depending on how
deep the patterns were etched into your mind and what if any resistance you still
have emotionally to letting go of these thought patterns.
Fear of what might happen in the future, together with any scenarios your mind has
presented to you if (fill in the blank) happens are thought patterns you can clear
with this Historical Thought Pattern Clearance. What makes it historical? The
fact that youve had this thought before, and the basic thread of what your mind
tells you could happen is recognizable and disturbing. Your mind probably thinks
it is helping you to prepare for some unknown disaster, or avoiding such a disaster,
by presenting to you a scenario in which you must witness devastation and
determine how to save yourself and your loved ones.
There are reasonable fears that do help us to be watchful and proactive if an
emergency was to happen. I hope you know the difference between those type of
conscious preparations for various emergencies and the torture of worrisome
thought patterns that seem to gain a life of their own. If your mind has latched onto
the topic of disasters happening to you or your loved ones, and has decided to
make you think about this topic regularly it is time, in my opinion, to clear this
thought pattern. It is one thing to acknowledge a possible unknown threat and
determine various responses to it. It is a torturous thing to have a running list of
similar scenarios presented to you by your mind on a regular basis.
Maybe you dont have this happen to you very often. Maybe only if youve seen a
violent movie or simply watched world news. Remember that your mind wants to
help you be prepared for any eventuality to help you be safe and navigate
situations and relationships.

You as the sovereign incarnated soul in this body has authority over your mind to
determine what type of thoughts you do and dont want to entertain. This is why
this energy system has been channeled, to give you freedom to live in the mental
environment of your choice. You, in a body needs a mind that is enjoyable to live
in. Because each of us here in a body on Earth reside mainly in our mind, using its
functions to direct our body to interface with this reality. Yet for many people, the
mind seems uncontrollable. An adversarial relationship between the incarnated
soul/personality and mind can develop.
It is important to regularly thank your mind for dutifully trying to keep you safe
and lift up to your attention topics it considers important. Then your mind will be
much more teachable when you clarify what type of thought patterns you want to
engage in and which ones you dont. If you encounter any personal fear about
activating energies to clear these thought patterns, I suggest that you say a prayer.
Trust in Divinity and your helping healing angels and guides is an essential part of
this energy system being effective for you. There is a need for you to transfer some
of the on duty aspects of your personal safety to your angelic divine team. Maybe
youve never thought of it in this way, but a mind feels somewhat to very alone.
Usually a mind thinks that it is completely up to itself, to sort through all of the
information it receives through all of your senses, in order to provide you with
every possible chance to stay safe. The same sources of information are utilized to
help you engage in relationships and experiences that can increase happiness and
bring pleasure. Most certainly staying safe (avoiding hurt both physically and
emotionally) is a higher priority. Once that priority is satisfactorily met, basic life
needs of food, shelter and comfort are generally next, then seeking of happiness,
intellectual, emotional and physical pleasure. Of course it is different for each
person, but the idea is that after avoidance of the bad things happening is the
attending to basic life needs and comfort, then upwards to happiness and pleasure.
Whether spiritual enlightenment is sought is a very personal choice, yet one that
many people feel is essential to both inner peace and happiness.
Temptations and plans of action that you know you should not actually bring into
reality are also important thought patterns to clear with this energy system.
Beating yourself of mentally for past mistakes is another thought pattern that I will
be glad for you to activate Historical Thought Pattern Clearance to clear.

Telling yourself that future will be the same as the past because (fill in the blank)
so why even try again is a thought pattern that I hope you clear right now.
This is not a difficult process to do. You dont have to go through the whole mental
thought pattern in order to clear it. Simply lift a general topic together with the
willingness to let it be cleared for you. Try doing that now. What thoughts are you
burdened by? What does your mind review that you are so done thinking about yet
seem stuck having to think about just because your mind is taking you through it
again. No more, now is the time for freedom!
Say, audibly or in your mind with strong desire to receive:
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance Activate now!
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance Activate now!
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance Activate now!
Saying the name of and instruction to the energy system 3 times makes the energy
flow to you faster and stronger. The number 3 is a sacred number and it is a
number that has power. Whenever you say something 3 times you are increasing
the intention for what you are saying to happen, NOW!
Historical Thought Pattern Clearance is an original energy system channeled by
Rev. Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture
April 5th, 2016 ~All Rights Reserved
Resellers: This personal use only attunement and manual for Historical Thought
Pattern Clearance is to be sold for no less than $49 or the equivalent in your
currency. The Master Teacher attunement and manual is to be sold for no less than
$69 USD and more than that price is acceptable. Only those attuned to the Master
Teacher version of Historical Thought Pattern Clearance may resell the personal
use only and/or Master attunement and manual.
Please contact the author at for permission to translate
this manual. No one has permission to make an audio attunement of this energy
system with background music. Energized Silence channel on YouTube is the only
one who has permission to make a video transmission of this energy system.


For Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture states that this Historical Thought

Pattern Clearance attunement and all of its energy functions are for entertainment purposes only. It is not
affiliated with any form of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement,
empowerment or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future.
This empowerment/attunement is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah
Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering medical service or diagnosis of any kind.
Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide accurate information and takes no responsibility for
recommendations made and no guarantees are issued toward the validity of information. Mariah Windsong
Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising this empowerment. This manual may contain
inaccuracies and typographical errors. Mariah Windsong Couture does not warrant the accuracy or completeness
of the materials or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or other information displayed or linked in
this manual. By purchasing this manual or receiving this empowerment or attunement, you acknowledge that
any reliance on such opinions, statements, energy or energy streams or information shall be at your sole risk.
December 3rd, 2015

Please dont post this manual on any public sites. Send directly to your students.
All pictures Mariah has purchased the rights to use commercially, royalty free.

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