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My writing profile

Sheila B. Mignolet
Developing the writing skill has always seemed to play an important role in the
academic curriculum. Even though the approaches to writing have varied along time, they
have always coincided on the fact that writing is a key element that should be given its
relevance. Having experienced these different ways of writing as a learner, I can say that
being able to express your own ideas and thoughts is a core factor in both academic and
professional life and everyday situations.
In my experience, I found that writing and learning
how to write has helped me not only academically but also
personally. That is, writing has given me the tools to express
myself through my written production by transforming the
abstract notions and ideas I have into a visible outcome. What
is more, writing about issues that concern my experience as a
learner and a teacher-to-be has offered me the chance to
reflect upon these ideas and conceptions in a way that I can
go back to the ideas behind my writings and have the
possibility to reflect further on them and reconstruct them in the future.
In my current course of studies, writing has been a central skill to be developed and
improved through many ways of approaching it. I consider that the intensive work I have
done so far as regards language and grammar has provided me with a reliable database
from where to continue adding up to the teaching-learning experience. I must say that even
if the hard work on grammatical aspects seemed to be overwhelming at times, it challenged
me to further improve my writing skills.
As regards my future professional life, I believe that solid writing skills will help me
to carry out the day-to-day tasks that the teaching profession involves. In other words, it
will help me with lesson-planning, reports and the like. What is more, being able to master
my own writing styles may help me find ways to motivate and engage students in
developing their own writing skills and styles and towards learning. Moreover, I think that
these skills will also contribute to other tasks involved in the profession such as designing

proposals related to the learning and teaching experience, making contributions in research
projects, participating in conferences and expositions and so on.
Finally, I would like to mention that I expect this workshop to be an insightful and
enriching experience that will skyrocket my inspiration and motivation as regards writing
and the writing process. I look forward to observing not only the final results but also the
path that will be constructed along the way in order to reach that final outcome. I do believe
that we all have the potential to become trailblazers in our future classrooms.