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Just to say
Thank you everyone for donating the 500 to help Thomas to dance, it means the world to him and his
family and I cannot explain how amazing it is that I am actually typing this to you right now.
It means that I can release some more information about the sessions you saw unveiled on the stream, and it
means I can share with you some of the innerworkings of Vanderuum.
Let me start by explaining how Vanderuum began, and how this world is expanding more and more with
each second it exists within my mind.
I started, as many do, by talking with my best, oldest and dearest friend about getting a group together to
play D&D. We managed to find a group, with me and a few others, and set about running a session every
week via Skype. We decided to run Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and at the time I was fairly new to D&D
so my friend took up the DM mantle.
He was fantastic, and we all had a blast.
My character, a rather evil one at that, had once been a villain and was being subdued by Bahamut the
dragon god of truth and justice. He fought his way through the campaign, becoming less and less
manageable within the group, before disappearing without a trace.
Now this set my mind racing, and I wanted to know where he might have gone to. I decided to start writing.
I bought a book to write the backstory, and began to design a map. But at this point there wasnt really a
point in continuing without a group to play through this new world with me, and so I became the DM, found
some new friends, and explored Heilsa for the first time.
Heilsa was the first lands I created, and I couldnt have started with much more darkness and evil if I had
tried. The entire lands were (and are) covered in demonic taint, madness spread through the underdark and
there was an undercurrent of tiefling culling and racism. It was not a nice place to live.
Our first session had one of our characters tie an old lady up, desecrate a church, and attempt to force the
lady to run the church for them. It was a good evening. We also met the first beloved character in the
world, upbeat and instantly lovable in a dark environment, and it grew from there.
What always stuck out as the most important thing for me was that the story was interesting, the characters
were engaging, and the players were the stars. Combat and rules were always a side note, something
worth following but with a pinch of salt, and if it didnt make sense then it didnt happen.
Storytelling is all about the experience, and collaborative storytelling is an exercise in listening,
understanding, thinking and conveying. The very nature of storytelling lets people experience a story all at
the same time, but with different images inside their heads of what their characters are seeing. It is always
wonderful to know that my version of a character is different to each person I describe them to, and it is
why D&D is so great.
Now, I believe that was a lot of waffling from me, and I also believe you are here for some history, lore
and answers.
-----Step forward adventurers, and welcome to Vanderuum.

Kingdoms and Lands

The continent of Vanderuum is home to
many beings and creatures. The lands
span across the world creating both vast
impassable deserts, unrelenting with
their heat and strong winds, to huge
unreachable mountain tops covered with
snow and ice, with temperatures
freezing even the most hardened of
Up until recently the lands had been at
war. Blood, sweat and bone had been
sacrificed in the names of three
separate factions.
People of Elgin The believers of truth,
honesty and reliability. They have a
complete distrust in religion and magic
and wish to eradicate such powers from
the world. They are often great
innovators and have developed the beginnings of gunpowder and firearms.
How could you trust one who manipulates the world alongside others minds? How can you put your
faith in such powerful beings? The risk is far too great.
Terio Jhanti, Leader of the People of Elgin
Gaald Ur Notanda The believers of knowledge and the sanctity of such information. They devote
themselves to protecting and learning from libraries and magical artefacts, and are often gifted in the
magical arts.
Me skortur ekkingu kemur vissu, me vissu koma lti, me lti kemur tap.
Ancient Tome Galdur I, Lftap Libraries
With lack of knowledge comes uncertainty, with uncertainty comes panic, with panic comes loss.
Translation by Mage Hrenffert of Gaald Ur Notanda
House of Safna The believers of gold, wealth, and trade. The world is full of creatures willing to prey on
trading caravans and many adventurers are hired through one of the House of Safna hero guilds to protect
the lands and provide safety for its people. There are dark secrets rumoured of House Safna, and many
speak of underground black markets and shady trade deals. Of course, none of this has been proven
Why money is simply a tool my friend. A tool to help those in need! - Lord Daeton
In need of good wine! - Lord Illys
Lord Daeton and Lord Illys of House Safna
After many deaths and struggles, a peace treaty has been signed by the three factions (some more
willingly than others) and the lands of Vanderuum are beginning to heal themselves once more.
However, softly spoken whispers are spreading of new threats to these lands as darkness has spread
through the nearby lands of Heilsa

Welcome to Heilsa.
This small island
(around the size of
England) is rumoured to
contain riches beyond
imagining, and
monsters you wish you
hadnt. People have
told you of the luscious
lands of green,
impressive mountains,
dry deserts, and
mysterious forests. They
have mentioned King
Far and his rule of the
kingdom, ruling with
wisdom and patience
and giving his people
excellent fortune. There
are rumoured to be
every race imaginable,
particularly dwarves in
the mountains and the
elves in the forests.
Everyone seems to
associate Heilsa with
peace, with no worries
that they havent heard
from its people. There
is an ancient history
that the elders from
your lands have only
guessed at. Some
believe there is a deep
dark secret to the
lands, and others have
sworn that they have
foreseen a giant
dragon shining with
light. Of course, these
are all rumours, as noone in the last 20 years
has been able to find
their way to the island.
Heilsa is an ancient land and holds many secrets. The language of Heilsadik has been long lost to most, but
is still found in the names of cities, towns and places. Most people speak common, due to the variety of
races who trade in Heilsa. However, a sinister hatred of all tieflings hangs around from their past. The
Kings bloodline swore to wipe out all tieflings and led campaigns to destroy their homes in Daodda
Myrkur. There are tieflings who survived, but they hide themselves well. Most Heilsa worships the platinum
dragon god, Bahamut.

Fryst is the
kingdom of
trade, gold
and merchants.
An extremely
cold northern
border, known
as the frozen
wastes, is
entirely made
of ice and
anything that
resides there is
dangerous. The
freeze the
breath from
most who dare
to adventure
Further south and you find the frozen forests, hardened but beautiful.
The Glistening Forests to the west, so-called for the icicles that hang from almost every tree, are often
explored by those who wish for isolation and many find truths about themselves or discovery some
epiphany as they wander through these woods. Many blame witches, others claim the gods have a hand in
the creation of these woods, but all agree that something powerful resides there.
Bear Trap Forest to the east is known for its many bears, and has been used as a hunting ground by the
nearby town of Tuethor for centuries. Mainly a human endeavour, the skilled trackers have learned where
to place traps to capture without harming the precious furs of the animals. They trade bear furs to the
entirety of Vanderuum and are one of the major commodities that are highly valued throughout the lands.
Centred between the forests are the Frystheart Mountains. Tall snow-topped peaks are blown by powerful
winds, large giants wander for mountain wolves and other creatures, dark caves are home to basilisks and
other dark creatures travelling up from the underdark, and the bones of adventurers scatter the dark grey
stones and dust of the mountain paths.
Within the mountains lies the capital city of Rockfall, home to King Ayfe, the Halfling king. He has ruled the
kingdom for the last 23 years and is often ridiculed for his size by almost everyone around him. He has
turned bitter, and will order the death of those who laugh in his presence, demanding silence and
obedience from everyone in his vicinity. He has hidden himself for the past few years, and dwells inside the
400-year-old ancient dwarven castle mined into the mountains themselves, plotting the deaths of those who
have once ridiculed him.
Further south is the farmlands. A band of lands where warmth begins to flow, and plant-life can grow. It is a
huge farming operation, with farm after farm producing food and produce for the various towns and cities
in the north who cannot provide for themselves. A huge trading operation with Mynt provides riches to the
farmers and many of the farmers here are rich and prosperous.

Home of the wood elves in Vanderuum and where the most powerful and reliable potions are created. Most
of Skgur is covered in forests, and the treetop city of Summertree lies in the centre.
The history of Skgur is convoluted at the best of times, with most historians discovering something entirely
different. One might find that the wood elves had grown the trees themselves, as another finds the wood
elves only came to these woods a short time ago after fleeing from the forests of Heilsa. It is possible all or
none of these discoveries are accurate, and it is a constant struggle through the tightly packed treelines to
even attempt to find out.
What we do know is that the forests are home to many plant-based creatures, some content to live their
lives amongst the undergrowth, and others stamping their way through all other life and threatening the
forest itself. There have been accounts of large leaf, vine and branch creatures, shambling through the
forest and destroying all in their path. Some have reported mud that lifts itself up and slides across the
forest floor, taking all into itself as it cleans the path it follows.

We also know that the flowers, fruits, nuts and mushrooms found here are powerfully imbued with magic
and most are very dangerous to consume. Many historians have died attempting to survive on the produce
of these forests, and many others have gone mad. The wood elves appear to be the few who know which
are useful and which to avoid, and have been using the supplies of the forest to brew potions of great
They trade with Vanderuum for gold and riches, but a trade with the wood elves of Skgur is never
ordinary. Traders are met with large rock creatures, trees that walk, and a variety of other beings that
carry the potion supplies to them, and take the gold back into the forests. To request a potion, a trader will
send an owl through the forest with a message. If the owl comes back with the message, it was not
accepted, and if it returns without a message, the request was accepted and they should return in 48 hours

Amongst the intense heat, swirling sand storms and vast deserts lies the city of Windlake in the lands of
Heitt. Known for their mastery of the arcana, specifically the magical aura that encircles and shields the
entire city from the hazards of the deserts, the peoples of Heitt are reclusive and focussed on the studies of
The libraries of Windlake are only matched by those of Hafbae, and contain the most ancient of rituals and
spells that most have forgotten. It is the work of the hundreds of scholars and mages to revitalise these
tomes and bring ancient magics to the current era.
Fortunately for Heitt, they are strong-minded and hard-working people who are incredibly inventive,
creating new machines and weapons through a mix of rare metals, gems and ancient spells. They are
visionaries and have formed plans for many flying ships and vehicles, ways of transporting vast amounts of
goods instantaneously and powerful personal defence shields. It is due to these breakthrough concepts that
many of the richest Lords and Ladies of the lands fund their research in the hopes of using the end products
for their own gains.

Mountains that reach the heavens, barren frozen
deserts and only the maws of monsters to keep
you company. The lands of Bestmar are a
hostile place, with only the toughest of individuals
residing there. Goliaths, dwarves and half-orcs
make up the main populations of Bestmar and
even then, the population constantly varies in
The dwarves keep to themselves deep within the
Caged Mountains and rarely visit the surface of
Bestmar, preferring to keep to the underdark
and their mines.
However, the goliaths and half-orcs have a
vicious culture of hunting and combat. Large
arenas and colosseums are found throughout
every village, town and city in Bestmar. They
offer a place to prove ones worth, and almost all
disagreements and lawful matters are decided
through combat alone. Stole a loaf of bread?
Fight in the arena. If you win you keep the
bread, if you lose you lose your hands. Its an
honourable tradition that holds truth, reliability,
strength and skill in the highest regard.
There is another way that one might prove their
worth. The monsters of Bestmar are dangerous
and have been known to devour entire villages
with ease. The hunters of Bestmar are treated
with the utmost respect, assuming they are
capable and have proven their skill. Many
beasts are sold to other lands and are a main
source of income to the capital city of Bloodhunt.
High Chieftain Ruktiv oversees the running of
Bloodhunt, particularly its infamous colosseum.
She stands a good 7 foot 10 inches tall with
strong and powerful goliath arms and an
unwieldly looking enormous great axe on her
back. Ruktiv was once the champion of the
colosseum before challenging the previous High
Chieftain. The resulting combat was spectacular.
Speed, power and finesse shown by both, before
Ruktiv finally beheaded her rival.
Many speak of finding enlightenment at the very
peaks of the Caged Mountains, and many travel
through the icy winds to prove their might and
worth. But few return from such a dangerous
journey, as even the goliaths themselves avoid
the very peaks of the mountains

Mets is a land of humidity,
dense intertwining vines and
the large clawing branches of
the Ensnaring Forest. Covering
more than half of the lands,
these rainforests are full of
venomous creatures and
poisonous plants, attacking
anyone who dares to enter
their domain. It is a dangerous,
constantly changing
environment, and many
adventurers and cartographers
have been known to go missing
within these forests. The few
that have returned, speak of a
ramshackle city of Balasar, with
simple huts made from the vines
of the forests. They speak of
black and green dragonborn
residing amongst this so-called
city, alongside copper scaled
dragonborn living amongst
them somehow in peace. Most
believe these people to be
driven mad from the forest
itself, but there are those who
know the truth.
Balasar is the clan name of the
copper dragonborn that have
resided here for centuries. They
never left the forests, finding
ways to survive and expanded
into many small settlements
throughout the lands. The
largest of these settlements is
often called the city of Balasar
by those from the outside
world, but the dragonborn
know that there are no names
for each settlement, only the
clan names of those who reside
There was once a war amongst
dragons, and many chromatic
dragonborn were forced into
servitude and made to raise an
army for an ancient red
dragon that fought across the
lands. The distrust of these
dragonborn grew as they took over villages in the dragons name and has dwelled amongst the populace
of Vanderuum ever since. However, after the dragon was defeated, the dragonborn fled and clan Balasar
took them in as they came into Mets, offering them shelter and food in return for help looking after the
forests. Ever since clan Balasar has welcomed all new visitors and amongst the harshness of the venomous
humid forests they shine as a beacon of generosity and life.


Recommended for a party of four level 5 characters
The small village of Litelholme has long been ignored. The halfling king in his castle in the town
of Rockfall tends to ignore those who need help, and so the village has soldiered on without
the help of the monarchy, instead turning to the open arms of the House of Safna. They helped
them to establish small but profitable trade routes in the village, accommodating 15 families
altogether, who regularly use the nearby caves to forage mushrooms, saltpetre, and other
alchemy components to sell, and provide for their families. Nothing of interest normally
happened at Litelholme
It begins at an unfortunate time, the more skilled of the village have gone to forage more
from the caves, and a few hours had gone since they had left. A sudden shake shakes the
ground, rattling the plates and cups, knocking over goblets of ale and wine, and bringing dust
down over everyones heads. The merriness at the inn literally shakes to a halt.
A few moments pass before another earthquake comes rolling through the village like a
stampede of beasts, shaking the very ground beneath the foundations and shuddering the
walls to within breaking point. The houses swaying backwards and forwards before beginning
to crumble to the ground. First the roofs cave in, sending heavy straw bundles down on to
luckily empty rooms beneath. Everyone rushes outside, screams filling the air, as each of their
homes buckles and breaks under the severe pressure of the elements. The noise is unbearable
as the rumbles fill and pop the ears of everyone around, as the smells of dust fill their nostrils
making them cough and choke in a desperate bid for clean air
But the sounds, the sights, and the air begin to calm as the quake finally passes, leaving almost
the entire village in rubble, and only the inn intact. Unusually made of a triangular structure
from the base to the roof, as if walls were never considered, the inn stands as the refuge for
the village as everyone piles in. A group of four individuals hurry down from their rooms,
beginning to help people inside, and asking what has happened. Amongst sobs and tears they
manage to find one person willing to talk to them.
Please! My brother went with some others to forage in the nearby caves They must still
be there. Can you make sure theyre ok? I dont have much, but I can give you what I

Things to remember
The House of Safna have funded this mine for saltpetre, which they are using to experiment with the
creation of gunpowder. The party might be attempting to find out what is going on here, save the villages
involved, or they may already know about the illicit operations and are attempting to put a stop to them.
Either way, the sudden earthquake opened many tunnels within the mines and closed many others. This led
to a large drow scouting party finding their way into the mines, after being on a mission to stop the mining
operation as it was disrupting many of their tunnel networks.
The drow will be attempting to stop any chance of mining reoccurring and try to capture the miners as
slaves. They will kill if they are left with no other choice, and as a very last resort they will attempt to bring
down the tunnels around them in the name of Lolth the Demon Spider Queen.
The House of Safna will appear in the village of Litelholme as the party returns from their struggles and will
attempt to claim any prizes the party have obtained. They will claim that the party are trespassing on their
property and that a bounty of 1000 gold each will be put on their heads if they resist.

Notable NPCs
5-foot-tall human male, wearing simple light brown common clothes, he is unusually skinny and runs away
from any confrontation if possible. He has a high soft voice and is very skilled in cooking and housekeeping.
Aerendur asks the party for help to find his brother Bhuren at the start of the adventure.
410 dwarven male, wearing common clothes and wielding a pickaxe. He has a low grizzled tone to his
voice, and is grumpy and had enough of pretty much everything. Bhuren is the adopted brother to
Aerendurs parents, and left the Frystheart Mountains at 21 years old after his dwarven colleagues decided
to travel to Bestmar and leave Fryst for good. Bhuren is captured by the drow, and due to his size and
strength will be taken as a slave if the party fail to rescue him.
62 drow female, wears dark leather armour that shines purple in light, adorned with webs and fangs and
an unusually large collar. Medium build, wielding a short staff. Her hatred for anything that isnt drow gives
her a fragile disposition and she has been known to kill those she intended to capture when they rubbed her
the wrong way. She speaks with a well-spoken and commanding voice which comes across as arrogant and
pompous. She may speak of Lolth, threatening that her god will destroy and mutilate them.
58 human female, wearing a beautifully adorned tunic and fitted trousers with weaving vines running from
the leg seam up to the cuffs of her tunic suit. Golden threads pair with deep greens to create an exquisite
outfit that is both practical and comfortable. It is an unusual outfit for a Lady, and many people talk about
her lack of dresses and she is known for not owning one. Lady Tyren appears at the end to discuss payment
for trespassing on her and the House of Safnas property. She has a soft, quiet, but authoritative tone and
does not give anything away with her collected manner.
Lady Tyren may speak of the Ghost Hands, an organisation that steals and trades in black market deals
around Vanderuum, and their leader Shivra who is known but has never been seen. She may claim the
party work for the Ghost Hands as a way of criminalising them, alternatively she may claim that their
operations are a way of stopping the Ghost Hands and the party are interfering with justice.
In reality, the House of Safna work with the Ghost Hands regularly, and are creating gunpowder and guns
as a way of making more money on the black market and to gain more control over the kingdoms and
lands of Vanderuum.


The four entrances to the mines are at the bottom of the map, these leads directly outside and are around
2000ft from Litelholme following a dirt path.
1 - Four wooden posts are hammered into the ground; some rusted chains are attached to each post with
one collar attached to one of the chains. Some bones are in the corner alongside a smell of refuge and
Nature (Int) Check (DC 10) It appears to be where some kind of animal was kept.
Nature (Int) Check (DC 15) You can tell from remnants of fur that these were likely large dogs that have
broken free from rusted chains.
If checked, the party can find that the animals ran to the outside of the caves.
2 Rail tracks appear to begin here leading up into the dark tunnels. Empty sacks line the edge of the wall
alongside empty minecarts.
Investigation (Int) Check (DC 10) There are traces of white powder scattered across the floor.
Nature (Int) Check (DC 20) This is saltpetre, a natural resource that is being gathered by the House of
Safna and thought to be used in their recent experiments.
3 A small stream flows out into the outside world. The sounds of trickles fill the small cave.
Perception (Wis) Check (DC 15) Three small clusters of poisonous spiders can be seen at the far end of
the cave.
If the party make any loud noises, or move too closely, the spiders will attack. Alternatively, if a drow is
nearby the spiders will attack the party.

4 Some bedrolls and long burnt out lanterns are

found in a small hideaway off the tunnel. This
appears to be where some of the miners slept.
5 A pool of water is in the north of the large cave chamber. Within the centre of the pool is a sobbing
female drow, kneeling and crying, dressed in torn common clothes. She will continue to sob until a party
member gets within 5ft of her, at which point she turns into a giant spider and attacks.
If the party choose to speak to her, she continues to sob and makes no other attempts to communicate. If
there are other drow nearby, then it joins any combat that might begin within 60ft of it.
Perception (Wis) Check (DC 20) A light and very faint green mist appears to come from the top of the
figures head, she looks unnatural within the pool and you do not believe the cries.

6 The large cave chamber is full of mining

equipment and a white substance appears to coat
the walls. A large pile of stone covers the eastern
side, and a hole just large enough for a medium
sized creature to fit through can be seen above the
Perception (Wis) Check (DC 15) Three drow
warriors appear to be hiding in the shadows,
readying an attack.
If the players enter, the drow attack as an ambush.
Investigation (Int) Check (DC 10) There are some
tracks leading through the cave. Footsteps in front
of dragged marks in the dirt. They lead to area 8
on the map.
7 Bedrolls are scattered around the small space
in the tunnels. If searched the party find 4 greater
healing potions, 4 potions of rejuvenation, and 4
potions of stamina.
Potion of Greater Healing: Gain 4D4 + 4 HP
Potion of Rejuvenation: Recover 1 level of

Potion of Stamina: Gain advantage on constitution

saving throws for 1 hour.
8 A 5 4 human female, strong build, is tied up
and struggling in the corner of the cave. If freed
she says her name is Freya Stormhalt, and that she
is a miner for the village of Litelholme. She has a
scar across her forehead where a pickaxe almost
killed her once. She is shaking and terrified. She
knows that a drow called Nhimur is leading the
capture of her friends and colleagues and says she
must be to the west of the tunnels. If treated nicely
and calmed down, she will also talk of a strange
creature the drow had with her that could change
its form into a crying woman. She is terrified of this
creature, says its unnatural and evil.
9 Empty cave. Used to be used for mining
saltpetre but has been exhausted of any resources.
10 and 11 Thick webs block the way from here
until area 11. Three swarms of poisonous spiders
reside in the centre and will attack if disturbed. The
webs can be burned away or cut away.

12 A drider is found routing through the dead

bodies of some villagers of Litelholme. She attacks
of disturbed, but otherwise is busy finding anything
useful to take back to her superiors.
Within this chamber are bags of saltpetre which
the House of Safna are very interested in, and
could be used as trade with Lady Tyren with some
convincing (although she will claim it was her
property regardless).

13 There are four drow warriors busy

torturing one of the villagers. Drow hate other
creatures, and believe themselves better than
anyone else, they also delight in suffering and
showing other creatures their superiority. The
villager is a male halfling called Numin
Stoutdrinker, around 34 tall, thin build,
brown hair and common clothes. He speaks
with sarcasm throughout and does not give in
to torture, choosing to make fun instead. He
has a pouch on him that they are yet to search which contains a small platinum wing broken from a statue.
This is the only thing that Lady Tyren will be willing to accept on its own, instead of taking everything from
the party (including their valuable equipment).

14 Nhimur is standing on top of a pile of dead

miners who she formed into a twisted spider-like
mass on the floor of this cave, blood surrounds the
pile and she has a sinister smile on her face. She
is holding Bhuren up with her staff held against his
neck. There are other miners who are tied up and
terrified around the walls of the cave. Nhimur
wishes to take the prisoners in the name of Lolth,
and commands the party to leave. They can
negotiate for Bhuren if they would like, but
Nhimur secretly orders an ambush as they leave
the caves (anything still alive will ambush the
party on their way out). Nhimur will attack if
threatened, and makes an attack against Bhuren
first (who falls dying on the floor and makes
death saving throws). Five other drow are found
in the room, hidden in the darkness, and will
attack if ordered to.
(Note: Nhimur already used her summon demon
ability to create the yochlol in area 5.)
15 The tunnels have collapsed, there is no way
through this way.


Recommended for a party of four level 1 characters

The party have camped for the evening just to the south of the
Glistening Forests and against the side of the Frystheart Mountains. It
is a cold night, as its cold everywhere around here, and they need to
use an entire tree to burn on the campfire and keep warm throughout
the night.
As morning awakens and the dawn rises, the party hears a rumble as
the ground shakes. It rustles the trees and causes snow and ice to fall,
smothering the leftover embers on the fire. The sounds of birds cawing
and flapping their wings come from behind them in the forests, and
they can see an avalanche falling through the mountains to the east. As
they search for any signs of this earthquake they see some figures
walking slowly through the mountains. Dressed in dark red robes, with
large metallic horned masks covering their faces. They carry torches
and chant as they stroll up the mountains.
The party decide to follow, and while keeping their distance, manage
to find the entrance to a cave where their robed friends had
disappeared in to. The cave is covered in a deep dark red substance,
with huge stalactites resembling teeth 8-foot-long and hanging over
the large 15-foot entrance, there are two distinct dark holes carved
into the side of the mountain that appear to be the eyes of this beastlike depiction. Two braziers aflame stand either side of the entrance,
as the party hears the chanting of the robed figures fading
Fading Fading through the darkness

Things to remember
The cultist sanctum is occupied by cultists of Hrandune, an ancient red dragon who most have forgotten.
Their leader, who goes by the name Rtienn, has been hearing a voice from the depths of the mountains
and he has led his group of misfits in the huge task of hatching a red dragon egg. The voice tells Rtienn to
find a place with intense heat to place the egg upon, he also informs him that their lies a secret chamber in
the mountains of red dragon eggs left dormant for hundreds of years. This is where they find their eggs.
They have attempted to hatch before, and each attempt is noted down in his study. Green blood of boiled
black drakes coats the floors, with the bones of these creatures left to rot. They had found a hooded
stranger who offered them dragon eggs for a large sum, and they decided to take these, trading all their
valuables, instead of risking their lives through the mountains. But when these attempts failed, the voice
insisted he finds this chamber, and after years of attempts they are finally close to hatching their first red
The cultists chant these words in ancient Heilsadik:
Koma eldsvoa glsilega daua,
Gefa bl okkar til a fa styrk,
Vngi og vog og hfukpu og bein,
Vi erum itt, vi a koma r heim.
Koma fram og koma mtti num og orku,
Lta litlar verur falla og kpa,
Me leisgn inni vi munum stjrna eim llum,
Komdu n Hrandune, herra eldi.
Common translation:
Bring the fires of glorious death,
Give our blood to feed you strength,
Wings and scales and skulls and bone,
We are yours, we bring you home.
Come forth and bring your might and power,
Let those small creatures fall and cower,
With your guidance we will rule them all,
Come now Hrandune, Lord of Fire.

Notable NPCs
Dressed in dark red robes, holding a black staff that resembles a dragon wrapping itself around a column
with a glowing red orb in its jaws, he stands 64 tall with a thin build. His eyes swirl with reds, oranges and
yellows and speaks with a soft whispered voice, seemingly always interested in something else (often a
tome he carries and reads) never giving eye contact, even when directly talking to someone. When
attacked he almost hisses and will attack so long as he has the upper hand. He will run when things turn
sour, but will use the red drake as his first option before running as a last resort.
Newly born with animal instincts taking over. The red drake looks at cultist leader Rtienn as a mother
figure, and will attack anything that attacks him with feral tenacity.


1 In the centre of the chamber there is a large round stone plinth, around 10ft by 10ft in size. It carries
10 unlit torches attached to the circular structure. Each door has two sconces either side of it.
The players can only pass through the doors if they light the correct torches and place 2 of them in to the
corresponding sconces.
Northern Door Yellow
Eastern Door Red
Wester Door Green
When the torches are lit they light in 5 different colours: Yellow, red, green, blue and black. The sconces
themselves (if investigated (Int) DC 10) have the colours written in draconic on them.
2 Benches in the shape of fangs surround a fire
pit in the centre of the room, with a wooden
table full of wines, red meats and fruits. This is a
common space the cultists use to rest and eat. 3
cultists sit on the benches, talking about their day
of heaving large bones around the place and
continue to discuss their uncertainty of whether
they could control a red dragon if they hatched
one (but do not mention the word dragon).
They attack if disturbed and will attempt to ring
a bell on the wall to raise the alarm.
They have little on them, but one of them has a
key to a chest in area 3.
3 This is the dormitory for the cultists. It is filled
with 10 simple wooden beds. There is one chest
at the end of the room. It is locked (see area 2)
DC 15 using thieves tools.
Inside is: 120 gold, 3 potions of strength, and
piles of miscellaneous tomes about dragons.
Potion of Strength Gain advantage on
strength-based ability checks for one hour.
4 A small corridor. The north door is locked (DC 20 thieves tools check). There is a trap door before the
north door (Dex ST DC 10). It is there to dissuade rather than capture, and a failed save causes 1D6
bludgeoning damage from the fall into a 10ft down pit and sets off a bell alarm. The western door opens
without problems.
5 Barred prisons are found in this room. Shackles are left on the floor, with rusty torture equipment lined
up on the walls.
6 The heat sweeps across the party as they enter. Lava openly flows across flowing from the northeast of
the room, into a pool in the middle, and out through the northwest. Huge double wooden doors are in the
north side of the room. If the cultists raised the alarm, then 3 cultists will be waiting on the other side of the
lava and will attempt to whip and pull the party into the lava. (Whip. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit,
reach 10ft., one creature. Hit: 1D4 + 1 bludgeoning damage, and the target must make a Dex ST at DC
10, if it fails the target is dragged 5ft towards the cultist.)

7 This is cultist leader Rtienns study. It contains a simple wooden bed, and a desk. The room is filled with
ripped pages from tomes, all written in draconic.
Investigation (Int) Check DC 15 The party finds a diary, it reads:
Im close. Just get the correct egg and I can finally complete my purpose. A new egg has been
collected from the location the great one told me. This will surely be a success
It is dated for todays date.
8 The heat subsides slightly in this room, even
with lava still flowing through. In the centre of the
lave streams is a large red leather rug with the
profile of a dragon beautifully engraved into it.
Huge double doors are the only route through the
north and south of the room. If the cultists were not
alerted, there is one cultist standing guard at the
double doors.
9 This corridor is a plain corridor linking area 8
with area 11 through double doors from the north
and south. A metal door is found to the west. It is
impossible to touch without suffering 1D6 fire
damage. A cultist stands guard if they have not
been alerted.
10 This room is unbearable to enter without
incredible willpower and constitution. It is used as
a furnace to intensify the heat before it enters the
main chamber. Anyone who enters here makes a

Con ST DC 20 or suffers a level of exhaustion and

1D6 fire damage from the scalding heat. It does
contain a chest with a longsword, engraved with
scales up the blade and glowing with a slight blue
glow, the blade is called Scalecalver and is a
dragon slaying sword with +1 to attack rolls and
dmg rolls against dragons.
11 This is the main chamber. A large black egg
lies in the centre of a pool of lava, with two large
fang-like stalagmites on either side. Behind the
egg is a large collection of treasures and gold.
The corners of the rooms have carcasses of pigs,
bears, wolves, and other creatures all hanging up
and prepared to feed the beast within the egg. A
pool of green blood lies next to the lava pool
and leads through the western door. If the cultists
are not alerted, a cultist stands guard at the
Cultist leader Rtienn stands in front of the egg
reading a tome. He asks the party to leave
before they get themselves hurt, and will only
attack if attacked. After 1 minute of entering the

room, the dragon egg hatches into a red drake

and will attack the party if Rtienn is attacked or
is dead.
12 This large corridor is full of green blood
from black drakes that were boiled alive in the
intense heat. The cultists had dragged their
carcasses through this corridor and into area 13.
There is little else of interest.
13 This room is full of large drake bones, teeth
claws, scales and blood of black drakes. The smell
is overwhelming. Hidden within the bones is a
potion of invisibility.
Potion of Invisibility Turns the user invisible for 1
minute or until the user takes damage, attacks or
uses a spell.


Recommended for four level 10 characters
Its been a long and arduous journey through the mountains, with many tombs
worth of misinformation, mistakes and failures. But the party are sure that this is
the place theyve been searching for
Rumoured to contain the ancient riches of Rockfall, the tomb of the dwarven king
Eistedd Goldforge sits deep within the Frystheart Mountains and has only one
narrow and dangerous path that leads through the sides of the cliffs. Blown by
strong winds and home to many wolves, basilisks and giants, the path is littered
with the bones and stone figures of adventurers and treasure hunters that dared
to travel this way.
The party had fought against such odds, and now stand at the edge of the cliff
with the entrance to the ancient tomb in sight. The night sky, dotted with countless
stars, shines down upon them as the moonlight shines towards the entrance. A 10foot-high doorway with a large lintel across, covered in runic symbols and
writings, and almost glowing in the moonlight. A closer look reveals the two large
stone slabs covering the entrance have an engraving of a crown across the two
of them, and a glint of gold shining through. The runic symbols glow brighter and
brighter, as they appear to translate themselves to the party:
Here lies King Eistedd Goldforge, protector of Frystheart Mountains. Those
who enter are enemies of these lands. Be gone or sacrifice all that was
The winds grow stronger as the party gingerly find their way to the outcrop of
rock outside the tomb entrance. The translation evaporates into the air, leaving
runic symbols still glowing before them. Two grip holds appear, emboldened in
golden light, on each of the stone slabs as a dry and whispered voice comes
from within
Ignore those fools We have treasures for you

Things to remember
This session takes place before the event of the earthquake and is the trigger for it happening in the first
place. The tomb of Eistedd Goldforge was only part-finished, however his family buried before him were
placed within the same crypt. His dwarven ancestors are restless because of a powerful gem that was
buried with Eistedd Goldforges body, this dark red constantly swirling gem has brought many of their souls
back to the material plane.
As the party travel through the crypt they will be attacked by the dwarven skeletons, ghosts and spirits of
the Goldforge family name. They are already restless and more disturbances are unthinkable to them.
There are many treasures buried within each tomb, although the souls will not be content with letting go of
their treasures posessions.
The final cave-like tunnel is where the most recent dwarves were mining and creating the finest tomb for
King Eistedd. However, the spirits were turned restless when they began to mine and the dwarf miners were
killed as they worked. The spirits of those miners are now cursed to mine for eternity within Eistedds tomb
until the gem has been removed.
However, a dark spirit of the ancient King Ffordd Goldforge dwells within the crypts and will attack any
that try to take this gem that has fixation his gaze for the last 400 years.

Notable NPCs
An ancient spirit of a dwarven king from millennia ago. He feeds on souls of the living, and has found
power in his undead state. He is fixated by the power of this red gem and will protect it at all costs. He
speaks with a whispered and gravelled tone, and is the voice the party hear at the entrance to the crypt.
These two dwarven miners speak to each other as they work about the strange sounds they keep hearing
around them. They begin to repeat themselves after a few minutes, and are replaying a past experience


The tombs near the entrance belong to those of the

family who were respected servants and friends.
Each door is a giant stone slab with dwarven runes
carved into the stone itself. It takes an Athletics
(Strength) Check of DC 20 to slide the doors open,
after the party has discovered through an
Investigation (Int) Check DC 15 that the doors slide.
If they cannot open the door, simply state that it
takes a few minutes of the party working together
to open the door.
Within each tomb there are sarcophagi that contain
riches, armour, weapons and the ancient bones of
the dwarven ancestors. There are 3 different kinds
of sarcophagi:
1: Servant/Family friend These contain very little
and the bones may come alive to protect their
former masters. Some will remain dormant, and it is
up to you as a DM to decide when they attack and
when they do not (although see below for a table
you can roll on).
2: Family Member Sibling/Aunt/Uncle/etc.: These
contain the most treasured items that dwarf had.
They are more likely to rise and defend their items.
These tombs tend to be further into the crypts.
3: King/Queen/Prince/Princess/etc.: These contain great riches and crowns. They rise to defend their items
and are more powerful spiritual beings. These tombs are the deepest into the crypts.
The items you might find in group 1 are:
Roll 1D10:
1 1 gold coin
2 Ashes of a sacrificial dwarven servant
3 An old handheld mirror
4 A small bronze brooch with dwarven runes
engraved into it
5 A rusty large cooking pot and a blunted knife
6 A rusted dwarven helmet with intricate runic
7 3 silver coins
8 A gold tooth within the skull
9 The rusted head of a hammer and a rusted
hand axe
10 The rusted shackles and chains strapped to the
leg of the skeletal figure with a rusted key in their

To see if the many skeletons rise:

Roll 1D6:
1 3 skeletons and 3 spectres rise and attack the party
2 3 skeletons attack the party
3 2 skeletons attack the party
4 to 6 Nothing happens
The items you might find in group 2 are:
Roll 1D10:
1 50 gold pieces
2 5 golden rings with precious gems
3 A great axe with dwarven runic symbols carved
across the blade
4 A strange rune glows blue and sparks fly outwards.
Dex ST DC 15 Failure takes 3D6 lightning damage.
5 80 gold pieces and a healing potion (Heal 3D4 +
6 The sarcophagus is full of stones
7 3 golden goblets and 2 ancient bottles of wine
8 Large shield with a lion profile
9 A spotless short sword that has shown no signs of age (+1 to attack and dmg rolls)
10 200 gold pieces
To see if the skeletons and spirits rise:
Roll 1D6:
1 2 skeletons, 3 spectres and 1 empowered skeleton rise
2 3 skeletons and 3 spectres rise
3 3 skeletons rise
4 3 spectres rise
5 1 empowered skeleton rises
6 Nothing happens
The items you might find in group 3 are:
Roll 1D6:
1 500 gold pieces.
2 A circlet of wisdom (+2 to Wisdom)
3 4 potions of healing (Heal 3D4 + 3)
4 Thunder A Warhammer that deals an additional 1D10 thunder damage with each thunderous strike.
5 A golden shield with precious gems covering the entire surface. An extravagant and purely ornamental
6 The crown of an ancient queen. Priceless and estimated value of 10,000 gold pieces (to the right

The skeletons and spirits that could rise are:

Roll 1D4:
1 1 empowered skeleton, 2 skeletons, 3 spectres and 2 ghosts.
2 2 ghosts
3 1 ghost and 3 skeletons
4 3 spectres and 1 ghost
The entrance to the steps leading to the caves is locked through magical energies. The party must defeat at
least one ghost to relinquish the powers that are shielding that passage.
King Ffordd is a powerful wraith who is manipulating the undead in the area to defend his prized
possession. The gem within Eistedds makeshift tomb. Once the party have defeated a ghost, they may
make their way towards the stairs and into the caves. They feel coldness and a dark presence as the wraith
speaks to them. He tells them to leave before their souls feed him and give him power enough to give him
form on the Material Plane. The party are slowed through thunderous shouts as they get closer, and feel
strong winds and unsettling shifting in smoke-like substances around them. When they enter the final tomb,
there are two dwarven miners mining endlessly and talking about hearing strange sounds. If they are
disturbed they attack, using the ghost profile for each of them. When they are defeated, or if they are
ignored, the wraith King Ffordd will create a swirling vortex of spirits and souls, greys and blues all
intertwining, the ground trembles and the air thins as he emerges from the soul vortex as a black shadowy

Once defeated, the tomb is open to the party and

everything calms. They may choose to pick up the
gem and take it out, or leave it. If they take it, as
soon as it leaves the crypt and into the outside
world, it begins to fly out of their bag/hand/etc.
and flies towards the city of Rockfall. A few
moments pass, and after around 20 minutes, the
earthquake begins
If the party decide to leave it there, then a strange
skeletal figure will wander out after theyve left. It
is holding the gem and evaporates into dust before
the gem flies off towards its destination.


Recommended for four level 3 characters
In the midst of a huge lake surrounded by the Frystheart Mountains lies the city of Rockfall. Its streets
bustling with offerings of fine wines, food, jewellery, weapons, tomes and trinkets, and many attempting to
entice the many affluent nobles of the city.
Once the ancient home of the dwarves and prosperous mining city, it eventually mined its last gold piece
and from then on, the wealth became more and more coveted amongst the rich and powerful. 5 major
noble families now hold most of the wealth in the city, alongside the Halfling King Ayfe who few have seen
Lord Daeton, Lady Leouif, Lord Illys, Lord Tyriel, and Lady Retre respectively own their own plots of land
and mansions, alongside servants and guards to rival the castle itself. They own more wealth than the King
collectively and they would like to keep it that way.
-------------------------------------------It is early in the morning, but everyone is awoken as the giant mountains shake with the huge earthquake.
Huge boulders crash into the lake, sending large waves across towards the shacks of the poor in the city.
They are soon flooded, and many of the people rush towards higher ground, with others trying to salvage
what little they have and some becoming caught in the undercurrents and dragged down into the depths of
the lake.
Massive crowds of people try to push themselves into the mansions and palaces of the nobles, with guards
holding the gates firm. The small hovels of the people and merchants fall into the lake, and some homes
simply crumble to the ground. The damage is extensive to those below the first level, the poor feeling the
pain and loss where the rich sit happily to watch the spectacle.
After the earthquake had passed and when everything had returned to near normality. Lord Illys, dressed
in fine deep blue robes highlighted with golden stitching, walks from his mansion and speaks to the crowds.
I require the services of those willing to find out what that shudder was. Lord Illys speaks with a tone of
authority, patience and calm. His voice silencing the once deafening crowds. There is much gold in it for
you, I assure you. He continues, looking across the crowds of people.
Some hands go up and Lord Illys nods to his guards. They open the large golden gates, and slowly let
through those who volunteered. They are led through the grounds, following Lord Illys, and find themselves
walking past huge green areas, and bushes cut to resemble dangerous creatures. There are small streams
skilfully placed into the grounds that help hydrate the greenery and keep the beautiful gardens alive and
full of colour the whole year around. Eventually they find themselves at the front door, a large red wood
door with golden engraving resembling vines and flowers. The guards open the door, and they are led
The sheer size of the place brings everyones mouths open, as they find themselves staring at a huge
staircase leading up towards the many rooms. Before they get a chance to see much more, they are led
towards a door to the left. Inside is a large dining table, around 40ft long and 10ft wide, with a banquet
of fine food and wine, and many golden-lined wooden chairs surrounding the table. Lord Illys sits at the
opposite end and gestures for them to sit down.
Welcome, my esteemed guests, help yourselves! He begins. I understand if you are slightly shaken, of
course a rumble such as that has not been felt for centuries. Lord Illys pauses and looks into the eyes of
each individual around the table. But in that lies a question Why? Why would they begin, and why only
once? Well, I have many books and tomes at my disposal and I have a little hobby of reading up about
history. I have a need for a small statue, it should explain a few things

Things to remember
The city of Rockfall has had a huge wealth gap for decades, as soon as King Ayfe took the throne 33 years
ago the city had been taken over by the House of Safna who ensured that money went into their hands.
Lord Illys is a part of the House of Safna, and is particularly interested in dragons since he overheard
rumours that dragon eggs had been smuggled through the nearby seaside city of Mynt. He has researched
dragons for years, and can speak draconic. He is particularly well-versed in red dragon material, and
found an ancient tome that spoke of a large ancient being titled the Lord of Flame. The tome spoke of four
plinths with platinum dragon statues guarding the entrance to a prison this Lord of Flame had been placed
in by ancient heroes and champions of the time. The Lord of Flame is a part of a local folktale but most
believe it to be simply a story, and those who believe it have pictured the Lord of Flame as a demon, devil
or fire elemental.
Since then he has been trying to find information on these items and has only a few days ago heard that a
platinum dragon statue is said to have been sighted in the market of Rockfall. He was preparing his own
investigations, alongside his day-to-day business, before the earthquake shook the city.
It was at this moment that his fears of this Lord of Flame returning were realised, and he called for heroes
to come to his mansion. His mission for the party is for them to quietly and without raising any alarms find
where this statue is (because his name could be in tatters if any of the locals find his name linked with theft)
and bring it back to him for further study for the sake of Rockfall and Vanderuum itself.
The locals are shaken and petrified from the recent earthquake, many have never experienced it before.
They can guide the party vaguely, but are not in much of a state to help at this point.
Much of this session is improvisation, and you will need to be able to create on the spot to keep the story
going at times. Describe the environments of the shops and brothels, get into character and challenge the
party, and then create the manor to your own liking. Whatever the finest goods and materials you can
imagine are can be in Juliens manor, and it is very much an improvised session so have fun with it!

Notable NPCs
Mid-twenties, female, human, short brown hair tied back, strong blue eyes and many burns and scars across
the face and arms. Theresa is in charge of the Proud Scales blacksmiths in Rockfall. She wears a leather
trousers, with large boots, a loose white tunic top covered in black stains, and often uses thick leather gloves
during her work. She speaks with slight cough. She saw the platinum dragon statue, but can only remember
the person holding it was a dwarf with a black eye and long blue robes who frequents Silent Delights. She
offers this information if convinced through speech, or through trade.
Late thirties, male, halfling, bald head with eagle tattoos, strong build despite his short size, and runs the
Newmaker & Co. butchers in the centre of the market. He speaks with a low hushed tone. He saw the
woman who handed over the dragon statue. A dragonborn female with red scales, particularly striking,
headed off towards the local inn The Grizzled Bear. He wishes for the party to go and intimidate an elven
trader across the street called Reowyn Pinewood who runs the local brothel named Silent Delights. Herald
tells the party that she has been spreading rumours that he stole from her establishment, and he wants her
to stop and for them to bring back proof. Then hell tell them the information they need.
105 years old, elven, female, long ears, long blonde hair tied back and braided, thin build, wears a long
green dress and a welcoming smile. She speaks with a fine velvety voice that pleases the ear of those
around her. She runs Silent Delights, a local brothel. She claims not to know of Herald Newmaker (despite
spreading the rumours to get those she deems unworthy of entering her establishment). She has not seen
anything to do with the platinum dragon, but has met a red scaled dragonborn if asked, and she knows of
a black-eyed dwarf who frequents her establishment regularly. The people within her establishment know
of the rumours and can be convinced through coin, drinks or intimidation to admit that she purposefully
spread rumours about Herald.
Tiefling, male, medium build, long horns that sweep forwards, strong black eyes, dark red skin, and a
menacing presence. However, he is welcoming to newcomers and has a fun-loving tone with his guests. He

runs The Grizzled Bear and knows about many of the peoples who come through Rockfall. He will let the
party know about a red scaled dragonborn who is staying in one of the rooms in his inn who he doesnt
trust, alongside a strange talk of dragon egg sales going on in Mynt. He has many wines, spirits, and ales
for sale. Including Clawback Ale, the strong ale of choice at the inn, Blackfang, a black and thick liquid
spirit made using an infusion of vodka and snake venom filtered through black dragon teeth, it is very
expensive at 10 gold a shot (players must succeed a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or fall unconscious for
1D4 minutes, whether they succeed or fail the player gains 1 additional inspiration on top of any they might
already have due to a buzz they feel after drinking it), and a local Frystian red wine, Smokey Mountain,
named for its location near the lava-filled Frystheart Mountains and its slightly smoked flavours.
Male, dwarf, long braided brown beard, black eye, wears long blue robes, works for a rich merchant
called Julien Tressen. He is found frequenting Silent Delights, and spends most of his money and time there.
He speaks with a tone of dismissiveness and disrespect to most, expect those at the establishment. He will
speak of his business with the ladies and gentlemen at the establishment and can be overheard saying
where to find Julien and that he recently bought a broken statue of a dragon. He will not tell the party
anything and gets the guards to escort them out if necessary.
Red scaled female dragonborn, swept back horns, leather armour, and a small satchel. She is 66 tall, with
a long sweeping tail that often trips people over. She walks with a sense of purpose and takes little notice
to anyone or anything beyond what is on her agenda. She works for the Ghost Hands, and is trading
something she stole herself from the entrance to the cave with the four plinths. (She doesnt know, and
neither do most, but the House of Safna ordered the theft of the platinum dragon statue from its plinth
through the Ghost Hands, a thieves guild in Fryst.) She ran into some trouble and the wing broke off the
statue and fell through the cliffs of the mountains as she travelled towards Rockfall. She knows who she sold
it to, and will only give away that information with good persuasion or intimidation.
Male, human, 57, fine clothes, black with silver thread, intricately designed with a local Frystheart flower
known as a Silverbell, that grows high up in the mountains and is very rare and valuable. He speaks with a
slight French accent and pompous tone. Julien spends most of his time selling goods in his rare goods shop,
Tressens, to the richest of Rockfall. He has a large manor house where the platinum dragon statue sits. He is
unskilled in combat and will ask for guards or surrender when necessary.

Julien Tressens Manor

The map to the left shows the ground floor, and to

the right shows the first floor.
On the ground floor is a kitchen on the white tiles,
and a long room for target practice on the grey
tiles. The other rooms are dining rooms, living
rooms, studies and display rooms for the many
expensive items Julien possesses. You can choose
what goes where, so long as the dragon statue
resides somewhere within the manor.
The first floor has all the main bedrooms for Julien
and his servants. The largest space is Juliens
bedroom. Full of magnificent drapes and
expensive carpets. A large four poster bed and
the finest carpentry. You can use your imagination
for most of the manor.

The guards patrol the outside of the manor in

groups of 2 guards with 1 brown bear, and
circulate the outside every few minutes. There is a
30 second window that the players can discover
between circulations. There is also a large spiked
fence surrounding the manor to stop intruders and
two guards standing guard at each entrance.
The main doors have an alarm spell that the
players can detect through investigation (Int) check
DC 14. When the spell goes off guards and bears
move to their location and 3 bears, alongside 3
guards will attack the party. There are many
entrances to the manor that the party can use.
Open windows, and other doors can be created to
help them if necessary.
Guards also circulate the manor itself, and
depending on the time of day there may be servants cooking or managing goods for Julien and his shop.
There is 1 guard for each main room that patrols the nearby halls. A contested Sneak vs. Perception check is
a simple way of detecting if a guard sees the players or not.
Once the dragon statue has been stolen and brought back to Lord Illys he will know if they were noticed or
not. If they were noticed he will be very anxious to discover what this dragon statue means and will not talk
to the party, he will not acknowledge them or offer them any compensation for their work. However, if they
went unnoticed he will welcome them with open arms and bags of gold enough, as he invites the party to
discover what this statue is together.
Lord Illys is dressed in his bathrobes when the party return.
He sets the statue on a table and surrounds the table with ancient tomes. He asks the players to find a tome
to read, and says not to worry, and that they will be able to read draconic soon. He reads from his tome,
and the red sparks flow through his form and into the tome in front of him. Slowly the magic runs through to

the other tomes, and the players find they can read the text as the magic floods over their pages. Lord Illys
asks the party to read their passages.
The party sees the creation of the platinum statues through the dwarven forges, they hear ancient dwarves
complaining of hearing strange sounds in the mines, they hear a King Eistedd Goldforge stating that
Hrandune will never return, they see the platinum statues placed upon the four plinths and spells created
through powerful dwarfish wizards, they then see a red dragonborn using her own magic to dispel any
magic around the statue hundreds of years later and stealing the statue, they travel with the statue and see
the wing broken as she runs from giants in the mountains, and finally they see the trade between the red
dragonborn and the dwarf in Rockfall market.
Lord Illys quickly snaps his tome shut and runs out of the door, knocking over a priceless vase as he rushes
hurriedly towards Rockfall castle. The players are approached by the servants and shown the way out of
the mansion, they watch as Lord Illys dressed in bathrobes, runs into the castle of Rockfall


Recommended for four level 7 characters
With the wind blowing softly across the heights of the Frystheart
Mountains, and a new sun rising from the horizon, the party fly above
the world and watch as it wakes. Riding large gryphons, golden and
magnificent, they look down towards Rockfall and the huge trench of
water leading to Rockfall Lake.
A red streak suddenly shoots across their vision, leading towards the
city, and seems to navigate itself towards the mines. The party swiftly
respond, flying their gryphons to follow the narrow beam of red light,
and watch as it strikes into the nearby mountains. A few moments pass,
before a huge earthquake ripples out from their location, sending
waves of vibrations towards the nearby city and villages of Fryst.
They find their way through the narrow valleys of the rocky mountains,
and find a hidden doorway, smashed and broken. A large hole now
reveals an entrance to a dark passage, with broken stone pieces
surrounding the entrance. Four plinths of stone stand in front of the
entrance, each carrying a platinum dragon statue, majestically and
proudly guarding the entrance, and watching the path. Or there
should be four statues, but one is missing, and on closer inspection the
other plinths are glowing with a golden spiralling pattern and are
warm to the touch, where the other is plain cold stone.
They hear noises and roars coming from the darkness before them, a
cold breeze rushes through the tunnel, smells of sulphur fill the air, and
a new challenge awaits

Things to remember
These caves are where the cultists were advised on finding their dragon egg by the mysterious voice. It is
home to many red dragon and drake eggs and the recent earthquakes have unleashed lava into the
tunnels. This increase in temperature has almost instantaneously hatched numerous drakes who are now
lurking inside the tunnels. They are led by a red dragon wyrmling who hatched years ago, and has been
guarding these eggs ever since as her own.
Their main priority is to protect the nests of eggs still dormant within the mountains, and are slowing moving
deeper into the mountains burrowing new tunnels and making the existing ones unstable.
The lava and heat mean the party will need to succeed Constitution saving throws at DC 13 on a regular
basis to not suffer levels of exhaustion.

Notable NPCs
42 dwarven female, short black hair and an obviously fake long red beard. She uses the wrong words at
times, and tends to be thinking other things as shes talking. She has been investigating the recent dragon
egg sales and was led to these tunnels. She became trapped, and as she found freedom and was about to
escape the tunnels was dragged back inside in front of the party. She wishes to inform the king of what is
going on here.


The tunnels lead to two main chambers filled with lava.

Both are full of red dragon and drake eggs. Large
bulbous looking things with spines and oozing thick red
liquids flowing out of them. The drakes attack through
the partys exploration, every few steps a couple of
drakes appear to impede their progress, and it is a
session of many encounters.
The areas they find a red drake will be in the small
rooms, alongside the young red drakes too. The two
paths with just tunnels spouts lava from their walls as

they walk passed. The party much make a Dexterity

saving throws at DC 14, taking 6d6 fire damage on a
failed save and half as much if they succeed.
This session is about slowly whittling down the party to
face something that would normally be easy for them.
Ensure the party have opportunities for taking damage
regularly but celebrate if they pass through unscathed.
The final battle has an infinite number of drakes who
come to the red dragon wyrmlings aid. Use 2 young
red drakes and 1 red drake to support the wyrmling
and simply replace killed drakes with new ones that
hatch during to the combat, seemingly willed to hatch
by the wyrmling herself. Players may attack the eggs,
and they are easy to destroy, but their efforts would be
useless as the sheer numbers of eggs are
insurmountable. However, as soon as the red dragon
wyrmling is defeated the drakes stop returning,
although any existing still fight.
After the fight, the floor crumbles beneath them and
they find themselves falling through tunnels burrowed
by the drakes and keep sliding and falling for a few
minutes before they thump to the ground. As they walk
through the only tunnel they see, they find an enormous
open chamber, with a giant golden orb sitting on an outcrop of rock, surrounded by a lava stream. The
golden orb seems to have cracks running through the centre and they can hear deep heavy breathing from
the dragon inside it. The breathing turns to soft chuckles before they turn into laughs as the deep menacing
voice fills the chamber:
This cage cant hold me any longer.
The golden orb shakes with a thunderous clap as
hard dragon scales slam against the metal and the
cracks spread and deepen, one eye peers through
the gap, the reds, oranges and yellows all flowing
like lava with one black snake-like pupil in the
I see you. Yes, I see your fear. I see your
Tiri runs out of the one other exit she sees and shouts
Come! We need to inform the king! Theres
little we can do against that thing when it
breaks free. We still have time, but we need
to go. Now! Lets get the champions, before
its too late

Recommended for four level 15 characters, and a party of characters to
support them at any level
In the wake of the huge earthquakes as the dust begins to settle, a messenger appears before King Ayfe.
While breathing heavily and sweating profusely, she attempts to inform the king.
Deep within Frystheart She stops to take few breaths, sweat pouring down her face. We need
the champions We need them now
With a brief discussion, the king orders his most loyal companion, Nethe Pintwhistle, a Halfling with a knack
for persuasion, to send word to the champion of Fryst before using the ancient teleportation circles to find
and bring the champions of Vanderuum to Rockfall.
Nethe runs out of the main hall, footsteps echoing throughout the cave-like corridors as he dashes for the
ancient arcana room. He pulls out a small stone, glowing slightly red, and brings it to his lips.
Champion. We need you. We need you now Nethe continues to run towards the teleportation circle,
waiting for a response. Moments pass, and even by the time he reaches his destination there is no word
from their champion.
I will be waiting. Nethe says, and steps into the ancient room.
Covered in dust, cobwebs, and dead rodents, the ancient teleportation room has seen better days. There
are 6 main statues on the walls of the champions of Vanderuum of old. The mantle of champion has existed
for many centuries, but has become far less appreciated in this modern age, and Nethe looks in awe at the
strength even these statues depict before him.
Ok, Nethe Showtime He says, stepping into the circle. With a sudden blast of light, the room is
instantly spotless, the statues begin to glow and seem to stare at him with a powerful intensity.
Take me to Bloodhunt. Nethe says, with a slight tremor, trying to sound commanding through his nerves.
The statues appear to nod towards him, and he feels his form lifted into the light. He continues up through
the ceiling, and feels himself propelled through the aether before landing hard, face first, on something
Nethe feels around, rubbing his cheek and ignoring the pain, finding a stone floor and a room full of statues
of the very same heroes. Have I moved? He asks out loud. He looks up and notices armoured guards
rushing into the room.
Im here for help. Rockfall needs your champion. Nethe standing to his full 4 foot 2 inches and attempting
to look big. The guards nod, and turn to let a figure into the room accompanied by a large goliath, bald,
with many scars and tattoos covering her body. She stands a good 7 foot 10 inches tall with powerful arms
and an unwieldly looking enormous great axe on her back.
Go, champion. Prove Bestmars worth in the world. The large goliath says with a deep and powerful

The figure steps forward, their smaller size looking unusual in this cacophony of muscular prowess, and puts
their hand on Nethes shoulder as they walk into the teleportation circle.
Thank you Ruktiv, with your help nothing can stop us. Nethe says, turning back to activate the circle again.
Ok, so thats 1 That means 5 left The statues turn to Nethe. Take us to Balasar! 4 left
The trip is far less embarrassing this time, and Nethe lands on his feet onto a soft, mossy floor. He moves
around the room, the same statues placed in the same places, and finds an opening to exit. The Bestmar
champion decides to wait inside. Nethe looks into the deep jungles and humid heat of Mets, watching to
find some sign of life.
He steps out into the jungle, and shouts out to the deep green flora surrounding him.
Im here for the Mets champion, Rockfall needs your help! I know youre here! You champions never could
resist a challenge!
He sits and waits in the silence, after a short moment the leaves part ways to reveal a dragonborn before
him. Ah Thank you We are this way. Nethe says, leading the champion of Mets to the teleportation
They both join the other champion and step within the circle.
Take us to Windlake! 3 left
Nethe, out of breath and wanting to get this over with, runs out of the room. He looks forward towards a
long hallway, simple but pleasant, with a long green carpet leading towards large double doors. The entire
place spotless. He looks out of the windows to see huge sand storms just beyond the legendary invisible
magical barrier that holds back the storms of the desert and allows people to live here. He reaches the
double doors before being smacked in the face as they open before him. Nethe flies backwards and hits
the ground clumsily, looking up at the figured in front of him.
Champion of Heitt Rockfall needs help Nethe says, slightly winded, and watches as the figure
ignores his pleas and walks directly towards the teleportation portal. Not wanting to be left behind in the
city in the middle of nowhere, Nethe rushes back, and finds three imposing champions waiting for him.
Take us to Summertree! Nethe shouts, but nothing happens. 2 left The champions look at Nethe and
shake their heads. Ok Take us to Hafbae! Again, nothing. 1 left Silence fills the room as Nethe
attempts to save some dignity. Well Ok I guess theyre unavailable Back to Rockfall then? Yeah?
Ok Take us to Rockfall!
Nethe and three champions teleport and land in the ancient room underneath the Frystheart Mountains, and
with a quick glance they see a figure standing before them. The champion of Fryst welcomes them, and
directs them to another ancient room to the side of the corridor. Inside is a room with 6 mannequins, dressed
in different armours and weapons, with magical artefacts matching those of the statues around the
teleportation circles. The ancient champions of Heilsa, Mets, Bestmar, Heitt, Skgur and Fryst all wore
these old artefacts, and the champions of today honour their memory by picking a single artefact each and
declaring their respect and loyalty to them and the lands they protected.
The champions swiftly make their way to the heart of the Frystheart mountains, deep below the surface, and
prepare themselves for anything

Adventurers Prologue

This adventuring thing is not going as planned for the party.

They are low on rations, cold, wet and losing patience. The
party had been travelling around the mountains in search of a
known gang of gryphon riders, and had been in the right
direction for the first few days before becoming hopelessly
lost in the mountains.
Days had passed, and the party were beginning to lose hope
of coming out of this place alive until the earthquake
happened. The rocks around them begin to fall into nearby
chasms and shift the large piles of stones that were once
restricting their movements. They take their chances, and run
towards one of the new openings in the mountains.
Unfortunately, the other side of the slope is steep and they
slide down into the darkness. Deeper and deeper they fall,
before finally coming to a halt. They quickly light a torch and
look up at the huge cliff faces surrounding them and the
narrow passage that leads towards a broken door. Four
plinths stand in front of the door, with three platinum dragons
standing guard. The party head inside
They find tunnels full of dead drakes, their blood soaking the
floors, and the smells overpowering as the heat of the nearby
lava fills the room with the stench. They continue through until
they find an entire cavern before them, the floor seemingly
collapsed into the depths of the mountains. With nowhere else
to go, they decide to make their way down. They find a
passage and follow it for a few hours before finding steady
ground at their feet again. They move through and find an
enormous chamber, a large cracked golden orb surrounded by
lava, and the champions of Vanderuum entering from across
the way

Things to remember
This session is one single battle and should last approx. 4 hours. Hrandune is overpowered for the party, but
is arrogant and will play with them for the first hour or so. By then there is a separate group solving reallife puzzles in real-time who should be able to solve some of the puzzles within the first hour. This is how the
session is balanced, with the dragon gaining more power and becoming more frustrated and angered as
the magical runes and defences around them become activated and give the players more and more
offensive and defensive capabilities.
There are numerous abilities Hrandune has that are environmental, and these are detailed in the text and
not on Hrandunes stat block.
Each stage of the fight should last approx. 1 hour each.

Notable NPCs
Hrandune is a gargantuan ancient red dragon who once lorded over the lands of Fryst from the city of
Rockfall, having destroyed the city and taken its gold for himself. The dwarves allied with rest of
Vanderuum and champions were summoned alongside powerful mages from Heitt. They developed a plan
to capture Hrandune by first baiting him to a battle, then using a powerful enchanted gem to drain much of
his life force, before teleporting him into a golden sphere with numerous enchantments to keep him
unconscious powered by runes in a nearby room. The plan succeeded, and Hrandune was dormant ever
since. Now that he is awakening, he begins at a weaker state than his full strength and gains power as the
battle progresses.
Hrandune is infatuated by gold and wealth, and loves to insult and tease his prey before eating them. He
speaks with a deep and thunderous voice that shakes the very ground before him, and he is unbelievably
arrogant. It is one of his biggest faults, as he believes everything he does to be perfection, and so he does
not review his thoughts or actions and therefore does not find any mistakes (how could the great Hrandune
make mistakes?).
He is the reason dragon eggs are nearby. He was raising himself an army to use to take over the lands of
Vanderuum, and particularly Hafbae which was known for its vast gold reserves and so he had learnt to
speak Heilsadik to study their tomes and history.


1st Stage
This fight is fought in stages as Hrandune gains more power
and becomes more and more aggressive. Here are some
limitations and alterations to his stat block that he will begin
1. A reduced Perception of +10.
2. All attacks do half damage.
3. He does not start with legendary resistance or actions.
4. Hrandune prefers to play. Flying high into the sky and
soaring downwards.
5. He will only use fire breath if the players have reduced
his health by 150.

2nd Stage
Hrandune is beginning to tire of the games and his inherent
magical abilities harden his scales and increase his abilities.
1. His stats return to standard.
2. All attacks do half damage.
3. Hrandune gains legendary resistance and actions.
4. Hrandune begins to mix flight and landing on the many
platforms and using fire breath.

3rd Stage
1. Attacks do full damage.
2. Hrandune gains the ability to create shaking tremor that
shakes the chamber in a 60-foot radius around him. Each
creature other than Hrandune must succeed on a DC 15
Dexterity saving throw or be knock prone at the start of the
turn order (cannot be used on consecutive turns).
3. Hrandune becomes more aggressive and will now unleash
all his abilities to the best of his ability.

4th Stage
1. Hrandune gains the ability to erupt magma from a point
on the ground he can see within 120 feet, creating a 20-foothigh, 5-foot-radius geyser. Each creature in the geysers area
must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 21 (6d6)
fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful
one at the start of the turn order (cannot be used on
consecutive turns).
2. Hrandune begins to attack in a frenzied rage. He now
deals critical hits on 19 and 20.
3. Hrandune is no longer concerned with tactics, and simply
wishes to prove he is more powerful. He will attack
relentlessly with no regard to his safety, he is a crazed beast
and will not stop until he or the party are destroyed.

Puzzle Solving
Throughout the session there is another party solving puzzles in real-time for the four hours the session takes
place over. These can be any puzzles you can think of. We used lock pick kits, number codes and riddles,
alongside puzzles you can buy from a shop. Regardless of which puzzles you choose there should be 10 of
them to represent each of the 10 runes and corresponding crystals.
The party will be enticed into this open room with a glint of treasure, and on entering the door shuts behind
them and is magically sealed until Hrandune is defeated. They are met with multiple runes, levers, buttons
and gems. The party begin to attempt to make sense of it and the puzzles in real life then emulate the
puzzles the party is solving in world.
The following are the benefits the level 15 party gains as they fight Hrandune if the puzzles are solved.
They begin with the easier puzzle (and the least effective of the effects) and go through to the hardest
puzzle (with the most effective effect).
1. A spark of energy unleashes a pulse from the central large rune in the chamber. Hrandune is instantly
knocked prone (and glides safely downwards if he is currently in flight).
2. There is a sudden move in the roof of the chamber as a blast of light descends and hits Hrandune. He
must succeed a Dex saving throw at DC20 or take 10d6 radiant damage on a failed save and half as
much damage on a successful one.
3. A swarm of magical insects fly and intercept Hrandune. He attacks at disadvantage for the next turn,
and must succeed a Dex saving throw at DC 35 to shake them off or destroy them.
4. The air in the room becomes thicker and noticeably drowsy. It does not affect the players, but
Hrandune must succeed a DC 40 Constitution ST or fall asleep until attacked or until a round has
5. A magical net traps Hrandune in place. Hrandune is prone until his next turn, then he must succeed a
Strength saving throw at DC 40 to release himself.
6. A spiralling thunder storm sparks into the chamber, black clouds circle over everyones heads. Lightning
strikes down at Hrandune dealing 8d8 lightning damage.
7. The party notice a blast of energy washing over them. They receive +2 AC for the remainder of the
fight as the magic protects them.
8. The broken golden sphere glows with radiant energy and takes a turn to charge as it brightens up the
room. After one round of combat, the sphere blasts Hrandune with 12d12 radiant damage.
9. A swirling mist begins to fill the lower 5 feet of the chamber. Ghostly hands and arms reach up towards
Hrandune and attempt to devour his soul, he must make 20 Dex STs at DC 35. The hands deal 1d6
necrotic damage per failed Dexterity saving throw.
10. An enormous storm of multiple colours forms above Hrandune, the clouds spin faster and faster,
coloured lightning blasting off and striking the ceiling. A cacophony of energy forms as a huge beam
that strikes Hrandune, reducing Hrandune to 50 hit points remaining and knocked prone. All other gems
are deactivated and the entire rune room shuts down.

Hrandune. A name that has echoed through our history and a name that became the nightmares of many.
Transformed into a flaming entity known as the Lord of Flame, this ancient red dragon was never lost to
history, but forgotten in many respects. Now he lies in his prison, immortalised as a dragon of great power
and great greed, but now brought down to the level of those he once thought under him.
Barely standing, breathing heavily and coming to terms with their efforts, the great champions of the
modern age of Vanderuum stand once again for the peace and tranquillity of our great lands. We shall be
ever thankful to these great heroes, those who triumphed against darkness and death, fire and greed, pain
and suffering. Those who took up the mantle that was so revelled in our history, and doing what those
before them could not.
There are also the lesser known heroes of this tale. Using their wits and intellect to harness the powerful
runes created by those of Heitt and gifting our champions with powerful defences and magical spells to
vanquish their collective foe. These unsung heroes will likely be forgotten by many, but not to those who
truly matter; not to the champions of Vanderuum.
Rockfall is now safe, but those of evil intent still lurk in the shadows and one must wonder how this dragon
was freed, and who might have wanted it.
Was it King Ayfe? Manipulated by Hrandune and controlled to order the theft of the platinum dragon
statue and tip a party of treasure hunters of the place of a powerful red gem containing much of
Hrandunes power. Hoping to gain favour with the dragon and gain more power throughout the lands.
Or was it the House of Safna? Working with the Ghost Hands to steal the platinum dragon statue, and help
a party of treasure hunters with former members of the Ghost Hands to find the riches they seek alongside
the gem that broke through the Hrandune. Hoping to begin a war that would aid their development and
sale of gunpowder and new weaponry.
Perhaps it was the cult? Using their knowledge of the dragon egg lair to tip thieves who might wish to steal
a solid platinum statue, and then use their influence in the cities to place information about the riches of King
Goldforges tomb and entice adventurers to explore. Unleashing their dragon god in all his glory.
Maybe all are true, or maybe none are. Perhaps the entire event was a coincidence.
But there are certainly more adventures, more dangers and more excitement to be found in the lands of