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UASOLK stacone Cros October 26, 2016 Judson Memorial Church is a community of faith wholly united and unapologetically rooted in seeking, the spirit of justice in its myriad and intersectional forms. Justice, as we lve it, is a determination to ending the marginalization of our neighbor. Its an unwavering commitment to securing equal ‘opportunity and jobs forall. And it demands that social institutions guarantee every person the continuing right to participate in economic decision-making that affects them. itis because of our continuing tradition of justice-seeking that the Judson community supports this legislation, the Street Vending Modernization Act, which isa critical step toward economic justice for street vendors, for New Yorkers, and forall. This act is an inclusive move toward providing even more hard-working business owners, job creators, and entrepreneurs with opportunities to expand thelr livelihood and to continue contributing to the growth and vitality of the communities they serve. This act, is an interpersonal move toward empowering mothers, fathers, grandparents, towards empowering farnilies, with stability, security, and the resources to provide for their loved ones, And this act is a developmental move towards growing the vitality of our streets, enriching neighborhood life and strengthening community development. The Street Vending Modernization Act is critical to securing the city’s wealth of public life and lifting up ‘our most valuable resource, New Yorkers themselves. No matter what faith tradition one holds dear, our collective humanitarian commitment to The Golden Rule calls us to treat others the way we would prefer to be treated and to think outside the silos and systems that keep us and our neighbor from pursuing. and embodying justice. This current chance to advance an economics of opportunity gives us — and the city as a whole ~ a clearly-defined and clearly-inclusive moral and ethical vision. The logical end to the core truth of this act is that those of us most marginalized by the injustices in our society wil be those who transform the shape of our collective future — the immigrant, the poor, the families struggling to survive: The street vendor. We look forward to helping to advance the Street Vending Modernization Act and to ensuring an economics of justice for more and more New Yorkers. ‘May the waters of economic opportunity be undammed and flow freely over this city. May access to hope, security and the riches of creation move through Increased hands until all people experience the abundance that justice has to offer, that New York City has to offer, that this country, at its best, has to offer. Infaith, Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper Rev. Micah Bucey Eric Poellot, Community Minister 55 Washington Square South, New York, New York 10012 212-477-0351. fax: 212-995-0844 Donna Schapes, Senior Minister Micah Bucey, Associate Minister