Billions of years ago, an elephant does not have a long nose, at first elephant's nose is short but because

elephants cannot remove the curse finally elephant had the long nose. Here s the story: Once upon a time there was a village called the village faces, in the village there is the kingdom palanquin. And there was a ratgah kingdom (queen elephant) that was pregnant the first child of rajgah (king of elephants). Because it is the first child, so when the day of birth all the fairies and the whole villagers were invited to a big celebration party for the newborn elephant boy. When the elephant boy was given a magic spell by the fairies policy, kindness and peaceloving fairy, arrive - arrival comes an evil fairy named yuyukangkang. She is a fairy who was greatly feared by the villagers because her crimes. Then on the show yuyukangkang rampage because she was not invited by ratgah and rajgah to the party, and she condemned the elephant boy, condemnation is "if the elephant boy is lying then the he will have long nose, this curse cannot be eliminated and this curse will continue until further descent further and further "then yuyukangkang go away. Rajgah and ratgah worried about the curse that their finally teaches elephant boy religious knowledge to him 3 times a day, so that elephant boy do not dare to lie. On one day the elephant boy met with an ant and since that meeting elephant boy and the ant was a good friend. The ant had so much knowledge of the outside world to tell the elephant boy, who never get out of the kingdom. Elephant boy was so interest because he never being to the world outside the palace, finally elephant boy trying to escape from the palace with a little help from the ants. Outside the kingdom elephant boy learn how to steal apple from the tree that the villagers own, and drank milk from strangers bottle. Elephant boy nose was already getting a little elongated, but because elephant boy is too busy playing with the ant he did not realize his nose slightly elongated, and suddenly at that moment there was a voice: "... elephant boy elephant boy ..." because elephant boy do not want to separate with the ant he said "ant, I still want adventure with you. I don t want to get separate with you, so if they re ask

if I was here then you have to say that you do not see me, and I will hiding behind your body " and at that moment the elephant boy nose began to grow very very very long, and finally the curse cannot be cured and eventually elephant nose is long up to now. The End

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