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Indian contract ACT

1. Explain the Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
2. Explain Offer and Acceptance with the help of Legal rules
3. A contract without consideration is a Void Contract – exceptions
4. How is the Consent said not to be free ? Explain in brief
5. Explain the agreements with Minor
6. `Mere silence is not acceptance – Justify
7. Explain Tenders
8. Explain contracts with a Pardasin woman
9. State the reasons for Discharge of a contract
10.Explain the remedies for breach of the contract
Consumer Protection Act 1986
1. Define Consumer and give the rights of the consumer
2. Explain the Scope of Complaints
3. Explain the three tier consumer protection council
4. Explain the three tier consumer redressal agency
5. Explain the Unfair trade practices and Restrictive Trade practices.
Environment Law 15 - 17
1. Environment Law is an Umbrella Act
2. Explain the EIA process in detail
3. Explain the Air Act in brief
4. Explain the Water Act in brief
5. Explain the powers of Central board in water Act
6. Explain the power of State board in Air Act
Information Technology Act 2000
1. Explain the Digital Signature in Brief
2. Explain the functions of a Controller
3. State the duties of a Certifying Authority
4. State the Functions of a Cyber regulation appellate tribunals
5. Explain Different types of Cyber Crimes
Intellectual Property Rights
1. Explain the procedure of Grant of Patent
2. Explain the Rights available to the Copyright owner
3. “Ideas cannot be patented” – Explain
4. Explain Trademarks. Give the Remedies for Infringement and passing off
5. Give the Brief components of the Industrial Design Act
6. Explain the different IPR and discuss the remedies for infringement
Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
1. Explain the negotiable instruments and its characteristics

Write a short note on Auctions SPECIFIC CONTRACTS_15-17 1. Explain Explain Explain Explain Explain Explain the bill of exchange in detail the Promissory note in detail Cheque in detail the difference between bill of exchange. 4. 5. Explain the types of agency 7.2. Explain Conditions and Warranties 3. Explain Pledge 5. Classify the types of agent 8. Explain Bailment. Explain the Rights and Duties of Buyer 4. Duties of an agent 9. Explain “Unpaid Seller” and his rights 5. promissory note and cheuq rules as per the indoresement the Holder in due course and its rights Sale Of Goods Act_15-17_Mod3 1. Explain “sale” and the essential elements of Sale 2. Explain the rights and duties of a bailee 4. Give the Test of Agency 6. Differentiate between them 3.How can the agency be terminated . Explain the Remedies of Breach of Contract of Sale 6. Explain Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee. 3. 7. 6. Give the rights and duties of a bailor 2. Duties of a principal 10.