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It has remote monitoring and start-up features. It is quick to mobilise and can be installed in a day or two. Lube oil top up system and form wound generator upgrade are available as options if required for your application. It has an external fuel fill point and an electronic level gauge.FEATURES BIG POWER IN A SMALL BOX High power density – the EPSA Power CubeTM provides more power and greater fuel economy. and other locations where space is at a premium yet greater power and fuel efficiency are required. roof or carpark. so it is easy to install and transport. The Cat® 3512 Genset has a large output. For even greater fuel economy and over 10% more power. EPSA Power CubeTM is ideal for inner city buildings. The EPSA Power CubeTM has a configurable alarm and shut down features. There is a spill containment within the Genset compartment. It is perfect for locations where you are short on space like your basement. ROBUST ENCLOSURE PRODUCT SUPPORT – THE CAT® NETWORK The size of the package and thickness of the walls makes it ideal for the outdoors. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS Ideal for use in data centres. the robust design prolongs life and lowers operating costs. the EPSA Power Cube™ is also available with a 3512B engine. including an E-stop push button on the instrument panel and on each side of the enclosure. PACKAGE DIMENSIONS Caterpillar® has more than 1800 dealer outlets operating in 200 countries. Caterpillar’s famous worldwide parts. the unit has excellent noise attenuation –85dB@ 1m at 100% load. . hospitals.400 kVA in Standby. This spill containment is designed to contain all liquids. service and warranty give you peace of mind. yet sits in a standard 20 ft High Cube ISO shipping container. 1. SAFETY GROWS WITH YOUR POWER NEEDS The features of the EPSA Power CubeTM unit enable it to be modular and scaleable – you can add to them as your power needs grow. POWER OUTPUT OPTIONS The EPSA Power CubeTM has a 1. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS The EPSA Power CubeTM is ideal for remote applications because it starts and stops without human intervention. EASY AND CHEAPER DELIVERY – NATIONWIDE The Power Cube sits in a standard 20 ft High Cube ISO shipping container. ON-BOARD FUEL SYSTEM The on-board fuel system has a fuel tank of 900 litres. A more cost effective solution than installing equipment in a building. The Advanced Control System uses standard communication protocols to integrate easily with other monitoring equipment to track engine health and substitution performance. banking facilities. QUICK. S•O•SSM Program and Customer Support Agreements are also available. We have Cat factory trained technicians across Australia and PNG available to assist you 24/7. The rugged and robust design provides protection in even the harshest environments. Call EPSA to inspect today.400kVA power output using the 3512 Genset. PUTS THE POWER BACK IN YOUR HANDS The ComAp InteliSys Synchronising Controller offers paralleling of multiple units and load sharing.