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ARMY EQUIPMENT UK RESTRICTED 2350-P-100-201 SUPPORT PUBLICATIONS ‘JUNE 1983 CONDITIONS OF RELEASE 1, Thisintormationisreleased by theUK Governmentta. 3.__This Information may be disclosed only within the the recipient Governmen: for Defence purposes only Detence Department of the recipient Government excep! as piherwise authorizes by Minisity of Defence (Army). 2 Thisinformation muct be accorded the same dearee cof security protection asthataccorded thereto by the 4 This information may be subject to privately owned UK Government. signs: TANK, COMBAT, 120-mm GUN, CHALLENGER OPERATING INFORMATION Reprinted Apr 87 incorporating Amdt 1 to 4 inc THIS DOCUMENT |S THE PROPERTY OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT, and is issued for the | information of such persons oniyasneed te know itscontentsin the course oftheir offical duties. Any porsonfindingtnis | dooumient should hand itin to abBritis forces unitortoa policestation foritesafe return to the MINIS TAY OF DEFENCE, (Sy 1), MAIN BUILDING, WHITEHALL, LONDON SW1A 2HB with particulars of how and where found. THE UNAUTHORIZED RETENTION OR OESTRUCTION OF THE DOCUMENT IS AN OFFENCE UNDER THE OFFICIAL SECRETS ACTS OF 1911-1938, (Wien released to persons outside Government sevvee, this document is issued on a personal basicand the recinient townam itis entrusted in confidence, within the provisionso! the Official Secrets Acts | 4811-1899. is personally responsible for its safe custody and for seeing that its contents are cisclosedtonly to authorzed persons). BY COMMAND OF THE DEFENCE COUNCIL Sponsor ref: D/GS(OR)17/36/14/1 PUBLICATIONS AUTHORITY Quality Assurance Directorate (Ordnance) Royal Arsenal West Woolwich, SE18 6ST 45977171 UK RESTRICTED Pege (i)/{ii) 8 RESUSCITATION CS TREATMENT OF THE NON-BREATHING CASUALTY SHOUT FOR HELP. TURN OFF REMOVE FROM paNceR eMOYE aavious WATER, GAS OR SWITCH WATER, GAS, ELECTRICITY, stRUcTION 10 OFF ELECTRICITY IF POSSIBLE Fumes, erc REATHING, On this imme. I not possibe Safeguard yursell when romping casualty tom Mik Westy not besing feat wast in sachin for 99 Wasa stil n contact elect and the ap stot ventatn atone rote aogt be slated. stand ony non senéacting material (rtber at wood dase). ‘se mer loves, dry ato, kath ot dy rope or veo ul or push easly aay om th ead oosth nEcKWEAR | ‘PACH THE NOSE TF CHEST DOES NOT RISE “TUT HEAD BACKWARDS: ‘COMMENCE VENTILATION E-CHECK AIRWAY, REMOVE AND PUSH CHIN UPWARDS FOUR GoOD INFLATIONS (OBSTRUCTION AND AE INFLATE => ES PULSE PRESENT PULSE ABSENT POSITION OF PULSE “HEART AS STOPPED BEATNIG LAY OW BACK ON FIRM SURFACE {6g FL00R) CCONMENCE EXTERNAL CHEST COMPRESSION AND CONTINUE MOUTHC-TO-MOUTH VENTILATION ONE FAST ANDER 1 Compete a BD pe minal awed by 2 ttaons FiWo FIRST AIDERS ‘CONTINUE INFLATIONS UNTIL RECOVERY OF NORMAL BREATHING LL (Check fieart beat after frst minute and then after every three minutes Continue external chest compression ‘and mouth-to-mouth ventilation until ‘normal pulse is felt and colour improves. ‘WHEN NORMAL BREATHING COMMENCES PLACE CASUALTY RECOVERY POSITION CONTINUE INFLATIONS: UNTIL RECOVERY OF NORMAL BREATHING Keep casualty at rest. Remove on a stretcher, Watch closely, particulary for etficulty in breathing Lightly cover with blankets or MOD Form 656 ther materials. Danan ARMY EQUIPMENT ‘SUPPORT PUBLICATION Jun 83 UK RESTRICTED AMENDMENT RECORD 2350-P-100-201 Arndt Incorporated No. By (Signature) Date Amdt By (Signature) Incorporated Incorporated appli 27 | 58 } 28 ; - | 59 - 29 60 30 61 - 1 3 | fez) UK RESTRICTED Page ilviv ARMY EQUIPMENT UK RESTRICTED 2350-P-100-201 ‘SUPPORT PUBLICATION e CONTENTS PRELIMINARY MATERIAL Page vi iiviv v vil ix x xi : xi xi xii TITLEPAGE oo. se eee eeeeeeee ‘AMENDMENT RECORD CONTENTS (this list) mn LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS .......-.0ss0000e WARNINGS mt ‘CAUTIONS PREFACE... ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS on SECURITY INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHOBHAM ARMOUR - Immediate action drill in the event of damage . VEHICLE INTRODUCTION AND DATA Introduction .....esssseeeeeeesees xii Data. ae xii DESTRUCTION OF EQUIPMENT TO PREVENT ENEMY USE... x e General sees nt xv Destruc xv Degree of damage xv Priorities for destruction : : xv Spare parts ose sees ese eeseeeseeeeeeencee xv Method of destruction wee - xv Mechanical xv Burning (Warning) xvi Gunfire (Warning). wi : EVACUATION OF CASUALTIES il EMERGENCY RESUSCITATION Mod Form 442 : Table 1 Gear, speed and turning radii teeeeee xiv 2 Priorities for destruction... 2... 6.6... 00.ceeeeeveeenee xvii Fig e Frontispiece Three quarters front view . xii (Oct 88(Amat 8) UK RESTRICTED Page v 2350-P-100-201 UK RESTRICTED CONTENTS (continued) OPERATING INFORMATION PART 1 - Chapter 1 - Fire Fighting Equipment Chapter 2 - Hull and Fittings Chapter 3 ~ Main Engine Chapter 4 - Cooling System Chapter 5 - Fuel System Chapter 6 - Generating Unit Engine Chapter 7 - Transmission and Brakes Chapter 8 - Final Drives Chapter @ - Suspension, Tracks and Sprockets Chapter 10 - Electrical System Chapter 11 - Vehicle Operation PART 2 -[FIGHTING SYSTEMS| Chapter 1 - Fighting Comnpartment, Turret and Cupola Chapter 2 - Electrical System Chapter 3 - Armament Chapter 4 - Gun Control Equipment Chapter 5 - Optical Fire Control System Chapter 6 - Computerised Sighting System Chapter 7 - Ammunition Chapter 8 - NBC Filtration and Ventilation System PART 3 -[ COMMUNICATIONS Chapter 1 - Harness Operating Information PART 4 - [STOWAGE AND TOOLS Chapter 1 - Stowage and tools » PARTS -[TANK, DRIVER TRAINING) Chapter 1 - Fire fighting equipment Chapter 2 - Hull and fittings Chapter 3 - Observation and control cabin Chapter 4 - Electrical system Chapter 5 - Vehicle operation Chapter 6 - Harness operation Chapter 7 - Stowage Page vi UK RESTRICTED ARMY EQUIPMENT ‘SUPPORT PUBLICATION Jul 91(Amat 13) ARMY EQUIPMENT SUPPORT PUBLICATION A AF AFV Ah AM. ATU AUTO AUX AV AV (filter) BCC bhp BI BK IN BMS. BOT BREC c cot Car OFCB oo-ax cw D.C. deg DIP Dvr ECC etc F F,.Fe, ete FIE Fig FIP FM FPA tt FV/GCE gal os GCA GCE gen GPMG au GUE GUESB h HE HMB HP HRUB H/Set HSLO HT Oct 88(Amat 8) UK RESTRICTED LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ampere audio frequency Armaured fighting vehicle ampere hour Amplitude modulation Aerial tuning unit ‘Automatic auxiliary Armoured vehicle Anti-vapour British Communication Corporation (now Racal/BCC) brake horse power Battle Intercom Break in Battery master switchbox Breech opening tool Breech ring electrical contact Centigrade circuit ‘Commander Commander's fire control box co-axial Continuous wave direct current degree Driver's instrument pane! river emergency crew control etcetra (and so on) Fahrenheit Fuse 1,Fuse 2 ete Fuel injection equipment Figure Fuel injection pump Frequency modulation firing pin assembly foot or feet Fighting vehicle gun control equipment galion gearbox Gearbox Controller, Automatic Gun control equipment generator General purpose machine gun Generating unit Generating unit engine Generating unit engine switchboard hour high frequency Hull main junction box High Powered Hull rear junction box Handset High Frequency Single Set Low Power Output High Tension UK RESTRICTED 2950-P-100-201 Page vii 2350-P-100-201 UK RESTRICTED ARMY EQUIPMENT ‘SUPPORT PUBLICATION LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (continued) Hig heating hyst hydro-static Hz Hertz Ic Intercom I image intensifier IM Inlet Manifold Heater Ipu Intercom Personal Unit uB Junction box kg kilogram KHz kilohertz km kilometre km/h kilometres per hour kNm kilonewton metre kN/me Kilonewtons per square metre KPa kilopascal < kva kilovolt amperes kw kilowatts Ib pound Ibt/ine pounds per square inch LM lett hand LSB Lower side band m metre MAN manual mbar millibar MBT Main Battle Tank ME Main engine MECU Main engine control unit MESB Main engine switchboard MG Machine gun MHz Megahertz MK Mark mt millilitres mm >< millimetre MRS Muzzle reference system NBC. Nuclear - Bacteriological - Chemical Nm Newton metre Nime Newtons per square metre No. Number NORM Normal omc Overriding Master Control oP Oil pressure PA Power Amplifier PSU Power supply unit RBJ Rotary base junction REB Rebroadcast REM Remote rev/min Revolutions per minute 1 radio frequency RH right hand SOP Standard Operating Procedure ss Servicing Schedule ssB Single Side Band STH Slim Tank Helmet swa standard water gauge TovR Transceiver temp comp temperature compensator TRE Tuner Radio Frequency Page vill UK RESTRICTED Oct 88(Amat 8) — ARMY EQUIPMENT UK RESTRICTED 2850-P-100-201 SUPPORT PUBLICATIONS. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (continued) TUAAM Tuning Unit, Antenna Automatic Matching 1% Transmitter UHE Untra high efficiency us8 Upper Side Band v volt VHF very high frequency vu Vehicle Interface Unit w watt WkG Working wit warning light yd yard WARNINGS (1) ON EACH OCCASION THAT THE VEHICLE IS TO BE MOVED, THE COMMANDER AND DRIVER ARE TO CHECK THAT THE DRIVER'S DOOR [S HELD SECURELY BY ATTEMPTING TO SWING THE DOOR SHUT AND ENSURING THAT THE SAFETY PLUNGER IS IN THE EXTENDED POSITION. (2) TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO HEARING, EAR DEFENDERS ARE TO BE WORN BY ALL PERSONNEL WORKING ON OR NEAR THE VEHICLE WHILE THE MAIN ENGINE IS RUNNING. (3) BEFORE THE ACCESS DOORS ARE CLOSED THE AIR INLET VALVE MUST BE CLOSED TO PREVENT THE ENGINE DRAWING AIR THROUGH THE FIGHTING COMPARTMENT. FAILURE TO DO $0 MAY CAUSE INJURY TO EARDRUMS AND ACCESS DOORS TO CLOSE VIOLENTLY WITH A GUILLOTINE ACTION. (4) DO NOT RELEASE THE COOLANT FILLER CAP WHILE THE ENGINE Is RUNNING OR BEFORE THE COOLANT TEMPERATURE HAS FALLEN BELOW 200 DEGREES F (93 DEGREES C). OTHERWISE SEVERE SCALDING CAN RESULT. (5) THE INLET MANIFOLD HEATER, BATTERY HEATING SYSTEM, TANK LASER SIGHT AND OTHER ITEMS OF EQUIPMENT PRODUCE HIGH VOLTAGES WHICH CAN BE LETHAL. DO NOT TAMPER WITH THIS EQUIPMENT. (6) ARISK OF FIRE AND/OR EXPLOSION EXISTS WHEN REFUELLING VEHICLES FITTED WITH RUBBER PADDED TRACKS, BY EITHER PUMPS OR PLASTIC CONTAINERS, DUE TO THE PRESENCE OF STATIC ELECTRICITY. THIS RISK ALSO APPLIES WHEN RE- FUELLING OR DRAINING NEAR AN OPERATING RADAR SET OR OTHER HF ‘TRANSMITTERS - THE HAZARD VARIES WITH THE POWER OF THE EQUIPMENT SO UNIT STANDING ORDERS MUST BE RIGOROUSLY APPLIED. THE VEHICLE MUST, THERE- FORE, ALSO BE EARTHED WHEN CARRYING OUT REFUELLING OR FUEL TANK DRAINING OPERATIONS. (7) HANDLING L5A4, L7A1 and L8A1 SMOKE GRENADES IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS. WITHIN TWO METRES OF RADIO ANTENNAE DURING TRANSMISSION. ENSURE THAT TRANSMITTERS WITHIN THIS RANGE ARE SWITCHED OFF BEFORE LOADING/ UNLOADING GRENADES. Jun 83 UK RESTRICTED Page ix 2350-P-100-201 UK RESTRICTED ARMY EQUIPMENT SUPPORT PUBLICATION WARNINGS (continued) (8) TANK LASER SIGHT: PULSES OF LASER LIGHT ARE INVISIBLE TO THE EYE. DAMAGE TO THE EYES WILL RESULT IF PERSONNEL GAZE DIRECTLY AT THE OBJECTIVE PRISM EMERGENT FACE WHEN THE LASER IS ACTIVE, OR AT ANY REFLECTING OBJECT IN ‘THE PATH OF THE LASER BEAM, CAUTIONS: (1) Run the engine at 800 rev/min for 3-5 minutes, to allow the engine to partially cool before switching off. > (2) DO NOT depress, le ‘BLIP’ the accelerator pedal before switching off, as this may cause < serious damage to the turbo-chargers. (3) The tank laser sight is not to be removed unless it requires repair. (4) The gun barre! must be in the crutch or the gun control equipment switched on before moving the vehicle. Page x UK RESTRICTED Oct 8a(Anidt 8) ARMY EQUIPMENT UK RESTRICTED 12350-P-100-201 ‘SUPPORT PUBLICATIONS PREFACE 1. Service Users should forward any comments concerning this publication through the channel prescribed in AESP 0100-P-011-013. 2. Throughout this handbook any reference to right or left is as seen from the rear of the vehicle looking forward. 3. The subject matter of this publication may be affected by Defence Council Instructions. If possible, amendments are issued to correct this publication accordingly. When an instruction ‘contradicts any portion of this publication the Instruction is to be taken as the overriding authority, ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS 4, Refer to CAT 1 (AESP No 2350-P-100-101) SECURITY INSTRUCTION FOR CHOBHAM ARMOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION DRILL IN THE EVENT OF DAMAGE 5. The construction and content of Chobham Armour (GA) must be protected from unauthorised access during peacetime. Any damage which reveals the internal layout of the armour packs must be concealed IMMEDIATELY. 6. _ Inthe event of an accident causing damage to Chobham Armour, the tank crew, or person in whose charge the tank is, will immediately take the following action: 61 Halt 6.2 Cover the sensitive area with canvas/tarpaulin/cam net or local materials. Pick up any sensitive fragments of armour material or debris which may have resulted from the accident. Dispose of them in accordanc with security instructions. 6.3. Post aquard to remain with the tank until necessary repairs have been effected or the tank has been recovered 64 Report the incident up the chain of command, 7. On receipt of information that CA in its charge has been damaged, a unit should: 7.1. Reportthe accident to the nearest workshop specialist team authorised to carry outwork on CA 7.2. Report the incident up the chain of command, 7.3. Prepare a written report of the incident for the appropriate G2 staff Jun 83 UK RESTRICTED Page xi 2980-P-100-201 UK RESTRICTED ARMY EQUIPMENT SUPPORT PUBLICATIONS. VEHICLE INTRODUCTION AND DATA INTRODUCTION & The Challenger is a main battle tank carrying a crew of four commander, driver, gunner and loader/operator. 9. The main armament is a 120 mm gun, stabilised in both traverse and elevation. A co-axially mounted 7.62 mm machine gun and a similar machine gun on the commander's cupola form the secondary armament, Multi-barrelled smoke grenade dischargers are located externally, on each side of the turret. 10. The layoutof the tank is conventional with a forward compartment forthe driver, a central fighting compartment which is enclosed by the turret and a rear compartment to house the powerpack and final drives. 14, The driver's seat, access door and periscopes are designed to enable the vehicles to be driven ‘opened up’, or ‘closed down’ with the driver in the reclining position. 12, The fighting compartment extends the width of the hull. A turret turntable is located on rollers within the fighting compartment and rotates with the turret. The commander and gunner are located on the right of the turret and the loader on the left. A cupola at the commander's station provides all round vision and incorporates periscopic sights for day ornightuse. The turret can be rotated through 360 degrees by electrical power or by hand and carries the armament, gun control equipment, radio sets, ammunition ready rounds and the ventilation/NBC equipment. Provision is made to incorporate a thermal imaging observation gunnery system, 13, The rearmost compartment houses the powerpack beneath removabie armoured decking and louvres. The powerpack is a combined unit, designed to be readily removed for replacement or repair, which incorporates the engine, transmission unit, cooling and lubrication systems. Located on the left of the powerpack is the generating unit engine (GUE) which may be operated independently to provide electrical power when the main engine is not running 14. An automatic gearbox provides four forward and three reverse speeds. A manual gear range selector is located at the driver's position. Steering is provided by @ hydro-static steer unit Incorporated within the transmission unit and controlled by levers on either side of the driver's seat. The main brakes are hydraulically operated by a foot pedal while the vehicle is in motion or mechanically, by a lever, for parking 15. The vehicle is supported, on its tracks, by twelve rubber tyred road wheels, six on each side. Each road whee! has its own fully independent Hydro-gas suspension unit, combining the functions of a spring and shock absorber. The tracks are adjustable for tension and are supported, along the top run by rubber tyred rollers. Removable skirting plates provide some protection to the wheels, suspension and hull sideplates. DATA 16. The following datais included to assist the vehicle crew. For more comprehensive data summary refer to CAT 1 (AESP No.2350-P-100-101). Page xii UK RESTRICTED. Jun 83 > AMY EQUIPMENT UK RESTRICTED SUPPORT PUBLICATION 2389-P-100-201 ‘Three quarter front view 17. Weights Combat, loaded (c/w ammo, fuel, CES items crew stowage but not crew} Training (combat loaded weight less ammo) 18. Bridge load classification Combat, loaded 19. Dimensions Length overall, gun forward Length overall, gun in crutch Height to top of commanders sight hood Width overall Ground clearance (nominal) 20. Performance Maximum road speed Vertical obstacle Maximum gradient Trench crossing Shallow fording 21. Nominal ground pressure Combat, loaded 22. Tracks Length of track on ground Track width. Number of links. 62 tonne (61 ton) 60.9 tonne (59.9 ton) 70 11,580 mm 9,800 mm, 2,950 mm 3,510 mm, ‘500 mm, 56 km/h 0.90 m 58% 2.8m 1.07 m 97.7 kPa 4790 mm 650 mm. 92 per track (Oct 88(Amat 8) UK RESTRICTED (37 ft 10 in) (32 tin) ( 9tt Bin) (17 6 in) (1M Bin} (35 mile/h) nominal (2ft 11%, inches) (30 degrees) vehicle moving (ott 2in) (31 6 in) (14.13 Ibf/in2) (15 tt 9 in) (25.6 in) Page xiii