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The Economics of Super Regulator- Competition Regulatory Authorities

After the introduction of liberalised policies in India the market grew at a very high pace.
There are several regulators who were introduced in India in a bid to regulate both
behavioural and structural issues in their respective sectors. Like Reserve Bank of India for
banking regulations and Telecommunication Authority of India for tele-communication etc.
To coordinate the measures of different regulatory authorities, a super regulator is needed.
Country is facing problems of overlapping jurisdictions resulting in poor enforcement of
regulations and inordinate delays. the best way to solve this problem to have a proper and
specified regulatory authority which helps in attaining maximum consumer satisfaction and
serves the consumers interest in the best possible manner.
The paper focuses upon the objectives and scope of the competition regulatory authorities of
India as well as of different jurisdiction. The paper focuses upon the different regulatory
bodies in India along with the problems of conflicting jurisdiction of different regulatory
authority. It also discusses the need and scope of the competition regulatory authority as a
super regulator along with the challenges faced by the authorities. The paper focuses upon the
economic controversies of these regulating bodies along with important cases analysis.