Who is a Worker-on-leave or Balik-Manggagawa? A worker-on-leave (WOL) or Balik-Manggagawa (BM) shall refer to an overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is on vacation or on leave and is returning to the same employer. The following are also considered as WOL/BM : • • • OFWs who will join / return to the same employer who has transferred to another jobsite; OFWs who have partially served their present employer; Undocumented OFWs (tourists, dependents, students, businessman) who became OFWs and have partially served the same employer.


Who are not qualified to register as WOL/BM? The following persons are not qualified to register as WOL/BM: • • • Dependents of overseas workers Filipinos who are permanent residents of a foreign country. (They can avail of the privilege of travel tax exemption for balik-bayan by applying at the Philippine Tourism Authority) Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who changed jobsite and whose contracts have not yet been served.


What does a WOL/BM need to do before going back to the jobsite? A WOL/BM needs to register at POEA and secure a POEA travel exit clearance before leaving the Philippines.


What is a POEA travel exit clearance? It is a clearance issued by POEA to OFWs who exit from the Philippines for employment purpose. OFWs with working visas/employment contracts will be allowed to leave the Philippines only if they have a POEA travel exit clearance which comes in the following forms: a. Overseas Employment Certificate(OEC) – issued in the different POEA regional offices/regional extension units/satellite offices, POEA deputized OWWA Offices and Philippine Overseas Labor Offices. It is also issued during manual processing of BMs at the POEA Central Office. E-receipt – issued for computerized processing at the POEA Central Office and POEA Regional Offices. It is an integrated receipt for payments of POEA, OWWA, and Philhealth fees. Multiple Travel Exit Clearance(MTEC) The multiple travel exit clearance is a set of two or more clearances issued to a worker-on-leave/Balik manggagawa for use as an exit document within a period of twelve months from date of issuance. It allows the worker-on-leave/balik manggagawa who exits from the Philippines more than once in a period of twelve months to secure his exit clearance on a one-time basis.



All overseas Filipino workers leaving on employment visa / work or equivalent document (such as no objection certificate [NOC], employment pass, gainful occupation permit, confirmation of the right to labor activity, work visa guaranty) shall be required to secure an exit clearance from the POEA or its deputized offices. Filipino workers with overseas employment contracts but are issued visas other than work / employment (such as: business and visit visa) for the purpose of facilitating the mobilization, shall likewise be required to secure exit clearances from POEA or its deputized offices (POEA Advisory No. 15, series of 2005). 5. What are the uses of a POEA travel exit clearance? a. It serves as travel exit pass for OFWs at the airports . b It serves as an exemption certificate from payment of Travel Tax and airport terminal fee upon presentation to the airline counter and airport terminal fee counter; c It serves as a worker’s guarantee that he is covered by government protection and benefits; Pursuant to Section 35, Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act 1995 (Republic act 8042), OFWs shall be exempted from the payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee upon presentation of the POEA exit clearance. 6. How can a WOL/BM avail of the travel tax exemption? A WOL/BM can avail of the travel tax exemption by presenting a copy of the POEA travel exit clearance to the airline company. 7. Where can a balik-mangagagawa secure a POEA travel exit clearance? A worker-on-leave/Balik Manggagawa may secure a POEA exit clearance at the following offices: a. Balik Manggagawa Processing Division (BMPD) Service Area, POEA, Blas F. Ople (BFO) Bldg.., Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City. b. POEA Regional Centers / Regional Extension Units (REUs) and Satellite Offices (please refer to the list below) c. POEA-deputized OWWA Regional Offices and Units (please refer to list below)

d. Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) in various Philippine Embassies and consulates abroad (please refer to list below) e. One Way Delivery System (Dropbox) at the POEA Central Office Service Area f. On-line two-way delivery application at website:


What is the on line (two-way ) application system for WOL/BM? The on line (two-way) application system is a convenient and time-saving manner for the issuance of the POEA travel exit clearance. With the new on-line process, a balik manggagawa may visit the website, fill up and submit on-line the OFW information sheet and print said document. The printed information sheet has bar codes for easier uploading of information to the POEA database. The WOL/BM need not go to POEA for application of travel exit clearance.


How can I apply on line for my POEA travel exit clearance? The procedure for on-line application for POEA travel exit clearance is as follows: 1. Log on to :; 2. Select the “Apply Now” button to accomplish the on line OFW information sheet; 3. Select the “Submit” button and print the OFW information sheet on two sheets of long bond paper; 4. Prepare photocopies of supporting documents as listed in page 2 of printed OFW info sheet (such as passport and visa); 5. Submit printed OFW info sheet, supporting documents and fees to any 2Go Branch/Aboitiz (nationwide); 6. Travel exit clearance (OEC) to be delivered to OFW. No need to go to POEA.


What is the one way - service delivery system (dropbox) for WOL/BM? A BM walk-in applicant who do not want to go through the POEA queuing system may opt to avail of the one-way service delivery system. The BM submits the OFW Info sheet, photocopies of BM’s passport, visa, etc and prescribed fees to the Balikmanggagawa OEC Delivery Booth located at the Balikmanggagawa Processing Division, POEA, Blas F. Ople Bldg., Ortigas Ave. cor EDSA, City of Mandaluyong. The POEA travel exit clearance will be delivered to the BM/WOL right at their doorstep.


What are the documents needed to get a POEA exit clearance (e-receipt/OEC/MTEC)? a. b. c. Valid passport; Valid re-entry visa, work permit or any equivalent document; Others: Any proof that OFW is returning to the same employer (such as : company ID, employment certificate, pay slip, etc). for WOL/BMs with newly issued documents and visas or if OFW has no record on file at POEA. Copy of employment contract (for MTEC issuance)


What are the fees in securing the POEA travel exit clearance? The prescribed fees are: P 100.00 – POEA Processing Fee P 900.00 – Philhealth Premium (payment valid for one year) US$ 25.00 or its peso equivalent – OWWA Membership Fee (payment valid per duration at a maximum of 2 years)


A Worker-on-Leave with valid OWWA membership and Philhealth coverage shall only pay Php 100.00 for issuance of travel exit clearance. Service fees for the one way delivery and two way delivery system is paid by the WOL/BM to the service provider.


How long will it take a WOL/BM to secure the POEA travel exit clearance? a. Processing at the POEA Central Office takes a maximum of 20 minutes from the time the worker is called to present his documents to the POEA evaluator up to the time he is referred to the assessor and cashier for payment of the travel exit clearance; WOL/BMs are, advised that there is a queuing system because of the volume of BMs applying for the exit clearance at the POEA Central Office.



For the one way delivery system/dropbox, the processing of documents is done within the day. The exit clearance is delivered to the worker within 1-3 days depending on the delivery zone; For the two way delivery system, provided that all documents are in order, the exit clearance is delivered to the applicant’s residence within three working days for Metro Manila residents and five working days for non-Metro Manila residents.

14. What is the validity period of the POEA travel exit clearance? a. The e-receipt and OEC are valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issuance; b. The MTEC is valid for use as an exit document with a period of twelve months from date of issuance.


In case of loss of the OEC/e-receipt/MTEC, can a WOL/BM apply for a replacement of the lost POEA exit clearances? No, there shall be no re-issuance for lost e-receipt / OEC/ MTEC. The respective processing units shall instead issue a certification of the particulars of the processed exit clearance or a certified true copy thereof. Said certification shall be presented to the Bureau of Immigration, Philippine Tourism Authority and Airport Terminal Fee counter for travel exit purpose.


What can a WOL/BM do if the POEA exit clearance has already expired before his date of departure?

An expired exit clearance shall be replaced upon submission of all the copies of the expired EReceipt/OEC and payment of processing fee of Php 100 for workers-on-leave. However, if the e-receipt / OEC have already been submitted to the Airline and the e-receipt / OEC numbers are already indicated in the airline ticket, the validity date shall be extended only up to the date of the confirmed flight. 17. Can dependents of OFWs or BMs avail of travel tax exemptions? Dependents of OFWs can avail of the Reduced Travel Tax only if they are proceeding to the OFW’s jobsite. Dependents are qualified until their 21st birthday. 18. What are the requirements for reduced travel tax for dependents of OFWs? a. b. c. d. 19. Certified copy of POEA Travel Exit Clearance; Passport of dependent; Marriage contract; Plane ticket;

Where can the certified copy of the POEA travel exit clearance be secured? The certified copy of the POEA travel exit clearance may be secured from the POEA Records Division, BalikManggagawa Processing Division, Regional Offices, POLOs and other authorized Offices which issued the travel exit clearance of the BM


What is the procedure to avail of reduced travel tax for OFW dependents? • File all the requirements at the Philippine Tourism Authority for issuance of a Reduced Travel Tax Certificate (RTTC);

If the plane ticket was purchased abroad, the requirements may be presented at the PTA, Airport or the PTA main office, with address at : Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) Revenue Department, Travel Tax Division, DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM G/F 117. DOT Bldg., T.M. Kalaw, Manila.


What are the basic OFW documents that a WOL/BM should bring to the airport before departure from the Philippines: a. b. Valid Passport POEA Travel exit clearance (OEC/e-receipt/MTEC) which should be presented to the following: • Airline check-in counter. • Airport terminal fee counter to avail of the exemption from payment of terminal fee; • Bureau of Immigration counter.

POEA Regional Centers / Regional Extension Units (REUs) and Satellite Offices:
LA UNION POEA REGIONAL CENTER FOR LUZON nd 2 Floor, LZK-Zamboanga Bldg., Quezon Avenue City of San Fernando, La Union Telefax No. (072) 242-5608 / 700-4236 BAGUIO CITY REGIONAL EXTENSION UNIT-CAR Benitez Court Compound, Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City Telefax No. (074) 442-9478 / 445-4209 POEA SATELLITE OFFICE-TUGUEGARAO rd 3 Floor Sychangco Bldg., Bonifacio St., Tuguegarao City Telefax (078) 844-3076 PAMPANGA POEA SATELLITE – REGION III One Stop Clark Processing for OFW Claro M. Recto, Pampanga Fax No. (045) 893-4152 CALAMBA CITY, LAGUNA SATELLITE OFFICE-REGION IV No. 4 Penthouse, Hectan Commercial Center, Chipeco Avenue, Brgy. Halang, Calamba City 4027 Laguna Telefax No. (049) 834-7974 LEGASPI CITY POEA SATELLITE OFFICE-REGION V Vista Al Mayon Compound, OWWA RU 5 Washington Drive, Legaspi City Telefax No. (052) 820-4890 CEBU CITY REGIONAL CENTER FOR VISAYAS Mezzanine Floor, LDM Bldg. MJ Cuenco Avenue cor. Legaspi St., Cebu City Fax (032) 256-0435 / 412-2939 / 2949 BACOLOD CITY SATELLITE OFFICE nd 2 Floor, UTC Bldg., Araneta Alunan St., Singcang Bacolod City Telefax No. (034) 434-7391 TACLOBAN CITY POEA POEA SATTELITE OFFICE DOLE Compound, Trece Martirez, Tacloban City Telefax No. (053) 321-7134 DAVAO CITY POEA REGIONAL CENTER FOR MINDANAO nd 2 Floor, AMYA II Bldg., Quimpo Blvd cor. Tulip O Drive Ecoland, Davao City Telefax No (082) 297-7429 / 297-7650 CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY POEA REGIONAL EXTENSION UNIT – REGION X Ground Floor, Trinidad Bldg., Corrales Avenue Cagayan de Oro City Telefax No. (08822) 724-824 ZAMBOANGA CITY POEA REGIONAL EXTENSION UNIT – REGION IX Unit 3 Dona Pura Bldg., Metrogate Corp. Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City Telefax No. (062) 992-5523 BONGAO, TAWI-TAWI ONE STOP PROCESSING CENTER Initiative for Tawi-Tawi Area Development Foundation Bldg., Old Housing Proj., Bongao , Tawi-Tawi (062) 268-1309

OWWA REGIONAL UNIT Caraga 44 J. C Quirino Avenue, 8600 Butuan City DOLE REGION 12 102 Acepal Bldg., Mabini Extension Koronadal City (083) 228-2190 / 228-4920 ILOILO CITY REGIONAL EXT.EXTENSION ILOILO CITY REGIONAL UNIT nd Region VI, 2 Floor, S C Divina Gracia Bldg., Quezon Street , Iloilo City Telefax No. (033) 335-1058 / 336-8611

OWWA CARAGA Door 2 Nimfa Tiv Bldg., II J.P. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City (085) 342-6178 / 225-5989

***Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLOs ) in different jobsites:
Bahrain Washington, USA Greece Malaysia Israel Libya Madrid South Korea Geneva London Toronto, Canada Lebanon Macau Rome/Milan, Italy Tokyo, Japan Kuwait Taipei/Kaoshong/ Taichung Jordan Brunei Jeddah, KSA Hong Kong Oman Qatar Singapore Dubai/AbuDhabi Saipan Riyadh, KSA

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