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Agile Delivery Specialist

Customers are at the heart of our business. As a Agile Delivery Specialist you will be working directly with
some of Sparks biggest Corporate, Enterprise and Government customers to ensure the successful delivery
of their Managed Services networks. In this role you will be specifically responsible for the end-to-end
coordination of the core tasks required to fulfil orders from our customers and ensuring the process is fit for
purpose to get the best results for both the customer and Spark.
The Agile Delivery Specialist will provide provisioning support to our clients and ensure we deliver a
Customer Inspired service level as part of the Provisioning Centre.


You report into Provisioning Workforce Manager in our Spark Platforms business unit.


Working as part of a cross functional delivery team you will be responsible for receiving and processing
customer orders making sure that the order is clean and able to be implemented efficiently.

On a day-to-day basis, you will be working with the Customers, 3 rd parties such as Fibre Providers and
Spark internal staff. You will be responsible for making sure the right solution or service order for each
customer and site gets implemented efficiently.

You will proactively manage your workload to ensure that all activities you are responsible for are
completed on time so as not to impact the critical path for the overall project delivery, and taking action
where required.

The accuracy of upkeep of all records for the customer is critical and you will be responsible for ensuring
that all records including the implementation of billing are updated and maintained with 100% accuracy.

Communicating effectively with key stakeholders such as Delivery Leads, customers, third parties and
site contacts both within Spark and at the customer end. You will ensure that timelines and deliverables
are agreed and managed.

As you become expert at what you do you will be required to undertake process development and on
boarding on of new products or processes into the team or across teams within the group. You will also
be cross-trained in other areas of provisioning to ensure you understand the end-to-end product delivery.


You will be responsible for continuously seeking to improve the process in a way that delivers better
outcomes for both our customers and Spark.


Have a great level of understanding of how managed services are delivered within Spark and the
wider Fibre infrastructure industry across NZ.
Excellent communication skills to be able to manage to a wide range of stakeholders both internally
and externally.
A problem solver who keeps the customer and Spark at the heart of what they do.
Solution orientated, take ownership of the issue regardless.
Technical literacy to an advanced skill level including multi-system use in parallel
Systematic, disciplined and analytic approach to problem solving and ensuring quality
Excellent client service skills and strong client focus; results orientated and committed to delivering
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent time management disciplines to manage pressures and deadlines effectively
Experience in working with cross-functional teams
To be dynamic, proactive and show a willingness to adapt to change


You get involved and offer active participation to the team. You understand and are able to perform
the service required to deliver optimum results to customers
You are solution focused. Exploring alternate solutions for problems, discussing the options with the
team and applying the best solution efficiently is what you do
You have excellent written and oral communication skills and are able to communicate to all levels of
stakeholders (internal and external). You are customer focused and have the ability to deal with
difficult stakeholders
Every dollar spent is spent as if it were your own. You understand your responsibility and
You are flexible and are willing to perform other tasks assigned to you in order to deliver effective
solutions to customers


You understand the end game and drive effective delivery to secure the right outcome for our
customers and Spark
If the current process/system is not practical and does not add value, you challenge that and take
initiative to improve it
You have the ability to visualise, articulate, and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and
concepts, and make decisions that are sensible based on available information