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AceOfHeart2012 5 years ago

Fraud from the Inducement

The main point that so many are missing in this whole fraudclosure fiasco is
that the fraud starts at inducement. Since the banks are not allowed to
lend on their assets nor on the assets of their depositors, where then
does the funds come from for a bank loan such as a mortgage? The funds
come from the signature of the 'borrower'. The banks NEVER OWN
THE HOME. The banks are owed nothing! The banks lack status and
standing to foreclose void ab initio.
Since it was MY signature that funded the mortgage I want my house
back. Plus damages. Plus ALL of the profit the banksters made off of
my signature. This is nothing short of identity theft!

Pat Liewer 5 years ago in reply to deemilieu

Fill out an affidavit, give the Lender 30 days to respond.
After the 30 days have expired, send them a 2nd demand of the
Security Instrument.
If they fail to respond{most of the larger Lender will}, then a Notice
of Default and 10 days should be sent.
Remeber, every thing is under Contract Law{the UCC}.

5 major points 1) never hire an attorney at law because their oath is

to the court. 2) don't be accepting a "copy" of the original note
because thats exactly what it is. 3) An offer made and refused is
paid. 4) the securities were sold not lost or destroyed 5) the alleged
mortgage "dead pledge" has a maturity date so if you are within the
10, 20,30 year period you cannot be in default 6) it's a unilateral
contract a best because your the only guy signing and your the only
one that can change it

WheepingWillow2 1 year ago

you NEVER want to ignore the Bank!!!! When you get something you
MUST answer it or else it's called tacid aquese NOT sure if I spelled
that correctly. Ask them for the original bonifide accusatory
instrument, also send them a copy of the [TILA]TRUTH AND LENDING
ACT AND HAVE THEM FILL IT OUT. I'm in court for a second time, won
the first time this time they FORGED MY SIGNATURE AND SUPER

When I worked for a bank years ago, our vp of the acquisitions

department said that if a bank could not produce you original note,
the borrower, did not have to pay. And she would lay our department
out about keeping up with those documents

glassman1313 You got it. The atty sent a copy of the mortgage and
note as exhibit a and b...however, lender listed is not name of my
servicer or the trust...and not copy of assignment is attached .
PETEtheTRAINER 3 years ago
Since the U.S. 1933 Bankrupsy reorganization (YouTube/Google this)
the note is ACTUALLY a Promissory Note (that you sign, but DON'T
date). The bank then submits your signed Promissory Note to The
Federal Reserve Bank. It's dated & monetized (UP TO 9 TIMES in
most cases).
-- The house is, at this point IS PAID IN FULL ( ~NOT a typo, or a fool
making wild allegations). Banks DON'T/CAN'T LEND money (check
their charter).

--Bankers, Lawyers, Anybody PROVE me WRONG..!

StSimonMartyr 3 years ago in reply to TheNewWellsFargo

Investors are suing investment banks saying exactly this

origination process was fatally defective, the notes/ mortgages

unenforceable & predatory lending practices lowering the value of
being a lender'

Judges turn on banks.

Judge, if u were lending $ wouldnt u want UR name on the note/
mortgage? Getting the wire transfer instructions=Kiss of death for
the banks because originator of the wire transfer is not the payee &
instructions do not say that this is for benefit of the originator.

oh yeah, if the "bank" files a motion it has to be signed by the

"bank" not a collection agency/servicer because thats not the
mortgagee. If it's not signed by the CEO (holder in due course) of the
alleged mortgagee well then they have no standing

Mortgage lending businesses are unlawful businesses file a federal

civil racketeering lawsuit
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the loans we review. Meaning, there is an 8 in 10 chance that the law
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TheNewWellsFargo 3 years ago in reply to StSimonMartyr

You signed a document along with the Note that allows certified
copies to act in lieu. Next: the Deed of Trust recorded in your
county for the loan shows the loan amount and the original lending
agent. Give it UP, you are being fooled into thinking if you don't pay
and deny you signed... then you get to keep the house. You have NO
"standing" to litigate all those other obscure items.

A Copy can not be used as authentic Evidence, when the integrity of

that very document and its ownership is in question, in an
EVIDENTIARY not administrative Hearing. If YOU claim you own MY
Note, you better damn well have and produce the Original Note or
youre a Liar. Also true with copy of a drivers license, birth
certificate, social security card or money. Copies are bogus and not
accepted as legitimate. Nice try, Govt shillstein Bankster

deemilieu a copy of the note is fraud and counterfeit per 18 USC sec

How to find Defaulted Mortgage Notes - All the Bank Contacts for
You by ihbkep64

Silveracity You obviously know nothing of America's financial

system, or of the Daly 1968 foreclosure case that proved the banks
provide "fiat" money; which negates the contract-"promise".
"Consideration" is the term you should concern yourself. yourself
with first.

All a lender has to do is tell the borrower to check their local court
clerk's office. A copy of the deed in trust is there. Just like it is on
almost ALL mortgages and deeds. You people have got to realize
that there are no free lunches and you have to work for what you
get. sad.

Court of Competent Jurisdiction

Some may have heard of the PROBATE COURT. Some may have
been directed to go there to have their Estate returned. However as
Prophet Noble Drew Ali has advised us to study, study, study the
question to ask is have you researched in the Blacks Law 4th Edition
Dictionary what PROBATE and PROBATE COURT mean?

We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!!