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On the wrecks of Danilo

Blancos home in Brgy.

Salvacion, he, along with
his family
Danilo versus the Storm
after a two day stay at the
their community. Leaves,
branches, Banana trunks
entrance to their Amakan
partially damaged by the
storm. One window is open
the roof is collapsed as a
tree rests on its side.
Draft script


Gary Ben S. Villocino

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Danilo Bulosan: Main Character, community leader, farmer turned
agricultural worker (Banana plantation), tall and slender frame with a
slightly hunched back, aged mid-40s, and dark skinned, always optimistic.
Susan: His Wife, stay at home mom, early 30s, short and stocky built fair
skinned, long-time resident of Brgy. New Valencia.
Inday: Daughter, aged 4, has physical disabilities. Cannot walk.
Peter: deceased, drowned in the flood.
Miguel Santos: Cousin of Danilo, works as Brgy. Secretary.
educated, hired as a community facilitator days after the storm to facilitate
relief and rehabilitation efforts after Femia.
Lito Unabia: Pineapple Contract Grower, sidelines as labor contractor for a
banana plantation. He facilitated the leasing of Danilos farm land at an
annual rate of 12,500 Php per hectare.
Tansyo: One of the communitys leaders, an old farmer. Leader of the
farmers association in New Valencia.
Berting: Tansyos friend, old farmer.
Tina Lopez: Young government Social Worker.

Scene 1:
{On the wrecks of Danilo Bulosans home in Brgy. New Valencia, he,
along with his family visits their house one weeks after Tyhoon Femia
ravaged their community. The family decides to take a visit to assess
its damages as they now have sought temporary refuge at Danilos
mother in law. Leaves, branches, Banana trunks and mud block the
entrance of their Amakan home which is now partially damaged by
the storm. A portion of the wall crashed and its roof collapsed as a
tree rests on its side. Inside, the familys belongings lay drenched.
Susan and Danilo draw their breath as they witness the scene.
Susan is rests on the pile of rocks which used to be part of her flower
garden. Nestled on her chest is Inday. Asleep, but her face looks
serene, seemingly unaffected by the events which occurred the past

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days. Beside her, some plastic bags containing some provisions given
out by aid giving agencies at their village center.
Danilo is seen in the background circling around the house, sifting
through the rubble searching for whatever things they can salvage.
Nilo lifts another piece of wood and discovered that the few sacks of
milled corn they have saved have been destroyed.}
Nilo: {looking at susan} Susan, the corn is damaged. I can sun dry them
and then maybe we can salvage a few kilos.
Susan: Can you check if we still have cooking pots? The pots at mothers are
Nilo: There isnt a thing here that is not wet. We can still use these cooking
pots that your mother gave. Ill just clean them before we go back.
{Susan nods back at Nilo and then looks at Inday who is still fast
Susan: You are so young to have experienced this. (Plays with Indays hair
as tears ran down her cheeks)
(Clouds started to rumbling and then she had a flashback)
Peter: Mama! Im losing my grip! Mama help! Papa!
Susan: Peter!
Susan vividly remembered the events during the storm as if it
happened just a few nights back. Their family was fast asleep as fast
rising flood waters in the nearby crept inside their house, waking her
and her family. In a few minutes it was already waist high and all they
could do was run outside as fast as they could.
Susan carried Inday in her arms while peter held on to her shirt.
Danilo tried going back to save their pigs and chickens but was
stopped by the strong current. The family waded through the now
chest high flood waters but had no other choice but to climb up the
mango tree.
Susan: Nilo! The house! The water will carry it away!
Danilo: let that be! Its no use! Now grab this branch! (Eases his wife and
kids as they climb up the tree, his wife wedges her feet between the
branches) lets just pray that this tree will be strong enough. Susan, start
praying now!

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The family watches on as they see the river consume more and more
land, at the same time debris (house materials, branches and banana
trunks) began to pile up at the trunk of the tree where they are
seeking refuge in. however, it was only a matter of time when a huge
piece of lumber knocked peter down from the tree.
Peter: Mama! Im losing my grip! Mama help! Papa! (The branch he is
holding snaps, falls into the water)
Susan: Peter!
Danilo dives into the water in an attempt to rescue his son but the
current was just too overpowering for him, even for a father
determined to save his son. Helpless, he could not do anything more
to save his son. He looks back and then sees his wife also in
imminent danger herself as the branch she is holding is almost
breaking. Danilo hesitantly paddles back.
Susan: Peter! No!! (She cries while hysterically screaming but could only
watch helplessly as her son is taken away by the water. Flash back ends)
(Susan breaks into tears. Nilo notices her crying and then walks
towards her to provide comfort. Holding an old picture he recovered,
he sits beside Susan)
Nilo: They have listed our son in the names of missing persons. Let us just
hope that he is safe somewhere and that somehow he survived this
nightmare. That is what we can do for him as of the moment hope for the
Susan: I cant stop crying. I every time I look at this place I will always
remember his smile. He was such a good kid. Did you know that he was
preparing his fishing rods before the floods came that day? He was telling
me he would catch some fish for his sister because that is indays favorite.
(Danilo kisses Susan in the forehead, then smiles but tries to
hold back his tears as he wraps his arm around his wife)
Nilo: Look at his smile in this photo. This is how I want to remember him,
cheerful, strong and loving.
Nilo: What happened to our son was my fault. I was not strong enough to
rescue him. But I cant let that from happening again. Dont cry Susan, I will
do everything to put us in a better place. Tomorrow, I will go to Unabia to
ask for an advanced payment for the lands he leased from us for his

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plantation. That is 25,000 Php for two years that should be enough. I will
build us another house near the village hall where it is safer.
(Susan wipes her tears after Nilos reassurance.)
Inday: Mama?
Nilo: Now look, all our crying woke Inday. Stop crying, everything is going to
be okay. Lets head back, its getting dark. Your mother might be looking for

Scene 2:
{At Litos house at 7 oclock in the morning. The house is a bright
yellow split level home just outside New Valencia, beyond the reach
the flood waters. Litos house helpers and gardeners are busy
restoring the place, though visibly damaged but is still fully intact
after the storm. They get distracted by their employers loud voice
coming from inside the house. In the living room, Danilo is sitting in
front of Lito who is sipping his cup of coffee.}

Lito: I cannot give you that?! Are you kidding me? (Laughs sarcastically) I
dont have that money with me besides we have a contract to follow.
(Busying himself with his mobile phone then calls out one of his house help)
Lito: Manay Can you please tell my wife to hurry up? If she wants to go with
me she has to be ready in 10 minutes because have to be in the city by
noon for my meeting with the banana growers association.
Danilo: (Pleading as he leans forward to Lito.) please, can you pull some
strings!? My house is damaged. The food that I have saved has been
damaged and my work in the plantation has been stopped because of the
damages, I need the advanced payment so that my family will not starve.
Please, I am desperate.
Lito: (seemingly unaffected by Danilos outpour) the storm hit all of us. I
have incurred damages too. Look, a huge portion my plantation is damaged.
Can you imagine how long it would take rehabilitate all of that? It would take
me at least three years. Take note, the company will not shoulder the
expenses for all of that. Its a good thing my sprayers and tractors are still
ok otherwise I would go broke. (Laughs)

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Danilo: You have leased almost all of the farm lands in here and I also know
that you and some of your friends have cleared some forests to make way
for banana. I understand that it is business for you at the end of the day. I
just was hoping for a little bit of generosity. You sounded like a very
generous person back when you asked me to lease you my land.
Lito: Sorry I really cant give you the advance payment. I was even thinking
of delaying my payments to you. You should be happy I changed my mind.
Lito: I can loan you some money though, and you can pay in six months. Ill
just consider a portion of your land as collateral if you cannot pay me on
(Face is now blank with emotions, opens man purse then pulls out 10
thousand pesos. Danilo hesitates, but takes it anyway. Litos wife walks from
Litos Wife: Honey, Im ready lets go.
(Lito stands up and leaves Danilo, he gestures his house help to escort
Danilo out the door.)
Lito: The loan package from the bank has just arrived so our meeting might
take a while. Ill pick you up at the salon if my meeting will end early, if not
Ill meet you at the mall, Im going to shop for clothes too. (Leans over to his
wife and whispers) They are giving out 500,000.00 Php per damaged
hectare so we will profit from this.
(Danilo clenches his fists after hearing this. He couldnt say a word and
walks away in silence.)

Scene III
(Danilo takes a long pensive walk home, staring blankly on the
ground as he takes each step. He did not notice he bumped into
Miguel, his cousin. Miguel was not able to dodge as well since his
hands were full. Miguel is on his way to the brgy. Covered court to
conduct a community meeting.)
Miguel: ouch, watch where you are going Dan.
Danilo: oh its you. Im sorry. Im sorry, I didnt notice you.

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Miguel: its okay, Its nothing.
(Danilo helps Miguel gather his things)
Miguel: I dropped by your house a moment ago, no one was home.
Danilo: We are staying at Susans mother. But she was at our house to do
some cleaning. Did you not see her?
Miguel: No.
Danilo: oh, Susan must be out to fetch some water. The hand pump was
destroyed, so she is probably lining up at the evacuation center to get
Miguel: Its good that you have in-laws as kind as her. Where are you going
by the way?
Danilo: Going home, I just came from Unabias house. And I can tell you one
thing, that man is the first storm that destroyed this place.
Miguel: Indeed. That Femia was a strong one. That storm was really an eye
opener. We only have taken Disaster Risk Reduction Management after that
storm. Now, people are taking the topic seriously. Its just sad that that it
took a lot of sacrifices to grab our attention.
Danilo: True, some of my neighbors were even drinking the night the storm
came. They were telling me that all their lives no storm has ever come to
bother them and they were the first ones to perish in the flood. Any update
on the casualties?
Miguel: Based on our parallel report to the Disaster Needs and Capacity
Assessment we did with some other groups, including the BDRRMC, the
total casualty count is at 2 dead and 5 missing. In terms of houses we have
100 partially damaged while 5 are totally damaged, while 75% of our rice
fields were damaged and of course some of Litos Banana plantation.
Danilo: 5 totally damaged? Whos the fifth?
Miguel: Well four of them are your neighbors downstream, and another
house near the Plantation collapsed because of flooding. Were you at the
Danilo: I was. But I did not stay long. It was Peters friend. I cant stay there
without remembering my son. I dont want to be seen crying you know.


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Miguel: Its Ok to cry sometimes. Let your emotions out. It will be good for
Danilo: I have no more tears to cry. Susan cries almost every night, we cant
be both emotional. I have to be strong for her.
(Miguel taps, Danilos back to comfort him)
Miguel: Anyway were you not invited by the Purok leaders to attend the
activity today?
Danilo: No. why?
Miguel: Well come with me then. We will be heading to the Brgy hall. Our
NGO has partnered with others to implement a shelter assistance project.
Plus Tina, a member of the Welfare Inquiry Desk will also be there, you
might want to talk to her.
(Danilo nods in agreement)
Scene IV
{The two arrived in the Villages mini covered court. As they entered,
the place was filled with people. As they walked to the front, peopled
became uneasy. Eager eyes followed their every move. In front are
some barangay officials who are sited in a long table. Beside them,
several brgy functionaries are tweaking the wires on a microphone
connected to their old minus-one. A few moments later Miguel held
the microphone.}
Miguel: Welcome back everyone thank you for coming back for our
discussion this afternoon. We are happy to see you here. We hope that the
relief goods you have received earlier could ease your burdens a little bit.
We understand that you all have major restoration projects to undertake at
home, so we are really thanking you for coming here. We will be having a
special guest later, you might want to hear what she has to say so please
stay until the end of the discussion.
Miguel: Im sure you must be having so many questions. Femia was a truly a
disastrous and strong storm. One thing is very clear to us now we have to
bounce back after the storm.
(Danilo helps by switching the pages on the visual aids prepared by
Several minutes into the discussion, a question popped up from a member
of the audience)

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Tansyo: Why this? Why such a devastation?
Miguel: Let me explain, you see our country is situated along the Western
Pacific Basin, the worlds busiest typhoon belt. Because of that an average
of 20 typhoons hit the country per year and 5-7 of that would cause great
damages. Im sure this is not your first typhoon, right?
Berting: Yes, but this one is different. Since I was little kid and up to now
that all my teeth are gone, I have never experienced a storm that strong.
The only storm that would come to mind is Typhoon Miloy back in 1995 but
the damages were not like this. Why is that? What is causing all of this?
Miguel: Well one is the continuing operations of mono-crop plantations in
our upstream areas aggravating the siltation of our rivers and their
tributaries. But principally, Climate change is to blame. This phenomenon
has given us many effects, stronger storms and floods all over the world
being one of them.
Anonymous kid: our teacher told us that it is being caused by Greenhouse
gases? We did not quite understand what it meant because its not in
Miguel: Oh, a curious little kid you are. Anyway, you all have dirty kitchens
dont you? Did you notice the black residues that have built up in your
walls? Now, up in the skies, imagine a similar effect like that but on a much
larger scale. Though we need these gases to regulate the earths
temperature but these particles have built-up so much that they are
preventing a fraction of the suns heat from exiting our planet and in effect
heating it up.
Danilo: You mentioned earlier about mono-crop plantations, can you talk
more about that?
Miguel: Danilo, your house was within an area that we previously identified
as one of the most at risk. You see, that was part of the watershed area
where water from rain drains down to supply streams, rivers and lakes.
Unfortunately, ours do not have a lot of forest cover thanks to Litos Banana
Plantation. Now, because of intense rains flood waters came rushing down.
Danilo: That is what happened to our house. I am so guilty to have helped
Lito build his plantation, if I only knew that would lead to losing my son, I
would not have done it at all.
Miguel: No, dont be too hard on yourself. You were not the only one to be
affected. (Miguel continues and Danilo flips the page.)

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(The discussion continued)
Tansyo: The climate really is changing sir. Twenty or thirty years ago, the
climate was normal. It would be dry for several months and then it rained.
But now it is unpredictable. Most of the farmers associations members are
older farmers and they ca really attest to that.
Berting: True. You do not already know when to plant and if you can, the
lack of water of water affects plant growth giving it lower yields. Our only
salvation is fertilizers but it costs a lot of money.
Miguel: All of our rice fields are rainfed right?
Berting: Yes. But we in the farmers association had to make makeshift dams
using our own resources but this was destroyed. That was supposed to bring
water to the internal areas and service our members there. We have agreed
to start dredging the canals but that is only a smaller problem.
Tansyo: To tell you the truth sir, we might not be a having a second cropping
this year. Our rice paddies are covered in thick muds. It takes a tremendous
amount of work to prepare it for planting not to mention costs. As of the
moment we are actually thinking of shifting to another crop during typhoon
(Back ground art is a damaged rice field)
(A chorus of agreement sounded from the audience.
Danilo went out of his way and grabbed the microphone to share his
Danilo: Its hard to be a farmer, I know that by experience, since birth. It is
crushing to have everything you have worked for be summed by buyers
who bargain your goods at a very cheap price. Constant crop failures forced
me to lease my land. I thought it was a good bargain at first. I can profit
from my land even without working on it and I get regular income as a
(Background is an image of farmers lining up in a rice mill while buyers pay
Danilo: But realize now that the trade was not fair. There are months that I
dont work and the rent he pays for the land is not enough for my familys
needs. I would rather be farming than to work for Lito.
Berting: And he doesnt even give you minimum wage right?

10 | P a g e
Danilo: In paper he does, but the labor association he organized us in takes
a portion of my daily rate. And we do not get benefits.
Tansyo: If were you I would not let him extend that lease agreement.
Though farming is hard, maintaining control of your farm our only ticket to a
better life. What do you call a farmer who does not farm?
Danilo: He is no longer a farmer.
Berting: Follow our lead, we revoked Litos lease agreement and we now
plant on our farms. It is true that farming is hard, but at the same time we
as farmers also understand that the day to day effort we give to our farms
will one day yield good harvests. We do not have to surrender to natures
will. We are farmers, if nature is changing we have to change our ways as
well. Nobody else is more equipped to understand natures ways except us.
Miguel: That is the spirit Tay Berting. We have to adapt.
Berting: Yes but how do we do that?
Miguel: First we have to rebuild our houses on safer locations, and build
them better so that it puts up a credible defense against disasters, along
with that, rebuild our livelihoods specially our agriculture so that it can
better adapt to natures changing patterns. Next, we have to empower
ourselves so that we as a community can better face disasters.
(Miguel Notices Tina arrive)
Tina: Hi Miguel! Sorry Im late.
Miguel: Oh Hi maam Tina. Come up front. Everyone meet maam Tina.
Tina: Sorry for being late. We are a service oriented office, so we ae highly
dependent on service vehicles to get us to places. Just joking.
Tina: Hi everyone I am glad to meet you again. I am Tina Lopez and I am a
social worker. I was here just last week, 24 hours after the storm. I was with
the Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Team who conducted
the assessment social services, Livelihood, shelter, Infrastructure and Trade
and Industry post-Femia. During the assessment we have partnered with
Miguel to help us.
Tina: After the meeting we have produced a list of possible casualties, as
well as assess and validate the list of partially houses submitted by your
Brgy. Officials. And that is why Im here, to help in rebuilding your lives back
by rebuilding livelihood and damaged infrastructures.

11 | P a g e
Tina: A Shelter assistance project will be implemented here. This is meant to
assist family victims of disaster to acquire decent shelters. It is made
available to family-victims whose houses were totally or partially destroyed
by either natural or manmade disasters.
Danilo: what type of shelter assistance are you giving out?
Tina: Principally, Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA). Through this, we will
be providing emergency self-build shelter assistance through limited
materials or financial assistance to augment resources of affected families
who opted not to be transferred to a resettlement site to enable them to
purchase shelter materials required in constructing or repairing damaged
houses which were partially or totally destroyed as a result of natural or
man-made disaster/calamities.
Danilo: Will those defend us from storms as strong as Femia?
Tina: We have units that can withstand 220 kph wind velocities and
earthquakes up to intensity 4 on the Richter scale, but based on the
recommendations of the team who made the needs analysis there are only
five who can qualify for that and those are residents whose houses were
totally damaged.
Danilo: Who can avail of the shelter assistance project you are talking
Tina: Based on the Omnibus Guidelines on Shelter Assistance of the DSWD,
here are the eligibility requirements.

Family is not a recipient of any other housing assistance from any

other agency for the disaster in question or specific disaster

House should have been partially or totally destroyed by man-made

or natural disaster; and limited resources prevents the family from
repairing or reconstructing their permanent shelter units such that
they continue to live with relatives or friends, in evacuation centers,
or in other makeshift shelters.

Monthly income of a family of 6 should be below the food threshold

P10, 936.00 in urban areas and P9, 767.00 in rural areas (NSCB
poverty statistic report as of 2 March 2007) and shall be adjusted
from time to time depending on the prevailing poverty statistic report
of NSCB.


12 | P a g e
- Families with or without land ownership property but situated in safe

Families not willing to be resettled and opted to stay in the same

location but compliant with the safety requirements.

Danilo: What must we do now?

Tina: As of now we have to validate the list of potential beneficiaries and
then certify if they are eligible or not and then wait for your construction
Tina: oh wait, Tatay Danilo, do you live near the river? If yes, I suggest you
relocate to a safer location. I understand that the BDRRMC has identified a
relocation site near the Brgy. hall, I suggest the you live there. Apart from
that all we have to do is to wait.
Miguel: Dan, you can avail of this.
(Miguel leans towards Tina, and whispers to her)
Miguel: Danilo Bulosans son is missing. What are the protocols on missing
Tina: is he Peter Bulosans father?
Miguel: Yes.
Tina: Oh, I have finally got in touch with him.
(Tina calls Danilo)
Tina: Tay Danilo, I interviewed your wife back at the Welfare Inquiry Desk at
the Incident Command Post last week. I already made profile and I included
Peter in the list of missing persons I have submitted to the NBI. Dont worry I
will coordinate d with the Search, Rescue and Retrieval Team to get updates
on Peter. They have ceased operations two days ago, I will talk to them to
see if they have something.
Danilo: Ok maam. Thank you.
Tina: Can you and your wife attend the Psycho-social stress debriefing
sessions? We will be having another one later.
(Tina, leans towards Tatay Danilo, gave him a hug to reassure him)
Danilo: Thank you Maam, I will.

13 | P a g e
Tina: If Peter is out there, we will try our best to still find him. Meanwhile, be
active in these community activities. Being around people like Miguel can
Danilo: OK. Maam please do. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the
help you have given us. I hope there are more people like you and Miguel
around here.
Tina: We love to help as much as we can but arent around all the time. We
can only do so much. The rest is up to you. You have to lift yourself up.
Miguel: That is right Danilo. We can only help you help yourself. But as of
now, we have to, as a community stand up. Are you with me?
Danilo: yes of course.
Miguel: Then lets be active, like what I have said earlier. Let us bounce back
from this storm.

Scene V
(Four weeks after the storm, New Valencia is showing signs of
recovery. The roads have been cleared of debris. The leaves have
started growing. School has resumed. Susan has shown signs of
recovery after the psycho-social debriefing sessions. Danilo, on the
other hand has begun working in his farm.
A line of silhouettes emerge from the outskirts of the Village.
Townsfolk, numbering to about a hundred carry Danilos newly
constructed house. Danilo, leads the men as they navigate through
the foot trails and dirt roads towards the village center. )
Danilo: Alright. Steady, steady. Move a little bit to the right, thats it. One
two and three-drop!
(A collective of spectators, led by Danilos wife, cheered on.
Happy faces were everywhere. The men immediately rested.)
Danilo: Thank you everyone! Woo hoo. We did it. Thank you. Thank you.
Susan: Hey, everyone. Have some drinks!


14 | P a g e
(Susan hands out pieces of fruits to everyone, looks at Danilo
with a smile with almost tear-jerking eyes)
Danilo: A month ago, I would never think this would be happening. I almost
lost everything because of that storm. But things look pretty different now.
Thanks to you guys. I dont know how to repay you.
Tansyo: Dont think about it. We are just happy to help. Of course, we would
not let you still live by the river all by yourself now.
Berting: Hah, really. All that lifting has made me hungry. This Mango is
extraordinarily sweet.
Danilo: Thank you. I apologize for the modest food Berting, that is all I can
Berting: its ok Dan. This is enough. We are just happy to help.
(Berting tries to throw away his seed, Miguel stops him)
Miguel: Everyone. Dont throw away your seeds. We will need them for the
community nursery. We will be planting fruit trees soon. Ok, continue
Danilo: Thank you all. Its good that I have a house now, my next problem is
where to get food. Susan heard they may stop delivering relief by this week.
Berting: Well, there is good news in that. My stomach has developed rust
after eating canned goods for a month.
Danilo: Really, Thank you so much everyone. How can I repay you? I have
just planted my corn. Or we can catch frogs at the rice fields just like what
we did when we were kids.
Tansyo: Wait that may sound fun, but I will have to stop you there. Did you
know that we farmers should be preserving them? They are farmer friendly
creatures. They eat stem borers, black bugs and other harmful insects. They
perform functions similar to pesticides but without the harmful effects.
Miguel: Dan, if I were you I would follow his advice. I would suggest the
same too.
Miguel: If we are to bounce back better from Femias destruction. We not
only must build on safer locations, we must adjust how we utilize our
natural environment as well. Dont you agree?
All: yes.

15 | P a g e
Miguel: Well then, lets implement sustainable agriculture.
Danilo: What is that?
Miguel: It is the practice of planting sustainably. To put it simply, it is still
agriculture but will utilize farming techniques and practices that are less
dependent on synthetic inputs. It is much safer both for humans and
animals to consume plants that are planted using these techniques. But I
think Tatay Tansyo can give better explanation.
Tansyo: Well know that this place is prone to flooding during the rainy
season. The river traversing our Baranggay contributes to the risk factors in
this area as this tends to swell during the wet season from June to
December, however heavy downpours are usually experienced from July to
September endangering our harvests on October. Am I correct?
Danilo: yes.
Tansyo: We usually start land preparation when rainy days come right? This
is on the month of June and sometimes at July, depending on the volume of
rainwater received of by our farms. We clear our farms surroundings and
then start harrowing. Now instead of letting our lands sit idle during these
months we should start planting mongo beans to replenish the soils
nutrients. Tatay Tansyo knows this very much, dont you tatay?
Tansyo: Through this we can reduce the use of nitrogen based fertilizers
such as Urea and then that triple 14-NPK after planting our 18 to 25 day
seedlings. Have you all done that? Then after two weeks you again apply
foliar enhancers, am I correct?
Danilo: Yes true, and that is so expensive!
Miguel: Tatay Tansyo has volunteered to offer a piece of his land as a demo
farm to try to convince you. We should thank him for his generosity.
Tansyo: Haha. Its only six boxes so you should not think of me very highly.
Danilo: Sounds tempting, but that will all be pointless when the floods
come. Most of the people here plant certified seeds, will that work?
Tansyo: As for floods we should all maintain our dams and fortify our
embankments with local materials. In terms of seed varieties, we can
simultaneously plant several varieties with different harvest times so that
we can avert a total crop failure. Similarly, we should opt to plant the
varieties that are medium or tall with strong stocks in case the water does
not recede in time.

16 | P a g e
Danilo: I see where you are getting at. We will be having a more stable
income because our harvests safer and that production costs go down. I can
support that. I like that.
Tansyo: I can suggest something based on my experience. I always see to it
that I allocate at least 5% - 10% of my land to plant root crops and other
vegetables so that I always have a source of food when all else fails, you
can try that too.
Miguel: Good tatay Tansyo. Thank you for setting an example.
Danilo: That can only happen if Lito agrees to that moratorium we proposed.
Berting: Speak of the devil. Here comes Lito.
Miguel: Hey Lito! We were just talking about you.
Lito: Looks like you are having some fun, eh?
Miguel: what brings you here Lito? Its good that you are here we were just
discussing plans at how to safeguard our harvests from the storm. Its good
that you are here, we could use some of your generosity.
Lito: Well, I am here because I just received word that you ungrateful
creatures are planning something sinister. Rumor has it that you some of
you, especially you Danilo, will be refusing to lease your lands to me. That
sounds well and dandy, however I have a big problem with that. You will be
greatly reducing my income and I cant let that happen.
Danilo: We see no problem with that, Lito. The lands belong to us we can do
whatever we want with it.
Lito: Just a few weeks ago, you ungrateful man, begged me for money and
this is how you repay me? I should have toyed with you a little before I gave
you some cash. How stupid of me to give in so quickly.
Miguel: There is no need for those words Lito.
Lito: You are one to talk. I laugh at the puny efforts you have put up to
defend yourselves from the storm. What good will those pathetic light
materials do against strong winds.
Miguel: Yes Lito, and so does your bananas. Those banks will not have all
the money to offer you loans every time a typhoon comes. Why dont you
join us we have some proposals for you.


17 | P a g e
(Miguel comes close to Lito, puts his arms around his shoulders intimidating
Miguel: You see, with all that is happening, we were thinking of asking you
to plant tall grasses like kumpay along the edges of your plantation so
that when it gets flooded not so much soil will be eroded. You see this
causes siltation in our waterways, or better yet you can sponsor a massive
vegetative restoration in the denuded areas of the Baranggay. That is 12
hectares all in all. Consider it your Corporate Social Responsibility. Also, you
might want to plant permanent crops on the hilltops within your area such
as Mangoes, Durian and the likes. Since they have deeper roots than
banana, these would really help in moderate the flooding.
Lito: Ill think about it. Ill see what I can do about flooding Miguel. We do
have common problems after all.
Miguel: And please, just allow the folks to have their lands back. They need
to fully recover from the storm. Besides, you have earned so much money
from it, I think its time they profit from it as well.
Lito: Alright, Alright! Fine, Done! Those are not my lands anyway.
Miguel: Thats it. I know you would come around.
Lito: Alright. Come by the house tonight so we can talk about my plantation.
Ill have my wife cook dinner for us. But come alone! I am not letting this
people come inside my house again.
Miguel: Ill try.
Lito: Fair enough. Bye Miguel.
(An irritated Lito Leaves, tensions clearly went down immediately)
Berting: If that confrontation heated up I would have slashed his banana his
plantation to the ground. We could need those dead plants in our farms as a
good source organic fertilizer.
Miguel: That is true. The African night crawler worms in our
vermicomposting pit would love to ingest those materials. But, just forget it.
Let it pass, he will have his day.
Tansyo: Seems things are starting to work out so well, Berting and I, along
with several others members will be having a field day tomorrow. We will be
contouring the demo farm so that it can better control soil erosion. You all
should come so you could all apply it to your farms as well.

18 | P a g e
Miguel: Good Idea Tatay Tansyo!
Miguel: Oh, and on the next day we will meet at the Barangay Hall. We will
be planning for the community drill, please be early everyone.
Miguel: Baranggay officials will be there. We have to coordinate with them
to augment our capacities.
Miguel: Yup. See you tomorrow!

Scene VI
(In the barangay hall, Miguel busies himself as he prepares the necessary
while community members and leaders started filling the seats.)
Miguel: Good day Brgy. Captian Jun, and also to the member of the council
who are here I would like to introduce our Disaster Preparedness
Committee, their team leader and tasks
Miguel: I would like to introduce our first committee;


Warning, Communication at Education Committee

o They are expected to take the lead in developing the Early
Warning System
o Monitor the news for announcements made by PAG-ASA and
o They shall prepare all necessary equipment for communication.
Microphone, amplifiers.
o Spearhead the conduct of trainings and campaigns on disaster
risk reduction
o They must ensure that the Early Warning Systems are
functional and that they have a directory of officials and
o Conduct a regular observation of the communitys warning
o Send out warning advisories to everyone, and coordinate with
the MDRRMO for further information.
o Coordinate with the Evacuation Mgt. Committee to provide the
IDPs with timely information.
o Continue monitoring the EWS

19 | P a g e
Spearhead the conduct of trainings and campaigns on disaster
risk reduction
Evacuation Center Mgt. Committee
o Before
o Identify possible evacuation centers in the community
o Conduct an inventory of available equipment and its condition
o Coordinate with authorities and owners of the prospect area
o Develop an Evacuation Management plan and Evacuation
Center Management Plan
o During
o Take the lead in creating the temporary shelters
o Identify room assignments
o Be on top the implementation of the Evacuation Management
o After
o Make an inventory of all equipment
o Turn-over of the center to the agency or entity
Health Committee
o Before
o Take the lead in the ensuring the communitys sanitation
o Identify common illnesses in the community in order to prepare
for the impending disaster
o Conduct medical missions in the community
o Conduct first-aid training
o Make sure to have a copy of the master list of residents in the
o Take the lead in delivering first aid
o Monitor the health of the residents in the evacuation center
o Conduct regular inspection of the toilet, bath areas and
drainage systems inside the evacuation center
o After
o Conduct psycho-social intervention or stress debriefing to
residents in need.
Rescue, emergency and security committee
o Before
o Conducts an inventory of all assets within the community
which could be used during calamities
o Take the lead in organizing residents who can help during
rescue operations
o Make sure they have a copy of the community map and
evacuation plan
o Provide transport services to IDPs
o Ensure that most vulnerable sectors of the community are
rescued first


20 | P a g e
Become guides leading to the evacuation center
Take the lead in securing the properties of everyone inside the
evacuation center
o Ensure that the traffic is properly moderated during evacuation
o Take the lead in coordinating with other groups and entities
who also conduct rescue operations
o Ensure that no further harm will be done to residents who have
been rescued
o Ensure that IDPs will have a ride home.
o Ensure that the vehicles are in proper shape before returning it
to the owner.
o Take the lead in clearing the roads and bridges of debris
Disaster supply and Relief networking operations
o Before
o Identify stores which can be sources of supply stocks
o Mobilize volunteers who can help repacking the relief goods.
o Take the lead in ensuring that there are alternative sources of
o During
o Furnish an inventory report
o Take the lead in receiving the donations
o Receive and store relief packs to conduct of trainings and
campaigns on disaster risk reduction.
o Coordinate with the Evac. Committee in order to provide
additional added information.

Bryg. Captain: Truth is we have not set up yet our BDDRMC yet. So we were
actually thinking to adopt your structures as our very own. I can sign a
memorandum of agreement agreeing to those terms.
Miguel: Wow, it is good then.
Brgy. Captain: We can adopt your people and then add some of our own. We
can help in securing the permission to use the elementary school as an
evacuation center.

Scene VI
( A few weeks later on Danilos new home, the radio announces a
new storm coming)

21 | P a g e
Radio: Typhoon Tomas has intensified. Signal number 3 is raised in eastern
Mindanao. Tomas was located 315 km east of Tandag City. It is packing
winds up to 175 kph and gustiness of up to 210 kph, and is expected to
move west northwest at 25 kph. The typhoon will make landfall on Saturday
Residents living in low lying and mountainous areas under public storm
warning signals are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides.
Likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves or
storm surges generated by this Typhoon. Fishing boats and other small
seacrafts are advised not to venture out into the Eastern Seaboards of
Visayas and Mindanao. The public and the disaster coordinating councils
concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next
bulletin to be issued at 11 PM today
Susan: Dan, what are the storm warning systems again?
Danilo: well, this is it

Signal no 1. Winds of 30 60 kph in the next 36 hours.

o There are no more classes in public and private pre-schools
o This is classified as a tropical depression
Signal no. 2. Winds of up to 61-120 kph will in the next 36 hours.
o There are no more classes in public and private elementary
and high schools
o Small boats are prohibited from heading to sea
o This is classified as a tropical storm
Signal no. 3. Winds of up to 121 170 in the next 18 hours.
o No more classes at all levels.
o All fishing boats are prohibited from heading to sea.
o This is classified as a severe tropical storm
Signal no. 4. Winds of up to 171-220 kph in the next 12 hours
o Cancel all non-essential travels
o Cancel all non-essential outdoor activities
o Stay within strong structures
o Classified as a typhoon
Signal no. 5. Winds of more than 221 kph in the next 12 hours.
o Ensure that everyones safety
o Classified as a Super Typhoon

Susan: Dan, we need to prepare quickly. I will stock our emergency kits with
enough medicines. I will just head out to buy some batteries for the
flashlight and radio as well. Can you watch Inday while Im gone?

22 | P a g e
Danilo: Ok, can you wrap all our documents in plastic wraps before you go? I
will just reinforce the roof and cut those tree branches as a precautionary
measure. Oh and by the way can you bring Indays cat to your mothers
house? And dont forget to buy a 300 peso prepaid load.
(Susan comes near Danilo, hands him the Certificate of the Missing Person
believed to be dead during disaster. Danilo holds Susan by the hand)
Susan: thats peters. Dont lose that please.
(Miguel knocks at the door)
Miguel: Hi, just checking your preparations. Are you all good?
Danilo: On Pace. Is there any word from the Warning Committee?
Miguel: He will be convening the action teams in a few hours. Meantime, we
are advised to stock up on emergency supplies. After you are done here can
you meet up with Tatay Tansyo? He needs additional manpower to
immediately harvest all the remaining crops in the communal farm. We will
need those to augment our food supplies for the evacuation center.
Danilo: Ok no problem.
Miguel: thanks, Ill be constantly in touch to monitor the situation. Ill be part
of the advanced team to prepare the evacuation center. We have to ensure
that basic evacuation center facilities like sleeping quarters, potable water,
electricity, latrines including child, PWD and women friendly spaces are
(a few hours later while Danilo and his Family are monitoring the storm)
Radio: Super Tyhoon Tomas has started to affect the eastern parts of the
island with strong winds and heavy rainfall. Strom Signal has been raised to
alert level Four. Persons in flood prone areas are implored to go to the
nearest evacuation centers. Tomas will move across eastern Mindanao
within the next six hours.
(Danilos phone rings, he receives a text from Miguel.)
Miguel: ALERT: The water level gauge has already reached critical levels.
Flood height at Purok Daplin Sapa is 3 feet. The Provincial Government has
ordered a preemptive evacuation. Residents are advised to proceed to their
designated pick-up points. Please disseminate.
(Alarm bells at Brgy. hall rings)

23 | P a g e
Danilo: Alright that is our signal.
(Picks up his emergency filled with clothes, food, money, sleeping mat,
blanket, rain coat,
radio and flashlight. Their wallets, cellphones and important documents
are sealed in a water proof plastic bag.)
Susan: Dan, can you turn of the electricity and the LPG please, while I
secure Inday. We have to go now while the weather still permits it.
(The family locks their door as they converged with other families for
an orderly evacuation as they head to the center to wait for the
storm to end. Their evacuation is located in their local high school.
Upon arriving at the evacuation center, Danilo meets up with Miguel
who is at the Incident Command Post coordinating with the BLGU
representatives. Danilo and Susan are members of the Relief
committee and are tasked to augment the manpower at the
community kitchen.
Inday is sleeping soundly at the PWD friendly space established at
the evacuation center)

Danilo: Susan Can you tell Tatay Tansyo to bring the sacks of Cassavas here,
I will be cooking it for lunch.
Susan: Yes, I will do it later after I finish collating the names of family
members from the purok leaders. I have to double check the master list
provided by Miguel so that we can really estimate the amount of food we
need to be cooking.
Susan: Danilo heat the water properly please? The water needs to be
heated before drinking.
(Susan busies herself on list of names written on a yellow paper.)
Susan: Dan, were those crops the ones you planted on the communal farm
or on our farm?
Danilo: Those are from our farm, I donated a few sacks for here. The
communal farm was filled with rice so the cassavas planted are only few. I
already cooked the last batch this morning. Dont worry. We still have a few
sacks tucked in at home.


24 | P a g e
(Community members queue up for food just outside Danilos station.
Members of the rescue team are on the lookout. Tay tansyo came to
danilos station limping/
Danilo: Oh, tay what happened to your foot?
Tansyo: I sprained my foot when we evacuated. Can you accompany me to
where my room assignment is?
Susan: I will go with you. All you need is RICE. Rest, Ice, Compress and
Elevate you will be fine. I will coordinate with the members of the health
committee to go to your room and treat your sprain.
Danilo: Oh wait, susan and Tatay Tansyo, wear this rubber boots before
going out. The electric posts have started falling down. You dont want to
electrocute yourselves.
( The couple busy themselves along with other community members
as the typhoon packs a bigger punch as compared to Femia Danilo,
Susan and the rest of the community feel more secured because they
are more prepared this time.
The Storm lasted for a few days. More trees were struck down. Litos
Banana plantation was reduced to rubble as its shallow roots were no
match for the stronger Tomas )

Scene VII
(On Danilo Blancos home in Brgy Salvacion, he, along with his family
comes home immediately after Tyhoon Tomas ravaged their
community. This time, they see no visible damages in their home
except for some scattered leaves all over the place. They open their
door and unload a pack of relief goods given out by aid giving
organizations at the Evacuation Center.
Susan, sits on their chair, as she places the sleeping Inday on her
crib. While, Danilo opens a sack of rice and other food stuffs stored in
their kitchen.)
Susan: That Emergency Shelter Assistance Package really paid off huh? We
bought sturdier roofing materials with that Php 10,000.00 assistance.


25 | P a g e
Danilo: Youre right, we should thank Miguel for that. Susan, which would
you prefer to eat? Cassava or Cardava? I cant decide. I like cassava but I
have been eating a lot of it back at the evacuation center.
Susan: lets eat Cardava then. Here is some sugar, can you make some
(Tansyo knocks at the Door)
Tansyo: Hi! Would you like some Fruits? I have Papaya, Jack fruit and a few
Kilos of rice. I saved too much food for me to consume thats why Im giving
some away/
Danilo: Sure, thanks Tay Tansyo. I cant say no to that. How was your farm?
Tansyo: well, a tree fell on some of my Papayas so some trees are down.
Apart from that im good because I was able to harvest before the storm
Danilo: I was able to harvest too. But have to check on my farm this
afternoon, I have not reinforced the contour lines on upland rice, so it might
be damaged by the storm.
Tansyo: That would probably be the case. It was a very strong one, that
Susan: Tay tansyo. Thank you so much for this. You have been very kind and
generous to us.
Danilo: The typhoon may be strong but something is much stronger. The
ties that bind this entire community are strong enough to out muscle any
storm. Thank you tay Tansyo. You and Miguel are the pillars of that strength.
Tansyo: Dont thank me im just doing my part. Who else would help a fellow
farmer if not another. Dont you agree? (Smiling as he exits their house)
(inday wakes up in the middle of their conversation. Danilo looks at
Susan, and she smiles back and they prepare their dinner now more
ready to face the challenges of everyday life. Before, during and after
every storm. End)