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1. Make a sentence / Hacer una frase

Construya 10 frases utilizando conditional type 0
1. If the weather is sunny, we can go to the beach
Si el tiempo es soleado, podemos ir a la playa
2. If you do not feel well, go and see a doctor
Si usted no se siente bien, ir a ver a un doctor
3. If you drop ice in water, it floats.
Si tiras hielo al agua, ste flota.
4. If I exercise, I look great!
Si hago ejercicio, me veo de maravilla
5. If you put water in a cooler, it freezes.
Si colocas agua en el congelador, sta se congela
6. If iron gets wet, it rusts.
Si el hierro se moja, se oxida
7. If my sister does not eat dinner, she gets hungry at midnight.
Si mi hermana no cena, le da hambre a media noche
8. If someone calls, take a message please.
Si alguien llama por telfono, djame el recado, por favor.
9. If you do not study, you learn not nothing.
Si no estudias, no aprendes nada.
10. If the phone rings, I answer it.
Si suena el telfono, yo lo contesto.

2. Fill in the blanks / Llene los espacios en blanco.

Condicional type 1 Coloque la forma correcta del verbo en parntesis para completar la

If he (listen) listens to the teacher, he (understand) will understand the lesson.

If you (touch) touch the oven, you (burn) will burn your hand.
If she (break) breaks the window, her parents (pay) will pay for it.

If they (go) go to the cinema, they (enjoy) will enjoy the movie.
If he (be) is intelligent, he (solve) will solve the problem.
If you (go) go to the party, I (go) will go with you.
If he (knock) knocks the door, I (not talk) will not talk him.
If she (need) needs a favor, I (do) will do it.
If your car (be) is broken, the mechanic (repair) will repair it.
If you (buy) buy a new computer, you (give) will gives me the old one.
If the police (catch) catch the thieves, they (go) they will go to prison.
If the judge (find) finds him guilty, he (pay) will pay the fee.
If the weather (be) weather fine, they (go) will go camping.
If you (lose) lose my book, you (buy) I purchases a new one.
If I (have) have time, I (practice) will practice the exercises.
If you (eat) eat your vegetables, you (eat) will eat ice-cream.
If it (not rain) does not rain we (play) will play soccer.
If you (stay) stay at home, we (enjoy) will enjoy the concert.
If we (disturb) disturb him, he (not finish) will not finish his homework.
3. Fill in the blanks / Llene los espacios en blanco.
Condicional type 2 Coloque la forma correcta del verbo en parntesis para completar la

If they (use) used


public transportation, they (save) would save a lot of

If you (have) had time in the evenings, you (go) would go to the cinema.
If I (be) were you, I (not spend) would not spend all the money.

If your friend (not be) were not so irritant, I (visit) would you.
If my mother (speak) spoke less, I (enjoy) would enjoy the film.
If you (tell) told me the truth, you (not have) would not problems.
If my brother (ask) asked for permission, my parents (not annoy) not annoy
with him.
If he (run) ran fast, he (win) would win the race.
If he (send) sent me an e-mail, I (answer) would answer it.
If my sister (do) did the housework, I (go) would go shopping.
If they (climb) climbed the mountain with a guide, they (not lose) would not
If you (Know) Knew him well, you (not lend) would not lend money.
If he (give) gave a good excuse, I (forgive) would forgive him.
If the teacher (explain) explained the lesson, I (understand) would understand
If the play (not be) were not so boring, I (not sleep) would not sleep at the
If you (live) lived in a foreign country, you (have) would have problems with the
If the workers (go) went on strike, the manager (pay) would pay the salaries.
If the clown (disturb) disturbed me, I (kick) would kick him.
If my credit card (disappear) disappeared, I (call) would call the police.
If my boyfriend (be) were jealous, I (not marry) would not marry with him.

4. Make a sentence / Hacer una frase.

Construya 10 frases utilizando conditional type 3
1. If you had driven more carefully, would not have had an accident
Si hubiera manejado con ms cuidado, no hubiera tenido un accidente
2. If they had been paying attention, they would have understood what was going on.
Si hubieran estado prestando atencin, habran entendido lo que estaba pasando
3. I think we would not have travelled to Greece, if she had not had a friend there
Creo que no habra viajado a Grecia, si no hubiera tenido un amigo all
4. I would have enjoyed the party much more, if I you had been there.
Me hubiera gustado tener el partido mucho ms, si yo hubiera estado all.
5. If I had studied harder, I would probably have passed the exam.
Si hubiera estudiado ms, probablemente habra aprobado el examen.
6. If we had played a little better, we could have won the game
Si hubiramos jugado un poco mejor, podramos haber ganado el partid
7. If she had taken the medicine, she would have felt much better sooner.
Si se hubiera tomado la medicina, se habra sentido mucho mejor antes
8. If you had told me about it, I could have helped you.
Si me hubieran dicho al respecto, podra haber ayudado.
9. I would have taken the medicine if it had not tasted so awful
Me he tomado la medicina, si no hubiera sabido tan horrible
10. If we had caught that train, we would have arrived on time
Si hubiramos cogido ese tren, habramos llegado a tiempo

5. Fill in the blanks / Llene los espacios en blanco.

Complete las oraciones usando Past Perfect y la forma correcta del verbo en

Astronauts (fly) they had flown it through space for hours.

The boys (steal) had stolen the bicycles.
They (have) had a long and uncomfortable trip.
The beggar (find) had found five bottles of beer.
My sister Ann (begin) had began her diet a week ago.
She (think) tapeworm a good idea.
The postman (deliver) had delivered my letter.
He (retire) wanted retire from political life.
Alice (leave) had left her bag on a chair.
She (buy) had purchased a new pair of red shoes.
We (have) we had had lunch at a village inn.
He (drink) had drunk whisky before dinner.

My sister (lose) had lost U$S 50 in the street.

The children (kick) had the kicked a ball very hard.
My mother (receive) had received a letter from Canada.
My father (give) had gave me some money.
Jenny (finish) was over job at the office.
They (enjoy) had enjoyed Roy's party.
Pupils (learn) they had learned the English lesson.
6. Make sentences / Hacer frases.
Write three affirmative sentences, three negative sentences and three questions
using the Past Perfect tense. / Escribir tres frases afirmativas, tres oraciones
negativas y tres preguntas utilizando Pasado Perfecto.
1. I was sleeping when you called
2. She was dancing in the party
3. When you came, I was eating
1. She was not eating meat last week
2. She was not drinking juice
3. We were not eating pizza yesterday
1. She was dancing yesterday?

2. Were you eating meat yesterday?

3. You was there when she came in.?
7.Make Questions/ Hacer Preguntas.

Escriba 5 preguntas WH QUESTIONS en Past Perfect tense.

Had the boys stolen the bicycles?

Had he brought the confectionery?
Had she lost the door key?
Had borrowed the money?
Was the car stolen by the vigilant ?

8. Make sentences / Hacer frases.

Construir diez frases utilizando Persuading and Insisting

1. I suggest it stop drinking liquor, that can damage your life
2. I suggest you stop singing, You because can lose voice
3. I you recommend that be cheerful, and stop being boring
4. Why do you keep jumping, yes you can fall
5. I suggest you stop, of insult
6. he I suggest stop using the Facebook
7. I suggest that it stop mourn
8. I recommend that you quit smoking
9.You have to and remember keep in mind that a lot of diseases are caused by
10.. I recommend out to the sun , for that heatable
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