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Library committees are generally appointed for improving the library services and farming of policies
in colleges and universities. This coordinates the library services and helps to provide high class
library services. For librarian this is practically not possible to assume charge of everything alone in
various aspects of library activities.
Library committee refers to a group of people, who are there to perform certain duties. This
committee advises the librarian on his area of responsibility and carries out inspection.
Formation of a library advisory committee
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Position in LC





All HOD's


Expert from Sister Institute Librarian, VSC


Two student representatives (one male and one female)


Terms and objectives of a Library Advisory Committee
Usually the collage functions according to the academic calendar. Based on the academic calendar the
collages for the academic year (once in a year) the principal is empowered to nominate the member of
the committee. In case of any member is discontinued from his/her service, due to various reasons, the
principal can conducted periodically as and when required
The function of the library advisory committee is to support the function of the library so that, it can
facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the
management/government. The purpose of the library advisory committee is to act as a channel of
communication and dialogue between the library and its users. The committee s main objective is to
establish the bridge between the library and the academic fraternity. The following are the general
objectives/duties of the committee

It shall normally meet in the beginning of the academic year

To provide general direction to the library.
To review the functioning of the library with regards to its support to the academic
programmes of the institute
To outline the library collection and development policy as and when requires, in its
To monitor and evaluate the trends and developments in information technologies,
networking, library automation, library cooperation, library timings etc., and to direct
the library in their day to day function.

To suggest ways and means to generate revenue from library resources.

To formulate action plan for the development of library infrastructure, facilities,
products and services
Evaluate the suggestions offered by the library users.
To formulate the policy for library use and procedure to be followed.
To assist library in providing need based information services.
To assess the requirements of the new programmes being introduced and advice the
authority of library about financial status to be improved.
Estimating the book procurement and allocation of budget accordingly.
To assist in stock verification, weed out /write off the library stock
Any other function as assigned by the chairperson of LAC for overall development.
To recommend the management to improve the library resources and facilities as to
the need

Function of the library advisory committee

Being the advisory body, there are various function the library committee to perform. The committee
is an advisory body. The main functions of the library advisory committee are:

To formulate a development plan for the library

To prepare the collation development and selection policy for library.
To assist the librarian in formulating general rules and regulations which govern the
functioning of the library
To work towards modernization and improvement of library and documentation
To review and take setup to enhance readership by motivation.
To prepare budget proposals for the development of the library
To suggest the librarian on the distribution of funds made available for the purchase
of books, journals and other academic requirement.
To seek feedback on library functioning from readers through the library suggestion
To consider the annual report submitted by the librarian
To consider the views of library users if found beneficial and inform the user
community of the work of the committee particularly in the improved library services
To take action against the users in irregularities with who have not return the library
books on time.
To tack action against the users in case of any misbehavior which is beyond the
control of the Librarian
To take decision on the un-service-able/old books, missing/weeding out/write off
books to replace
To approve the minutes of the previous committee meetings
To review and recommend the requirements like building, furniture and other fittings
in the library.
To recommend to the authorities for filling the staff requirements, vacant posts of the
library and
To recommend the feasible suggestions for the improvement of the library and library
timings if necessary.
The LAC has the power of write off/loss of books any kind on reasonable ground
maybe implemented.

The LAC is having power to appoint temporary staff to library, who found to be
skilled and interested cases as additional staff (Supporting Staff) for the library
improvement by making use of Library Funds.