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Job Aid:

Job requirements: what does Your profile: how d

the job ad ask for?
match the requirem
Give examples.


I still studying Bachelor

in RAK Womens Higher


There is no requiremen
have lots of professiona
certification and exper
various teaching practi
important to be profess
without it how I can be
successful teacher.

*Possess classroom management
responsibili skills
*Demonstrate flexibility and have a
positive attitude

It concentrates on skill
already have it.
Firstly, the process of c
management skills, I ha
strategies that assists t
class in every detail.

Next, for dome stating

and have positive attitu
have different strategie
taught from different t
promote learning in po

As a general, I have a f
different experiences t
prompts these two skill
creative ways.

Length of


I have six different exp

of teaching practice ev
And, it still two experie

Type of

Employer (Private Sector)

It is fine and convince w

work as employer as a



Well, I have different w

technical skills while le
Such as using social me
communication skills in
YouTube, Instagram etc
Moreover, using differe
and websites to promot


al skills

Time management
Positive attitudes

I admire of creating les

attractive ways like as
that helps students to i
learning. I also plan les
effective ways. I have t
ways such as using tech
while teaching the less
communicate. So, using
technology assist me to
time and spread positiv
by using effective ways
For instance, there is t
that involves students t
importance of managin
Another example, there
and apps encourage stu
keep going on and spre
attitudes like create co
while doing activities.

I have different social s

others. For instance,
communication skill,
collaborative skill and o
workshops to create dif


Why are you interested in this job?


Well, the main first reason is why I have chosen this job, because it
shows to teach different subjects and classes. As I am teacher teach
three subjects which English, science and math are with have full of
different experiences. It is definitely engage me to be interested in this

The second reason is because the kind of job relate to education
and training. As I have six different training in teaching practice
that will help me in teaching. Thus, it makes me so interested
about this job.
The last reason is because the skills that needed is measured to
my skills and I have other skills that promote these skills which
are time management and positive attitude. As I have full of
different experiences in teaching practice. Thus, I am so
interested to apply and show them my skills and how I will do it
in more effective ways.

Technical skill
Painting skill
Acting ( drama) skill
Physical skill
Writing skill
Reading skill
Listening skill
Speaking skill

Well, the company relates to private sector. So, I tends to work
in private sector because the place is so convenient and gives
me lots of benefits skills while I working in. As I have different
experiences in teaching practice as I noticed that private sector
is better than government for the majority points. Thus, it
makes me so interested to work in and applying all skills that I
have it.

Another reason that is because the company shows three different

places to work which are education, training, and library. Thus, all of
these places I have full experiences and I know how to deal with and
what I need to do. It means the company is so convenient for me.

Why are you interested in this company?