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INCOSE WMA Newsletter

February 2010
Upcoming Events
Presidents Word
First, I would like to say that I am very excited
about becoming president of INCOSEs largest
chapter. This year, our goal is to increase March
participation and interest in chapter activities by
making the sessions more fun, interesting, and March 9th Dinner Meeting @ Brio
informative. We also plan to hold the meetings and Divergent Thinking in Systems Engineering Practice:
Is There a Shortfall? by Jim Armstrong
tutorials in different locations to providse easier
Location: Brio Tuscan Grille, Tysons Corner Mall,
access for members. I look forward to everyones 7854L Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA 22102
inputs into how to make the chapter more useful
for each member.
March 2nd Tutorial @ GMU
INCOSE Systems Engineering Certification Program
Location: GMU Engineering Building, Room 2608,
Steven H. Dam 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
INCOSE WMA President

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Opportunities for

1 Presidents Word
Chapter Leadership and Participation:
1 Upcoming Events Expand your professional involvement in 2010!
1-3 Opportunities for Chapter Leadership and Participation
Author: Barclay Brown, WMA Chapter President-Elect
3 January Review

3 Last Word Why are you a member of INCOSE? For most of us,
one reason is to increase and deepen our
involvement in the systems engineering
professionto network, to reach out, to grow, to
give back. Heres a great way to do that.

As you may know the WMA chapter is the largest


chapter in INCOSE, and we have truly an serve the profession that has been good to me over
embarrassment of riches in people, knowledge, the years. It doesnt hurt on the resume either, plus
resources and opportunities in our area. The its FUN!
board has identified a number of key areas to
be exploited in 2010 and beyond. Heres your Talk to you soon,
chance to get involved in the chapter in a way
that will make a difference for the Washington
DC area, INCOSE and the profession.

Perhaps you have a special interest or passion

for academia and building future systems Barclay Brown
engineers, or perhaps youd like to bring WMA Chapter President-Elect
systems engineering to other engineer
organizations youre involved in. Theres a place
for you! Are you a photography enthusiast or
amateur videographer? Put your hobbies to
Available areas in INCOSE WMA
work for the good of the chapter! New to Chapter leadership:
systems engineering, but great at event
planning? We can use you too! Membershipsupport active member
participation in INCOSE and WMA Chapter
What are the duties of these positions? Whats
the time commitment? Thats up to us to work Ambassador to Engineering Organizations
out. We are a volunteer organization and we
know you have a job and a life (or at least a job) Ambassadors to a specific organization, such
so well talk and negotiate an arrangement that as NDIA, PMI, EIUA, AFCEA, IEEE and/or other
works for you and the chapter. There are no SE or engineering related society
pre-planned job descriptions for any of these so
they are very much open to your ideas and Ambassador to Academia
plans. Oh, and you wont be aloneall chapter
initiatives are coordinated by board members, Ambassador to a specific academic institution
so youll have partnership and support from us. with a graduate or undergraduate program in
systems engineering, such as GMU, Virginia
Here are the areas the board has identified as Tech, UVa, Johns Hopkins, Defense Acquisition
important in 2010, but were open to other University
ideas as well. If youd like to be involved or
provide leadership in any of these areas, just Ambassador to a community or engineering-
drop me an email at related community organization (e.g. K-12
and let me know, and we can arrange a time to schools, Science Fairs, special
discuss and design your involvement. events/competitions, Engineer's Week, etc.)

Personally, I think its an honor and privilege to Liaison to an INCOSE International Working

Group January Review

At the January WMA Chapter dinner meeting,
Liaison to an INCOSE International Peter Higgins spoke on the intriguing subject of
Initiative Critical Incident Response for Critical
Infrastructure Attacks, sharing with us the latest
Newsletter Editor / Publisher thinking on how we as communities and
organizations can prepare for attacks against
Chapter Photographer basic infrastructure. While vulnerabilities can be
reduced, they cant be eliminated, and the
Media Production Coordinator watchful eye of ordinary citizens can in fact turn
(audio/video recording, webcasting) out to be an important part of keeping ourselves
and our society protected. Peter is the Managing
Merchandising Coordinator (premiums, Director of 1SecureAudit and past president of
clothing, e-store) InfraGuard.

Chapter Awards coordinator

Last Word
Programs Committee (design and select
In case you missed thisat the end of 2009,
topics, speakers)
Money reported their Best Jobs in America
listing for 2009 and Systems Engineer made #1!
Event Planner (evaluate venues for
There was even a nice mention of INCOSE as the
meetings and programs)
article concludes by showing job pre-requisites
as an undergrad engineering degree; some
jobs might also require certification as a certified
systems engineering professional (CSEP).

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