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1. What is GIS? 4 points

What are three uses of GIS?
A geographic information system explores the fundamental principle of
geography. It is used to inventory, analyze and manage many aspects of the

How might GIS be used in solutions to problems?

There is a lot of information given to a specific location and this can help catch
data we might not see. It can help ask questions like Where? Why? and How?
With GIS you are able to make better decisions regarding a specific location. It
can be used to better understand why some areas are known to have more traffic

2. Dr. Chetan Tiwari and Using Maps as Public Health Decision Support Tools- 4

What examples did he use to demonstrate the use of GIS in health decision
In the case of mapping you can start mapping disease outcomes to possible
environmental factors. In the example of HIV, areas of the map shows that
concentration points of infection were also related to areas of lower social
economic status. With GIS you are able to ask what it is about that place that is
resulting in certain health outcomes.

What are the concerns about the data?

Sometimes the maps are not very meaningful, there is no perfect map since it will
always be driven by whatever question you are trying to answer. Each map is
made for a certain purpose or question to be answered.

3. Geographic Information Systems in Public Health - 4 points

Explain three (3) examples listed in this presentation about the use of GIS in
public health.
GIS was used to research the obesity epidemic and the county is
struggling with it. Maps showed how some areas of a map were also
related to poverty locations, fast food chains or park locations. He also
mentions that sometimes even tough people have some healthy food
alternatives, they dont take advantage of it as much as people from
outside of the area.

4. Go to -6 points

Look at the crime map. Using Incident Layers make sure the following will appear:
breaking and entering, homicide, robbery, theft (all 3), sexual offense, assault, property
crime, family offense, weapons offense, quality of life (disorder, drugs, liquor). Move the
map so you can see Moreno Valley. Look at the area bounded by I-60 on the north,
Frederick on the west, Eucalyptus on the south, and the Indian on the east.

What is the most frequently occurring issue in this area (see the Incident
Layers to understand the iconsnot everything is crimeATTENTION TO
DETAIL)? The most frequent incident in this area incidents assault with a deadly
weapon or incidents involving some kind of violence.

Why is this type of map useful in public and community health? Justify your
answer. These maps are very useful for public and community health because it
maps out areas with higher rates of violence. it allows people that may be
relocating to be able to research what areas are safe and dangerous. In the
example of the area that has had many incidents involving a deadly weapon to
maybe consider having some type of emergency or police center near by. this
may also assist police departments when deciding what areas are in need of
more units.

5. Go to the following link: 6 points

Click open below the map to see the household income map. Zoom in on
California and then San Bernardino County by clicking on the map. When the
county is outlined a pop up will show you the income (think about how to state
income correctly) for the county.

What is the median household income?

The median household income was $

Why is this useful in public health/why do we need to use median household

income when we decide populations at risk or in need of services?
This is important in public health because we need to understand what areas
are in need of certain resources. If we know that a certain area has a low
household income, we wouldnt want to put stores and establishments of
higher cost in that same location or county. Things like low income clinics
would be something that could make a big difference if put in a location with
high poverty levels.

Using online GIS mapping software- 12 points

Go to and click on Launch Map Viewer. When the

map viewer comes up you will need to put the ZIP code from your earlier
Excel #1 assignment in and click Find Zip. Then find 2010 Census Tract
06071004202 using the menu. You will see two other census tracts-- 47 and
4201. One click on the screen will do what is selected on the left menu.
Using Layer List click on the places people could buy food or go to get
prepared food. Use the legend to see those. Select the following types of
locations. After each location, refresh the map so you can see those
locations. Find these on the map:
o general grocery
o convenience group
o fast food/pizza/sandwiches

o and WIC vendors

On the lower portion of the map you will see Summarize Data and it shows
the categories of the food locations you chose. For WIC Vendor look to see
the address of the Stater Brothers on Highland Avenue in San Bernardino.
Go to a new browser window and Google that address. When you open the
map, zoom in so you can see the street names and layout of that

Go back to the browser window with the ZIP code and census tract map. Take a screen
shot that shows the map of food locations. Now, using the Measure tab on the right
side and the Measure function on the left side of the map you will measure the
distance from a location and the Stater Brothers grocery store.


For someone who lived at the corner of W. 17 th St and N. Perris St what is the distance
for them to walk to the Stater Brothers store?
8.9 Miles

o Map that along the road using several points along the way to keep the plotter on the
road and take a screen shot.

o Use Google map in the browser where you have the address for the grocery and use
the street view icon to see what that road looks like. Why would that be a difficult walk
to the store?

What is screen shot?

Using Google street view follow the street down to 14 th and Massachusetts to see the
two grocery stores on that corner. Take a screen shot to use in your presentation.
What are the common ads on both markets?

Coldest Beer! EBT!

Think about the Excel assignment and the disease rates you have been investigating.

What are the causes of those diseases from a social standpoint for
populations? When looking at these diseases we have to also know that a

certain percentage of these people do not have access to certain health
clinics. Not only can people not find treatment but they are also not able to get
more education about how to practice preventative care.

How would you make the association between death by ZIP code and the
availability of food in 92411? In my opinion this map correlates the most with
obesity in this area. Most the food places in this zip code are either fast food
joints or corner liquor markets. Places that have foods with high amounts of
fats and calories.

7. Go to 4 points

What is your walk score in your neighborhood?


Do you think your neighborhood is walk-able meaning conducive to

walking? Not at all, unfortunately my current neighborhood is known for not
being safe.

Give examples to provide specifics to support your argument. The

neighborhood I currently live can be very hard to live in for someone with no
means of transportation. The nearest grocery stores are between 2 to 3 miles
away. Although there are fast food places within a mile, the community is
known to have many incidents involving violence. I believe what makes things
even more difficult is that you cannot find any type of emergency clinic within
5 miles of the neighborhood.