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flying saucers may be more

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lie showed me the form he will send

you to r11 in, should you think you
have seen a flying saucer. Among
other things. you aie asked to describe
the occupantsif anywhat they were
wearing. what they were doing,
whether they saw you or not..
I asked William E. Moser how he
goes about inve..stiwating a claim.
"Well, the first thins I must, tell
you is that I am a very good judge
of human nature," he said. -When a
person comes to me and says he has
seen a flying satwer I can usually tell
immediately whether be is a truthful
person or not.
4.We get about the calls a week.
Hoaxers we get often- There was a
schoolteacher in the Blue Mountains
who built a model n.ying saucer,
attached a fishing line to it. and got
his wife to spin it mound in the air.
"1-1[i took pictures and_ sent them to
us but, we saw through him."
William E. Moser said most or the
calls he gets are from people who Lhink
they have seen a flying saucer but,
in fact, what they have seen is tee,
this eIse.
"It could have been a plane, a satellite, a bird. a reflection of a street
light. a searchlight . . . last year a
lot of people rang but what they had
seen ws.s Venus."
psi des the flying saucer seen by
his son. William E Moser said that+
in his opinion. there had been only
three genuine sightings in Sydney in
the last four years.
One was by the postinistres-s at
Waverton, who, with about a doze:i
other people. claimed to have seen an
iricte-scen.t orange object, 25 feet in
diameter, with protuberances under-

I 14'714
19' n

'Leath. travelling between Cremorne

and Wollstonecraft,
Another was by a dentist who claimed to have se.en a similar objett white
sitting on the front verandah of his
home at Concord_
The third. and most recent, was
made by a Sydney architect a nd two
ladies, They claimed thty saw an
orange-gold. craft disappear over the
Harbor Bridge one evening, while they
were standing at Circular Quay.

As neither photographer Phil Merchant nor I had ever seen one, and
William E. Moser by his own ad_akiiort
had never seen one either. I eked him
did he really believe in flying saucers.
or was be just interested in investisrating claims, to see if he could convince
himself . .?
He drained his pint of tea# gazed at
me intently and replied.
"What I will say is this
. what. I
will sayLs. I want to keep an open mind.
Something is there what k is we
don't know. But let me put It this
way to you, Mr. bson
Oi, and see what
you sa.y
-We have, in our own galaxy, t}1.?
Milky Way, between 30,009 million and
200,1300 minion different stars. Then
there are 2000 million known galaxies
in the universe . ."
William E. Moser pointed his finger
at me.
"Mr. Gibsork, don't you believe it
would be an incredible thing, a miracle.
If out of all those millions and millions
of stars, we were the only one producing Life?"
E. Moser had me.