13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly
Chapter 16 – Brothers Re-United
Ra stared at the so called Zeus team across the table. He realized how much he had changed in the past 110 years. Ra was no longer the little brother who admired his older brother Zeus so much, literally hanging off his every word and action. He had spent the last century and a decade experimenting and discovering himself free from his influence. Ra looked at the rest of the Zeus team as Zeus spoke. He didn't seem to garner much respect from his compatriots except for the clone of 20th century movie star Tom cruise who nevertheless seemed to tune out of the conversation for minutes at a time. Ra caught the other two's, Hawking 1877? and Alice who was apparently a cyborg?, gaze a couple of times as they all looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Ra tried not to break into a huge grin when this happened and tried to not look over at either Alice or Hawking as best as he could. Ra truth be told wanted to send them all back to their own dimension. All of his efforts were currently concentrated on getting the Google colony ship off of the ground and didn't want any distraction especially having to deal with the types of absurdities that Zeus proposed. Clones? He thought. Absurd.

Earth3 Zeus's planet sounded like an extremely horrific place to live. Ra definitely didn't want to send an army to Earth3 to strengthen Zeus as much as he didn't want to build an IDTM machine on his own planet in an attempt to eventually reach EarthPrime and contact the great Creator. Involving the Creator in all of this might threaten the success of his own desire to have humanity settle and colonize other planets. Ra liked being the master of his own destiny and he was pretty sure the Creator did not want to be bothered especially after forbidding inter dimensional travel in the first place. He spent the next few minutes thinking about locking up the 'Zeus team' on the first great Google ship and dosing them up on iFun constantly until the crew reached their new home far off somewhere in the great cosmos. This might make some sense Ra thought, then as patiently as he could said, “Look. There are 13 planet Earths in parallel dimensions. But look out there.” He pointed at the sky, “There are thousands and thousand of inhabitable worlds waiting for humanity to colonize.” “I could even find you a couple so you can start again.”, Ra offered graciously. The great god Zeus was intrigued. The universe had suddenly become a lot bigger in his mind. Why rule one universe when you could rule 13 he thought sarcastically to himself. Zeus wanted a Google Ship to parade onto his planet Earth3 but Hawking pointed out that it wouldn't presently fit through the IDTM portal. Ra didn't seem exceptionally eager to help. Zeus wondered if he had said something wrong. His little brother Ra was always his

closest ally and exceptionally eager to join forces with him. Oh well this is why him and Gates dismantled Apple and Google some 90 years ago. A Google Ship? Almost everything in Ra's office had an Apple logo on it. Ridiculous. Ra was getting extremely sick of trying to, while not flatly refuse Zeus's ideas, keep him veering way off track. He was also getting 'cabin fever' and needed desperately to get out of his office. He finally came up with something somewhat brilliant he thought to himself. “Listen guys I'm not going to talk about this anymore until you've had a chance to tour our great Google Ship. I can't think here it's way too stuffy. iClimate must be acting up again. How about this? We take an official tour then we go to my favorite spot, have a few drinks, and then brainstorm some solutions to your world's problems. Anyways if you're opposed to Google or Apple's presence on your planet there's honestly not much I can do. I'm sure you'll change your mind Zeus, big brother, after you tour the ship.” The 'Zeus Team' stood up all at once. Everyone looked extremely excited even Zeus. One after another they walked onto Ra's Google Teleporter Square that lay in the corner of his large office and ZZZZZZZap rematerialized in the giant hangar that housed the great Google Colony Ship. A humongous spaceship that was half a mile high and 5 miles long. And housed 30,000 people. No one, not even Alice the ultra advanced cyborg offspring of Earth3's great supercomputer was even remotely ready for what they saw that day. Or experienced.