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Laser light module pistol (llm-pi)

The LLM-PI is a laser light module with an integrated target

laser as well as infrared and visual spectrum illumination
functions. It is specially designed for pistols.
Integrated in the device are a target laser module, used for
marking and aiming at targets, and a Power LED, used for
illuminating targets and target areas. In torch mode, the LED
can be kept switched on indefinitely, or operated in flash
mode; in this mode, the LED switches on and off in rapid succession, significantly enhancing the dazzle effect.

High-intensity white light LED
IR LED for IR illumination
Red light laser marker, or infrared laser marker
Directionally adjustable marker

Optional Light Sources/Filter

Filter disks with transmission level >98%
or 20% for laser marker
Marker range >200 m
Waterproof to 30 m
1 battery CR17345 (IEC) (e.g. DURACELL DL123A)

Weapon Mounting
Various mountings, e.g. for PICA rails
(MIL STD 1913) are available.

5-level rotary switch for selecting the light source
Rocker switch for left- and right-handed users; button or
switch operation possible (selectable)
The selected light sourced is switched on and off with a
button on the trigger cable
The button on the trigger cable can operate as a switch or
key (selectable by the operator)

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Operating modes


The operator can select any of the following operating modes:

White light LED only
Laser marker only (IR or VIS depending on variant)
Laser marker and white light lamp

With red light laser marker (VIS marker)

With infrared laser marker (IR marker)

If none of the keys are actuated, the light source automatically

switches off after 5 minutes.

Device Data
White Light Lamp (Power LED)

Laser class (VIS marker variants)

3R (i.a.w. IEC EN 60825-1:2003)


3a (i.a.w. ANSI Z 136.1-2000)

Luminous flux

Laser class (IR marker variants)

0.81.5 W
100 lm

Beam diameter

1 (i.a.w. IEC EN 60825-1:2003)


~2.5 m (after 10 m)
>100 m (in darkness)

1 (i.a.w. ANSI Z 136.1-2000)

IR Close-In Illuminator (Infrared LED)

Operating voltage
23 VDC 1 lithium battery, CR17345 (IEC),


5018LC(ANSI), e.g. DURACELL DL 123 A


Dimensions (L x W x H)
without mounting

73 x 32 x 50 mm


2.5 m
>10 m (in darkness)

<100 g

to a depth of 30 m


VIS Marker (Red Light Laser)


after 500 rounds/disassembly/assembly

1.0 mrad

Battery lifespan (10 to +55)1

without filter

<5.0 mW

with filter (transmission level ~20%):

<1.0 mW

up to 30 h depending on the operating mode selected

Divergence (FWHM)

(1Battery lifespan based on DURACELL DL 123 A)


Temperature range
Operation 20C to +55C (C0A1 i.a.w. MIL STD 810F)


Beam diameter after 10 m

Weight (with batteries, without mounting)


50 mW (Total luminous flux)

<0.78 mrad

in darkness

>200 m

in daylight

>20 m

46C to +70C (C2A1 i.a.w. MIL STD 810F)

Relative humidity

up to 100%

IR Marker (Infrared Laser)


<0.7 mW

Divergence (FWHM)

<0.78 mrad
>200m (in darkness)


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