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cfl-02 mk2tm/laser & light module

The cFL-02 Mk2 laser is a further development of the cFL-02

type 52 under consideration of the experience from the field.
The rugged design and the small dimensions combined with
the low weight makes this system ideal for the use in mounting
rails to Mil-Std-1913 (Picatinny) and STANAG 4694.
The laser and tactical light are activated independently from
each other or used simultaneously. Operation is by remote
cable (Trigger). The laser has a precise X-/Y-axial adjustment.
A special click mechanism ascertains that the beam position
is maintained even under the highest shock and vibration.
The LED tactical light power has an impressive 250 Lumen
power and provides homogenous illumination. LED lights
are shock proof, have a superior life expectancy to the usual
Xenon bulbs and use far less power. A strobe mode offers an
additional tactical feature to irritate a potential opponent at
short distance.

The cFL-02 Mk2 has the following operating modes:

Laser only, light only or strobe light only
Laser and light
Laser and strobe light


Laser and light combined in a small package

Shock resistant
Laser adjustable in X-/Y-axis by vibration proof mechanism
High power LED light with over 250 Lumen output and
strobe mode

Trigger activated
Battery level monitor
Waterproof for 20 meters
(Option available with IR light and laser)

Technical Data
Light source


Output power*

Beam shape


Laser class

635 nm

<1 or 3.5mW

5x2 mm

0.5 mrad

2 or 3R


LED light

400700 nm

3W >250 Lumen


Wide angle

IR laser (Option)

840 nm

<0.7 or 3.5mW

5x2 mm

0.5 mrad

LED IR (Option)

850 nm



Wide angle

Power supply

1 or 3R




Battery life



Up to 30hrs.**


with battery

~165 g

Note: *Power is factory set in accordance with your instructions; **30hrs. red laser beam only. At max. power consumption = >0.5hrs. with light and laser on.
Sophisticated electronics ascertain the maintaining of stable output power throughout the battery life; Unless indicated otherwise, the data is accurate at ambient
room temperature and normal operating conditions.



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Important notice: Beam output power will be set as required

by the user. The user is solely responsible for the observation
of the applicable safety regulations.

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