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Too and enough

1. Read these sentences from Listening. Write either too, too many, too much
or enough in each space

.....people eat (1)____________hamburgers, (2) __________ pizzas, and (3)

___________fast food in general
We don't have (4) _______________time to take care of ourselves, or enjoy
our lives.
....wherever you sit down for a meal, whether it's in Tokyo, Milan or Cape
Town, the food you're given is (5) _______________similar
There's just not (6) _______________variety
....we'll be relaxed (7) _______________to talk to each other more.

2 . Complete these grammar rules by writing too or enough in each


___________+ adjective/adverb (+infinitive)
Example: 5_______
___________+ much/many/few/little + noun
(+infinitive) Examples: ____________________
Adjective/adverb+ ___________ (+infinitive)
Example: ___________________
________________ +noun (+infinitive)

Complete these sentences with either too, too many, too much or
1. School meals in Britain contain _____________ chips and not _____________
fresh vegetables to be really healthy
2. Schools don't really spend _____________ time teaching students about
3. Teachers don't take _____________ interest in their students' diets
4. The canteen is _____________ small for all the students to eat lunch at the
same time.
5. Most of us eat our meals_____________ quickly to really enjoy them

Each of the following sentences contains a mistake made oftend by

learners of English with too, too many, too much, enough and very.
Find the mistake and write the sentence correctly
1. I liked the restaurant but the food wasn't enough -there wasn't enough
2. Experts say that fast food is not too much good for you - not very good for
3. I don't have money enough to pay for your dinner
4. We didn't like the hotel because it wasn't enough comfortable
5. The food takes too much long to prepare so customers become impatient
6. Some people suffer from doing too hard work
7. It is too much cruel to keep animals in small cages
8. It's not a sport too difficult, so I think you can learn it quite quickly
9. The bed was not too much comfortable
10.I'm araid the meal was too much expensive
For our next class prepare to talk about a bad experience you had at a

Discuss how terrible the experience was, for example; The

restaurant was too crowded. The service wasn't fast enough, using as
many of the grammatical structures we just practiced. You can talk

The food
The service
The price
How you felt

So and such (a/an) mean very extremely:

That was so kind of you! you have such a beautiful house
So and such (a/an) are used to talk about cause and effect:
He was so late he missed the beginning of the exam. She gave such a good
performance that she won an Oscar
So + adjective or adverb (+ that)

Such + adjective + uncountable

He was so nervous b efore the exam that

noun/plural noun (+ that)

he couldn't sleep at all

She has such nice children!

That remark was just so silly!

Switzerland has such spectacular scenery

He cooks so well that I think he'll win the

that we always choose it for our holidays


So + much/many/few/little +

Such a/an+adjective+singular countable

noun (+that)

noun (+that)

We had so little money left at the

Why did you come in such an old pair of

end of our holiday that we had to


sleep at the station

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to

Marta makes so many mistakes

go for a picnic

when she's speaking!

Such a lot of..

Elena's got such a lot of friends that the
telephone never stops ringing

Too means more than is needed or wanted:

She's too old to join the police
Enough means as much as is necessary or needed:
Have w got enough eggs to make a cake?


Too + adjective

adjective/adverb + enough

He's too young to drive

This coffee is not warm enough! Please heat

That suitcase is too heavy for me to life

it up again

Too + adverb

Frank didn't answer the questions

You're driving too dangerously. Please

convincingly enough to get the job

slow down

That hotel is not smart enough for her

Too much/too many + noun

Enough + noun

They brought too much food for us to

Have you got enough money to get to



I've received too many emails to

There isn't enough cake in the cupboard for


me to give some to everyone