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Trump Victory

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10 am

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BSS: Photo of Trump

The votes are in and Donald Trump has been
elected to be the 45th president of the United
States. S-U-H Dudes Josh Lail was at A-SUs campus to talk to students that were
watching the election live.

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B-ROLL: Students gathered around and

watching the election on the television.
MS: Anxious look at male students face.

((NAT POP- Anchor announces that the first

states have submitted the winner of their

LS: Students showing their I voted stickers

and holding a Im with her flag.
MS: Student wearing a make America great
again hat and celebrating over Trump
winning one of the states.
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Students at Appalachian State University

gathered to watch the election live last night.
No matter who you voted for it was going to
be a historic night that made students want to
share the moment with their classmates. The
mood quickly turned sour for some and sweet
for others.

LS: Shocked reaction from a Clinton

supporter on the ASU campus.
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Xander Lowe described the moment he

realized Trump was going to win.

CG: Xander Lowe / App State student

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XANDER LOWE: I cant believe he won, this

nation is just going to go down the

LS: Donald Trump waving to the crowd after

he was announced the winner.
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Donald Trump was announced as the winner

at 2, leaving an even split of angry and happy
emotions on the A-S-U campus.

LS: Josh Lail walking on River Street the

morning after the election.
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JOSH: I attended the live viewing of the

election and I could feel the tension between
the split in attendees once the votes began to
come in. I spoke to A-S-U student David
Colbert on his immediate thoughts of Trumps

CG: David Colbert / App State student

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LS: Josh Lail walking on the A-S-U campus
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LS: Students walking home after the election.

MS: Student celebrating and saying make
America great again
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DAVID Im surprised. Uh, Im still in a state of

shock. I never thought that, uh, Trump would
win. I guess well just have to see if he is
going to be a good president or not.
JOSH The A-S-U campus is a ghost town
this morning. Many students stayed up until 2
am to hear who won. We have already
received reports of classes being canceled
With the election over and Donald Trump
announced as the winner many people may
be in disbelief while others will spend the day
celebrating. Its safe the say that the election
made for a historic night. Reporting from
Appalachian State University, Josh Lail, S-UH Dude.
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CU: Anchor


The electoral college can still change their

votes before December 19th, giving Clinton
supporters a glance of hope. Hillary will need
at least 40 votes to switch to her side but as
of right now Donald Trump will be the 45th

WII-FM: Many App State students watch the election live last night and the emotions came out
once the votes came in.
Proximity: The live viewing was held in the campus of Appalachian State University.
Timeliness: The election was held last night and Donald Trump was announced at 2 am. Story
would air on November 9th at 10 am.
Human Interest: Many people across the United States want to know who won the election.
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