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Briley L.

Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves
instead of more like everyone else.
-Sydney Gurewitz Clemens
As an Art Educator my job description is ever evolving. My decision to
pursue a career in Art Educator came organically through my combined
passions for education and art. I knew that the dynamic characteristics of
this career made it the perfect match for me. I am not only an educator, but
also a working artist. I believe that balance is important. To maintain balance
as an educator I must also maintain my role as a student, to never lose touch
of what it feels like to be a student, to be confused, to know the joy of
overcoming that confusion, and learning a new concept. As an educator I
require myself to stay aware and up to date on current trends as well as
staying critically informed on the world around me. I am prepared to
appropriately handle the life questions that my students may have. Our
youth uses art to understand the world around them, it is my job help
facilitate this understanding, and for my each of my students to leave my
classroom with an appreciation for art.
My classroom is an energetic and engaging environment where my
students feel safe and free. For many students art is more than just painting
a picture. It is a way for the student to show their sense of self-expression. As
an educator it is my role to provide my students with the skills necessary to
create meaningful art that voices self-expression. To do this I work with the
concept of Big Ideas. A Big Ideas is an important human issue that all people
can relate to no matter their gender, race, social-economic status, etc.
Working through Big Ideas helps my students to think about their art making
process on a more personal level as well as maintaining a connection
throughout the art making process.
Art exposes children to new concepts that may otherwise be foreign to
them. It also integrates many other subjects. This helps students develop a
more clear understanding of the world around them and bridge the gap
between art and core subjects. This also teaches students acceptance of
new concepts, opinions, and point of views. One way in which I do this is
through cooperative learning and collaboration. Through this, students gain
hands on experience, learning how to work together.
My classroom provides my students with a safe place for them to
express their true selves but also a place for them to produce art that will
instill confidence in themselves. I strive to have a meaningful connection

with each of my students and impact their lives in a positive way. I believe
that every child is born an artist and has an innate urge to create. My goal as
an Art Educator is to not only teach my students to be good artist, but also to
be good people.