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Curriculum Vitae

Elijah Meador
(434) 444-4629

Current Address

Permanent Address

133 K East Main Street

1084 Santa Rita Drive

Radford, VA 24141

Moneta, VA 24121


Radford University, Radford, Virginia (2015- Present)

o Major: Biology
Environmental concentration
Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, Virginia (2012-2014)
o Associate of Science Degree
Major in General Studies
Staunton River High School, Moneta, Virginia (2008-2012)
o Advanced Studies Diploma

Relevant Coursework


Forest and Wetland Ecology (Fall 2016)

o Studied the structure and function of forest and wetland communities and factors
influencing the distribution and abundance of species in these systems
Seminar in Biology (x2) (Fall 2016) (Fall 2016)
o Studied various biological topics with a focus on critical and analytical reading of
primary biological literature sources and developing and using scientific writing
Conservation Physiology (Spring 2016)
o Studied the physiological processes and responses of organisms to alterations of
their environment

Genetics, Evolution and Development (Spring 2016)

o Studied how genetic variation causes developmental and evolutionary changes in
Organismal Biology (Fall 2016)
o Studied the structure, function, ecology and evolution of the organisms
Ecology and Adaptation (Spring 2015)
o Studied the interactions between organisms and their biotic and abiotic
environments compromising the discipline of ecology
Biology of Cells and Microorganisms (Spring 2015)
o Studied life at the molecular and cellular level including; metabolism, cell
structure, cell membranes and cell communication


Organic Chemistry I (Fall 2016)

o Studied organic chemistry including nomenclature, molecular structure, properties
of molecules, and organic synthesis
General Chemistry II (Spring 2016)
o Studied the introduction to the principles and applications of chemistry
General Chemistry I (Fall 2015)
o Studied the introduction to the principles and applications of chemistry

Math and Statistics

Statistics for Biology (Fall 2015)

o Studied statistical methods by embedding statistical language and methods into a
biological context.
Mathematics for Biology (Fall 2015)
o Studied mathematical techniques for biology by incorporating real number
operations, probability, graphing, linear, exponential and power functions and
difference equations with numerous applications in biology

Research and Professional Experience

Wytheville State Fish Hatchery (June 2016- August 2016)

o Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Aquaculture Intern
Fed fish, sorted, graded and loaded stocking trucks
Assisted technicians in stocking delivering fish
Maintained equipment, cleaning tanks, grounds and facilities
Repaired nets and tools

Executed water chemistry analysis; wastewater treatment and maintenance

of large filters and plumbing systems
Conducted visitor tours
Operated hand tools, small power tools, lawn mowers, tractors, and pickup
Provided assistance to other Wildlife and Fisheries personnel as needed.
(e.g., fish sampling, wildlife research, habitat enhancement, boating access
Participated in fish nutrition, health, stocking and spawning

Skills and Proficiencies

Extensive experimental and logistical troubleshooting/critical decision making skills

Express qualities of adaptability and resourcefulness in any field of work
Excellent communication skills and customer service
Hours of experience in Biological field research in Biology Classes/ Labs
Ability to work independently and collaboratively
Experienced working in mixed groups of diverse backgrounds
Proactive and punctual
Excellent attention to detail

Work Experience

Parkway Marina (January 2013- Present)

o Watercraft Technician
Federated Auto (June 2012-August 2012)
o Delivery Driver

Butch Bates
Wytheville Hatchery Manager
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
1260 Red Hollow Road
Max Meadows, Virginia 24360

PH: (276) 637-3212