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Thesis Synopsis

Luxury 5 star hotel Chennai / Cochin

Five star hotels, the world over, are meeting-places for the rich and powerful-place
which reverberate with business and politics. The hotel industry has its roots in the
past in almost over country of the world.Hotel provides a service to the customer
whose requirements are clean, quiet and comfortable stays. The emphasis lies on
good food and good services. Hotels range in different sizes depending on the
market requirement.The development in the hotel industry leads to a major breakthrough in the tourism of the country. The beautiful and exotic locations are new
accessible for the entire tourists coming to the country. Restaurants and coffee
shops have always been the attraction of 5 star hotels. To cater the growing trend of
pre-dinner drinks and dances, bars and discotheques have also been incorporated
into the fabric of five star

Need for the study

Hotels today have become such a popular and profitable business, that now they
are recognize as an industry. The large and increasing flow of tourist coupled with
rapidly changing social and cultural life of Indian community at large has resulted in
great demands for hotels. Today India has about 59000 approved hotel rooms
against the requirement of 120000 hotels. By the turn of the century, it laid
emphasis on encouraging private sector investment in developing tourism. Hotel is
a type of building which has a never ending prospect and future. Its a Soft
machine of Hospitality.

To design a five star hotel with emphasis on contemporary styles and
create spaces for people of various categories (business, vacation and
tourists) to spend more with pleasure and luxury close to nature.
To evolve and innovative space, comprehensively the functional and
spatial research between the each function and spaces involved.
To establish approximate relationships between various parts of the
hotel complex.
To provide visual refreshment
To provide the best hospitality, while promoting functional efficiency of
spaces and circulation.
To evolve and innovative space, comprehensively the functional &
spatial relationship between each function and the spaces

Thesis Synopsis


Considering the vastness of the scope in design for five star hotels, the
study of spacing, function, proper circulation and spaces for services
are given utmost importance.
Design to suite the location and topography of the site.
Design a 5 Star Hotel with respective to New Technology and Emerging

The design is limitless in design depth, detailing work such as service
detailing, building construction detailing and interior design.
Project cost and landscaping costs.

Justification of the study

Foreseen demand in future for similar setups.
Studying a space which is more functional and interactive to the people.
To solve a problem that has to be aesthetically pleasing, functionally
working and have a good ambience


Recreational park
Restaurant and caf
Administration building
Swimming pool
Fitness center
Parking space

Thesis Synopsis