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Fourth Grade Update
November 2016
Teacher Tidbit:
1- Many thanks to all the parents who
contributed items for our Halloween Party. It
was a success. We had a great time showing
off our costumes in the school parade.
2- Please continue to practice multiplication
facts with your child. We have worked very
hard during the month of October to try to
get all the students comfortable with their
facts before the big unit on division begins.
3- Please feel free to use my teacher page on website. You must
click on Davis Elementary then teacher
pages to find my name. Once there you will
find assignment dates, vocabulary study
guides, math websites, basic fact practice
tests, etc.
4- Your child will be bringing home a project
called, Im NOT a turkey! Students are
asked to decorate their turkeys so that they
are disguised. Projects are due on Monday,
Nov 14th.

Students will have begun Unit 3, which is
based on fractions:
Fraction equivalence
Comparing and ordering fractions
Fraction and decimal relations
Decimals to tenths and hundredths
Metric units in length
Comparing decimals
Lesson 5: Stormalong
Vocab Strategy: reference materials
Comprehension Skill- Understanding
Characters- Examine the characters
relationships and how they change throughout
the story.
Comprehension Strategy: Infer/Predict- use
text clues to figure out what isnt directly stated
by the author.
Lesson 6: Invasion from Mars
Vocab Strategy: Suffixes y, -ous (suffixes that
mean like, having, to some degree,
somewhat, or full of
Comprehension Skill: Story Structure setting,
characters, plot
Comprehension Strategy: continuing
Infer/Predict use text clues to figure out what
isnt directly stated by the author

Students accomplished their tour of the
northeast region of the United States. We
traveled from the Northeastern Coast to the top
of the Appalachian Mountains. We learned
how the American colonies believed in
democracy and fought for that belief, designed
a new form of government and created three
branches each to uphold a check-and-balance.
We saw how the Industrial Revolution brought
new ideas such as canals to connect inland
waterways, mass production to increase
productivity, and skyscrapers to make room for
people from all over the world. We spent a day
in the life of William Penn at Pennsbury
Manor property and stepped into the shoes of a
brave young woman who fought in the
Revolutionary War.
We will pick up with the United States
regions in the 4th marking period.
When the 2nd marking period arrives,
we will take a break from Social Studies and
focus on Science. Our first unit will be about
magnetism and electricity. In this unit,
students will:

Observe the interaction of permanent

magnets with a variety of common
Discover that magnets display forces of
attraction and repulsion.
Measure the change in force between 2
magnets as the distance between them
Identify materials that are conductors
and insulators.
Learn how to make an electromagnet.
Build series and parallel circuits.
And use scientific thinking processes to
conduct investigations and build
explanations: observing,
communicating, comparing, and

Dates to Remember:
Nov 7: Home and School at 6:15pm
Nov 8: No School
Nov 11: Movie Night at 6:15pm
Nov 14: Turkey projects due
Nov 16: Report Cards sent home
Nov 17: American Education Week Parent visitation for
4th grade from 10-11am
Nov 22: Early Dismissal at 11:45am (Lunch eaten at
school). Conferences
Nov 23: No school/Conferences
Nov 24-25: No School- Thanksgiving break
Nov 29: Holiday Shop

Hope everyone enjoys this

beautiful fall weather!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!