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Parkaya Pravesh means entering ones soul in the body of some other person. Through this
knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life.
Adi Shankaracharya, founder of advaita philosophy, travelled all around India engaging scholars
in religious debate. During one such debate, Bharati, wife of scholar Madana Mishra, attempted
to defeat Adi Shankara in the topic of Kamashastra sex. To win this debate Adi
Shankaracharya performed parakaya pravesha enter the body of another person.

In the debate between Madana Mishra and Adi Shankara, Bharati was appointed the judge as she
was a scholar by herself. Madana Mishra was easily defeated in the debate by Adi Shankara.

Bharati contented that Adi Shankara had only defeated one half of Madana Mishra. To
completely defeat him, Adi Shankara had to defeat his wife too.

Bharati soon realized that she could not defeat Adi Shankara in philosophy, so turned the debate
towards Kamashastra. As Adi Shankara was a Brahmachari he had no knowledge of sex.

Adi Shankara asked Bharati to give him a months time to debate this topic with her.

Adi Shankaracharya then used his yogic powers to enter the body of Raja Amaruka who had just
died. Before entering the body of the king, he hid his physical body in a cave and asked his
disciples go guard it.

For next one month, in the body of the king, Adi Shankara indulged in sexual activities and
learned Kama Shastra.

A month later he returned and defeated Bharati in the debate.

Refer Shankara Digvijaya, verses 77-100

This Vidya or knowledge has been mentioned in several ancient texts. On acquiring this Vidya a
person neither feels hungry nor thirsty and he can remain without eating food or drinking water
for several day at a stretch.
Several Yogis of the Himalayas, remain engrossed in deep Sadhanas for months and years
without eating or drinking anything. When they do not eat or drink, they do not even have to
empty their bowels. Thus they are able to perform long penance for years and their bodies also
remain healthy and fit, even without food. Draupadi in her previous birth as a Brahmin girl, did
tapas for 9000 years to please Lord Shiva. In summer season she should sit in a place for
meditation with fire around herself under the hot sun, In winter season she meditated under cool
water. Refer Mahabharata, Adi Parva, Chaitarathaparva section 171-172
Likewise Sage Vishwamitra did tapas (in Pushkar, India) for 60,000 years and was distracted by
damsel Menaka.
Refer Mahabharata
Just as one does not feel hungry or thirsty in Haadi Vidya similarly in Kaadi Vidya a person is
not affected by change of seasons i.e. by summer, winter, rain etc. After accomplishing this
Vidya a person shall not feel cold even if he sits in the snow laden mountains and shall not feel
hot even if he sits in the fire.
In Valmiki Ramayana, Sita mata went through the fire (Agni pravesh) to prove her chastity.


Through this Siddhi a person can become capable of flying in the skies and travelling from one
place to another in just a few seconds.
Hanuman was able to fly everywhere. There are many demons and yakshas who possess this
Refer Valmiki Ramayana


On accomplishing this Vidya, a person becomes capable of increasing or decreasing the size of
his body according to his wish. Hanuman had miniaturized his body through this vidya while
entering the city of Lanka.
We have already read the story of Hanuman and Surasa where Hanuman increased and decreased
his body size.
Refer Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara kanda, sarga 1


One can acquire immense and unlimited wealth through this Siddhi.
Its said that once Adi Shankaracharya saw a very poor and destitute woman and with the help
of the Kanakdhara Yantra he showered gold in her house. This Yantra is made on a silver plate
and 36 squares are formed by drawing 7 lines each, horizontally and vertically.
In his childhood Sri Madhvacarya, founder of dvaita philosophy was known as Vasudeva. It is
said that once when his father had piled up many debts, Madhvacarya converted tamarind seeds
into actual coins to pay them off. This tree can be seen by one who visits Pajakashetra, the birth
place of Sri Madhvacarya even today.
Through this Sadhana a Yogi can direct his disciple to take birth from the womb of a woman,
who is childless or cannot bear children.
Hanuman or Anjaneya is the son of Anjana Devi. She was once a celestial maiden & was born as
a monkey-woman as a result of a curse. She was living happily with her husband Kesari. When
king Dasaratha performed a yagna praying for off-springs, he was yielded a pot of
payasam(pudding) from the yaga fire. His wives shared the prasada & thus Rama, Lakshmana,
Bharatha & Shatrugana were born. A portion of this payasam was carried by the Lord of winds Vayu Deva & fell in the hands of Anjana Devi and she gave birth to a lovely & strong son. Since
Vayu Deva was responsible for the payasam reaching Anjana, he is also considered the father of
Hanuman. (Vayu Puthran Hanuman).
Refer Valmiki Ramayana, Kishkinda kanda, Sarga 66

This Solar science is one of the most significant sciences of ancient India. This science has been
known only to the Indian Yogis and using it, one substance can be transformed into another
through the medium of sun rays.
Swami Vishuddhanand had demonstrated the miracles of this science about 50-60 years ago, by
transforming a paper into rose and a cotton ball into gold.
Through it even a dead person can be brought back to life.
Bali Maharaj was killed by Indra. He was brought back to life along with many other demons
who were killed in the battle by his Guru Sukracharya by samjivani mantra.
Refer Vedabase. SB.8.11.47-48