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Code No: CE16324


BE (Civil) III/IV II Sem (Main) Examination May 2016

Reinforced Concrete Design-II

Time: 3 Hours
Note: Answer all questions from Section-A at one place in the same order
Answer any five questions from Section-B
Missing data, if any may suitably be assumed
Use of relevant codes is permitted

Max Marks: 75

SECTION - A (25 Marks)

1 Under what circumstances a trapezoidal footing is designed
2 What are counterforts in a retaining wall ?
3 Under what conditions a circular tank is preferred over a rectangular tank
4 Draw a neat sketch of kerb in slab bridge.
5 Define economical span of a bridge.
6 Explain with a neat sketch one-way shear and punching shear in footings
7 How do you check for safety against overturning in cantilever retaining walls.
8 Write the expression for the circumferential stress induced in the dome of a water tank
due to roof load
9 What is impact factor? How do you calculate impact factor for road bridges as per IRC
10 Distinguish between class -AA(tracked) loading and class -A(Wheeled) loading as per
SECTION - B (50 Marks)
11 Design for flexure a rectangular combined footing for two columns of size 350mm x
350mm and 550mm x 550mm spaced at 3.8m c/c carrying service loads of 850KN
and 1250KN respectively. The safe bearing capacity of soil is 250KN/sq.m. Use M-25
concrete and Fe415 grade steel. Sketch the reinforcement details
12 Design the stem of a cantilever type retaining wall for flexure to retain earth fill 4.0m
above ground level. The safe bearing capacity of soil is 200KN/sq.m. Unit weight of soil
is 18KN/cubic metre and angle of repose is 30 degrees. Use M-25 concrete and Fe 415
grade steel. Sketch the reinforcement details.




13 Design the wall of a rectangular water tank (above ground) for a capacity of 60,000 litres. (10)
Use M-25 concrete and Fe 415 grade steel. Sketch the details of the reinforcement.
14 Design the walls of a circular tank of 3.2m diameter resting on ground to retain water to
a height of 3.0m excluding a free board of 0.15m. Assume the joints between the tank
wall and base slab as flexible. Use M-25 concrete and Fe 415 grade steel. Sketch the
details of reinforcement.



:: 2 ::

Code No: CE16324

15 Design the flexural reinforcement in a simply supported solid slab bridge for the
following data
Clear span : 5.0m
Clear width of roadway: 7.5m
Live load : IRC-Class A(wheeled)
Kerbs : 1m wide on either side
Average thickness of wearing coat : 80mm
Use M-25 concrete and Fe 415 grade steel.
Draw neatly the design details.


16 Design for flexure the intermediate longitudinal girder of a simply supported

T-beam bridge of effective span 14m for the following data.
Clear width of carriage way : 7.5m
Average thickness of wearing coat : 100mm
Kerb : 0.9m on either side.
Live load : IRC- Class AA(tracked)
Spacing of longitudinal girders : 2.5m
Spacing of cross girders : 4.5m
Use M-25 grade concrete and Fe 415 grade steel
Neatly draw the details of reinforcement.


17 Write notes on the following

(a) Classification and types of RC bridges.
(b) Pigeauds curves for bridges.
(c) Design principles of a raft foundation.