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EPC 2903

MCT Formal Lesson Observations Feedback

Student teachers name: Asma AlShehhi

Grade Level:
Date: 16 th November, 2016

Phonics (letter w)

Grade: A

EPC 2903

Strengths of the lesson:

Pass the parcel was used to review phonic sounds. Good introduction to the days LOs.
The game ended with the w sound which is the days focus.
Good revision of sight words needed for the days class (e.g. and, in)
The attributes of the letter w were well modelled and reviewed:
o Good use of pictures all that start with w (wheel, watch, wolf, watermelon) to
introduce the w sound
o The w sound was strengthened using make the w sound song.
o Good introduction of how to write a w by allowing students to use a variety of
methods such as finger writing in air, on their hand, on the floor, on their friends
back, and on the wall.
o The use of w in a written word helped to present the written form of w
o Wrap up- the LOs were reviewed asking students to give a word that uses the w
sound and by air writing the letter w
A variety of useful small group work to solidify words that use the w sound including:
make a worm for playdough; make your own watch; make a model of watermelon.
Good facilitation of seat work to progress students towards the learning goal
Good articulation of parts of lesson and flow towards the LOs
A thorough lesson plan
Areas for development:
On the lesson plan remember that the transition section is about wrapping up one section
and moving on to the other. This section then should include summary of what has gone and
instructions about what is coming next.

General Comments:
Very good modelling and planning.
Continue to be reflective of how you want to improve your teaching, set those goals and
work towards them.

EPC 2903