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December 2016

Multiple technologies and well-planned
upgrades are moving Scottsdales
metering program into the future

Ken Rock
Water Distribution Manager
Scottsdale, Arizona


perfect storm.
simple solution.

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12 SEWER: Stretching Resources Further



Delawares New Castle County finds a balance between investment

and savings as it bolsters collections system performance.
By Kyle Rogers

WATER: Meters

Tell the Story

Multiple technologies and well-planned upgrades are

moving Scottsdales metering program into the future.
By Peter Kenter




Day Presents Opportunity

Make sure you dont look back and regret not working harder,
or learning more, or finding a better way.
By Luke Laggis





HUMAN SIDE: Bridging

Visit daily for news, features and blogs. Get the most from
Municipal Sewer & Water magazine.

the Generation Gap

From baby boomers to Generation Y, a mix of generations

can create workplace tensions as well as opportunities.

By Ken Wysocky




at Maximum Depth

Polston Applied Technologies adds downhole pumping capability

to a combination truck designed for especially big and tough cleaning jobs.
By Ted J. Rulseh

ON THE COVER: City of Scottsdale Water
Distribution Manager Ken Rock checks on a
new 2-inch water meter and transmitter at
The McCormick Scottsdale. The city has been
working to automate its meter reading
system in an effort to improve efficiency and
function. (Photography by Mark Henle)


for Durability

FNA Group updates Delco Cobalt Series to improve equipment longevity.

By Kyle Rogers




Your Hose Last Longer

Jetter hoses dont last forever, but you can prolong their life by following these tips.
By Ken Wysocky



to Get Technical

Freshen up your knowledge and discuss new technologies

at NASSCOs 41st Annual Conference.

By Ted DeBoda



PRODUCT FOCUS: Cleaning and Maintenance





By Craig Mandli

and Maintenance

By Craig Mandli

Product Spotlight: Hose adapter provides a secure connection.

By Kyle Rogers



People/Awards; Learning Opportunities; Calendar


WWETT Pre-Show, Pipeline Rehabilitation & Relining
F HUMAN SIDE: Future-Proof Your Career
F TECH CLOSE-UP: Deep Trekker launches
battery-operated crawler
F SEWER: Baton Rouge is beating SSOs

December 2016




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December 2016


Make sure you dont look back and regret not working harder,
or learning more, or finding a better way

ake the most of your opportunities. Grab ahold of the moment.

You never know if itll be your last.

One of my colleagues, Ed Wodalski, passed away in September at the age of 64. It was completely unexpected. He came home on a
Wednesday evening after officiating a high school football game, talked to
his wife and sat down to rest. He died of a massive heart attack a short while
later. Ed was the editor of Plumber magazine, and he handled all the
industry and product news in this publication.
It was an even bigger shock in October when a hockey buddy of mine
fell dead on the ice during a leisurely lunchtime skate. He was only a few
years older than me, and in better shape than I could ever hope to be.
That one really stopped me in my tracks.


Is Actively
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December 2016


(1 - 8 4 4 - 6 6 9-9 5 3 7 )


Luke Laggis

Its easy to look at your

job and think you can
put something off until
tomorrow, but what if
you dont get tomorrow?
Do you want your last day
to be spent making
excuses, ducking the
difficult tasks until a
better opportunity comes
along, or do you want
to get the job done?

Its easy to look at life and

think you still have a long way
to go. Im 42 years old, past the
halfway point of the average
American males life expectancy. Thats a harsh realization. If I dropped dead today,
most of my goals and dreams
would go unfulfilled. But I was
fortunate enough to wake up
today, and therein lies opportunity. Its easy to look at your
job and think you can put
something off until tomorrow,
but what if you dont get tomorrow? Do you want your last day
to be spent making excuses,
ducking the difficult tasks until
a better opportunity comes along, or do you want to get the job done?
Thankfully, opportunity is the yin to deaths yang. But unlike its fatal
cousin, you have to seek it. You have to find it and take advantage of it,
but its out there.
Recognizing opportunity and acting on it is the key to success. But I
think its also one of the keys to life. You cant just sit around waiting for
tomorrow, waiting for something to be given to you, for another chance
or better weather or some divine guidance. Every day presents a new
opportunity and its on you to make the most of it. And while there may
not be anything profound in that statement, its one of the greatest
You never know which call or idea might transform your utility. Transformative moments are never scripted. If you treat every job and every
day like its the most important, youll be able to take advantage and
reap the rewards when it is. Maybe more importantly, if that big break
never comes and you still keep working like its just around the corner,
youll be respected. Youll be an everyday hero to all the people youve
helped. And thats the kind of success you can be proud of when you
look back.
So embrace each day, and take full advantage of the opportunity it
presents. You never know when it could end, or where it might lead.
Enjoy this months issue. F

Interested Dealers please contact

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be directed to editor Luke Laggis, 800/257-7222;

December 2016
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Paint a duck or a fish

near storms drains with a


Boosts Wastewater
Work on
Puget Sound

message, This drain leads

to the ocean, and you may
be surprised that people
are actually looking down
and taking notice.

This past summer, scientists at

King County, Washington, launched
SoundGuardian, a 48-foot catamaran named loosely for the famous
Seattle band Soundgarden. The $2
million vessel has already let operators cut costs, increase service and
spend less time on the water while
boosting the regulatory compliance and monitoring programs of
the countys wastewater treatment

Does Public Outreach Reduce Impact?


Community Invests
in Downtown
Rhinelanders Future
The additional online coverage of
Augusts cover story, Rhinelander, Wisconsins Downtown Streetscape Project,
continues with this video profile featuring
some of the projects key players. The lead
engineer talks about the years of design
work needed before the water and sewer
upgrade could get underway, the citys
public works director notes the unique
obstacles workers encountered in centuryold infrastructure, and a local business owner in the heart of the
construction zone discusses how
hes coped.



Jetter Hose Replacement Can

Be Avoided With a Quick Fix
Given the harsh conditions jetters are put to work in,
its inevitable that over time operators will discover a
nick or cut on the hose. Even the smallest amount of
damage can quickly turn into a big problem under
high pressure, and jetter hose can be expensive so
sometimes complete replacement is not an ideal solution. Now youre looking at a repair. This online companion piece to this months Tech Talk feature about
jetter hose preventive maintenance covers those repair options.

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December 2016

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New Castle County collections crew

member Chuck Jones handles the controls
on a Vactor 2100 while cleaning a sewer
line. (Photography by James Robinson)


Delawares New Castle County finds a balance between

investment and savings as it bolsters collections system performance
By Kyle Rogers


n the late 1980s, New Castle County, Delaware, moved away from a reactive approach
to its sewer maintenance. But it took another
two decades, as well as a mandate from the EPA
and state regulators to rehab the oldest portion
of the collections system to combat chronic SSOs,
before those efforts really took off.
Now, SSOs are way down (about 82 percent
from the numbers a decade ago) and the utility
continues to make gains. Keys have been investing in new technologies even when equipment budgets are tight and effectively striking
a balance between in-house and contracted work.
With any change in our maintenance programs we want to do two things: save money and
increase system performance, says Rob Roff, operations services manager for the Environmental
Operations Division, which heads up collections
system maintenance.
Constantly trying to meet those two objectives
has allowed the utility to not just avoid a reactive
mentality, but also fully embrace the idea of taking a proactive approach. Important, says Roff,


New Castle County,

December 2016

because getting on top of todays collections system issues doesnt mean New Castle Countys work
is over. The utility must anticipate future issues.
It just never stops, he says.

A multifaceted approach
Delaware is one of the smallest states in the
country and is made up of only three counties.
That doesnt mean the utility of New Castle County
has it easy though. Of those three counties, it is
the most populous with 550,000 people. The utility maintains a 1,700-mile collections system with
169 pump stations and 44,000 manholes. Pipe
ranges from 6 to 84 inches in diameter. A team
of 54, including Roff and superintendent Bob
Richardson, make up the division that maintains
the gravity collections system.
The sewer maintenance philosophy was reactive for many years, but the utility began taking
a more proactive approach in the late 1980s. The
first initiative was a regular cleaning program.
We had a large investment in equipment
and people to make that happen, Roff says. We





1,700 miles of pipe ranging from 6 to

84 inches; 169 pump stations; 44,000

$7.8 million

Even though weve had to absorb a

flat budget, the goal is still to get
positive results, so a focus has been
improvements in technology all the
way down to nozzle technology.
Rob Roff
took the system and cut it into 400 service areas
and assigned them a cleaning frequency, anywhere from six months to five years. That dra(continued)

With any change in our maintenance programs we want to

do two things: save money and increase system performance.
Rob Roff
matically changed the way we did business, but
it also moved things in the right direction as far
as system performance.
The cleaning program was a step in the right
direction, but it wasnt enough. New Castle
County suffered from SSOs, particularly in the
northernmost and oldest part of its system. A mandate from regulators came down
around 2007 to rehab that area (known as the
Brandywine Hundred) and lower the number
of SSOs. The order included cleaning a minimum of 500 miles of pipe per year, launching
dedicated chemical root control and trunkline
maintenance programs, and developing a more
enhanced CCTV inspection program.
The new initiatives have helped. In 2008, not
long after the programs were put into place, there
were 89 SSOs. In 2015 there were 16.

Stretching resources
Much of the work associated with the mandated programs is contracted out. For example,
Dukes Root Control handles the chemical root
control program for New Castle County. Roff says
its been a challenge smoothly integrating that
work alongside the utilitys in-house programs.
Its a big enough challenge coordinating a
preventive maintenance cleaning program and
we now have almost 1,000 different sewer sheds
we clean but then you throw in things like a
root control program, and we have to track all
that work too and make sure people dont end
up in the same place on the same day. Theres a
lot of coordination, Roff says.
The utilitys Cityworks software has helped on
that front. But having outside contractors involved
has also maximized all the in-house cleaning efforts.


December 2016

For example, our crews

used to go into different neighborhoods and mechanically
root cut an average of once a
year, Roff says. After we
brought on the dedicated
chemical root control program
and put those neighborhoods
into it, we were able to take the
crews that would root cut for
Top left: Al Toto monitors water pressure and flow from a Vactor
days on end and move them
jetting truck while flushing a sewer main. Above: Camera
operators Kwamane Finch (left) and Gary Guillotte prepare to
to different parts of the system
send a camera down to inspect a sewer line.
we were perhaps having a hard
time getting to so we could stay
on schedule with our cleaning.
ies New Castle County has done with the SL-RAT
(Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool) from InfoStretching resources as much as possible has
Sense for the past year. In previous years, the utilbeen important because despite all the various proity would clean every inch of a sewer shed as it
grams in place, funding has been limited. In 2008,
came up on the schedule. Whats been learned
the sewer maintenance divisions operating budget
though, Roff says, is that some portions of pipe
was increased in order to absorb the new programs.
in a sewer shed may not even need a cleaning
The intent of government officials was to gradually
when its turn comes up. The utility is exploring
allocate even more funds to those programs in the
how to use the SL-RAT ahead of a cleaning cycle
following years, but that never materialized, Roff
in order to eliminate cleaning some lines and
says. Budgets have stayed flat.
ultimately cover more ground more effectively.
Were always looking at saving money and
So far were seeing positive results and realstretching resources further, he says. The chemizing that we could save a lot of time by not cleanical root control program is a good example of
ing every line, Roff says. Its about 25 percent
that because it frees up our in-house cleaning crews
that doesnt have to be cleaned in older systems,
to go into other areas and help keep the cleaning
to as high as 50 or 60 percent in newer systems.
schedule on track, but theres also been a dramatic
The question is how do we incorporate this and
drop in root-related SSOs and mainline stoppages.
calculate the savings. Weve overcome a big hurIf were going to the same neighborhood every
dle with the EPA and our state regulator. They
year to root cut and now all of a sudden we dont
now view the SL-RAT analysis as contributing to
have to go to that neighborhood except every three
our 500-miles-per-year cleaning requirement.
to four years, thats dramatically changing the landWeve proven to them that the pipe is free-flowscape of how we do business.
ing. Well probably still stick with actually cleanAnother example is the series of pilot stud(continued)

Camera operator Gary Guillotte runs an inspection from the control room of the CUES-equipped CCTV van using Cobra Touch software.

ing 500 miles a year, but with the SL-RAT

evaluation well be reaching more of the overall
collections system. Again, its about stretching
our in-house resources further.

Tech investment
Bringing in new tools and technology like
the SL-RAT is another key component to New
Castle Countys attempts to maximize results with

existing resources.
Even though weve had to absorb a relatively
flat budget, the goal is still to get positive results,
so a focus has been improvements in technology
all the way down to nozzle technology, Roff says.
To that end, the utility has started to invest
more in anti-blowback nozzles from Enz USA.
We were hesitant at first when we heard about
them, but the more we read up on them, it seemed

Cleaning cant cure all ills. New Castle Countys aggressive sewer
maintenance program has been complemented over the last decade by the
Brandywine Hundred Sewer Rehabilitation project.
The Brandywine rehab is part of the original state order that some of
our maintenance programs are under, but all that work is under the
engineering division, says Rob Roff, operations services manager for the
Environmental Operations Division. Its been a very aggressive evaluation
and rehab of the upper collections system.
That upper area of New Castle County, the Brandywine Hundred, is
home to the countys oldest underground infrastructure, much of it
deteriorating vitrified clay contributing a lot of I&I to the collections
system. Phase One, which wrapped up in 2014, focused on the most critical
areas. A second phase is currently underway taking care of areas not in as

like it might work, Richardson says. We bought

one nozzle and took it to an area notorious for
blowbacks. After using that nozzle we didnt have
one blowback or complaint. Now were investing
more in them.
Roff notes that its a major investment, but
the payoff is huge because nobody likes to take
phone calls about blowbacks.
Service to the customer comes first, he says.

dire a need for repair but still contributing measurable I&I to the system.
Theres been a lot of trenchless technology used when possible such
as pipe lining, and some replacement as needed for capacity or structural
reasons, Roff says. As that program has gone forward in the last 10 years,
the system performance has gotten better, which benefits us maintenancewise. Now that there are lined pipes up there, weve been able to switch
the cleaning frequencies of those neighborhoods. Where we used to go in
once a year to prevent issues, weve been able to flip to cleaning every
three years. The Brandywine rehab is separate as far as whats done in our
division, but it all benefits us in the end. It all works together.
That trickle-down benefit from pipe rehab to maintenance will
continue in New Castle County.
A fair amount of pipe has been addressed as part of Brandywine, but
there are other parts of the system getting older, says Roff. It will be
important to stay on top of things and keep up our system performance,
whether thats through regular maintenance or rehab.

Every time new development happens it changes the characteristics of

your system. I think thats where we need to try to get ahead of the game.
We at least have to have a system in place to keep it in check.
Rob Roff
I think sometimes equipment operators tend to
have a favorite nozzle. Its gotten them out of a
jam in the past maybe and they would probably
sleep with it under their pillow if they could. But
were trying to get out of that mentality of using
one nozzle for all our cleaning and embracing
newer ones that have more specific uses.
A limited budget makes equipment upgrades a
challenge. For New Castle County, it isnt about one
large investment, but rather smaller ones over time.
Its just a matter of prioritizing purchases,
and we do a lot of phasing in, Roff says. We
started with one Enz nozzle to see how it would
work and got very good results. We cant outfit
all our people in one year, so you just have to
decide where youre going to spend the money.
We do the phase-in approach and buy a certain
amount of nozzles each year.

opening. Every time new development happens

it changes the characteristics of your system. I
think thats where we need to try to get ahead of
the game. We at least have to have a system in
place to keep it in check.
As they have been up to this point in all of

New Castle Countys proactive sewer maintenance

efforts, the answers to the FOG problem will likely
be driven by a combination of both savings and
system performance.
The goal is to not have a mainline stoppage or
SSO because of grease, but its also to limit resources
to accomplish that, Roff says. I feel like we need
to take a hard look at it and apply the same philosophies weve had in the past: What are we doing
wrong and what can we do better? Then hopefully
in a couple years well see a return on that. F

A foggy future
The next major issue Roff anticipates taking
on is FOG. Currently, his division maintains a list
of hot spots that receive regular cleanings. CCTV
inspections have helped gauge the rate of buildup
in those areas, and action is taken accordingly,
whether that means more frequent cleanings or
fixing the underlying problem, such as a pipe sag.
Grease additives are used in the sewer jetter trucks,
and grease-eating bacteria are used in about 70
drop sites throughout the county. Still, Roff says
its an issue New Castle County needs to get ahead
We still have a fair amount of development
in New Castle County, he says. Our largest mall
just had an expansion. Restaurants are always


(See ad page 31)

Dukes Root
Control, Inc.
(See ad page 11)

Enz USA, Inc.


InfoSense Inc.
(See ad page 25)

Trio Vision LLC

dba Cobra Tech
(See ad page 23)

Vactor Manufacturing
(See ad page 3)

(See ad page 51)

December 2016



From baby boomers to Generation Y, a mix of generations can create
workplace tensions as well as opportunities
By Ken Wysocky

We invite readers to offer

ideas for this regular column,
designed to help municipal and
utility managers deal with day-today people issues like motivation,
team building, recognition and
interpersonal relationships.
Feel free to share your secrets
for building and maintaining a
cohesive, productive team. Or
ask a question about a specific
issue on which you would like
advice. Call editor Luke Laggis
at 800/257-7222, or email

it dont pretend that these issues dont exist, she explains. You need
to get things out in the open and talk about them. Give each group
opportunities to shine. Proactively talk about their differences so theyre
not hidden away and people only whisper about them in break rooms.
One key to breaking down barriers is understanding why employees from
various generations have different preferences for things, such as communication methods. Truth be told, the more efficient a method of communication is (texting for example), the less effective it can be. A text or email, for
instance, is fast, but it can sound blunt even though the sender didnt intend
to be blunt, says Brownlee. And conversely, the more effective the mode of
communication, the less efficient it is (such as more time-consuming face-toface meetings), though the content is generally richer, she notes.
Furthermore, younger employees who arent used to verbal communication often associate a visit from a manager for a face-to-face talk as an
escalation of an issue, when in fact its just the manYoure always better off with a more diverse team working on a project.
agers preferred method of communicating. NoneIt just requires more communication and a more proactive approach to
theless, since people typically default to their
ensure everyone can work together harmoniously.
preferred method of communicating, it helps to
Dana Brownlee
understand not only what communication methods employees prefer, but why they prefer them. That creates context, which
employees want the kinds of perks like flexible work schedules and quick
helps avoid misunderstandings, she notes.
promotions that older workers earned only after years on the job, which
Relationship-building is also important because weak relationships probreeds resentment and its close cousin, jealousy.
mote weak communication. To foster such relationships, managers should
In addition, general stereotypes commonly held by each of these
proactively break up cliques and put employees from different generations
cohorts millennials are self-entitled and technology-obsessed, for
on the same teams, starting with non-work-related projects, such as a team
instance, while boomers are stubbornly resistant to change and unwilllunch or a birthday celebration. If you promote relationships between peoing to learn new things add even more fuel to the fire. As such, its no
ple who dont normally interact, they develop a more comfortable cocoon
wonder that managers these days often feel like interpreters on the conwhere they can ask questions and be more honest about things, Brownlee
struction site of the Tower of Babel, toiling to calm this roiling mass of
points out. Then the barriers start to come down.
conflicting languages (perceptions, miscommunications and work styles)
Its also important for employees to fully understand the unspoken
and get everyone working together toward common goals.
expectations and protocols that make up the corporate cultures in which
A lot of companies and organizations are struggling with this, says Dana
they work. That could include everything from how employees dress to
Brownlee, the owner of Professionalism Matters (www.professionalism
never talking to your bosss boss about problems until youve first spoken, a corporate-training consulting firm. Its all about different
to your boss, Brownlee says. As an example, maybe you develop ground
perspectives and paradigms that tend to create disconnects.
rules for meetings, she suggests. No meetings on Fridays after noon and
So does fixing these generation gaps fall under the category of mission
any meeting longer than two hours must include food. Meetings longer
impossible? Not at all, says Brownlee, who has more than 20 years of corthan three hours need to also include beer.
porate-training experience. The main thing I suggest is dont hide from

ts not uncommon these days for workplaces to include three distinct generations of employees rubbing elbows in cubicles, offices and meeting
rooms nationwide: baby boomers (born from 1948 to 1963), Generation
Xers (1964 to 1978) and Generation Yers (also known as millennials, 1979 to
1991). As if this unprecedented mix of age groups isnt enough, the next cohort
already dubbed Generation Z is preparing to enter the workforce, too.
The upshot of this mosh pit of generations is very disparate views on
communication styles, workplace protocols, life/work balance, best-management practices and a host of other issues fraught with potential for tension and misunderstandings. Some employees favor old-fashioned face-to-face
meetings to communicate, while others shun them in favor of texts and
emails, for example. Older workers usually prefer following well-established
chain-of-command hierarchies, while younger ones have no problem with
going directly to their managers supervisor for help. In other cases, younger


December 2016

Other examples can include avoiding the use of all capital letters or
exclamation points in emails or asking for permission to take a day off at
least three days in advance. Try to steer people toward behaviors that are
more palatable to everyone, she advises. Any time you can be more explicit
about expectations, it removes the potential for tension and conflict.
For older employees, job training can ease fears and anxiety about new
technologies and ideas. Thats helpful in instances where theres a generational divide in how employees work to achieve the same goal. For example, a team assigned to perform customer surveys may be split between
younger employees who prefer to use newer tools, such as SurveyMonkey,
and older employees whod rather stick with focus groups. Theres a good
chance the older employees will shut down because theyre now moving
into a space where they no longer feel comfortable, she observes. That
can be a big deal a huge barrier.
But in the end, a multi-generational workplace doesnt always have to
be a hotbed of dissent. In fact, diverse perspectives and viewpoints can make
organizations stronger. Sure, its easier to manage a homogenous group,
Brownlee explains. But that doesnt mean youll get the best product or
service. Youre always better off with a more diverse team working on a project. It just requires more communication and a more proactive approach
to ensure everyone can work together harmoniously.
In addition, older employees can provide younger, less-experienced
employees with valuable perspectives and insights about how the industries
in which they work have changed over the years, or how customer bases have
evolved. They can also offer advice about the best ways to successfully approach
various employees about assorted issues. Conversely, younger employees can
help older workers feel more comfortable with new technologies and ideas.
Theres tons of information to share on either end of the generational spectrum, Brownlee says. In most cases, diversity is a great thing. F

December 2016



Polston Applied Technologies adds downhole pumping capability
to a combination truck designed for especially big and tough cleaning jobs
By Ted J. Rulseh


Model PAT 934

Combination3 truck

Polston Applied Technologies


For large-diameter pipe,

digesters, grit chambers,
lift stations, ponds, lagoons,
and other potentially
hard-to-clean facilities

Stand-alone cleaning system

for downhole pumping

ombination trucks are reliable workhorses used for years in wastewater tank and pipe cleaning. Still, some big jobs call for more
capability than jetting and vacuum can deliver.
Polston Applied Technologies has developed what it calls Combination3
(as in cubed) technology for such applications. Besides jetting and
vacuum, the Model PAT 934 truck carries downhole pumping capability.
The truck is designed as a stand-alone cleaning system for large-diameter pipe, digesters, grit chambers, lift stations, ponds, lagoons, and other
potentially hard-to-clean facilities. Built on a Western Star 4900 chassis, it
delivers up to 470 hp and a 4,500 cfm Roots blower with cyclone.
One Hammelmann water pump
can deliver high-pressure water at
125 gpm. The self-retracting
hydraulic hose reel can carry 500
feet of high-pressure hose; the
water tank carries 1,000 gallons. A
6-inch hydraulic submersible downhole pump (PAT) can move up to
1,800 gpm. The trucks hydraulic
knuckle-boom crane rotates 180
degrees to enable cleaning in hardto-reach places.
The company offers the truck as
a service and not for sale. Denver
Stutler, Polston CEO, talked about
the technology in an interview with
Municipal Sewer & Water.

What is the basic advantage of

this technology?
Stutler: To the traditional jetter
and vacuum we add the downhole system, which makes us like a dredge on
wheels. For large treatment plants in the range of 10 to 20 mgd, its a threein-one tool, like a Swiss Army knife. It provides on a single chassis all the tools
needed and the ability to clean systems while they remain in operation. Having one truck that can perform multiple functions reduces mobilization and
demobilization, and limits the amount of equipment on site. It makes big
jobs simpler.

The model PAT 934 jet/vac truck from Polston Applied Technologies features

How does the downhole pumping

contribute to the performance of this
Stutler: Vacuum technology
involves only suction of the water.
You can only suck one atmosphere.
If you are trying to vacuum water
and sand, the vacuum is going to
pick up the water, because its
lighter, and its going to fill the tank
with water before it fills with sand.
Our experience shows that a slurry
can be pumped faster than it can
be vacuumed in most cases. In fact,
when we deploy the downhole
pump, we can move material up to
10 times faster than a vacuum.

What market challenges were you

Can you give a practical example
Combination3 technology for downhole pumping and difficult cleaning jobs.
aiming to address in developing this
of how this system works?
Stutler: Lets consider pipe. Theres a million miles of wastewater
Stutler: We saw wet environments that were being cleaned inefficiently
collection pipe in the United States, and 8 to 10 percent of that is largewith equipment that wasnt built for the task. We addressed problems that
diameter pipe, 36 inches and above. The debris in those pipes is submerged.
until now did not have truly viable solutions. For example, there are thouWe can clean those pipes while the water is still in them, without bypassing
sands of rural wastewater treatment plants that can never shut down. Our
the system. We put our high-pressure jets under the water and push the
technology can perform in surcharged conditions, allowing the facilities to
debris to a manhole. Then we put our downhole pump on top of the debris
remain online during cleaning, and with no need for bypass pumping. That
and pump it to the surface as a slurry. Were not pulling it to the truck as
saves time and money. We also restore the capacity of those facilities and
with vacuum. Were pushing it to the truck. Then our process separates
extend the life of their structures.
the solids from the liquid.


December 2016

Happy Holidays From AllUsOfAt NozzTeq

Recycle Water Friendly
C-Ray 400




BL Swiper

C-Ray 800

Jaws 100








Ice Bear

75 series




Equipment Engineered for

Long Lasting Performance


Taking Science to the Sewer!


What is the pumping capacity of this truck?

Stutler: The hydraulic system has the capacity to run one pump, rated
at 1,800 gpm.
How does the sound level of this equipment compare with other technologies?
Stutler: In the downhole pumping mode, its extremely quiet under
70 dBA at a distance of 50 feet so we can clean in residential neighborhoods and other noise sensitive surroundings. In the city of Orlando, Florida, we worked at night cleaning thousands of feet of large-diameter pipe,
without even one noise complaint.
How does this vehicle serve large facilities that require significant reach?
Stutler: We have a dripless extending tube system that has up to 34 feet
of reach. We found after doing considerable analysis that the reach we have
accommodates a large percentage of the market we serve. However, we are
looking at even longer reaches.
What has your company done to raise awareness of this technology?
Stutler: We built our first prototype in 2012, and in 2013 we did a seeing is believing tour featuring demonstrations. We started a service company proving the technology worked. Weve had to roll up our sleeves and
show that we can perform. In 2014, we strengthened and expanded our
organization, built another truck, and began doing actual work and solving problems. Our reputation grew by word-of-mouth.
Looking ahead, where do you see your company focusing to achieve growth?
Stutler: Were focused on applications where vacuum alone is not able
to perform successfully. We dont profess to be a panacea. We profess to solve
specific problems that others traditionally have not solved. The market appears
to have embraced our vision, because our trucks are constantly busy. F

December 2016



Scottsdale Water crew member John Flores

installs a new 8-inch valve near Sahuaro
Drive and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard in
Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photography by
Mark Henle)

Multiple technologies and well-planned upgrades
are moving Scottsdales metering program into the future



220,000 (89,000 meters)


185 square miles


pdating 89,000 meters across a large service area with extremely variable terrain
isnt a simple task.
The City of Scottsdale, Arizonas municipal
water utility, Scottsdale Water, is working hard
to get its automated metering system program
on track for success. The program needs to select
meters that work effectively, provide predictable savings and ensure that meter-reading staff
can make the transition, says Ken Rock, water
distribution manager.
December 2016



By Peter Kenter


Scottsdale Water,
Scottsdale, Arizona

In the desert, water conservation is critical.

The city relies on multiple water sources, including 27 groundwater wells and three sources of
surface water: the Verde and Salt rivers, and the
Central Arizona Project, which diverts water from
the Colorado River. The city also injects advanced
treated wastewater into recharge wells to bolster
groundwater. The citys 23 golf courses are supplied with raw and recycled water.
Customers depend on more than 2,100 miles
of pipe ranging from 6 to 66 inches in diameter.


Water, 2,105 miles; sewer, 1,421 miles


(water and sewer): $85 million


American Water Works Association,

Water Environment Federation, Arizona
Municipal Water Utilities Association

Sonar Long Line

Available up to 6000 ft

Fast, User Friendly

PACP Software
Custom Built
Vehicles, Trailers, ATVs

Portable Steerable Crawlers System
Manhole Camera
Jet Cam

LACP Certified
Touch Screen
Quick Easy Entry
Grout Inspections
PACP Exporting

Inspection Reports
with grading
Pipe Graphic Report
Image Report
Cobra View Export
Affordable Upgrade
to GIS, Asset
Management Modules

Other Available Systems:

Rental Vehicles, Monthly or Yearly
Used Vehicles for Purchase
Used Inspection Vehicles
Used Grout Trucks

Used Lateral Inspection Systems

PACP Certified Software and
Hardware for Rent

Contact our sales department at: 800-443-3716

Cobra Technologies is an authorized installer for

the Schwalm Robotic Cutter system. Integrated
Solutions utilizing the Cobra mainline system for
a dual purpose inspection and Schwalm cutting/
lining ready vehicle.

Made in the USA


Covering 185 square miles is a lot

for a city of 220,000. Our lowest
customer is at 188 feet above sea level,
while the highest customers are
more than half a mile higher.

Scottsdale Water crew members John

Flores (left) and Oscar Gonzalez help
expose a water main for the installation
of a new valve.

Ken Rock

Kim Little of CSW

Contractors (left)
discusses work on a
24-inch water main
with Scottsdale Water
Distribution Manager
Ken Rock.

The system is relatively young, with the majority

of pipes less than 40 years old.
Transmission mains are most commonly made
of steel-reinforced concrete, which holds up
against corrosive desert soils. The oldest distribution pipe is cast iron, while newer sections are
made of PVC, asbestos cement and ductile iron.
A lot of pipe went in during the early 2000s,
when the city was growing fast, Rock says. Bedding issues, not quality of pipe, is probably our biggest source of failures. Ductile is our preferred pipe
replacement material. Properly bedded, it has lots
of structural integrity. We protect it on the outside
with poly bags and keep our Langelier index slightly


December 2016

positive so we dont have internal corrosion.

A youthful water system

Rock rates Scottsdale among the top 2 percent
of cities for pipe condition. The city fields an active
pipe replacement program, allocating $10 to $15
million per year to the most problematic areas,
including the oldest cast iron pipes and failed PVC
installations. The utility also targets pipes located
on easements along the backs of properties.
Servicing those pipes and meters can range
from problematic to nearly impossible, Rock says.
We move those pipes from back easements to
street easements.

Pipe replacement projects are generally

designed or reviewed in-house, but completed
by outside contractors. Leak repair is handled by
in-house repair crews.
Scottsdales size and terrain are another
Covering 185 square miles is a lot for a city
of 220,000, Rock says. Our lowest customer is
at 1,188 feet above sea level, while the highest
customers are more than half a mile higher. That
results in 146 hydraulic grade levels, 18 pressure
zones, more than 700 pressure-reducing valves,
48,000 main valves and 11,000 hydrants. Even
exercising the valves every three years according
to our program is a challenge.

Automated savings
Automating the meter reading system across
the entire city is part of an effort to seek economy while improving function. The utility has
considered three types of technology:
Automated meter reading (AMR) for driveby reading service extra costs associated
with AMR include a wired register and
encoder-receiver-transmitter (ERT). It generally employs the same utility box lid.
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
information is received at home base, so no
meter readers are used. Requires a wired



Inspect More, Clean Better



screen for
with no
flow contact
Screen 2+ miles per day
Low cost: 5 to 15 per foot
Simple integration with GIS
Highly portable and easy to operate



December 2016


Oscar Gonzalez steadies a new valve while John Flores uses a Lowell ratchet to snug up a
flange before installation.

register and a special ERT (also compatible

with AMR), towers, software and new plastic box cover.
Advanced meter analytics (AMA) requires
a wired register, new endpoint and lid. It
requires no meter readers, but relies on
existing cell towers and requires a subscription contract to transmit information.
Parts of the city were already covered by AMR
and AMI technology. The utility also tested AMA.
The most valuable AMI and AMA systems
have two-way communication capability that would
let us provide information to customers or allow
them to access the information themselves, Rock
says. Our test of several AMI and AMA systems
revealed that they worked effectively, even in areas
offering poor cellular coverage. On a cell phone,
a text will work even when a call cant be com-

pleted and the meters send out signals like a text.

AMI incorporates dedicated repeaters and collectors. However, the capital and operating costs
of AMA are significantly higher than AMI.

The middle road

Rather than wait for the perfect marriage of
price and technology, or replacing all of the meters
at once, Scottsdale chose a middle ground. By converting over several years, the program wouldnt
divert capital resources from main replacement.
We are hoping that during the transition
either AMA will become less expensive or AMI
might become advanced enough that we could
go to two-way customer communication without
towers, Rock says.
The smart meter program began with AMR
in the north part of the city, which is home to


Meter readers opening a utility box in Scottsdale, Arizona, can face a
host of surprises native to the Sonoran desert rattlesnakes, tarantulas,
scorpions and centipedes looking for relief from the sun. Antelope
squirrels also chew on wire insulation, and dig through the earthen floors,
heaping dirt on top of meters.
Rattlesnakes get in through the same holes made by the squirrels, says
Ken Rock, water distribution manager, City of Scottsdale Water Resources.
Some meter readers wear rattlesnake guards on their lower legs, but they
typically open and close the box lid before a coiled rattlesnake can strike.
Reading up to 400 meters per day, meter readers must often clear
squirrel backfill. However, scuffing away dirt scratches meter lenses,
making them harder to read.


December 2016

Flores helps guide the valve into place as

Gonzalez stands by to help connect it to an
8-inch water main.

thousands of thinly-spread, large estates.

That area was one of the catalysts for establishing the program, Rock says. Its too far to
walk between houses, but even with a jeep it
involved nothing but getting in and out of the
vehicle to walk to the meter. The area is very hilly,
so you would need a lot of transmitter-receivers
to provide connectivity. But the homeowners associations wont allow for any towers, including
streetlights and traffic lights. When we had to put
up a pump station, we had to camouflage the
communication tower as a Saguaro cactus. That
cuts out AMI, so we decided to convert the north
part of the city to drive-by AMR.
In the southern part of the city, where houses
are closer together, the potential savings for AMR
and AMI were narrower.

The city reckons that the cost of slower reads, meter servicing and
damage in 5,000 affected boxes was adding up to about $17,000 a year.
Field personnel were empowered to develop their own solution to
the problem and devised the critter barrier made of steel window
screens. They cut the screen with scissors and mold the screens to fit
under the meters, says Rock. They then tape the screen to the walls of
the interior or exterior of the box.
The department improved on the design with the addition of Soiltac
by Soilworks, a nontoxic polymer that solidifies dirt so that squirrels are
discouraged from digging. Meters found filled with dirt are emptied using
a vacuum truck. Soiltac is applied and the screens are added in about 15
minutes at a material cost of about $3 per box.
Our people still find it easy to break the Soiltac with tools for meter
work or replacement, says Rock.

Recent data concerning low water levels in Lake

Mead on the Colorado River suggest water restrictions could affect Scottsdale at some future date.
Arizona has secondary priority for water from
the Colorado River, so wed feel a shortage first,
Rock says. If that happened, a more comprehensive CIS informed by daily meter information
would be a tremendous advantage for the utility
and customers who could actively monitor water
use and be alerted within 24 hours of a leak. Savings in operating costs are what lead most utilities to go to smart meters, but I think that the
new driver could be to optimize water consump-

tion, and giving customers the controls and knowledge to do that for themselves. F


Badger Meter, Inc.


Lowell Corporation

Introducing The RST Helix

Advanced Manhole Survey System
Increase System Performance and
Dramatically Lower Your Costs!

But these systems can be competitive with

walking, Rock says. We tested a couple of AMR
and AMI systems and ended up going with one
that could be switched to either system using the
same ERT. The important calculation is to amortize the cost of the meter over the service lifetime
of the ERT. New ERT batteries are good for 20
years, and our research indicated that we could
count on our Badger meters for at least 15 years
because of their durability and accuracy over time,
even with high-volume users. We married new
ERTs to new meters to reduce service replacement costs by creating a system where we would
replace both units simultaneously, making automated reading the competitive choice.

The RST Helix is our latest innovation to increase

efficiency and lower costs for municipalities.
This ground-breaking system can complete a scan
in under a minute and can easily survey 50 or
more manholes a day. Along with this dramatic
manpower saving, the RST Helix delivers an unprecedented level of detail to help you head off
dangerous structural failures plus source inflow
and infiltration from surface and ground water.
Fast and . . .
As Easy As 1,2,3!

A gradual retrofit
Additionally, all existing meters three years
or younger will be retrofitted with an ERT. The
citys oldest meters, dating back to before 2000,
will be gradually replaced by new meters paired
with new ERTs.
Under this plan, by 2023 the entire city will
be covered by some sort of automated metering
system, Rock says. By then, our oldest smart
meter installations will be 15 years old, and ready
for replacement. This will maintain a relatively
smooth staff workload and budget outlay.
The utility also considered the impact of AMS
on its current meter readers. Over the seven-year
conversion period, some staff members would
leave through attrition.
That also gives the remaining employees the
option to achieve the certification necessary to
join the growing team that performs repairs,
installations and replacements of meters and
ERTs, says Rock. Until we get all of the AMS
completed well still need meter readers to run
routes and make customer service visits. Even
with a full two-way Customer Information System, you never eliminate the need for customer
service and meter component maintenance.

1. Operate from a CCTV

truck, pick up, or ATV for
limited access challenges.
2. Press Start Scan. The
process is fully automated
or can be run manually.

Field Tested & Delivering Results

I can say with absolutely no exaggeration
that our production with the Helix had our
clients immediately as excited as we were!
- Chris MacDonald, Empipe (contractor)


Demonstrations/Sales: 800.767.1974

3. Capture every detail

in 2D and 3D while your
operator remains safe and
monitors progress on a
tablet or laptop.
Data can be viewed in
the field or wirelessly sent
to the office so you can
complete the assessment at
any time.

Six Color Cameras

Panoramic Imagery

3D Point Cloud Accuracy

December 2016



FNA Group updates Delco Cobalt Series
to improve equipment longevity
By Kyle Rogers

he Delco Cobalt Pressure

Washer from FNA Group
is built to last, with several upgrades aimed at improving
equipment durability. The company showcased the machine at
the 2016 Water & Wastewater
Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show.
A unit that will typically last
someone five to seven years is now
going to probably last 10 years
plus, says Alan Greer, manager
of product engineering for FNA
Group. These features are just
going to make the machine stronger and better.
The Delco Cobalt Series has
been a staple of FNA Groups
The latest version of the Delco Cobalt Pressure Washer from FNA Group features a universal mounting system
product line for years, but the
and several updates designed to make the machine stronger and more durable. (Photo courtesy of FNA Group)
2016 version features more than
Industrial power washing makes up a significant portion of the market
just one update. The portable skid system now has a lighter-weight, powfor the Delco Cobalt Series, but the hot-water capability of the machine also
der-coated tubular steel frame, an automatic electronic ignition burner
opens up the sewer jetting market, which is why FNA Group chose to attend
system, a panel-mounted NEMA 4X electrical enclosure, belt-driven pumps,
the WWETT Show. Alongside ideas produced by engineers in-house, FNA
stainless steel double-insulated coil enclosure, stainless steel float tank,
Group takes customer feedback into account when making design upgrades,
and an axial alignment system. Durability and longevity are the principles
and the WWETT Show provides an opportunity to hear from the people
behind the design changes. Take the new axial alignment system.
using the machine, Greer says.
That allows the pump to stay lined up perpendicular to the engine
Its very helpful to us to know whether were building it right or wrong,
shaft so you get improved belt wear, Greer says. It makes maintenance
or we just need to add a few things, Greer says. And it also gives us that
easier for the end user.
little bit different perspective from other types of users because in the
The updated model also features a universal mounting system. There
case of the Delco Cobalt its typically used in the pressure washing indusare three frame-mounting configurations to the base assembly, which allows
try. The customer feedback from the WWETT Show industry people has
for better installation, whether it be a van or a trailer or pickup, Greer says.
helped us develop that hot-water side for sewer jetting because it can be
Theres better flexibility for installation.
a multiuse machine.
Options for the twin-cylinder engine include Kohler, Vanguard and
The engineering team did a good job of addressing issues with the
Honda. Pump options include Comet, General Pump and Cat. The stanmachine and adding some new features. It will increase the longevity of the
dard models typically produce 5.5 gpm at 3,500 psi or 4 gpm at 4,000 psi,
operation of the machine. 847/348-1500; F
with hot-water capabilities. It comes with a heavy-duty spray gun and wand,
high-pressure hose and quick-connect nozzles.


December 2016




100' to

2" to 24"

1,500 to
5,000 PSI

2 to
30 GPM






Cam Spray
520 Brooks Rd., Iowa Falls, IA 50126
Toll Free: 800-648-5011 Phone: 641-648-5011 Fax: 641-648-5013
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Email: Website:

Electric Eel Mfg.

501 W. Leffel Ln., Springfield, OH 45501
Toll Free: 800-833-1212 Fax: 937-323-3767



100' to

1" to 8"

1,500 to
3,000 PSI

1.7 to
4.7 GPM



30' to 400'/
25' to 150'

2" to 10" /
1 1/4" to

1,500 to
3,000 PSI

2 to 12

300' to

4" to 60"

2,000 to
4,000 PSI

12 to
80 GPM

Email: Website:

General Pipe Cleaners

1101 Thompson Ave. , McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Toll Free: 800-245-6200 Phone: 412-771-6300 Fax: 412-771-2771
Email: Website:

See ad page 57

7401 First Place, Cleveland, OH 44146

Toll Free: 800-362- 0240 Phone: 440-646-0996 Fax: 440-646-9953


Email: Website:

MyTana Mfg. Co. Inc.

746 Selby Ave., St. Paul, MN 55404
Toll Free: 800-328-8170 Phone: 651-222-1738 Fax: 651-222-1739
See ad page 43


Email: Website:


50' to
1 1/2' to 10'/
1,500 to
250'/ 50'
1 1/2" to
3,000 PSI
to 150'

2 to 8

NozzTeq, Inc.
1949 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 33765
See ad page 21

Toll Free: 866-620-5915 Phone: 603-413-6583 Fax: 603-413-6744


Up to 200'

3" to 8"

2,000 to
5,000 PSI

15 to
80 GPM


50' to 550'

1 1/2" to

1,200 to
7,000 PSI

2 to
22 GPM

Email: Website:

Water Cannon, Inc. - MWBE

4300 West Lake Mary Blvd., Units 1010-424, Lake Mary, FL 32746-2449
Toll Free: 800-333-9274 Phone: 321-800-5763 Fax: 888-928-9274
See ads pages 57, 58


December 2016

Email: Website:

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GraniteNet is the next generation Condition Assessment

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December 2016




Jetter hoses dont last forever,
but you can prolong their life by following these tips
By Ken Wysocky

ow long will a typical jetter hose

last? Answering that question
is as easy as trying to estimate
when a jetters pump will break down.
A hose is meant to be a consumable its not going to last forever,
says Bernie Hengels, a marketing official at United Environmental Manufacturing Supply Inc./Hose and Televising
(UEMSI/HTV), a national distributor
of jetter hoses. We always say its like a
set of tires in a car. A teenager can ruin
a set of tires in one night, just as an operator who improperly uses a hose can
tear one up in just a day.
Bob Glick, product specialist at Piranha Hose Products, agrees.
Theres no hard and fast rule for how
long a hose will last, he says. Unfortunately, because of the harsh environment
theyre subjected to, operators often dont
know what theyre getting into and
you can destroy a hose the first time you
put it down a pipe.
Theres no hard and fast rule for how long a hose will last.
On the other hand, there are simple
Unfortunately, because of the harsh environment theyre subjected to,
and relatively inexpensive things you can
operators often dont know what theyre getting into and you can destroy
do to prolong the life of your hose. First
a hose the first time you put it down a pipe.
and foremost: Shield your hose from sharp
edges on things like manholes and corru Bob Glick
gated pipes by using a protective sleeve
called a tigertail. Hengels says UEMSI/HTV manufactures a specific product
haps between a doorjamb and a door. In any case, the tigertail stays in one
trademarked as Tyger Tail, but workers in the waterjetting industry often generplace while the jetter hose moves through it, unimpeded by any sharp edges.
ically call these protective sleeves tigertails.
Ive seen guys use two of them at a time in certain applications, Glick says.
Every time you use a hose without a tigertail, you run the risk of tearing
Glick also suggests using a product known as a manhole roller guide,
the outer jacket of the hose, Hengels says. Once you get a nick in the outer
which also protects hoses from sharp manhole edges. Some companies
jacket, it reduces a hoses effectiveness.
make manhole rollers for use both at street level (an upper manhole roller)
or down inside the manhole (lower manhole roller).
Tigertails come in various diameters and lengths. Each one includes a
They (the lower manhole rollers) also help feed a hose through the
tie-off rope that workers affix to a stationary object near a friction point,
center of the pipe, Glick says.
like the edge of a corrugated culvert pipe or manhole, for instance, or per(continued)


December 2016

Advanced Sewer Level Monitoring System

for monitor and
installation hardware

Detect blockages early

Eliminate customer complaints
20 foot measurement range
10 minute surface installation
5 year battery life

Regularly cleaning hoses also helps extend their life. Hengels suggests
operators wipe down a hose as its pulled back to the hose reel.
Hoses can come in contact with damaging chemicals and waste gases,
he says. You dont want the residue from that waste eating away at the hose.
And it really helps to have a clean hose if you keep it inside an enclosed
vehicle because it minimizes the odor.
Moreover, its difficult to detect nicks and cuts in the hose if its always
grimy and dirty, Glick adds.
Both Hengels and Glick also suggest jetter operators use a leader hose,
typically a 10- to 15-foot-long rubber hose that attaches to the front end of
a jetting hose.
Its also known as a sacrificial hose because it takes the brunt of the
load as it goes through a pipeline, Glick says.
Because its made of rubber, a leader hose is more flexible than a thermoplastic-coated jetter hose. As such, it can make its way through bends in
pipes easier, Hengels says.
Its cheaper to replace than a jetter hose and when you do replace one,
theres much less downtime than repairing a jetter hose, Glick says. You
can just grab another one off a shelf, unscrew the old one and screw on the
new one and youre up and running again pretty quickly.
A leader hose also boosts job site safety because when operators see one
emerge from a drainline, they know the end of the hose will follow shortly,
alerting them that its time to power down the pump.

Think of it as an early warning system that makes for safer operation,

Hengels says.
Theres one more way to extend jetter hose life: Regularly inspect every
inch of the hose for nicks and cuts. Glick and Hengels suggest an inspection at the start or end of a job, or even both.
It should be like a daily DOT truck inspection, where you take a walk
around the vehicle and make sure everything is OK before you start it up,
Hengels says.
Glick and Hengels say they both know of a contractor who takes a hose
completely off a combo vac truck reel every Friday afternoon and lays it in
the company parking lot for a thorough inspection. If workers find a defect,
they tag it out and the hose gets repaired or replaced before the truck goes
back to work on Monday morning.
Its certainly time-consuming, but that might well be the most valuable
half-hour that contractor spends every week, Hengels says. Theres a lot
at stake here. When a hose goes, its not pretty. Ive seen them blow out on
jobs where hose wear was overlooked.
I always say that the braid on a hose is like a suspension bridge, he
continues. When the braid starts getting cut away, eventually the bridge
is going to fail.
Hengels says its understandable that operators may not want to take
the time to inspect their hose. But he says their minds might change if they
knew about some of the situations hes heard about in the field like one
Wisconsin contractor whose 3/4-inch-diameter hose had developed a pinhole leak. By the time he finished a job, it had become a full-pressure leak.
He had to shut down completely and bring it into our shop for repairs,
Hengels says. Worse yet, he had tried to fix it with a hose clamp and some
duct tape, and theres no way that was going to hold back water at 3,000 psi.
Its just too dangerous. F


December 2016


NASSCO (National
Association of Sewer
Service Companies) is


located at 2470 Longstone Lane,

Suite M, Marriottsville, MD 21104;

Freshen up your knowledge and discuss new technologies at NASSCOs 41st Annual Conference
By Ted DeBoda

f you are not yet a member of NASSCO and want a good reason to join,
consider NASSCOs 41st Annual Conference. The conference, which is
open to members only, is scheduled Feb. 13-16 in Naples, Florida, and
will include one of the biggest and best NASSCO Technical Days ever.
Each year, an increasing number of NASSCO members come together
at our Annual Conference to learn about initiatives designed to set standards for the assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation of underground
infrastructure. We also use this time to introduce new members of the board
of directors, and to provide the opportunity for all members to participate
in a variety of influential NASSCO committees. Theres even time for some
networking. But the part of our agenda thats really growing in importance
and attraction to new and old members alike is Technical Day.
The 2017 NASSCO Technical Day, set for Wednesday, Feb.15, will provide something for everyone municipalities, contractors, engineers and
manufacturers/suppliers. The forum encourages all participants to set aside
competitive natures and join together to introduce, discuss and evaluate
new trenchless technologies and processes. The event will kick off at 7:30
a.m. with a presentation by Water Research Centers Andy Drinkwater from
Swindon, England.
Drinkwater was instrumental in the development of NASSCOs Pipeline
Assessment Certification Program and currently conducts applied research
for water companies in the UK regarding FOG and wet wipes, and also serves
as an expert witness/independent investigator to identify the cause of system
failures. From 8:30 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. there will be two separate tracks allow-

Get the EDge

ing members to focus on the technologies that are most important to them:
Track A Inspection, Asset Management and Training
Design/Build for Trenchless Rehabilitation Find and Fix: Lessons
for Success
Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS): Understanding Sewer
Condition Quicker and with Fewer Resources
Acoustic Inspection Implementation at New Castle County, Delaware
Small Utility Asset Management
Importance of Training, Why Train/Why Now
Structural Condition Assessment of Flexible Conduits: Incorporating
Portable CT Imaging to Verify Supporting Soil Integrity, Identify Voiding and Verify Undermining
Track B Rehabilitation
Design Considerations and Benefits of Pipe Bursting
Holistic Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Project in Utah Yields Big
Sealing from the Ends: The Internal Pipe End Seal
Critical Details for Municipal Grouting
Quality Assurance to Support Municipality CIPP Expenditures: Case
Studies from a Municipality and Contractor Point of View
For more information, including lodging and other travel details, please
visit to make your plans now and get the best rates. If you are not
yet a member and want to join us in February for NASSCOs 41st Annual
Conference, please visit and apply for membership today. F

Training and Continuing Education Courses

December 13-15



Conyers, GA

December 6

Allentown, PA

1-Day PACP User Recertification

PA DEP Credits Available
Contact Mike Kerr for more information or to register:
412-605-9000 or email

Includes Manhole and Laterals!

Recertifications Welcome
Contact John Jones for more information
or to register: 404-431-5584 or email

December 7-9

December 13-15

Includes Manholes and Laterals!

Trainer: Rizwan Siddiqi, PE
Contact Rizwan Siddiqi, PE for more information or to
register: 443-739-9234 or email

Includes Manholes and Laterals!

Recertifications Welcome
Trainer: Brandon Conley
Contact Ashley Groves for more information
or to register: 248-349-0904 or

Marriottsville, MD (NASSCO Training Center)

December 13

Marriottsville, MD

PACP User Recertification

Trainer: Ted DeBoda
Contact Dawn Jaworski for more information or
register: 410-442-7473 or email

Wharton, NJ

February 2-3

Forth Worth, TX (UCT Conference)

Cured In Place Pipe

8:00 am 5:00 pm Day 1
8:00 am 1:00 pm Day 2
Trainer: Gerry Muenchmeyer
Contact Gerry Muenchmeyer for more information:
252-626-9930 or email

February 20-21
Indianapolis, IN

Cured In Place Pipe

8:00 am 5:00 pm Day 1
8:00 am 1:00 pm Day 2
Trainer: Gerry Muenchmeyer
Contact Gerry Muenchmeyer for more information:
252-626-9930 or


Contact one of the trainers listed above if you are interested in having
a class at your facility or in your area.


December 2016


By Craig Mandli
Cable MaChines

Duracable DM55

The DM55 from Duracable has a continuousweld frame constructed from an aluminum alloy
that is as strong as steel. The sled allows for service
technicians to operate the machine in either a vertical or horizontal position. Electrical wiring runs
through the frame to help protect the operator.
The winch hook on the frame makes it easy to lift
the machine with a loading ramp or crane. It can
fit four different styles of 26-inch reels with options of open-spoke metal or
enclosed polyethylene drums. Depending on which reel is being used, it can
run 110 feet or 150 feet of 11/16-inch cable. It can be used for mainlines;
industrial, commercial and residential lines; floor drains; grease; and roots.

Electric Eel Model D-5

The Model D-5 from Electric Eel is a continuous cable drum machine for cleaning 3- to
10-inch lines up to 100 feet. The high-density polyethylene drum and belt guard will not rust or dent
and holds up to 100 feet of 3/4-inch Tri-Max cable.
Three sealed heavy-duty ball bearings support the
drum and thick-wall guide tube for extended wear.
It is powered by a heavy-duty 1/2 hp capacitortype motor to provide more torque. It has large 10-inch solid wheels for
easy maneuvering and stabilization while in operation. It has extra-strength
1 1/4-inch steel tubing framework, five position height adjustments on the
handle, a wheel brake, continuous belt skids and a loading wheel built into
the handle, GFCI on a 20-foot line cord, and an air-operated foot switch
for easy operation. 800/833-1212;

industrial VaCuuM truCks

GapVax HV55 HydroVax

The GapVax HV55 HydroVax wet/

dry unit is constructed of 1/4-inch
ASTM A572 Grade 50 steel, and has a
12 1/2-cubic-yard debris body and
water tank options ranging from 400
to 1,400 gallons. It includes a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at
5,250 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The design prolongs the life of the filter bags
and eliminates the threat of material entering the vacuum pump. The tailgate is fully opening with a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders, with four
fail-safe, individually adjustable locks that ensure a complete seal. Options
include a cold weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading
system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes,
high rail package and stainless steel body. 888/442-7829;

Guzzler LR Classic

The Guzzler LR (liquid ring) Classic vacuum truck is designed to clean

up and recover solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge. It


December 2016

was designed with a liquid ring pump

as the vacuum source in lieu of a
blower. Dual 1,820 cfm liquid ring
pumps deliver ultraquiet operation. It
can provide both low-temperature discharge and quieter operation, without compromising the ability to perform as a standard industrial vacuum
loader for extreme light and dry material. The powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system operates effectively in remote or inaccessible locations
more than 1,000 feet away, through suction lines up to 8 inches in diameter.
The truck has an 18-cubic-yard debris body for maximum operating time. It
provides 100 percent accessibility to all internal chambers, and provides a low
air-cloth ratio. The three-stage filtration system includes a radial deflector, a
cyclone centrifugal separator and 60 70-inch-long Dacron bags. The filtration
system keeps the pump operating liquid clean, resulting in longer pump life.

PCI Manufacturing Solutions


Bobtail vacuum tanks from PCI

Manufacturing Solutions are framemounted and designed to fit on any
truck. A dual rear sump allows faster
loading and unloading. The rear entry for the catwalk allows easy and safe access
to the top manways. With large, divided hose hooks, this bobtail can accommodate two sets of hoses, ensuring that any hose is within easy reach. A standard
front sight tube that is viewable from the drivers seat allows drivers to stay in their
cabs while loading and unloading. 800/256-5633;

inspeCtion software

CUES GraniteNet

GraniteNet infrastructure inspection and decision support software from CUES can be used in
the field on tablets or via a web browser to review
and analyze inspections. It uses the cloud for media
storage while enabling simple, precise data collection with integrated GIS mapping and GPS, helping contractors and municipal asset managers lower
operating costs and increase efficiency across departments. 800/327-7791;

Jetters - truCk or trailer

American Jetter 51TD Series

The 51TD Series diesel jetter from

American Jetter offers a wide range of
water-cooled diesel power using Perkins engines. Flows range from 8 to 40
gpm up to 5,000 psi. Low-water shut-off prevents pump damage if the water
tank runs low. Standard hose reel speed control allows for precise cleaning. The
heavy-duty square-tubing trailer offers standard electric brakes on both axles.

Cam Spray RCJ Series

RCJ Series skid-mounted jetters from Cam Spray

are offered in flows and pressures of 8 gpm at 3,500
psi and 7 gpm at 4,000 psi. A three-plunger industrial pump with pulse is powered by a 688 cc Honda
engine. Its 200-foot jetter hose can be used to supply an optional 200DS4 portable reel cart available
with 200 feet of 3/8-inch jet hose. It comes with a
35-gallon buffer water tank with float control, powder-coated heavy tube frame,
washdown gun and a four-nozzle set. It easily mounts in the side door of a
cargo van, on a truck bed or inside a service truck. A root-cutting nozzle enables
residential root cutting. 800/648-5011;

Hi-Vac Corporation OBrien 7000 Series

The OBrien 7000 Series trailer-mounted jetter

from Hi-Vac Corporation comes with water tanks and
a sediment pump for easier cleaning and longer life.
The trailer has the muffler and air cleaner mounted
inside the enclosure for improved sight lines, electric reel control for smoother rotation and easier
operation, and hydraulic and water gauges mounted
in the main control panel for easier viewing. 800/752-2400;

Hot Jet USA Vac n Jet

Vac n Jet trailer-mounted sewer jetters from

Hot Jet USA are compact, about one quarter the
size of a hydroexcavation truck. They are available
with hot- or cold-water options, with a choice of
23 or 35 hp Vanguard by Toyota engines, 12-gallon gas tank, 24-gallon diesel tank, a 500-gallon
steel spoils tank with a Gardner Denver vac
blower, Colt 4-ton hydraulic dump and 24-inch opening rear hatch. They
have a 5- by 16-foot diamond plate steel deck with dual 7,000-pound-rated
axles with electric brakes, and carry a 200-gallon water tank. 800/6248186;

PipeHunter 400-Gallon Single-Axle

The PipeHunter 400-Gallon Single-Axle trailer

jet has a polymer-coated frame, German-built water
pump and Cat diesel power plant. Custom-made
reels for sewer cleaning ensure a design that is long
lasting and simple to operate. Options include a
hydraulic articulating reel (no locking mechanism
needed), many lighting packages, tool storage and
added reel capacity. Water systems range from 14 to 40 gpm. 800/373-1318;

Vac-Con Hot Shot

The Hot Shot high-pressure water

jet machine from Vac-Con is designed
for removing stones, bottles, cans,
grease, sludge and other debris from
sanitary sewer and storm drainlines. Engineered for one-person operation,
all high-pressure water and hose reel controls are located at the front of the
machine for ease of operation and increased safety. Models are available
with 1,000- and 1,600-gallon water tanks. Options include variable flow, articulating hose reel, polyethylene water tanks, 30 gpm at 3,000 psi water pump
system, auxiliary engine or hydrostatic drive, cold weather recirculation system, side-mounted toolboxes, air purge system, hose footage counter, arrow
board, strobe lights, inspector cam, high-pressure spray bar, hose rewind
guide, 600 psi hand-gun system with 25 feet of hose and a selection of nozzles. 855/336-2962;

Vactor Manufacturing RamJet

850 Series

The RamJet 850 Series truck jetter

from Vactor Manufacturing has a
choice of front or rear hose reel locations. Equipped with a Jet Rodder water pump, the jetter effectively breaks
up blockages in sanitary lines, flushes out debris and scours sewer lines. ParkN-Clean technology allows the operator to park near the manhole and start
cleaning with minimal setup time. The standard front hose reel has a capacity of 800 feet of 1-inch hose and can telescope up to 15 inches forward and
rotate up to 270 degrees. The aluminum heated enclosure keeps the pump
and plumbing covered and protected at all times. The standard rear hose
reel has a capacity of 700 feet of 1-inch hose and can rotate a total of 180
degrees; 90 degrees to curbside and 90 degrees to street side. An optional
integral aluminum rear shroud provides quick setup and offers cold weather
protection. It offers flow of 0 to 80 gpm at a variable pressure up to 2,500
psi at the hose reel. 800/627-3171;

Jet/VaC CoMbination truCks /trailers

Ring-O-Matic 550

The Ring-O-Matic 550 dual-pump

combination jetter and vacuum excavator gives contractors and municipalities the advantages of a dedicated
combination jetter/vacuum truck in a versatile compact trailer unit. It can
jet and vacuum sewer lines up to 20 inches in diameter in spaces too confined for stand-alone jetters and vacuum excavators, or a carrier-mounted
combo rig. Powered by an 81 hp Cat turbo diesel, it has a 1,000 cfm blower
and can deliver 27 gpm at 2,700 psi up to 400 feet with its 3/4-inch jetter
hose. Trailer axles rated to 16,000 pounds allow the 550-gallon spoils tank
and 500-gallon freshwater tank to be easily pulled behind suitably equipped
3/4- or 1-ton trucks. 800/544-2518;

Polston Applied Technologies


The Combination3 truck from

Polston Applied Technologies is a
multifunctional tool that effectively
removes accumulated debris from structures and collections systems. It
provides a powerful and versatile solution for removing waste, including sand, grit and rag material, from tanks and pipes. It can remove
debris from underground structures in wet conditions. When dewatering is too costly or must be minimized due to time constraints, or when
faced with confined spaces with limited access, the process provides a
safe and reliable alternative. 844/765-7866;

SchellVac Equipment
2600 Series
Combination Hydrovac

The 2600 Series Combination

Hydrovac from SchellVac Equipment
is designed to serve construction, energy and utility industries. The system
is mounted on a tridem chassis and is equipped with a 6,400 cfm Robuschi
PD blower direct-powered by a Namco transfer case. The water jetter system
consists of a 3560 CAT (20 gpm/4,000 psi) pressure pump, 980,000 Btu
boiler and 1,200-gallon water capacity. The complete water system is installed
in an insulated and heated aluminum body. The hoisted 15 1/2-cubic-yard
debris body includes a dual cyclone plus cartridge filtration system. It has a
fully opening rear door with hydraulic locks, an 8-inch remote-controlled

December 2016



telescopic boom with a 27-foot reach when fully extended and a load-sensing hydraulic system. 877/336-0081;

Sewer Equipment
Model 900 ECO

The Model 900 ECO from Sewer

Equipment is available in 9-, 12- or
15-yard debris capacities, equipped
with Duraprolene water tanks carrying 900 to 2,000 gallons of onboard water.
Its Hydro Drive powertrain system eliminates the need for a transfer case.
Both single-piston and triplex pump options are available at 55 to 80 gpm
at 2,000 to 3,000 psi with a 4,400 cfm blower and 18 Hg, built on an ecofriendly platform that provides greater fuel efficiency and offers noise reduction. 888/477-7611;

Super Products Camel 1200

Ideal for a wide variety of sewer

cleaning projects, the Camel 1200
sewer and catch basin cleaner with
wastewater recycling from Super Products has a six-stage water filtration process that enables effective sewer cleaning action without the need for freshwater. The key to the systems effectiveness
is the ejector plate, which serves as a full-body primary filter that thoroughly
separates solids from liquids collected in the debris body. The collected water
then travels through a series of filters, strainers and a separator that removes
particles from the liquid utilizing centrifugal action. By using the wastewater
recycling system, collections operators can not only save thousands of gallons
of water during an average workweek, theyll also get longer on-site performance, as there wont be a need to halt production to replenish the water supply. 800/837-9711;

Tornado Global Hydrovacs


The F3-ECO from Tornado Global

Hydrovacs holds 12 cubic yards of mud
and more than 1,700 gallons of freshwater. This unit is over 2,000 pounds lighter than the companys older models, meaning the operator can carry extra payload in the debris tank. The
boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All critical components
are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. Operators do not
need to hoist the tank to empty it, eliminating the dangers of dumping on
uneven ground and overhead power lines. 877/340-8141;


The JETVAC from US Jetting has

a Robuschi RB-DV 65 blower pulling
850 cfm and 25 inches Hg, and an
efficient cyclone system with silencers and filters that are easy to maintain. The unit has a USJ Pump with 3,000 to 4,000 psi and 10 to 18 gpm
options available. A 550-gallon debris tank and a 200-gallon water tank help
keep the size and weight down, so a CDL license is not required to drive the
unit. It has a high-dump system to dump loads into a standard dumpster for
transportation or storage. 800/538-8464;

Vac-Tron Equipment Mini Combo Series

The Mini Combo Series from Vac-Tron Equipment combines high cfm vacuum with jetter capabilities. Its Cat jetter pump is rated at 2,000 psi at
15 gpm. It is recommended for cleaning lateral
lines up to 12 inches in diameter, and comes with
300 feet of 1/2-inch jetter hose with electric hose


December 2016

reel. Options include a hydraulic boom or strong arm to maximize job performance by helping to reduce work fatigue that can sometimes occur from
using a manually controlled vacuum hose. It is available either trailer- or
truck-mounted for mobility on the job site. 888/822-8766;


Arthur Products Cnt-r-KUT Elite

The Cnt-r-KUT Elite from Arthur Products is

a rotating mechanical tool designed to symmetrically clean pipes. Equipped with interchangeable
chain and cable on the same rotor, the cutter operates at 2,000 to 10,000 psi. The lightweight, flexible centering device, engineered from an aerospace
elastomer, allows the unit to navigate the contour
of the pipe. Advanced jet porting uses both rotor
sidekick jets for optimizing rotational force and rear thruster jets for propulsion maximization. It is available in 3/8-, 1/2- and 1-inch NPT. 800/322-0510;

Enz USA Bulldog Antiblast

The Bulldog Antiblast nozzle from Enz USA

was designed specifically to prevent blowing toilets while jetting in residential areas. Cleaning sewer
lines near home installations brings the risk of pressure equalization through toilets and traps when
negative pressure arises ahead of the nozzle, or
when excess pressure follows the nozzle, if the installations were not correct or venting is not working properly. The nozzle prevents this unpleasant side effect and cleans in all directions. 888/369-8721;

Hydra-Flex Ripsaw

The Ripsaw rotating turbo nozzle from HydraFlex has a cone-shaped flow pattern ideal for
potholing applications. It blasts a 0-degree water
stream at up to 3,200 psi while rotating at a high
speed to provide an 18-degree cone of coverage.
These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles are constructed with a stainless steel housing and tungstencarbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide long life.
Repair kits are available for extended life and lower operating costs. The nonconductive urethane coating on the nozzle body protects the operator and sensitive underground utilities. It offers greater impingement, allowing the technician
to use a smaller nozzle size while getting the same impact as nozzles with higher
flow rates. 952/808-3640;

NozzTeq Ice Bear

Ice Bear sewer nozzles from NozzTeq were developed to quickly penetrate ice-filled lines. These are
short, low-profile nozzles with rounded leading
edges that easily work their way into tight areas,
and have six rear-facing and three front-facing jets.
The front-facing jets come together at a single point
a few inches in front of the nozzle, focusing full jetting power on the ice to break it up quickly. The powerful, low-angle rear jets
push the nozzle right up to blockages and stabilize it at the ice face, while
quickly sweeping out ice and debris to clear lines and prevent refreezing.
Laminar flow is preserved from the truck to the nozzle end, for more powerful jet streams produced at lower pressure, extending the life of jetting
equipment. The jet orifice size is fixed. 866/620-5915;

StoneAge WGR Switcher

The WGR Switcher from StoneAge has the ability to run a single jetting tool in either pulling or
cleaning mode, without removing the nozzle from
the pipe. When the pump is idled down and brought
back to pressure, the tool will switch the water flow
between two different patterns of jets. This allows
the tool to switch between pulling and cleaning,
reducing the time and water usage required to make multiple runs with different nozzles. The pulling/flushing jet pattern directs maximum power to the
rear jets to pull or flush debris backward. The cleaning/descaling jet pattern
directs power to the side jets for cleaning deposits and cutting roots. The twotools-in-one unit navigates pipes 8 to 36 inches in diameter and handles pressures up to 5,000 psi at up to 100 gpm. 970/259-2869;

The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant

Cleaning System

The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System

can make fire hydrants paint-ready in two minutes,
and can help clear snow-covered and plowed-under
fire hydrants in 60 seconds. It cuts project costs by
reducing labor, materials and cleanup, while also
helping eliminate hand, eye and back injuries. It
helps mitigate public safety risks associated with inaccessible fire hydrants
during fire emergencies in the winter. To use, simply attach the hex receiver
to a hydraulic auger drive motor mounted on a skid-steer, backhoe or miniexcavator for use on any style of fire hydrant. Flared steel cables descale paint,
rust and debris without having to remove cap chains or Storz fittings. An operator can descale over 20 hydrants per hour for painting, and clear over 30
hydrants per hour from snow and ice while creating a 4-foot-diameter access
area for firefighters. 719/313-2791;

USB - Sewer Equipment Corporation

one-piece nozzles

One-piece stainless steel cleaning nozzles from

USB - Sewer Equipment Corporation are neither
bonded nor screwed together, enhancing strength
and significantly reducing the chances of failure
under pressure for greater safety and optimum
performance. Advanced, optimized 3-D Hydro
Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, completely eliminate
pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer
line or manhole. The water coming from a pressurized hose is immediately
guided directly into channels and smoothly directed into one-piece ceramic
nozzle inserts, which do not require winglets or flow straighteners, because
of the hydromechanics in and out of the chamber. The result is a highly efficient jet pattern. They are engineered and manufactured according to DIN
EN ISO 9001:2000 to remove sand, mud, silt, grease and obstructions from
sewer and stormwater lines. 866/408-2814;

tV inspeCtion CaMeras

Amazing Machinery Viztrac Max

The Viztrac Max camera from Amazing

Machinery has the same durability and super-slick
push cable as previous Viztrac cameras, with a 22
percent larger 9-inch LCD color display and a
rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack capable of
up to eight hours of field use before recharge. The
unit includes an AC/DC adapter for direct power
supply, a 512 Hz sonde transmitter and a DVR that records to a standard SD
card. A 4GB card is included. 800/504-7435;

Aries Industries Pathfinder Model TR3310

The Pathfinder Model TR3310 mainline inspection system from Aries Industries operates with long
life in harsh pipe conditions. It is a powerful, steerable tractor with a pan-and-tilt camera and self-cleaning lens. Forward weight distribution results in better
traction for longer pulls and faster inspections. Continuous-duty-rated motors, all-gear-driven drivetrain,
and improved pressure testing ensures reliable operation. With various wheel
sizes, it sets up quickly to match pipe contours. A standard-configuration tractor operates in 6- to 24-inch-diameter relined pipe. A large-line kit provides
navigation in pipes up to 36 inches. An adjustable electric camera lift with a
7.1-inch extension keeps the camera centered in a wide range of pipe sizes
for full visibility. It operates with the Aries Master Controller that enables wireless remote operation using a dual-joystick Xbox controller for ease of use and
improved maintainability. 800/234-7205;

Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler

The DT340 Pipe Crawler from Deep Trekker

comes with everything needed to perform a fast and
efficient sewer inspection, all without the use of a
dedicated service truck or additional generators. It
has internal lithium batteries that last between six
and eight hours, a lightweight hand-held controller
with a built-in viewing screen, plug-and-play integrations, and various wheel track options. It allows the technician to access hardto-reach sites to begin easy pipe inspections in just minutes. The system is
completely submersible up to 164 feet. 519/342-3177;

Envirosight Quickview airHD

The cable-free Quickview airHD camera from

Envirosight captures high-definition video from sewers, and transmits it wirelessly to a touch-screen tablet for live viewing. With the Quickview app installed,
the tablet offers fingertip control of zoom, illumination and tilt, as well as image capture and video
recording, playback, annotation and sharing. And
because the camera has motorized tilt as well as in-manhole centering capability and hands-free stabilization, setup is quick, and both the operators hands
remain free to operate the tablet. It has an HD zoom camera with 30X optical zoom (plus 12X digital) paired with a Quad-Haloptic light engine. It is
tuned to deliver maximum detail from within pipes, and the light engine combines four offset LED/reflector pairs to surround the camera with powerful,
focused illumination that is aligned for maximum range and optimum viewing at any distance. 866/936-8476;

Forbest Products FB-PIC3388M/3388MT

The FB-PIC3388M/3388MT camera system

from Forbest Products allows users to inspect 4to 20-inch pipe. The package comes with 200 feet
of 3/8-inch fiberglass cable and a reel with footage counter and stand, 1 1/2-inch self-leveling
waterproof color camera head and a detachable
stainless steel spring kit. With a camera head
adapter, a high-resolution 7/8-inch waterproof metal color camera head
with or without a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter can also be used on the
200 feet of cable. Two extra detachable spring kits with different hardness
are provided for different applications. The heavy-duty waterproof control
box includes a bright 10-inch LCD color screen that can record photos
and videos with USB or SD. On-screen status indicators include footage of
the cable pushed through the pipe and battery strength. 877/369-1199;

December 2016



Pipeline Renewal Technologies

The CleanSteer from Pipeline Renewal Technologies uses high-pressure water for propulsion,
steering and cleaning as it captures live inspection
video from inside lateral lines. It can traverse multiple bends in pipe, steer through branches, and
levitate above debris, allowing municipal contractors and commercial plumbers to locate failed pipes, cross bores and blockages, as well as perform cleaning. It is fully water-driven, as six propulsion
nozzles generate the power needed to pull its own flexible hose through
multiple bends, and a side nozzle on the camera can be aimed to steer
through diverging pipes and hover past obstacles. An optional forward-facing nozzle can be pulsed to clear debris and other obstructions. The system
works with any high-pressure water source, including pressure washers and
combination trucks. Its 1/2-inch hose comes in lengths from 115 to 190 feet.

R.S. Technical Services Quick Peek

The Quick Peek all-in-one, fully portable video

inspection system from R.S. Technical Services is a
compact, lightweight solution for drainline condition assessment in lines 2 to 10 inches in diameter
up to 300 feet in length. It has a 7-inch bright LCD
handle-mounted monitor with a sun shield/screen
protector that can be positioned for a comfortable
viewing angle. Easily accessible monitor controls include power mode, aspect
ratio (screen size) and menu, plus set buttons for color, brightness, contrast,
tint and volume. The side-mounted AC/DC power source houses controls for
all camera functions, and provides a camera test terminal, AC/DC input,
video/audio output, keyboard input and a condenser microphone with on/
off switch. It has a high-resolution, low-lux color camera, keyboard for annotation, video/audio output, a microphone, and is fully locatable with a 512
Hz inline transmitter. Options include battery power, a self-leveling camera,
512 Hz receiver, roller skids, laptop interface, SD card reader and Wi-Fi interface. 800/767-1974;

Ratech Electronics Elite SD Wi-Fi

The Elite SD Wi-Fi from Ratech Electronics allows

technicians to record pipe inspections wirelessly to
an iOS or Android device, and take live video and
digital still photos that can be immediately uploaded
to YouTube, so theres no more recording to USB
thumb drives, SD cards or DVD discs. Simply download the app to an iPhone or iPad and stream the
video wirelessly. The Wi-Fi interface is available on any current Ratech product
or existing Ratech systems in the field, and is available with a sun-readable
10-inch LCD monitor and either a self-leveling camera, small ultramicro camera or pan-and-tilt push camera. Systems come in cable lengths from 100 to 400
feet. 800/461-9200;

Rausch USA MOBILE pro

The MOBILE pro portable mainline system

from Rausch USA has a lightweight cable reel with
built-in 12-inch monitor. The dual-joystick control
unit, which fits in a 17-inch-square footprint, can
easily fit into the bed of a truck or ATV. Professional-quality videos and photos can be recorded
directly to the system via SD card, or an optional
laptop can be connected for utilization of industry-standard data collection
software. The Cubix 300 motorized cable reel, loaded with up to 1,000 feet


December 2016

of cable and electronic distance counter, connects to the C135 tractor. The
tractor includes inclination, remote-controlled electric lift, four-wheel-drive
steering and a rearview camera. The KS 135 C camera has infinite rotation
for continuous joint inspection, built-in lasers for crack and joint measurement, and 120-1 zoom. Pipe size applications range from 6- to 96-inch diameters. 877/728-7241;

SeaRobotics TankBUG

The TankBUG from SeaRobotics provides safe

and cost-efficient removal of sediments and debris
from water storage facilities and reservoirs. The
remotely operated vehicle is a compact baseline with
a forward-mounted articulated suction and brushing assembly. It is designed to operate in ground
and elevated water storage tanks. Applicable to steel,
concrete or fiberglass, it enables cost-effective cleaning and inspection of all
sizes and types of tanks, reducing the cost of maintenance, and if done regularly, improving tank life. Optional plate thickness, coating thickness and other
sensors can improve the inspection process and provide data for comprehensive inspection reports. 772/742-3700;

Vivax-Metrotech vCamMX

The vCamMX from Vivax-Metrotech is a portable all-in-one camera for inspecting pipes between
1 and 4 inches. The control modules 8-inch daylight-viewable LCD screen shows the distance of pushrod deployed, as well as the current time and date.
Recordings are made in AVI video and pictures in
JPG format directly to a USB thumb drive, then
instantly backed up to an SD card. The internal microphone allows audio commenting over recorded video. The pushrod is traceable with the use of an external locator transmitter and available in 100 or 150 feet. The dual frequency
512 Hz/33 kHz sonde is standard equipment. Two interchangeable camera
heads can be changed by the user in the field. The smaller D18-MX camera is
fixed-position and 0.7 inch in diameter, and the D26-MX is self-leveling
and 1 inch in diameter. 800/446-3392;


Hammelmann Corp. HDP-500

The HDP-500 high-pressure pump from

Hammelmann Corp. is available on a low-profile
trailer unit. It is powered via a 755 hp diesel engine
and comes in both a packing-free fluid-end design
or traditional high-pressure packed fluid end. The
design of this pump unit complements the L
Design 26,000 psi tank-cleaning head. The addition of the higher-pressure range allows for increased production when
cleaning pipes, tanks and large vessels, while reducing water consumption.
The units can be custom built on skids, trailers or into sound-damped containers. All units come standard with a rigid base frame with anti-vibration
mounting feet; diesel engine; insulated spiral silencer installation with exhaust
and rain cap, particle filter or Ad Blue; and an ES 2 electronic control and
monitoring system with digital display for the pump and diesel engine that
offers up to 45 percent in fuel savings with smart pump technology. Options
include a pump head lifting device, automatic heating systems, water tanks
and fuel tanks. 800/783-4935;

Jetstream of Houston TwinForce

The TwinForce dual-pump 650 hp waterblast unit from Jetstream of

Houston only requires one vehicle to transport a two-unit machine. The dual

See clearly
up to 400'

New, improved push rod pushes

farther than ever before!

Camera 1" CSL camera head has built-in 512Hz

transmitter. High-Intensity LEDs and Extended
Focus make it suitable for larger lines.


CBX17 Control Box has 64GB internal drive,

and 2 USB ports.
RL8873 512 Locator finds 512Hz signal in
all pipes including cast iron.
Continual depth readout and
We have answers,
advice and solutions.
directional indicators allow
for intuitive operation
Products are IN STOCK shipped factory
with audio signal.
direct to you!
Weve got your back.
How can we
help you?

fax: 651. 222.1739




December 2016



slave control panel enables operation of both units
at a single location, as well as individual operation
of both units at different pressures and speeds,
either simultaneously or as a backup. Higher flow
rates are achievable when units are combined. It is
built around an efficient and easy-to-use UNx fluidend waterblast system. It functions as a large-capacity 650 hp unit, a single 325 hp unit with the second
unit used as a backup, or as two independently run units. 800/231-8192;


The 335DHW-TRA-SA from NLB Corp. has a

powerful and dependable triplex pump capable
of 15 gpm at 3,500 psi and a 700,000 Btu burner
to handle the demands of many cycles, long hours
of operation and transportation. An overheadmounted water tank is easy to winterize, and a
75-micron inlet strainer can be cleaned, eliminating the traditional changeable filters. A rupture disk has been eliminated
from the units design and replaced with a self-resetting pop-off valve. It
offers an unloader valve for single or dual lance use and a direct-drive design
that eliminates PTO and PTO maintenance. Power is provided by a Kubota
v3600 66 hp industrial diesel engine. It has a 5,000-pound-capacity DOTcompliant steel frame, and single-axle trailer with gusseted industrial-strength
wheel fenders. 800/227-7652; F

W ishing you

peace and
this holiday season
and throughout
the new year.




December 2016


Building Innovative Tools for Municipalities



Manhole Tools Debris Baskets Vac-Traps Root Saws Calcium Cutters Sewer Rods Handy Clams
Nozzle Extensions Deep Vac Tube Holder Grabbers Claws and Hooks Diamond Tap Cutters
Fiberglass Poles Hydraulic Cutters Top Manhole Rollers Sewer Spoons Continuous Rod Carbide Saws


1430 N. Hundley St
Anaheim, CA 92806

ph: 714.632.8198
fax: 714.632.8228



By Craig Mandli

Compact jetter saves time, trouble and money

Craig Casteen of Casteen
Plumbing & Repair in North
Carolina faced working in a residential crawl space that didnt
allow much room to maneuver.
He needed a jetting unit compact
enough to get into tight areas,
and powerful enough to dislodge
blockages from small lines.

Camera system allows company

to expand services and improve efficiency

Casteen chose the JM-1000 Mini-Jet from General Pipe Cleaners. The compact, lightweight, electric-powered unit lets him clear grease, sand and ice from
small, 1 1/2- to 3-inch lines up to 50 feet long. It provides 1,500 psi of cleaning
power. Pulse technology helps slide the hose around tight bends and down lines.
It breaks the initial tension between the hose surface and pipe walls, increasing
cleaning power. The JM-1000 weighs 23 pounds for easy carrying and is convenient for jobs completed by one person.
Casteen used the unit in the crawl space to quickly clear the blockage. 800/245-6200;

Camera provides affordable inspection solution

for small municipalities
In June, the wastewater utility
superintendent of Saukville, Wisconsin, needed to identify some
lateral piping going into the main
sewer line for a new business being
built in the industrial park. He
stopped by Insight Vision Cameras
office, wondering if he could borrow a portable sewer crawler that
could inspect runs up to 350 feet.
Were just about to dig and wanted to make sure the laterals were installed
as originally specified.

In a matter of minutes, employees had the IRIS portable mainline system
loaded and on the job site. A 325-foot run of the 8-inch-diameter pipe was inspected,
and the two laterals that the superintendent was looking for were identified.
The portable mainline system provided the ability to inspect the
underground infrastructure without having to dedicate a large crew and
pay large sums of money. 800/488-8177;

C.A. Taciak & Sons in Towson,

Maryland, had always been on the
lookout for solutions to understand
how existing pipes are run on a job
site, and how to more easily locate
drainline blockages to help avoid
ruptured pipes, excessive property
damage and wasted service time. In
the companys early days it had to
strap sondes to cables and send
them down lines, using locators to
find obstructions. It wanted a less complicated alternative.

For owner Frank Taciak, the solution was the RIDGID SeeSnake rM200
camera system paired with the CS65 digital reporting monitor for on-site
reporting. The rM200 is capable of inspecting lines up to 200 feet in length
and 1 1/2 to 6 inches in diameter, and has an integrated transport system for
easy portability. The CS65 has one-touch image recording for fast, efficient
documentation of inspections.
The camera system and being able to digitally record inspections
has enabled Taciak to be more efficient and strengthen customer relationships. With inspection services Taciak is able to build trust by
including visual proof with any service recommendation. 800/7697743;

Trailer jetter survives rollover accident

Drain techs from a Memphis,
Tennessee, company were on their
way to a job when they were involved
in an accident and their Spartan Soldier jetter was flipped. A nonworking jetter would mean the loss of
thousands of dollars in scheduled
jobs, damage to the companys reputation, and the cost to repair or
replace the jetter.

In most cases, the solution would be an extensive repair job or to buy a new
jetter. However, the Spartan Soldier is so durable that it was turned upright and
the damage was only cosmetic. All Spartan jetter trailers are fully certified by the
National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and provide professional-grade
equipment that stands up to rough jobs. The entire jetter still worked correctly
and ran as it should with no problems.

What you learn on these pages could be worth $1,000s.

Its all yours for FREE! Go to to get yours today!


December 2016

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February 24, 2017

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2017 WWETT
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December 2016



Worldwide Sales
and Rentals
pipe plugs to 10'


All parties involved in the accident were fine, and the company was
able to continue to do the scheduled jobs without the downtime to repair
its jetter or order a replacement. 800/435-3866;

Vacuum unit used to clean up playground

Due to health concerns regarding chemicals in shredded tires,
Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia, Ohio, decided to address
removal of a 10-inch-deep layer of
rubber infill in a playground area
adjacent to its preschool facility.


Americas Trench Box Builder

Efficiency Production, Inc.

The Public Works Professionals

Choice for Shoring & Municipal
Equipment Nationwide!

Largest selection of shielding

& shoring equipment available
Custom built shields
Site-specific engineering
Job site installation assistance
OSHA Trench Safety Training
Our extensive Dealer network and factorydirect Sales & Rentals combine to supply
the entire United States with fast delivery
and excellent service.


Hydraulic Shores

Toll Free for your local dealer or

Factory Direct Sales & Rentals

685 Hull Rd., Mason, MI 48854


December 2016

We approached Gradall Industries, and inquired about the capabilities of its Vacall vacuum
machines, says Kelly Ricklic, maintenance supervisor at the school. Gradall welcomed the opportunity to test Vacalls
on a specialized job, and we were very happy with the results. The schools track
loader was used to push the rubber infill to the edge of the playground, where it
was extracted with a catch basin cleaner hose mounted at the rear of the debris
tank on an AllSweep machine. The catch basin cleaner is available with 8- or
12-inch-diameter hoses, significantly expanding the machines for ditch cleaning
and leaf pickup. Independent tests show AllSweep models with a 35-inch fan
deliver a maximum airflow of 31,000 cfm. When equipped with gutter brooms,
they have a wide sweeping path ideal for cleanup in parking lots, airport runways,
road resurfacing milling removal, and other jobs.
Removing the rubber filled the machines 10-cubic-yard debris tank several times a process made more efficient by the hydraulic tailgate design.
We were very pleased with the work that helped us transition to a more natural playground, says Superintendent Bob Alsept. After the rubber infill
removal, the area was redone with soil, grass, timbers and a garden. 800/3828302; F

Municipal Trench Shields


Find MSW Magazine On

and blades.

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Hose adapter provides a secure connection

By Kyle Rogers

he Hose Adapter
Thingy (HAT) manufactured by National
Metal Fabricators aims to
solve a common problem
for vac truck operators
a poor connection between boom and hose.
Its one of those
things where only the
people in the field know
what a pain it is as far as
keeping things hooked
up, says Tom Bonine, president of National Metal
Thats exactly how the HAT
came to be. Mark Fisher of CamVac Inc. in Sandwich, Illinois, was using
DIY hacks to attempt to solve his hose connection issues out in the
field. Finally, he approached National Metal Fabricators.
He was trying to solve his own problem with a lot of duct tape and
other types of adapters, says Bonine. Then he had an incident where
the adapter disconnected because the hose got a little plugged up. He
was working at the bottom of a 15-foot-deep tank and was lucky it didnt
come down and hit him in the head. It just missed him. He thought
there had to be a better way. That was really it. It was just about trying
to solve these problems.
Bonine says the HAT was designed with three areas in mind: safety,
durability and ease of attachment. It is made out of 11-gauge steel, and
a simple latch system allows the operator to easily attach and detach
the hose.
There didnt seem to be anything out there that was quick and easy
and still provided a solid connection. You ended up using a lot of duct
tape, says Bonine. With the HAT, its just put the hose in, throw the
latch, and youre done. It takes five seconds.
Despite the ease of attachment, the connection is secure. Theres a
stainless steel round rod connected to the latch. It has a bend in it so
that when the latch is flipped, the rod pushes right up against the hose,
locking it in tight.
The HAT is designed for only 6-inch hose. The product is new to the
market and other sizes could be added eventually, Bonine says.
We want to see how this one goes first, he says. Right now were
going to stick with 6-inch because its so common and its just being introduced to the market, but weve already had distributors ask about getting it for 4-inch. Were going to make sure everything is good with the
6-inch, and then use the same design and just bring the diameter down.


December 2016



1. Ditch Witch turbocharged utility tractors

Ditch Witch RT105, RT125 and RT125 Quad utility tractors are powered
by 107 and 121 hp turbocharged, Tier 4 Deutz engines and feature standard
four-wheel-drive systems. The RT125 Quad is also equipped with a ground drive
system, which senses load conditions and adjusts automatically. Redesigned
workstations are equipped with 5-inch color LCD instrument displays, tilt steering columns and increased legroom. 800/654-6481;

2. Milwaukee Tool M12 and M18 LED lighting

New additions to Milwaukee Tools lineup of lighting solutions are

designed to provide light in any workspace. The M18 LED tower light/charger delivers 3,000 lumens and a trifold head design for multidirectional
lighting and built-in charger. The M18 Radius LED site light is IP54 rated,
produces 4,400 lumens of overhead light and can be controlled remotely
using Milwaukees One Key app system. The M12 Rover LED floodlight
delivers 1,000 lumens of light for up to 15 hours and is IP54 rated. The M18
four-mode LED search light features a beam distance of 700 yards and 1,250
lumens of light. The unit is IP54 rated and has 198-degree head rotation.

3. KMT Streamline 90,000 psi pumps

The KMT Streamline PRO-III Series of pumps feature 125 and 60 hp

waterjet pumps with operating pressure of 90,000 psi, capable of cutting
thick metals as well as intricate tolerances. Features include metal-to-metal
seal design and metal canister for protecting UHP seals. The PRO-III 125
hp, 90,000 psi pump is available with dual 0.0011 orifice cutting heads and
the 0.016 cutting orifice. 800/826-9274;

4. General Pipe Cleaners puncture-proof tires

Puncture-proof tires for General Pipe Cleaners Jet Set water jets are designed
to increase durability in the field. Flat-free foam-core tires come standard on
the JM-2,900, -3,000, -3,055 and -3,080. 800/245-6200;

5. Simpson Aluminum Waterblaster Series

Aluminum Waterblasters from Simpson are designed to provide commercial-grade cleaning at a lower weight. Frames are constructed from aircraftgrade aluminum and can be topped with Honda or Simpson engines.

Be the Big Winner with ENZ Flushing Solutions!

Whatever your unique flushing challenge, Enz has a nozzle designed specifically for your job.
Whether you are removing mud and loose rubble in run-off drains, flushing enormous quantities
of sand and gravel from surcharged older channel systems, or cleaning storm drains, culverts
and pipes up to 100 in diameter, Enz has the solution for you.
Enz stacks the deck when it comes to the most efficient flushing systems on the market!

Ejector Nozzle
Amplifies water flow 5X
Max. Working Pressure:
3800 psi

Combines high
performance & versatility
Max. Working
Pressure: 4000 psi

Compact &
aggressive water jet
Max. Working
Pressure: 4000 psi

Drastically reduces clean-up
time & water consumption
Max. Working Pressure: 4000 psi

Got a Flushing Problem? We Have the Solution

Call 877-ENZUSA1 (369-8721) for A Dealer Near You!

1585 Beverly Ct., Unit 115 Aurora, IL 60502

December 2016









Waterblasters are rated from 3,200 psi at 3 gpm up to 4,400 psi at 4 gpm. Other
features include AAA or Cat triplex plunger pumps, thermal relief valve and
detergent injection system. 847/348-1500;

6. Ford Meter Box Repair Clamp Kit

The Emergency Repair Clamp Kit from Ford Meter Box provides flexible pipe repair for pipe diameters from 4.5 to 33.74 inches. The kit can be
restocked and contains various-sized stainless steel bands with EPDM or
Buna-N gaskets, O.D. tape, a repair clamp sizing chart and an O.D. chart.

7. D-Rain Joint rainwater filtration device

The d-Rain Joint water filtration device from Bio-Microbics is designed

to provide rainwater drainage along impervious surfaces such as concrete
and asphalt. The joint is a permeable channel made from 6061-T6 aluminum and is installed like a standard expansion joint. The system provides
a pathway for water drainage to an outlet or subsurface drain bed, avoiding stormwater damage. 913/422-0707;

8. Brawny option for COXREELS 100 Series

The Brawny option for COXREELS 100 Series reels adds strength to
the reel drum, minimizing potential damage under increased pressure or
pulsing pressure use. The Brawny option is available for 8-, 12.5- and 18-inch
drum widths. 800/269-7335;

9. Aqua-Aerobic ozone generation system

The Aqua ElectrOzone ozone generation system from Aqua-Aerobic

Systems, in partnership with Metawater, is designed for potable water treatment, wastewater/water reuse and industrial applications that require ozone
treatment for taste and odor control, bleaching/color removal, oxidation
and disinfection. 800/940-5008;

10. Singer surge-anticipating valves

RPS-L&H and RPS-R&R surge-anticipating valves from Singer Valve are

installed downstream of the pump check valve(s) and feature two pilots. The
106 RPS-L&H valve, mounted in a tee, is designed to anticipate surges to avoid
severe water hammer. The valve may require a flow limiter set during commis-



December 2016

sioning to ensure the valve will reclose. The 106 RPS-R&R valve is designed for
applications where static pressure is less than 100 feet and where the existing
valve size may be too large. Unlike the RPS-L&H, the RPS-R&R is guaranteed
to close, even if the valve is oversized. 888/764-7858;

11. Sensoray Model 3364 USB capture device

The Sensoray Model 3364 USB 3.0 video capture device is available in
SDI and DVI versions. It captures uncompressed SD/HD video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and uses H.264 video compression for inputs up to
1080p30 with low latency. The device is capable of capturing uncompressed
video at full frame rates while simultaneously sending uncompressed and
compressed streams to the host. It does not require a device-specific driver
or an internal power supply and is controlled by using the video APIs DirectShow or Video4Linux. 503/684-8005;

12. Endress+Hauser analytical transmitter

The Liquiline CM44P multichannel analyzer transmitter from

Endress+Hauser can simultaneously measure 16 different parameters and
transmit them via 4-20mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus or EtherNet/IP. The
transmitter accepts inputs from up to two process photometers and four
analytical sensors simultaneously. Sensor types include pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, turbidity, free chlorine and ion selective.
Diagnostic functions include monitoring of impedance of pH glass, measuring signals for stagnation, monitoring the condition of electrodes and
the degree of electrode aging, checking for overcurrent conditions, and
comparing measured values of conductivity and temperature against tables
defined in USP and EP specifications for pharmaceutical water. 888/3637377;

13. Flomatic Model 54-4MJ plug valves

The Model 54-4MJ Flo-E-Centric plug valve from Flomatic Valves is a

round-port eccentric plug valve with mechanical joint connections. It is constructed from ASTMA536 grade 65-45-12 ductile iron and is available from
6 to 12 inches with a spherical full-ported seat/plug design, and 14- to
24-inch rectangular full-ported seat/plug. The valve features a standard
gearbox with a 2-inch operating nut and stainless steel hardware suitable
for water and wastewater applications. 800/833-2040; F



SkyBitz names VP of sales

Trenchless industry veteran

Sam Gardiner passes away

Carolyn Rehling was named vice president of sales for

SkyBitz Local Fleets division. Rehling has 20 years of executive sales experience.

Signet Enterprises launches

Creative Polymer Solutions

Carolyn Rehling

Signet Enterprises, a private investment firm, launched

Creative Polymer Solutions (CPS) in Irondale, Alabama. CPS specializes in
polyurethane and polyurea products used for the prevention of corrosion
and treatment of corroded surfaces. The company will share a facility with
another Signet company, Sprayroc Inc.

Reed Manufacturing Co.

names sales director

Longtime wastewater and trenchless rehabilitation

industry fixture Sam Gardiner passed away in Peru, Illinois, on Oct. 14, 2016. Sam spent his career in the industry, challenging the status quo and offering a unique
perspective. Always an innovator, he took great pride in Sam Gardiner
teaching his tips and tricks to others, often paired with witty commentary.
Sam crossed paths with many in the industry at the annual WWETT show,
and the family plans to hold a celebration of his life during the upcoming
show. To stay in contact for additional information or to share stories, contact Matthew Gardiner at

GPS Insight ranks on Inc. 5000 list

Reed Manufacturing Company promoted Tim Donohue

to national sales director. Donohue joined Reed in 2008
and has 25 years of experience in the industrial and construction industries.

Mueller Co. names new sales VP

GPS Insight was ranked No. 3,668 on Inc. Magazines 500/5000 list. The
Inc. 5000 list recognizes the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the United
States. GPS Insight has ranked on the Inc. 5000 for the last seven years.
Tim Donohue

Mueller Co. named Mike Lindgren vice president of sales. Lindgren

has spent nearly 25 years with Mueller Co. and will be taking over for the
retiring Mike Williams.

TRIC Tools provides training in Tel Aviv

TRIC Tools Inc. sent Gennady Belous to Tel Aviv, Israel, to provide additional training to Israeli Meiri and Sons Ltd. Belous is a certified trainer
from Z-Techno, a Russian distributor that has been TRICs most successful
pipe bursting distributor for the last eight years.

Inside The
The Pipe

Idaho Falls


Oldcastle Precast facilities recognized by NPCA

Easy To
To Use
Use Pneumatic
Pneumatic Tool
For Grabbing Objects
in Sewers &
& Ventilation
Ventilation systems
90 Bend
Bend in
in 4
4 Pipe
Makes 90
Air Powered
Powered (15psi)
(15psi) Operation
Operation up
up to
to 82
Standard or
or Longer
Longer Distances
Distances Possible
Possible (Option)

Fast &
& Simple
Simple Maintenance
No detection needed

Camera Hook
Hook Up
Up Optional

In/Out using
using Fiberglass
Easy In/Out
Push Rods,
Rods, Cable
Cable or
or Sectional
2.16 dia.
dia. xx 9.45
9.45 length
length -Weight
Weight 10#
Pliers Teeth
with Grabbers
Pliers Teeth

Cost $2400.00
$2400.00 +
+ Freight

Two Oldcastle Precast facilities in Idaho received the 2015 Quality Merit
Award from the National Precast Concrete Association. Plants in Idaho Falls
and Nampa scored in the top 25 of 400 plants, placing them in the top 7
percent of NPCA-certified plants.

Legacy Building Solutions ranked on the Inc. 5000 list

Legacy Buildings was ranked No. 1,952 on Inc. Magazines 500/5000 list of
fastest-growing companies. This is Legacys first appearance on the Inc.
5000 list. F

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covers and wildlife-protection covers. Call
952-829-0731 (MBM)

Environmental Development Partners provides contract water and wastewater services to multiple utility districts throughout the
area of Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria, TX
counties. The company was founded in 2001
by three class A licensed operators, and is
now one of the largest water utility companies in Houston. If you are someone who has
a strong work ethic, the desire to learn, and
appreciates the opportunity to build a career
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Benefits include competitive pay, a company
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GapVax, Inc., a nationally recognized manufacturing business, is seeking a talented,
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Sales Position in the Midwest (Iowa based
preferred) region. GapVax is the leading manufacturer of industrial and municipal vacuum
units and hydroexcavation units in the United
States. We provide the most reliable, comprehensive, and efficient mobile vacuum
units in the industrial and municipal markets.
Specifications of the position are listed on our
website,, click on the Now
Hiring link in the left hand column. Send resumes to or or 575 Central Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15902. (MBM)

Industrial Pressure Washer - New w/warranty
$9,500. 2,000psi, 18gpm. 999cc Kohler & AR
pump. Will deliver. 321-800-5763
Honda horizontal GX engines, new in-the-box
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Dynamic Repairs - Inspection Camera
Repairs: 48 hour turn-around time. General Wire, Ratech, RIDGID, Electric Eel Mfg.,
Gator Cams, Insight Vision, Vision Intruders. Quality service on all brands. Rental
equipment available. For more info call
Jack at 973-478-0893. Lodi, New Jersey.

The LD-18 Digital Water Leak Detector

uses patented technology to significantly
reduce ambient noises from dogs bark-


ing, footsteps, people talking, etc. The

digital amplifier samples the sounds
every few tenths of a second, rejecting
intermittent sounds instantly.
See the LD-18 at

FOR SALE: 2015 Dodge ProMaster

truck Envirosight ROVVER X inspection equipment. ROVVER X motorized
cable reel SV camera cable gore orange
ROVVER X connector box RAXSAT 150
cable reel ROVVER X 130 Crawler pan
& tilt camera RCX90 Connector PTP70
PTP70 II camera head Protek handheld locator. Also includes: WINCAN annual support agreement (Bronze level)
expires 7/31/17. Unlimited telephone
support. Unlimited remote internet support. Maintenance upgrades. 4 hours
of refresher training. Mileage: 35,000.
Sale price ............................. $150,000
R. A. Monzo
Construction Company, Inc.
724-537-0820, PA

(408) 249-4673

Featured In We provide
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February 2013



At the oregon Jamboree

music festival, the crew
at Bucks Sanitary Service
provides service that sings


USED Envirosight ROVVER System: Brand

new RC90 camera. Cable reel (SN 360570)
has new power supply, motor, clutch, cable
(656) and winding rollers. 125 crawler (SN
0260768) has new top plate, side plates,
axles and seals, plus new control board
compatible with rear-view camera accessory (not included). CCU (SN 0160981)
with new power card, new 56V card, new
+/-26 card, and new card. Control pendant (SN 0492645) is compatible with
RC90 camera and R225 crawler. $27,500.
Call 973-252-6700.
NEED TRACTION? We make aftermarket
more aggressive pads and chain assemblies
for all chain-driven camera tractors. Custom,
dependable, double-hole fabrication secured
to high-quality carbon steel chain, or just
pads and rivets. Also available: non-gritted
pads. Samples upon request. Pipe Tool Specialties LLC: 888-390-6794; Fax 888-3906670; or email

BY BettY dAGeFoRde

a Bow

tHe JoB: Oregon Jamboree

locAtIoN: Sweet Home, Ore.
tHe PRo: Bucks Sanitary Service
<<< Susie Sieg, of Bucks Sanitary Service,
unloads a Satellite Industries Maxim 3000
restroom at the Oregon Jamboree.
(Photos by Peter Krupp)

the teaM
Lisa and Scott Weld, owners of Bucks
Sanitary Service in Eugene, Ore., have a
sta of 10 an office worker, yard worker,
part-time mechanic and seven drivers.
Lisa works in the office answering phones
and managing the creative and marketing
side while Scott fills in on everything
from ofmanagement
to Eddy,
Deputy Manager
Engineering Bill
left, routes
Jeffery Silva,maintenance.
equipment operator
Corey worked
Silva andon
Five people
pipetter Craig Shirai (out of view) work to replace
along with
the Welds
copper piping.
by Dianne
and their three children, Maren, 9; Milah,
13; and Sten, 17; who are accustomed to
helping out at events.



the crew at Bucks Sanitary

provides service that sings
for oregon Music Festival

Water department team

County of Kauai, Hawaii

Page 10


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The Hawaiian island of Kauai is meeting the challenges of its geography,

climate and remote location while revitalizing its aging water system
By Peter Kenter

February 25 - 28, 2013, Indiana Convention Center

The Kauai water

a Glove
cleanliness means success for
North carolinas
teS Group
Page 18

From left, Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr., Department of Water Board Chair
Daryl Kaneshiro, County of Kauai Council Chair Jay Furfaro, and project
manager Dustin Moises attend a dedication ceremony for a new 500,000gallon tank in Omao, led by kahu (or pastor) Ipo Kahaunaele.

oN locAtIoN

a Bow





May 2013


he County of Kauai
Department of Water,
charged with the task
of supplying water
across the island of
Kauai, Hawaii, is working to unify
and modernize its water system
under its comprehensive Water Plan
2020. The plan, devised in 2000,
aims to upgrade aging water infrastructure, unite separate water systems and ensure an abundant supply
of quality water for the future on
firm financial footing.

The department currently operates 11 unconnected water systems

ranging from Haena in the north
to Kekaha in the south. While the
island covers more than 560 square
miles, the water distribution system
covers 68 square miles, primarily
along the islands coast.
The department monitors, operates and maintains 50 deep well
pumping stations, 19 booster pumping stations, four tunnel sources, 58
storage tanks, 75 control valve stations and over 400 miles of pipeline

Lets roLL

Its easier to send a driver

to pick up toilets if theyre
all in one spot. I probably
spent a little bit extra labor,
but at least you dont
have to send somebody
with a map to go to this

Craig Shirai feeds 1-inch soft

copper pipe through a hole bored
by the Grundomat horizontal
boring tool from TT Technologies.

get these six,

go to another campground,

Eight times, Sunday through Wednesday, a caravan of three trailers

made the hour-long drive up Interstate 5 from the companys yard to the
Jamboree site to deliver units. Two of their 15-year-old company-built
trailers held 16 units each and a third trailer carried 20 (also company-built,
using an Explorer receiver from McKee Technologies, Inc.). The company
used service vehicles to pull the trailers.
Weld tried a new approach for the removal process. Sunday night
and continuing Monday, the team pumped and moved all units to a single
staging area, which he felt simplified the job. Its easier to send a driver to
pick up toilets if theyre all in one spot, he explains. I probably spent a little
bit extra labor, but at least you dont have to send somebody with a map to
go to this campground, get these six, go to another campground, get these
eight. Then you start leaving sinks behind and the (handicap unit) doesnt
fit. Its just a logistics nightmare trying to get the loads to work out. During
the week, they grabbed units as schedules permitted.
keepin it cLean

Jamboree organizers required someone be on site and available by

and the financial needs of the system.get these eight.
radio at all times so Weld, his son and another member of the team stayed in
The survey rated the condition
a motor home at one of the campgrounds.
newly installed water meter from
of the overall system as poor, notScottAWeld
Venue units were serviced each night from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. At 6:30
Badger Meter.
ing the deterioration of pipelines
a.m. they started in on the campground units, finishing around 9:30 a.m.
and mapping a series of vulnerable
During the day, they pumped out 20 RVs and 19 holding tanks 10 at the
The rst step in any major construction project undertaken by the
Ductile iron is faring much betmainlines located in remote areas
two shower facilities and the balance for the food vendors.
County of Kauai Department of Water is the blessing of the project by
ter, with occasional pinholes presentwith poor access that impeded repair
Five service vehicles were used: A 2010 Peterbilt 335 and a 2008
a Hawaiian kahu, a local spiritual leader.
ing the worst problems. Eddy notes
and maintenance.
International 4300, both built out by Progress Vactruck with 1,500-gallon
that the island is fortunate to posThe grounds of the island are sacred in so many ways, says Bill
That study preceded Water Plan
waste/500-gallon freshwater aluminum tanks; a 2001 Isuzu FTR from
sess largely neutral soil.
2020, a thorough roadmap to reviEddy, deputy manager with the department. We have a priest or
<<< The Bucks team includes, from
Workmate/FMI Truck Sales & Service with an 850-gallon waste/350-gallon
talizing the water system.
priestess bless the grounds in any project that involves digging.
left, Milah
Susie Sieg, Josh
freshwater steel tank; and two 2000 International 4700s built out by Lely
and Weld and
I was the director at the Maui
Eddy notes that the original Hawaiians didnt possess iron tools and
Manufacturing Inc. with 750-gallon waste/350-gallon freshwater steel tanks.
Eric Brownrigg.
Water Board at the time that Water
used wooden or stone tools instead.
All have Masport pumps.
Plan 2020 was being developed, says
Because digging in rm ground was so difcult, they buried their
David Craddick, current manager and
Waste was transported to the companys yard each night and transferred
ancestors in the sand or in caves, he says. When we break ground to
chief engineer at Kauai. I watched
to a 20,000-gallon tank. From there, another pumping contractor picked up
festival. Surprisingly,
Wynonna Judd said yes and the festival
very day
we found
to move
our shop,
a pipeline
in the
the coast,
we sometimes
with some
at the number
the waste and disposed of it by land application.
top talent
ever that
In 2012, the 9,000 residents welcomed
came come
to buy and
so weDo
area blessed
ask back?
3-5, most
was really a door closing, door opening, all in the same day. They quickly
by manager
the camped out. Judd was back to help
ness for disturbing the dead.
But different
the Jamborees
along with Rascal Flatts, Dierks
Silva (foreground)
and Corey Silva clean caked red Kauai dirt off a
jumped at the chance.
time. The
Any contact with historic artifacts or burial sites is also overseen
and enough performers for 22 shows on
one sense, boring
Weld was
pro at this event, so it was pretty much
plan, and
their business
is exclusively
by a cultural
monitor, an
expert, the
Kauai Burial
gardens, merchandise
business as usual, he says. On the other hand, the size and scope had
the plan
has been
imple-beer and
100-mile-wide Willamette Valley. Theyve got about 1,500 Satellite Industries
and the State Historic Preservation Division to ensure that any bones
and a kids
The event
is held in a no-facilities,
20-acre park-like
the amazement
years their first
brought in 60
units gray Tufways and Maxims (and a few white ones for weddings, and
with over
at year,
the they
of the deceased iwi are treated with care and respect.
for one venue and four campgrounds. That was the most difficult
green units for their University of Oregon tailgating; quack shacks, they call
meetings that were held by manager
At the end of a project, we also hold a dedication ceremony in
for me, he says. So I had to get my act together. He quickly got his
To date, $125 million of a pro66,000
them after the Oregon Ducks mascot), several ADA-compliant Freedoms
Lau it.
the time.
which we give thanks for
Eddy says. Crowd
arms around
got to just
your head and
it in gear and
posed $600 million has been spent
and wheelchair-accessible
By the nuMBers
go. We in
stop moving all
plan, and thats why the plan
on the program with the department
good work
68 square miles
The company
units (20 Maxims, 10 Freedoms, 20
good progress
conthe lives
of island residents.
Systems, Inc. About 50 percent of their work is
has been implemented without much further debate
Standing Room Only urinal unit,
and the balance
special events, including, in 2012, the U.S. Olympic track-and-field trials.
in financing the projects.
75 (half Satellite Industries
three restroom
and 73
hand-wash stations
Current work
a continuthe companys
Inc. Tag Alongs
in diameter for those lines serving Waves
ing 455 inches annually. This is also
ing from
on replacing
pipelines.the rest PolyPortables,
David Craddick
400 miles of water mains
just a few customers on isolated rented from
the oldest
of the main Hawaiian
Eacha of
the old pipe materials
routes to 24-inch mains. The distriislands
and the most eroded. Fresh
its ownfive
weaknow adding 3 feet of cover to the
Honolulu are notorious for attackSome 115to
were set up at the
The Welds live in Sweet Home so theyve always had the hometown
bution system is comprised of every- main
rock is more permeable, but old
top of the pipe, Eddy says. Were
ing water infrastructure, the exteBUDGET:
a fewWere
at bus seeing
stops, failthe hospitality
center, and parking lots,
advantage for the Jamboree and Bucks has done it since its beginning in
thing from galvanized steel to butures
rock doesnt offer good geology for
in theinjoints
enforcing the new standard to see
rior of iron pipe fares well in Kauai,
the bulk
with six to eight
1996. They feel confident theyll retain the work as long as they provide good
asbestos cement, cast iron, ductile placed
wells, so we still need to practice
of asbestos
have The capital,
if it has an effect on breakage.
making ductile iron the replacement
at the four
of that
the facility.
crew placed
ACSI trailers
service and a reasonable price.
iron, concrete cylinder and PVC. near
water conservation despite the heavy
us a for
lot the
of trouble.
ironthe Ameri-Can
Sections of older pipelines are
material of choice.
the stage
Engineering trailer in
Pipes range in age from brand new thelines
rainfall in parts of the island. Our
and are
also being aligned with public roads
food become
with the urinal
unit. Water Works
up to 90 years old.
relies 85 percent on
to full circle cracks, often due to
as they are replaced. From the
Mains buried deeper
Association, Hawaii Water
Thirty units and six hand-wash stations were arranged in two banks
A thorough survey of the system
groundwater and 15 percent on surtree
roots or ground shifts. PVC
Works Association, National
1920s to the 1950s, they were typiThe Kauai team is now burying
In the early 90s, when Sweet Home came up with an idea to help
smaller, the
The life
rest of the
taken to 23
conducted in the late 1990s revealed at areaching
face water.
end ofvenue.
its service
cally aligned along the shortest
new mains deeper than in the past.
fund civic
this little
asked adefi
star to perform
at their first
units were
rented to individual campsites.
in pipe condition,
along campgrounds.
is pumped
is subject toThirteen
lateral cracks,
particuroute, which caused them to be
Some of the older pipes were burWEBSITE:
with concerns about system capacity,
tanks, then transmitted through a
larly the thinner material installed
installed through pastures, forests
ied less than 3 feet deep, and were
water supply levels, storage capacity
pipe system ranging from 3/4 inches
decades ago.
Reprinted with permission from PRO / February 2013 / 2013, COLE Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 220, Three Lakes, WI 54562 / 800-257-7222 /



The very day we found out wed

have to move our shop, somebody
came through the door and said,
Do you want to buy Bucks back?
It was really a door closing, door
opening, all in the same day.
Scott Weld
coMpany history
In April 2012, Lisa and Scott Weld
bought Bucks for the second time. Their
first crack at it was in 1995 when Scotts
father heard the 20-year-old business was
having problems. The family made an oer
to the founder and operated it for four
years as an add-on to their trash and septic

The island has uniqueservice

in securing
its water
In 1999, when
supply. One side of the father
they 13
it to a of
solid waste
went to work
per year, while the other
is the
for that company, then 10 years later tried
on Earth, receiving
455 inches annually.


his hand again at self-employment in the

Bill Eddy
business. A few challenges cropped
up, but they turned out to be fortuitous,
serving approximately 66,000 resisays Lisalenges securing its water supply,
dents. All department revenues are
says Bill Eddy, deputy manager and
derived from water sales.
engineer with the department. One
side of the island receives 13 inches
of rain per year, while the other is
the wettest location on Earth,
receivThe island has unique chal(continued)

Unique supply challenges

and private property, Eddy says.

Access and maintenance has been
a problem with these pipelines.
In-house crews tackle mainline
replacement jobs up to 500 feet in
length. The work is primarily digand-replace.
We have also done several horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
projects using both HDPE and fusible PVC C900, Eddy says. Most
HDD work has been done at stream
crossings, a few of them under emergency conditions when existing pipelines were damaged during severe
winter storms. We did one slipline
job on an old 27-inch steel pipe,
sliplined with 16-inch HDPE.
Outside contractors are engaged
in larger projects, often shipping in
workers and equipment by barge.

department switched from a traditional low bid process to a request

for proposal system. While the major
transition temporarily slowed the
pace at which projects were advertised, the new approach is expected
to provide higher-quality contractors that will assist the department
in remaining on schedule and on
The department currently has
no leak detection program in place,
because it has found it challenging
to attract qualified technicians to the
island. Kauai has already purchased
SubSurface LD-12 listening devices,
FCS Permaloggers and ZCorr correlators, but currently uses its SCADA
system to detect most large leaks.
Repair crews are split into two
teams, with field crews handling
pipelines and distribution located
along the coast, and plant crews hanSwitching
to RFPs
^^^ Satellite Industries Tufway restrooms are lined up and ready to go before the
tanks located
fiscal year
the strung
with lighting
in wells
the front
the units.

Bill Eddy, deputy manager and engineer,

County of Kauai Department of Water.

Department of
Water, County of
Kauai, Hawaii

^^^ Milah Weld helps out her fathers crew, keeping restrooms and hand-wash
stations stocked with soap and paper products at the Oregon Jamboree, including these Wave sinks from Satellite Industries.

Starting At






Advanced Containment
Systems, Inc.
Ameri-Can Engineering

Masport, Inc.

Progress Vactruck

McKee Technologies Explorer Trailers


Satellite Industries



(See ad page 27)

(See ad page 46)

Lely Manufacturing, Inc.


PolyPortables, Inc.

Workmate/FMI Truck
Sales & Service


May 2013

(See ad page 33)

Sizes: 24" x 30" & 36" x 45"

Deputy Manager of Engineering Bill Eddy, left, pipetter

Jeffery Silva, equipment operator Corey Silva and lead
pipetter Craig Shirai (out of view) work to replace
copper piping. (Photography by Dianne Reynolds)

Starting At



Water department team

County of Kauai, Hawaii


The Hawaiian island of Kauai is meeting the challenges of its geography,

climate and remote location while revitalizing its aging water system
The Kauai water
By Peter Kenter
department traverses
The department currently operhe County of Kauai
The island has unique challenges in securing its water
a clearDepartment
pathof Water,
ates 11 unconnected water systems
supply. One side of the island receives 13 inches of rain
ranging from Haena in the north
with the task
system ofcharged
to Kekaha in the south. While the
supplying water
per year, while the other is the wettest location

across the island of

Kauai, Hawaii, is working to unify
and modernize its water system
under its comprehensive Water Plan
2020. The plan, devised in 2000,
aims to upgrade aging water infrastructure, unite separate water systems and ensure an abundant supply
of quality water for the future on
firm financial footing.

Craig Shirai feeds 1-inch soft

copper pipe through a hole bored
by the Grundomat horizontal
boring tool from TT Technologies.

on Earth, receiving 455 inches annually.

Bill Eddy
serving approximately 66,000 residents. All department revenues are
derived from water sales.

Unique supply challenges

The island has unique chal-

The rst step in any major construction project undertaken by the

County of Kauai Department of Water is the blessing of the project by
a Hawaiian kahu, a local spiritual leader.
The grounds of the island are sacred in so many ways, says Bill
Eddy, deputy manager with the department. We have a priest or
priestess bless the grounds in any project that involves digging.
Eddy notes that the original Hawaiians didnt possess iron tools and
used wooden or stone tools instead.
Because digging in rm ground was so difcult, they buried their
ancestors in the sand or in caves, he says. When we break ground to
construct a pipeline in the sandy areas along the coast, we sometimes
come across a burial site, so we have the area blessed and ask forgiveness for disturbing the dead.
Any contact with historic artifacts or burial sites is also overseen
by a cultural monitor, an archeological expert, the Kauai Burial Council
and the State Historic Preservation Division to ensure that any bones
of the deceased iwi are treated with care and respect.
At the end of a project, we also hold a dedication ceremony in
which we give thanks for keeping the workers safe, Eddy says.
Improving the water system is considered good work that improves
the lives of island residents.

ing 455 inches annually. This is also

the oldest of the main Hawaiian
islands and the most eroded. Fresh
rock is more permeable, but old
rock doesnt offer good geology for
wells, so we still need to practice
water conservation despite the heavy
rainfall in parts of the island. Our
water supply relies 85 percent on
groundwater and 15 percent on surface water.
Water is pumped into storage
tanks, then transmitted through a
pipe system ranging from 3/4 inches

and private property, Eddy says.

Access and maintenance has been
a problem with these pipelines.
In-house crews tackle mainline
replacement jobs up to 500 feet in
length. The work is primarily digand-replace.
We have also done several horhor
izontal directional drilling (HDD)
projects using both HDPE and fusible PVC C900, Eddy says. Most
HDD work has been done at stream
crossings, a few of them under emer
emergency conditions when existing pipelines were damaged during severe
A newly installed water meter from
winter storms. We did one slipline
Badger Meter.
job on an old 27-inch steel pipe,
sliplined with 16-inch HDPE.
Ductile iron is faring much betOutside contractors are engaged
ter, with occasional pinholes presentin larger projects, often shipping in
ing the worst problems. Eddy notes
that the island is fortunate to pos- workers and equipment by barge.

lenges in securing its water supply,

says Bill Eddy, deputy manager and
engineer with the department. One
side of the island receives 13 inches
of rain per year, while the other is
the wettest location on Earth, receiv(continued)

department switched from a tradi

traditional low bid process to a request
for proposal system. While the major
transition temporarily slowed the
pace at which projects were adver
advertised, the new approach is expected
to provide higher-quality contrac
contractors that will assist the department
in remaining on schedule and on
The department currently has
no leak detection program in place,
because it has found it challenging

and the financial needs of the system.

to attract qualified technicians to the
The survey rated the condition
island. Kauai has already purchased
of the overall system as poor, notSubSurface LD-12 listening devices,
ing the deterioration of pipelines
FCS Permaloggers and ZCorr cor
corand mapping a series of vulnerable
relators, but currently uses its SCADA
mainlines located in remote areas
system to detect most large leaks.
with poor access that impeded repair
Repair crews are split into two
and maintenance.
teams, with field crews handling
That study preceded Water Plan
pipelines and distribution located
sess largely neutral soil.
2020, a thorough roadmap to revialong the coast, and plant crews han
hanSwitching to RFPs
While aggressive
talizing the water system.
dling wells and storage tanks located
During fiscal year 2011-12, the
soils in Oahu and
I was the director at the Maui
Water Board at the time that Water
Plan 2020 was being developed, says
David Craddick, current manager and
Bill Eddy, deputy manager and engineer,
chief engineer at Kauai. I watched
County of Kauai Department of Water.
with some amazement at the number
of community meetings that were
held by manager Ernest Lau at the
time. The community was heavily
involved in developing the plan, and
thats why the plan has been imple1960
mented without much further
debate in financing the projects.
To date, $125 million of a pro66,000
posed $600 million has been spent
on the program with the department
68 square miles
making good progress on its conDEPARTMENT STAFF:
struction schedule.
Current work involves a continuJeffery Silva (foreground) and Corey Silva clean caked red Kauai dirt off a
in diameter for those lines serving
ing emphasis
on replacing
boring tool
(TT Technologies).
400 miles of water mains
just a few customers on isolated
Each of the old pipe materials
routes to 24-inch mains. The districontinues to display its own weakANNUAL DEPARTMENT
bution system is comprised of every- Iness,
notes Eddy.
at the number
thing from galvanized steel to
in the joints and rubber gaskets
of ures
meetings that were
held by$25.4
capital, $26.2 million (2013)
asbestos cement, cast iron, ductile
of asbestos cement pipe that have
was heavily
iron, concrete cylinder and PVC. Ernest
us a lot
iron community
Pipes range in age from brand new
lines become
brittle and are
in developing
plan, and
thats Water
why the
up to 90 years old.
full circle cracks, often due to
implemented without much
A thorough survey of the system
tree roots or ground shifts. PVC
Works Association, National
in financing
Rural Water Association
conducted in the late 1990s revealed
reaching the end
of its service the
life projects.
deficiencies in pipe condition, along
is subject to lateral cracks,
Craddick WEBSITE:
with concerns about system capacity,
larly the thinner material installed
water supply levels, storage capacity
now adding 3 feet of cover to the
are notorious
for attacktop of the pipe, Eddy says. (continued)
ing water infrastructure, the exte-



Department of
Water, County of
Kauai, Hawaii

rior of iron pipe fares well in Kauai,

making ductile iron the replacement
material of choice.

Starting At

18covers more than 560 square
miles, the water distribution system
covers 68 square miles, primarily
along the islands coast.
The department monitors, operates and maintains 50 deep well
pumping stations, 19 booster pumping stations, four tunnel sources, 58
storage tanks, 75 control valve stations and over 400 miles of pipeline

From left, Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr., Department of Water Board Chair
Daryl Kaneshiro, County of Kauai Council Chair Jay Furfaro, and project
manager Dustin Moises attend a dedication ceremony for a new 500,000gallon tank in Omao, led by kahu (or pastor) Ipo Kahaunaele.

Mains buried deeper

The Kauai team is now burying
new mains deeper than in the past.
Some of the older pipes were bur
buried less than 3 feet deep, and were

enforcing the new standard to see

if it has an effect on breakage.
Sections of older pipelines are
also being aligned with public roads
as they are replaced. From the
1920s to the 1950s, they were typically aligned along the shortest
route, which caused them to be
installed through pastures, forests


Order through our website

December 2016



Andrew Stevenson, manager at ATAP Infrastructure Management Ltd.,
was unanimously elected by the Canadian Public Works Associations board
of directors to serve as the CPWA president for a two-year term.
City of Peoria (Illinois) officials announced a grant that will fund an
innovative vacant lot project through a new public-private partnership. A
collaboration among the city of Peoria, Chicago-based real estate developer
Fresh Coast Capital, AKRF and The Gifts in the Moment Foundation was
awarded a nearly $1 million USDA-NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant
to install a stormwater solution pilot project.
The borough of Pottstown (Pennsylvania) received a $40,000 Schuylkill
River Restoration Fund Grant for a stormwater filter project. The borough
will install a new backflow prevention device to mitigate chronic roadway
flooding as well as a new water quality unit to remove pollutants.
Interlinked improvements to Chrysler Beach near the St. Clair River in
Marysville, Michigan, were honored with the Presidents Award from Keep
Michigan Beautiful Inc. To improve the rivers water quality, rain gardens
and bioswales were installed to filter stormwater runoff.

The University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering Professional
Development is offering Municipal Engineering Fundamentals for Non-

Engineers on Dec. 6-7 in Newark, Delaware. Visit

Water Environment Federation

The WEF is offering a Utility Management seminar/conference on
Feb. 7-10, 2017, in Tampa, Florida. Visit F

February 22-25
Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, Indiana Convention
Center, Indianapolis. Visit
April 23-26
American Public Works Association 2017 North American Snow Conference,
Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, Iowa. Visit
April 30-May 3
American Water Resources Association 2017 Spring Specialty Conference,
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah. Visit
June 11-14
American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition,
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit
June 25-28
American Water Resources Association 2017 Summer Conference:
Climate Change Solutions, Sheraton Tysons Hotel, Tysons, Virginia. Visit
July 16-19
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2017 Annual International
Meeting, Spokane, Washington. Visit
Aug. 27-30
American Public Works Association PWX (Public Works Expo),
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Visit

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December 2016

Aug. 27-31
StormCon: North American Surface Water Quality Conference & Exposition,
Meydenbauer Center, Seattle, Washington. Visit
Sept. 18-20
National Rural Water Association WaterPro Conference, Reno, Nevada.
Nov. 5-9
American Water Resources Association Annual Conference, Red Lion
on the River-Jantzen Beach Hotel, Portland, Oregon. Visit

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Septic Systems
Cross Connection
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Turn-key jetter
hose reels built
to your specs

disc plugs | high pressure plugs | large inflatable pipe plugs |

pipeline testing & acceptance plugs | pneumatic by-pass plugs


Fuel System
Starter Motors

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Now Thats Smokin!
A Broad and Economical Range of Odor Control Solutions

Tests up to 7500 cubic feet of pipe per minute

Turbo Fog MH75



Easy Cost Effective Compact


IN FL 800.225.2952 | OUT OF FL 800.635.2323

IN CANADA 800.328.3318

Pictured: Super Wolverine 8# Unit
Patent # US 8,273,162





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Market Includes:

Makers of the Wolverine Brand
of Odor Control Solutions


Let Us Build Your

Manhole Odor Inserts

Pollution Control Barrels
Activated Carbon
Vapor Phase Adsorbers
Septic Vent Filters
Custom Solutions

4-Gas Air Monitor


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(3 Year Sensor Warranty)

7 Tripod



3-Way Fall Protection

Work Winch
Full Body Harness

Add a Blower with 15 of duct for only $350!

Add a 5 Minute Escape Respirator for only $500!




Connecting pipe sizes

from " to 2"

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PE SIDR 7 15
Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel


Rated 200psi @ 73F

and 150psi @ 100F
100% Lead Free

HARCO Fittings
(800) 825-7094

December 2016


Pressure Washers, Replacement Engines,

Pumps, Parts & Accessories
15J84 - Electric Jetter Package

- Commercial
Mo 2.0 HP - 115
Single Phase 18 Amp
VVoltl Si
- GFCI Protected - Hand Carry - General Triplex Plunger
Pump - 2.0GPM - 1500PSI - UPS shippable - 2+5+5 Year
Manufacturers Warranty - Jetter/Pulse Valve On Demand
(Not Shown) - Ball Valve - 150' x 1/4" 4000 PSI Red Jetter
Hose - 50' x 1/8" 4000 PSI Red Jetter
Hose - 4 Jetter Nozzles


15J41 - Jetter Package

- Honda GX 390 - Portable
Protected - EZ Series
- Roll Cage Prote
General Triplex
Pump - 4.0GPM
- 3+5+5
- 44200PSI
- Jetter/
l e Valve on Demand
- 2250'
50 x 3/8" Capacity
10-55 Hose Reel, Ball
aallve - 2200
00 JJetter Hose
- 4 Jetter Nozzle Pack
Attachment Kits Sold Separately



15J27 - Jetter Base Model

- Honda GX 200
- Portable - Roll
Cage Protected
- General Triplex
Pump - 2.8GPM
- 3200PSI - 3+5+5
- Jetter/Pulse
Valve On Demand
- 1150' x 3/8" Capacity
Hose Reel,
R Ball Valve, &
Jetter Nozzle
Jetter Hose Sold Separately

17HJ39 - Jetter Package

- Honda GX 630 Electric Start

- 15
1 Gallon Fuel Tank
- Roll Cage Protected
- V-Belt Drive
- Triplex Plunger Pump
- 55.5GPM - 3500PSI - 3+5+
- Jetter/Pulse
ve on Demand, 350' x
/8" CCapacity
it Hose Reel, Ball Valve
& 4 Jetter Nozzles Included. 300 Jetter Hose - 50' Hose,
Trigger Gun, Wand, Chemical
Injector, & QC Nozzles


Industry Trained Staff


available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

weekdays E.S.T.



15J91 - Electric Jetter Package

- Comm
Commercial Industrial Grade
Motor 2.0
2. HP - 115 Volt Single
Phase 18 Amp - GFCI Protected
- Portable
Portabl with Rollcage
- General
Triplex Plunger
Pump - 2.0GPM
- 1500PSI - 2+5+5
2+5+ Year Manufacturers
Warranty - Jetter/Pulse Valve On
Demand - Ball Valve - Assembled in USA - 150' x 3/16"
4000 PSI Red Jetter Hose - 50' x 1/8" 4000 PSI Red Jetter
Hose - 4 Jetter Nozzles


16T52 - 2 Wheel Road Ready

Commercial Jetter Trailer
Electric Rewind High Capacity,
500' x 3/8" or 350' x 1/2" Hose
Reel - 200 Gallon Tank with
Float Valve - Poly Tool Box
- Lights, Front Jack with Wheel,
af Chains, Aluminum Fenders
- Commercial High Pressure Jetter Vanguard 18 HP
Electric Start Engine - V-Belt Drive - Trailer Mounted Skid
- 15 Gallon Fuel Tank - Tank Feed Capable - General Triplex
Plunger Pump - 5.5GPM - 3500PSI - Pump Mounted
Jetter Pulse Valve - Foot Valve with 8' jumper Hoses
- 3 Jetter Nozzles, Penetrator, Flusher & De-Greaser/De-Icer
- 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Jetter Hose & Attachment
Kits Sold Separately




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