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Postal Address:
Loddon Prison
Locked Bag 3
(03) 5471 1211
(03) 5471 1222

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Prisoners Approved Property.............................7
Prisoners Money................................................8
Mail and Telephone Calls....................................9
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This information booklet is to give you, the family and visitors of prisoners at Loddon Prison
Precinct, some helpful information. By having prior knowledge of the rules and regulations,
which apply to visiting the prison, it is hoped that you will be at ease and enjoy a rewarding

Loddon Prison
Loddon is a combination of Medium and Minimum security rated prisoners.
It is located in Central Victoria; approximately 2 Kilometres from the City of Castlemaine and is
about one and half-hour drive from Melbourne.
Loddon is a campus style Prison within secure perimeters with landscape grounds and
modern buildings. It offers a wide range of programs and activities with the emphasis on
prisoner rehabilitation and transitional needs. Loddon Prison is dedicated to providing a
environment and facilities which, as closely as possible, resembles those in the general

Visit Centre
Visits take place in a building designed to promote a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. Apart
from the indoor area there is an adjacent outdoor area which is paved and has outdoor
seating. A baby change room is located near the entrance foyer.
There is also a kiosk where you can purchase hot and cold snack food and drinks. You are
permitted, at time of entry via Visit Reception, to bring money into the visit and purchase food
and drinks at the kiosk.
Please Note: To comply with Corrections Victoria Smoking Policy all visitors are advised, that
from December 01-2004, the Visit Centre is a designated Smoke Free area.

Visitors Reception
Visitors will enter the prison through the Gatehouse entry into a waiting area equipped with
lockers, telephone, toilets and seating. This is the Visitors Reception Area. It is in this area
that the Visitors Process takes place.
An approved visitor may leave authorised property and monies at Visitors Reception for
prisoners on visit days. This must be left prior to the visit commencing. Any property being
sent out by a prisoner is to be collected on completion of the visit from Visitors reception.

Visiting a Prisoner
Prisoners approved visitors list
Each prisoner is required to provide the location with a list of names of fifteen adults
(over the age of 16) who he would expect to visit him.

It is his responsibility to maintain this list. If a persons names does not appear on the
list they may be denied access to the prison.

Any person who has a CRN (Corrections Reference Number) recorded against their name and
who wishes to enter the prison for the purpose of visiting a prisoner, either professionally or
socially, must make written application for permission to visit from the General Manager
Loddon Prison prior to any visit taking place. The General Manager will reply in writing.
A letter of authority must be produced prior to entry into Loddon Prison

Important Information for people entering the Prison

Any visitor found introducing drugs or drug related items into a prison may be banned
from all visits at all prisons for up to 12 months or longer.
A. Mobile Phones, Pagers or any other form of communication technology
B. It is an offence to take any item into or out of Loddon without the General Managers
permission. Any person found doing so will be apprehended by prison staff.
C. Persons entering the prison may be asked to submit to a search of their
person and their property or a strip search.
D. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult or unless prior
approval has been sort by the General Manager or Operations Manager.
E. It is an offence to have any drugs, alcohol, weapons or illegal items in your vehicle
parked at Loddon Prison Precinct. ALL vehicles may be subject to a search and if
items are found further action will be taken.
F. To comply with the Corrections Victoria Smoking Policy, all visitors are advised that
the prison area and buildings are a Smoke Free Zone. Therefore, visitors are not
permitted to take any tobacco products into the Prison. Any cigarettes or tobacco
products not secured in vehicles must be secured in lockers and can be collected
at the end of the visit.
G. Clutch purses, handbags, wallets etc are not permitted into the Prison. It is advised
that where possible, any unnecessary items be left and locked in your car. A small
plastic bag will be provided to visitors to convey monies and any other small items
of acceptable personal property.

Authorised Baby Items

Parents or carers may take the following items into the prison visit area:
1 change of clothing per child
3 Bibs
2 baby bottles, formula already made up (No bottle bags. Storage fridge available in
baby feeding area)
1 toddler drinking cup with lid. (empty; no juice or water)
3 nappies; small qty wipes In plastic bag
1 dummy; (No toys or stuffed animals)
2 manufacture sealed tins/jars of baby food (No yoghurt)
1 teething rusk (sealed packet)
1 stroller & 2 blankets

Teething gel, nappy cream or any other medication must be in a plastic bag clearly
marked with your name and given to an officer in the visit centre. Access to these
items can be gained as required.

Approved Identification
All visitors must be on the Prisoners Visits List to be allowed entry.
Visitors must provide Current satisfactory 100 points of identification-see ID list below:
Drivers License
Correctional Services Pass
Boat License
Consulate ID Card
Valid Passport
Shooters License
Key Pass
Proof of Age Card
Police Member ID
Ombudsman photo ID Card
Working with Children Check Card
Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission ID
Sixty Plus Card
Birth Certificate
Australian Citizenship Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Law Institute Card
Defence Department ID
Government Authorised U16
Medicare Card
Social Security Card
Student Card
Credit Card
Bank Book
Seniors Card
In the 25 point category, only one of each of the satisfactory identification will be
accepted, i.e. one Credit Card, one Bank Book, one Social Security Card and a
Medicare Card.
However, four of these items together will equal 100 points.

Anyone who cannot produce satisfactory identification will not be permitted to enter
the prison, without the express approval of the Officer in Charge or Operations

Prisoners Approved Property

It is an offence to give any item directly to a prisoner. Items may be posted to the prison. All
articles should be clearly marked with the prisoners name and if possible CRN number and
will be examined for any unauthorised contents prior to distribution to prisoners.
All property received at Loddon Prison will be issued to the prisoner via the Prisoners Property
Store on a later day. Prisoners may request to send any extra property out of the prison with
their visitors. You will be notified of property being sent out when you arrive for your visit.
The approval list of property, which may be left for prisoners by visitors or via mail (which is to
include the senders name and address) is as follows.
NB: All articles of clothing as listed below must be new and enclosed in the
manufactures packaging with tags intact.
The following guidelines are provided:
Clothing Accepted

Three (3) pair of underwear

o Can be boxer shorts, jocks, or a combination of both
One (1) pair Long johns / thermals white (long or short sleeve)
Four (4) pairs of socks
Four (4) singlets white
Four (4) T-shirts (long or short sleeve) White only
o No v-neck, no collar, no buttons, no pockets, no logo of any description.
Four (4) handkerchiefs (new in packet)

Please note: all clothing must be new.

Clothing for court or release must have prior approved from an Operation Managers request,
these items will be placed directly into the prisoners property, not to be issued.
Items Accepted

Maximum of two (2) local newspapers (not Herald Sun, The Age and alike which may
be purchased via the prison)
Maximum three (3) reading books (soft or hard cover)
Maximum six (6) photographs standard size no Polaroids.
Two (2) Towels, light colour only up to 170cm x 90cm in size
One (1) calendar (no larger than A4 size) Not laminated

Legal papers
Magazines Maximum of 2 magazines

The following magazines will NOT be accepted:

Restricted magazines
Weapons magazines
Excessive violence magazines
Hydroponics / Home Brewing
Picture and People magazines
Tattoo Magazines
Disks contained within a magazine

Prisoners Approved Property cont

The amount of personal property a prisoner may have is limited.
Articles produced by prisoners will be required to be collected from the Gatehouse by visitors
or posted out at the prisoners expense.
Articles Commonly Attempted To Be Dropped Off Not Permitted are as follows: Pillows
Flannel shirts
Hats/gloves of any kind
Footwear of any description unless medical or court reasons
Doonas and Doona Covers
Glasses except medically approved
Dressing gowns or Pyjamas of any kind
No cassette tapes or CDs will be accepted through property - foreign or otherwise.
Unless authorised by an Operations Manager and paperwork supplied to Officer in
Charge at the Gate prior to visit taking place.
Any food stuffs.
Restricted publications of any type of media will not be accepted into the prison

Prisoner Money
Monies enable the prisoner to make regular purchases at the Prisoner Shop where he can buy
items such as cigarettes, soft drinks, toiletries, hobby requisites and sporting equipment.
In order to send money to a prisoner you must be on the prisoners visitors list.
A prisoner may receive up to $140 per calendar month, Plus an additional $50.00 upon written
request for their Phone Account. If the money order or cheque exceeds the monthly allowance
it will be sent back in full.
Additional Phone Money must be applied for every three months. If you wish all or part of any
money forwarded to the prisoner to be placed specifically in his phone account, please state
so on back of money order/envelope.

Loddon Prison Precinct encourages visitors to forward money orders/bank cheques via mail,
as this will enable faster processing at the visitors reception desk on visit days. No personal
cheques accepted.
All monies received are to reflect the senders name and address. Bank cheques or Money
Orders received by mail will not be placed in the prisoners accounts if the name and address
of the sender is not able to be identified.
Any monies received which do not meet these requirements will not be made available to the
prisoner until his release.

Mail and Telephone Calls

There is no limit on the number of letters a prisoner may send or receive.
Stamps are available from the Prisoners Shop. Outgoing and incoming mail is checked for
Prisoners cannot directly receive telephone calls or messages except in a serious family
emergency, such as the hospitalisation of an immediate family member or the death of a family
However, the Prisoners Telephone Control System allows prisoners to make outside telephone
Telephone numbers are provided by the prisoners and are accessible after prison staff have
verified the telephone numbers.
All private calls that are made by prisoners may be monitored and are recorded. The calls will
go for a maximum duration of 12 minutes. Exempt calls (including legal and Ombudsman
Victoria) that the prisoner makes, are not monitored or recorded.
The following telephone numbers are not approved by Correctional Services:

Operator assisted calls

0055 recorded messages

TAB or other betting agencies

1300 and 1800 numbers

Media organisations

Pager numbers

Exchange lines

SKYPE or systems using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) numbers.

Visit Times and Days for Loddon

Maximum 2 hour contact visits
8.00am 3.00pm
Visits without Children
8.00am 3.00pm
Visits with Children
10.30am 3.00pm
Restricted Visits
8.00am 10.30am
Non Contact Box Visits
8.00am 3.00pm
Maximum 2 hour contact visits
8.00am 3.00pm
Visits without Children
8.00am 3.00pm
Visits with Children
8.00am 3.00pm
Restricted Visits
Not Available
Non Contact Box Visits
8.00am 3.00pm
Maximum 2 hour contact visits
8.30am 3.00pm
Visits without Children
8.30am 3.00pm
Visits with Children
11.00am 3.00pm
Restricted Visits
8.30am 11.00am
Non Contact Box Visits
8.30am 3.00pm
Non Contact Box Visits Some prisoners or visitors may only be entitled to non-contact visits (box visit) where the prisoner and visitors
are separated by glass.
These visits are a maximum of 1 visit per week.
Residential Visit - By arrangement and approval of the General Manager
The Residential Visit Program is made to provide a facility for the maintenance of family relationships.
A prisoner may participate in the residential Visit Program subject to conditions. Prisoners may obtain
information about eligibility from their caseworker
These visits are on a Saturday, Sunday 8.30am 2.30pm.


Improper conduct, whether by language or conduct by prisoners or visitors, will result

in the visit being terminated. Please consider and respect other peoples values whilst
enjoying the privilege of the contact visits program.
In order to avoid inappropriate behaviour we request you to comply with the following rules:

Visitors and prisoners to be sitting upright.

One person per chair.

Hands are to be visible at all times.

Visitors and prisoners should not place legs/feet on each other or on furniture.

Shoes are to be kept on at all times.

Prisoners may receive up to four (4) adult visitors and a reasonable number of children on
any one visit. Supervision and control of all children accompanying visitors is the
responsibility of the visitor. Unruly behaviour by children may result in the visit being
terminated if such behaviour affects other visitors, prisoners and/or families.
All visitors are requested to vacate the visits centre prior to 3.00pm to enable the prison to
conduct a count (visitors co-operation would be appreciated)

How to get to Loddon Prison

From Melbourne take the Calder Highway. Approximately 5 kilometres north of Taradale turn
left onto the Pyrenees Highway, drive through Chewton to the outskirts of Castlemaine. The
turn off to the prison is clearly indicated at Matheson Road.
For visitors travelling from Bendigo, Maryborough or Daylesford drive through Castlemaine
and turn right at Matheson Road at the top of Wesley Hill and follow the signs.


There are regular rail services from Southern Cross Station to and from Castlemaine daily.
There are bus transfers available to and from the train station at Castlemaine to Loddon
Prison Precinct, refer to timetable on the following pages.
Tickets for V-Line are now purchased via a Myki Card, which can be brought from any railway
station and all 7/11 stores.
All Myki retail outlets sell Full Fare, General Concession, Child and Seniors Myki cards, with
most offering top up services.
Please Note: Any visitor arriving on a train service arriving at Castlemaine after 11.15am
would have less than a 2-hour visit.
A taxi service is operated by Maine Taxis on phone no. 131008


Bus Timetable
Departing Castlemaine Train Station Loddon Prison
Morning (AM) / Afternoon (PM)
Time train arrives at Castlemaine
from Melbourne
Time bus leaves Castlemaine
Railway Station
Time bus arrives at Loddon Prison

















Departing Loddon Prison Castlemaine Train Station

Morning (AM) / Afternoon (PM)
Time bus leaves Loddon Prison
Time bus arrives at Castlemaine
Railway Station
Time train leaves from Castlemaine
to Melbourne













Departing Castlemaine Train Station Loddon Prison

Morning (AM) / Afternoon (PM)
Time train arrives at Castlemaine
from Melbourne
Time bus leaves Castlemaine
Railway Station
Time bus arrives at Loddon Prison









Departing Loddon Prison Castlemaine Train Station

Morning (AM) / Afternoon (PM)
Time bus leaves Loddon Prison
Time bus arrives at Castlemaine
Railway Station
Time train leaves from Castlemaine
to Melbourne







Passengers are advised to check the train and bus timetables and reservations
requirements with V/Line.
N.B. V-Line timetables are subject to change. Confirm with V/Line Castlemaine
before travelling - (03) 5472 4205 or visit


Contact Numbers
If you have concerns regarding a prisoner you have just visited, you can raise your
concerns with staff at the Visit Reception or contact one of the organisations listed
Traditional welfare staff are not part of the management structure of Loddon Prison.
Each prisoner is assigned a Caseworker, who in conjunction with other unit team
members assists prisoners to deal with welfare issues.


(Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders)


1st Floor
116 Hardware Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Postal Address

P O Box 14093
Melbourne VIC 8001



(03) 9602 1366

Free Call:

1800 049 871

Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-Op


13 - 15 Forest Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550



(03) 5442 4947


(03) 5442 4941

Medical Fax:

(03) 5454 2743

Prison Fellowship Australia - VIC Office


1/9-11 Highview Drive

Doncaster VIC 3108

Postal Address:

PO Box 280
Doncaster Heights VIC 3109


(03) 9848 1224


(03) 9848 2018