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Sample Tools by Cr2 are proud to release our
brand new Production Toolkit Deep House 2.

From the producer that brought you the best

selling Deep House, this pack is jammed with
everything you need to create the freshest Deep
House tracks!

The pack contains a whopping XXGB of content

with essential bass loops and one-shots, fat and
groovy drum loops and one shots, killer FX and
fills, uplifting piano and synth loops, deep and
twisted vocal loops alongside our trademark
songstarter construction kits. Each melodic part is
available as a MIDI file and every kick drum is key
labelled to make getting track ideas together a

There are also Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9

project templates alongside our usual top quality
audio, MIDI loops, Sylenth presets, Prod-Cast
video tutorials and a booklet containing tips and
tricks from the producer. You ALSO get a bonus
video on psychology of music production from
Mike Monday.


Cr2 Records are a world-renowned dance music
record label based in London, established in
2004 by Mark Brown (MYNC). Many of dance
music's biggest names have featured on Cr2
including artists such as Hardwell, Nicky Romero,
David Guetta, Avicii, Eric Prydz, Chuckie, Fedde
Le Grand, Steve Angello, Nic Fanciulli, Thomas
Gold, Deadmau5, Carl Cox, John Dahlback and
many more!



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About the pack...

1.96 GB of Total Content
541 x Audio files
39 x Bass Loops
22 x Synth Loops
20 x Piano Loops
100 x Drum Hits
99 x Drum Loops
60 x FX & Fills
103 x MIDI files
35 x Bass Hits
17 x Vocal Loops
8 x Songstarters
1 x Ableton Template & 1 x Logic Template
3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
1 x Productivity video with Mike Monday

Logic Pro X
NI Massive
Korg - M1
Logics Retro Synth
Focusrite - 2i2
Samson - carbon 61 key
Dynaudio BM15s

Our commitment to helping develop you as a
producer means that bundled with each pack will
be a collection of FREE Prod-Cast video tutorials
explaining the techniques behind many of these
expertly crafted sounds plus a tutorial from
psychology of music production guru Mike
Monday, helping you to achieve the most from
your production sessions.

You can find out more here:


From the producer....

(05 DH2 Bass Loop E 124) This organ sound is a
classic sound used in many old school tracks,
revived in current house we hear today. Many
synths try and emulate this organ sound and with
layering you can achieve something close. In the
Korg M1 (about $50), you can find great presets
for that bright 90s piano you hear a lot in this

(10 DH2 Synth Loop G 124) For this I used a
straight saw and applied a high filter cutoff. The
Attack and the Release are short giving it that
snappy and almost in your face attacking sound.

(22 DH2 Bass Loop D# 124) Listen in this loop to
how this bassline bends. This is a very easy to
achieve for some extra quirkiness in your drop.
Make sure you have selected Mono (1 voice) on
your synth. Increase the portamento so when you
hit a note straight after it will glide up or down to
the next note. This is a great way to fill in gaps
too. If you want a more exaggerated effect, mess
with the release.

(DH2 Vox Loop C# 124) A big part of house is
vocal chopping, and if done right this techniques
can really give your track that extra bit of flavour.
This pack comes with 17 fantastic vocal chops,
however vocal chopping can be really easy to do
on your own. Check out this loop and listen to
the vocal tones I decided to chop up where youll
hear lots of oohs and ahhhs. This is a great
tip for generating some cool soulful vocals. When
chopping up an Acapella try and chop parts
where the vocal maybe uses vowels - your Os or
Es or Us. They really give the vocal chop some
singing flavour. Try it!


(02 DH2 Synth Loop D# 124) Here I used a simple
sine wave but drenched it in reverb to give it that
cold, eery sound. It almost sounds like its being
reversed. I use a plugin by Sound Toys called
Crystalliser for this sound. Its great for cool
delays and reverse on sounds.

(26 DH2 FX - Vinyl Background) A good way of
adding some warmth to your mix is placing a
vinyl buzz throughout your track, like the one in
this sample. Listen to static warmness. You could
even place it over drums - youll be amazed with
the outcome!

From the producer....

Your ears and brain need a little rest at times or
they cross over a threshold where they start to
shut out incoming signals. Try and take regular
breaks every 15 to 20 minutes to avoid ear

Roll off all the frequencies below 100 Hz on all
your channels except the kick and the bass/Sub
This gives you more breathing space and
headroom in the mix.

Sometimes, by using too many different grooves,
it can restrict the overall groove of a track. Try
muting a few parts: a simpler groove can often be
more effective. Sometimes less is more.

Backgroundsubtle noises can reallyadd depth
and lift your tracks if used properly.Something as
simple as a simple arp or even crowd noise.
These kinds of tricks are almost a psychoacoustic
engineering of the listening experience, and in
Deep House, they can be the crucial difference
between a fresh sound and a tiresome one.

Sometimes something as simple as white noise or
even crowd claps on a drop can really give the
mix that little bit more to give thedrop that little
moreexcitement and lift it to another level.

A good way to start your mix is to trim all your
levels down by at least 8db.This gives you
headroom while mixing your track and provides
greater flexibility during your mix down. More
headroom means more space and eventually a
cleaner mix. In the end you can always gain it up
and bring elements to their proper levels!


We really hope you find the pack and the

information in this booklet useful. Welcome to
Sample Tools by Cr2!

Mark Brown
Director | Cr2 Records/Sample Tools by Cr2