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It was a gloomy Friday in Rawang at the end of November 2015. Nizam, the co-founder
of Gzam Sireh Mempelai (Gzam), a small medium enterprise of wedding planning business,
glanced the view from his bridal boutique window at double storey shop lot. His mind wandered
to the conversation that he had with his wife, Rozita, the other co-founder of the company early
that afternoon. They faced a challenging situation that the company’s revenue this year is
decreasing. Economic downturn that happened in Malaysia hit the wedding industry hard. Along
with the implementation of GST and inflation, many weddings were drastically reduced. Despite
the growth that Gzam had been able to achieve since it began in 2006, this year’s revenue was
down to 20%. Nizam realize that the competition is increasing in the industry with more new
players enter the industry. His wife has been talking to him that they need to do something to
stay in the business. Paying all the expenses and reasonable profit was critical in order to
maintain their position in the market.
Marriage is crucial in Malaysian community and had been closely related with customs
and traditions. It holds high value and serves as foundation of the society and nation. Therefore,
wedding ceremony as the celebration of marriage is important social practice. Families of the
bride and groom hold the wedding ceremony to announce the matrimony and to share the
celebration with close relatives and friends. Nowadays, the traditional value of wedding had been
shifted due to modernization and couples tend to have sophisticated needs for their wedding
ceremony. With the increasing of GDP and population’s purchasing power, the various kind of
wedding business such as wedding planning arise and grow continuously. There is an estimation
that the total of Malaysia wedding market value aggregated to MYR$7 billion (Techniasia,
2014). Moreover, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, there were 28 per cent
increase of registered marriages in 2009. However, with such growth and high market value,
wedding industry is very crowded with fierce competition from a lot of players.
Gzam Sireh Mempelai is established in 2006 with the line of business of providing
wedding planning and catering services. As a wedding planning and catering, Gzam offers a full
service wedding package which provides everything that the future brides and grooms need in
their wedding day such as make-up, wedding dress, wedding dais, hantaran, photography,
catering, canopies, sound system, and guest gifts. Besides the wedding planning, Gzam also
offers catering services to individuals and corporates for personalized events such as majlis doa
selamat, cukur jambul, birthday party, dinners and others. Over the past few years, his wedding
planning business had organized numerous wedding all over Malaysia, from Selangor, Pahang,
Perak, to Johor. His production not only had attracted media intention but also featured in several
TV shows in Malaysia. His catering services also had become a major player with local
authorities often used his services to provide foods in corporate events.
After 9 years of operation, Nizam wondered what was next for him and his company. He
wants to stay in the business while pushing further to take the opportunity to expand. He need to
come up with a plan by early 2016 for him to increase the market share. In order to do that, he
need to make right strategic choices regarding the revenue growth objectives. Afterall, it is about
time to expose his children about the business in order to pass on the business. What should he
do next? Was he ready for another change?

For instance.397. Thus. Urban Malaysian opinion about wedding ceremony has shifted from a normal setup to concerned more about the theme and concept of their wedding to create more fun to their ceremony. Even though it was difficult to quantify the market growth rate of wedding industry in Malaysia. The country has posted an annual growth 4. especially the western culture often featured in fashion magazines and bridal market in this country. Adding more product or service means the total value for setup wedding ceremony to be increased. which benefited the overall growth of wedding industry. it is reasonable for one to expect that the wedding industry will follow a similar growth rates as these middle-class young couples will be more willing to incur higher expenses to make their wedding dreams come true. A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design. According to 2 .280 registered marriages for the year 2000. Nowadays. The mean age at first marriage for males are 28 years and 25 years for females. weddings with the concept of Garden Wedding and English Wedding had gained popularity. the spirit of gotong royong that ingrained in the community has led a common practice of helping each other to prepare for events such as weddings. According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia. Malaysia’s economy has been growing for the past few years. these middle-class populations have ramped up their household spending as they have more disposable incomes. the marriage market is expected to increase over the next five to ten years. for the sake of convenience they choose to use wedding planning services.2% in 2015 to RM 36. Nowadays. such value is fading due to modernization and preparing wedding events had been outsourced to wedding planners. there were 196. Urban Malaysian tend to have time constraints due to their working career and have little spare time available for sourcing and managing wedding venues and wedding suppliers. Back in kampong days. Nowadays.8 per cent increment annually. Thus. It is undeniable the community now increasingly influenced by other cultures. an increase of 28 per cent compared with 153. A country’s economic condition also plays a big role in affecting the wedding industry. planning and management of a client's wedding.093 registered marriages in 2009. Total population of Malaysia in 2015 is estimated at 31. According to Department Statistics Malaysia.Wedding Planning Business in Malaysia Malay community is famous for customs and traditions. providing a commoditized service designed to meet couples’ competing demands of work and home. Consequently. couples are often willing to spend considerable amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well-organized.2 years in 2010 at the percentage of 59.578 in 2014 which was 9. the mean monthly household consumption expenditure for Malaysia increased from RM 2.74 percent since 2000 and per capita income is projected to rise 4. With half of Malaysia’s population being under 28 years of age.190 in 2009 to RM 3. the best estimates are available by correlating population growth and the country economic condition which have potentially affected market growth of wedding industry in Malaysia.5 per cent population growth rate. Weddings are significant events in people's lives and as such. Wedding industry in Malaysia has been growing for the past few years because of the increasing population growth and the strong economic growth in Malaysia. the wedding cost also become more expensive. wedding planning had become a mainstream occupation.2 million people and currently growing with 1. In Malaysia. there were an estimated of 3022 of registered company in SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) under the keyword “wedding”.2 percent from total population. Malaysia also has a young population with the median age of 26.

Gzam have their own kitchen staff which they can supervise directly to minimize errors. Nizam said. Moreover. thus creating a highly competitive environment. as nowadays wedding business has a high rate in competition. “There were one time when we have to make wedding dress in just three days before the wedding.000 – 50. As long as they can hold the event at given budget. The profit they got from each order in the early years were reinvested to buy properties such as clothes. the player who has a large capital fund could gain advantage from using high technology to differentiate its product/service to propose customer. they will go for it.000 from our personal saving. Money is not an issue in this business. if the company has a large capital fund.Association Wedding Professionals Malaysia (AWPM). It is tough competition. it could provide full services for customers by themselves. particularly for those in small-scale business. In the beginning. Nizam said they got break even after 3 years of operation.000 with the main item of expenditure is on wedding venue and food. Figure 1. These companies provide similar products and services and compete fiercely on price. However. and we manage to do it”. Most wedding planner do not have catering services and have to hire another vendor. “Our initial capital is only RM 30. Gzam only provides services of making the wedding dais and wedding dresses. Nizam said. Now there are far too many wedding planners and sometimes the price and the packages they were offered are quite similar. Average Wedding Cost in Malaysia Competitive Landscape in Malaysian Wedding Planning Industry The wedding planning market in Malaysia is extremely fragmented with lots of providers. Another factor that attract new start-ups in the industry is that the capital needed to enter the wedding industry is low. 3 . they have their own catering department and tailors in-house. Today. average Malaysian spend in wedding is RM 50. and jewelries to support the collection of their bridal boutique. equipment. no matter the quality of services “. which is troublesome sometimes to control directly on the production process. as long as we have the idea”. We are more concern to the quality of service than just cheap price”. “Sometimes customers do not pay much attention on the details and quality but rather on the price. even to us. “Back in 2006 there weren't much players in wedding planning business. Gzam also have their own tailor to make their wedding dresses. Nizam added.

Thus. Moreover. The wedding planners have to make a good relation with their suppliers to create trust between each other in order to reduce uncertainty. they need an efficient communication skill between them and the suppliers to bring out a good service to customers. Internet is also the most influences source toward the purchasing decision of wedding couples regarding to the survey data. There are many suppliers available in the market and the wedding planner need to have the experience to find quality suppliers to support them. Internet also play an important role to be the most source that wedding couples usually find the information from Internet. the knowledge and relation with supplier is important. The trend of wedding market had shifted from standalone product/service to one stop service as the groom and the bride has less time to take care it all and the complexity in organize the ceremony by themselves.For company who does not have much capital fund. 4 . With a lifestyle of Malaysian who living in KL shifted to have less time to travel in rush hour because of the traffic jam. the wedding couples tend to choose the location for their ceremony nearby the center of Bangkok or easy to get access by local transportation. The wedding planner should strict with the quality of each suppliers and make sure that they are suitable and meet the standard. It is a useful channel to communicate directly with customers. Moreover.

marketing plan. and function hall in Sentul. Later. because wedding is something that is always people celebrate. bungalow event space in FRIM Kepong. Batu Caves. After they are able to handle the wedding dress and dais they started to look for adding catering services. one had to submit a business plan. Perak and her education is SPM. there was a friend asked Nizam to join his part time business of making wedding dais. Finally they decided not to take any loan and start their business with the money they’ve been saving from 14 years working as factory worker. Nizam noticed there were a huge demand in catering as well. Gzam has been expanded from having one bridal boutique now they had another bridal boutique branch in Trolak. Batu Caves. Selangor Perak Pahang 5 Johor KL . Selayang. background information on the industry and other forms of proof that the business would work. At that time applying for bank loan was difficult and to apply for government loan such as TEKUN and MARA. Nizam worked at Assab Steel Company. From there on. She said that the business is huge. with strategic location adjacent to TESCO Rawang. While Rozita worked for 14 years as Quality Control staff in Kian Joo Can Factory. Both of them were only factory workers. Having few choices of wedding venue is beneficial to Gzam as wedding venue is the important part of the wedding ceremony. Batu Caves as welding supervisor. Nizam realized that the work of decorating and composing the dais is not as complicated as it seems. Perak. His wife. working 48 hours a week on minimum wage. After overcoming many obstacles. Gzam was established in September 2006 in Taman Setia Jaya. Their overtime compensation was discarded and consequently their income is decreasing. While the kitchen for catering is located in Taman Koperasi Polis Fasa 2. wedding hall in Sungai Tua. Gzam’s bridal boutique branch in Perak also an advantage to tap potential customers in Perak. office. Rozita Abdul Rani was born in Taiping. They started to take small orders of making wedding dais for 4 years. Batu Caves. After earned his SPVM. Opening up a business in 2006 was difficult for Nizam and Rozita. Gzam’s wedding hall and bungalow event space are newly refurbished and renovated with more modern style. It all started back in 2000 the economy was still in crisis. Selangor. At the same time. Rozita noticed that every week they got wedding invitation from people they know. they succeeded to open Gzam Sireh Mempelai. store. they started to open boutique for wedding dress rentals. main kitchen in Taman Koperasi Polis. Eventually. The couple were looking for other opportunities. there were a lot of orders coming from catering services. which is going on for 4 -5 years. they started to take orders catering services for corporate and personal events.Company History Shahronizam Abdul Rahman was born in Sungai Besar. He studied in vocational college in Slim River. and workers' hostels. in addition to wedding event. This business locations have facilities such as bridal boutique. It can be conclude that the demand in wedding industry is inelastic.

Honesty is also another highly valued virtue because Nizam trusted his staff. and western food. Gzam mostly targeted middle income couples. He expect that each staff to be truthful and would not hesitate to fire the staff if there is a breach of trust. Steamboat.Exhibit 1 Geographic Origin of Clients Nizam now has 19 full-time employees which are divided into departments such as kitchen. From the interview." Nizam said. it is important to have positive image of friendly. 6 . However. operation & catering staff. and tailor. Other than full-time employees. Nizam also hires 60-80 part time employees accordingly during events. most of the dishes are Malaysian food. He would describe his staff as a solid. decoration. reliable. since the staff is playing an important role as the service provider." Gzam also has a variety of wedding package and promotion for wedding couples to select. For a wedding planner. helpful and attentive towards customers. As a service provider. it is important for the staff to have positive attribute as it influences the quality of services they deliver. For the wedding menu. “So far customer is satisfied with the food we provide. Gzam also offer other concept of catering such as BBQ. There are 4 main packages that Gzam offer for the wedding couples which can fit with the budget of wedding couple. the company gives the priority to the staff attitude and performance as one of the most important factor. office. Other strong point of Gzam is that food and beverage provided for customer were chosen with the high quality of ingredient. and hard-working team. we even have customers who repeat their orders with us. From the price given in the packages.

we already have our own customers”. They also make buntings to put it on a tree. Gzam also had been actively joined Wedding Expo such as Expo Galeria Perkahwinan in Damansara. Pameran Pengantin Malaysia in Shah Alam. Nizam said. instagram and blog to attract more customers. Festival Pengantin MARA in Kuala Lumpur. that’s how we build our customer base. “Sometimes we have customers who recommend our services to their friends. the marketing strategies was done by sending A4 flyers from house to house. Gzan set up their digital marketing platform such as facebook. By the time we officially established the business. Nowadays with the technological advance and social media expansion. Gzam’s wedding packages In the early days of Gzam. and Festival Pengantin Malaysia in PWTC.Table 1. 7 . Wedding planner was not so popular back then hence word of mouth referral is important.

Some of them would borrow a few properties from Nizam. His recent catering event was for TV award Anugerah Meletop Era. Likewise. people working in the media started to recognize Gzam.Internet Word of mouth Walk in Referral from venue or supplier Wedding fair Exhibit 2 Client Source Gzam started to get media intention from TV. After a period of time. 8 . Akadku Yang Terakhir (Astro Prima). Their wedding dais and wedding dresses are often rented for drama TV shows such as Pergilah Air Mata (TV1). It all started from Nizam’s friends who were making properties for shooting drama TV series. Menongkah Kasih (TV9). Magazines. Nasi Lemak Kopi O. his catering services has become a major catering source for many of the leading corporations. and Newspaper. Further. Radio. Some of the celebrity weddings that he organized are wedding of Dato A Rahman and Jue Aziz. he started to do weddings for several artists. They often sponsored breakfast for Malaysia Hari Ini. Maharku Untukmu (TV3).

with the weakening of Ringgit that happen in 2015 make customers to be more careful with their spending. Customers who were order 1000 package now down to 800 package. Moreover. the amount of wedding package per customer order is also significantly decreasing. However. Wedding Orders Notes: Pakej A : RM 1500 – 2000 profit per wedding Pakej B : RM 1800 – 2500 profit per wedding Pakej C : RM 2300 – 3500 profit per wedding 9 . Wedding Orders Pakej A Pakej B Pakej C Pakej D (Full package) Exhibit 4.The Challenge The implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on April 2015 have affected the wedding industry. most customers now would purchase Pakej A which has low budget. including for the wedding. These directly affected the revenue they earn this year. Nizam realized that they significantly have decreased order this year. lower budget also affected into lower profit Gzam would get from organizing the wedding. On top of that. 2006 2007 2008 Exhibit 3 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Number of Weddings Organized by Gzam Also from the wedding package they offer.

He should start from the financial result in the year 2015. His wife told him that they received many calls from potential orders from Kuala Lumpur area. Rawang is 30 km travel distance from Kuala Lumpur. and Johor. In Selayang alone. he started to cater for Selangor area. Thirdly. It is not easy to get a descent manager. Learning the fact the largest portion of his customers resulted from word of mouth referrals predominantly in wedding business. However. he also need to consider the costs for opening up a new bridal boutique. they also provide wedding services outside Selangor area such as Perak. he need to hire a manager to run the boutique.000 for the rental space and renovation. When he first open his business. Consequently. If he wants to increase the sales for 2016 and adopt the expansion strategy. they will come to customer’s house to discuss about the wedding but they cannot afford to do it every time potential customers called. Pahang. KL population is much smaller compare to Selangor. Secondly. the KL customers sometimes call off the inquiries due to the location of Gzam bridal boutique in Rawang. there are 15 other wedding planning providers available. Median income of Malaysian population First. The competition is going to be tougher and he had to choose the location carefully not to close to other wedding planning company. At least he need to spend around RM 100. He started to think for taping KL opportunities. However. Nizam started wondering whether he needs to open a new one bridal boutique in KL. Higher income would mean willingness to pay a higher expenses. he felt had already maximized the marketing strategies. where it is closer to his house. because most recently one of the manager had stolen a large amount of company’s money and it was the second time happens. if he wants to open a new bridal boutique he needs to consider about many other things. One of the contributing factor was the manager has multiple roles 10 . the wedding planning business are highly saturated in KL and in Selangor. he need to act fast. Figure 2. Occasionally.Pakej D (full package) : RM 3000 – 3800 profit per wedding Nizam need to think how to overcome this problem. Now. In fact he lived in Selayang so he can easily pick location in Selayang. the average household income in KL is higher than in Selangor.

11 . and guidelines for governing their operations. is it the right time to expand? Nizam worried that he need to improve his management approach before he decide to open another business. Nizam realize he had many weaknesses. The person in charge is the manager who also act as wedding planner and also received customer’s payment. considered a big percentage of income is coming from catering services for corporate and personal events. Wedding Corporate Event Personal Event Exhibit 5. If he want to hire another manager he had to make sure the organizational structure and the job description of each position should be clear and there is no violating segregation of duty principle. Although the staff is divided into several departments. There is also another options. rules. Perhaps Nizam should wait for another 2 years while he improved his company before taking risk into new business. He can leverage on his catering staff and kitchen equipment to organize the café. As a small medium enterprises. Currently Gzam also has no the wedding planner and also receiving payments from the customers. He had the experience and knowledge on the industry but he is lacking in managerial knowledge. local authorities requested for Gzam to make café and provide food for the staff. There had been requests from FRIM to open a café in his rental bungalow property in FRIM Kepong. Because there were no food stall available in the area. there is no documented organizational structure and established job description of each position. Percentage of Gzam’s income This got him thinking. Having no code of ethics also contributed to the staff keep stealing from the company. This idea seem interesting. the company only dedicate one person to run the bridal boutique in daily basis. For starter.

He realize he needed the change.Moving Forward Nizam had been thinking so intense on his company and want to push further upward to become one of the respected wedding planner. she’s telling him to come home. He immediately grabs his car keys and drive heading on the way home. The name of his wife. the future of his company. He can’t wait to be home to discuss this matter with his wife. He was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of his phone ringing on the table next to him. If he did not decide expansion strategy by 2016. It is still pouring outside. Rozita customer flashed up on his screen. 12 . He wanted Gzam to be more not just an ordinary wedding planner. After 9 years of hard working. Nizam refuses to give up. As he is driving home his mind wander again to his top on the list. he knows his company will be out competed by other wedding planning business.

the value of the company. Igor Ansoff and first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957. SWOT analysis divided into internal and external environment. and threats using SWOT analysis  To provide exposure on the concepts of business growth strategies using Ansoff Matrix  To use 4P’s marketing mix as tactical model to describe the strategic position of a product in the marketplace Theoretical Frameworks a. 13 . or detract from. however. relative to competitive forces. SWOT analysis originated by Albert S Humphrey in the 1960s. are external factors which emerge due to the activity of competitors and changes in the market dynamics. its desired future business scope is to be chosen as the growth vector within the Ansoff matrix. opportunities. b. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats. To use the matrix. The Ansoff Matrix was developed by H. Analysis of Gzam using the SWOT framework can help to create a strategy that distinguish them from the competitors and compete successfully in the market. Then. an organization must first assess its existing product-market combinations and corresponding levels of competitive advantage. They are the skills and assets (or lack of them) that are intrinsic to the company and which add to. The model can be used as an instrument for devising and selecting strategy. The SWOT analysis provides helpful information for matching resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which the organization operates. It offer a framework to identify the direction and opportunities for corporate growth. It also has given the way to think about the risks of growth. Subject The case study is specifically planned for the subject of marketing plan and growth strategy in small medium enterprise Learning Objectives  To analyse current situation of the company by determining its strengths.PART 2: TEACHING NOTES Target Audience The intended audience for this case study are the students at level of business studies (MBA) who are taking the course of New Venture Creation. weaknesses.

is the riskiest of the four options. in the lower right quadrant. is slightly more risky. four generic competitive strategies were identified : .Market development. There is also a variety of activities closely linked to the product that can be considered. guarantees and the handling of complaints. not only in price wars.Product development. Here. and elimination of products that are no longer attractive or that are unprofitable. after which the most appropriate option can be selected 14 . Pricing decisions are thus highly sensitive . . the company focus on sell more of the same products and services in the existing markets.Price How much are the customer willing to pay? The value obtained in an exchange is critical to consumers. This growth vector means growth by developing new products to replace or complement existing products . in the lower left quadrant. because the company is introducing a new product and services into existing market. is the safest of the four options. in the upper right quadrant. As an organization can adjust each categories on a regular basis. packaging. The marketing mix is a tactical toolkit that an organization can use as an integral part of its marketing strategy to realise it corporate strategy. This growth vector indicates growth through increase of market share for the present product markets .Place (distribution) Are the services available in the right quantities. because the company introducing a new.Product Does the company produce what the customer want? Possible decisions and activities regarding the product include: new product development. in the upper left quadrant. in addition to which price is often used as a competitive tool.Diversification. . . focus on putting an existing product into an entirely new market. unproven product into an entirely new market that may not fully understood. but also for image enhancement. c. it is able to keep pace with the changing needs of customers in a specific market segment. in the right place.Market penetration. at the right time? Can it be achieved while keeping inventory.Based on the product/market grid. modification of existing products. such as branding. The marketing mix is refered as 4P’s with components as follows. transport and storage costs as low as possible? Analyse and compare the various distribution possibilities.

depending on whether the organization wishes to launch existing product. each students in class will be given opportunity to ask questions or provide their reactions and feedback 5. Different types of promotional activities may be necessary. After presentations. Presentations should be done 15 minutes each group 4. Ask students to form group of 4 students and answer the questions given before next class 3. Therefore. or to retain interest in a product that has been available in the same form for a long time. Lecturers act as guidance in discussion and highlight main issues concerned in the case study.- Promotion Promotion include inform or educate groups of customers about the organization and its products. All group members are required to participate. Distribute the case study and questions one week in advance for the students to read and understand the case study 2. Lecturer comments on the presentation and summarized the case study 15 . Each group need to prepare presentation slides and present its answers in front of the class. decisions must be taken as to the most effective way of delivering the desired messages to the target group Teaching Approach 1.

With lack of structure. Which one of the strategy is suitable for Gzam and why? Market development strategy would be suitable for Gzam. Gzam should expand into KL by opening another bridal boutique branch or establish a café in his rented wedding venue. Explained the dilemma faced by Nizam regarding the growth strategy he has for Gzam? Nizam faced the dilemma of whether his company. it would have the opportunity to tap more customers with higher disposable income to increase their revenue. Analyse the current company position using SWOT analysis 3. Gzam also have years of experience with solid team to support the strategy. it is important for Gzam to maintain their position in the industry by profitable. and governance. his effort to open new business would be jeopardized and he is worried if he is ready for this change. whenever Nizam wants to decide on the 16 . the market development is implemented. since they are already well known for their services as wedding planner business and it would be an opportunity for them to establish their market share in the new wedding market. however there are things to be considered. according to the matrix. Gzam expand into new market using its existed services. Identify the strategies available by using Ansoff Matrix If Gzam would choose to open a bridal boutique in KL. management. If Gzam would choose to open a bridal boutique branch in KL. according to the matrix.Case Assignment Questions and Case Answers 1. to venture on both business opportunities Nizam has to consider the managerial capability of his company. However. However. Wedding industry is highly competitive and with the situation of economic downturn. 2. Under this strategy. if they choose to establish café in the wedding venue. the product development strategy is executed. This strategy enables Gzam to create new services targeted at its existing market to achieve growth 4. Establish a café in the rented wedding venue also a viable option to raise revenue as they have the resources to build the café. However.

market development strategy. at least he have to improve his management system to avoid failure in the future. Develop marketing mix for the products and services for the selected strategy 17 . 5.

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(2014. from https://www. Retrieved November 1. D. 2016) 19 . This Malaysian site wants to clean up the ugly side of the wedding industry. (Malaysia.techinasia. June 25).Tay.