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EPC 4403


Year 4, Semester 1 Teaching Practice 4a, 2016.

This report is to be filled in by the Mentoring College Teacher at the end of TP.

Name of student: H00250598 Shaima Abdulrahman Abdallah Al Maazmi

Course: EDU 4403

Name of school: Shaikha Bint Saeed Girls School, Ajman.

Mentoring College Teacher: Julie Watson
Absence dates / reasons: n/a
For college use only
Dates of Teaching Practice: 2/10- 26/10/2016 & 30/10-10/11/2016
Dates on which absences are to be made up: n/a
Visits by Mentoring College Teacher (MCT): 3
Holistic Grade:


Achievement that is outstanding relative to the course requirements

Areas of assessment linked to the HCT Professional Competencies for Semester 7 students.
Professionalism and Understanding
You are professional and showed great confidence in your objective to improve your lessons and teaching
style, well done! You collaborate well with your peers and mentors and clearly take your teaching practice
seriously. You have shown initiative during this practicum to get things done and support your peers and
others. You show no hesitation about following through or initiating action to on important matters eg
immediate communication and willingness to help others.

Planning for Learning

You are striving to implement best practice in your plans with engaging activities and collaborative tasks
for the students. Keep working to develop the strong language focus that you have started in your lesson
planning. You are becoming more aware of creative ways to approach the curriculum and adapt your
teaching to both covering the curriculum objectives and planning active participation and enjoyment for
the students.
Implementing and Managing Learning
During this practicum you have shown much development in behavior management strategies so now you
have tight management of student behavior which allows you to implement student centered active
participation, including drama, while keeping them focused on their work. Remember to give feedback for
learning with more detail and challenges for students.

EPC 4403
Monitoring and Assessing
You need to develop your skills in checking students work in whole-group settings to create formative
assessment and learning opportunities. You are monitoring the class but not focusing on the students as
individual learners.

Critical Reflection
You have shown critical reflection of both your teaching and the students participation in the lessons. You
are building a strong reflective practice where you are willing and able to see both the strengths and
weaknesses of your lessons and understand how your personality also adds to the class dynamic.

Final Comments for focus and development during TP next semester

You have a very motivated, engaged and strong presence in the classroom
You are willing to accept feedback and respond positively with critical reflection and
background reading
You show respect, enthusiasm and caring for the students
You have shown initiative and independence of thought and actions during this TP
You are highly motivated and show enthusiasm and intent to be a successful teacher
Teaching resources and materials are appropriate to the level of the students
You are organized and well prepared for your lessons
It is good to observe that you are trying to develop Q&A activities into class dialogue and
You are effectively monitoring the students throughout the lesson with effective use of eye
contact, facial expressions and voice tone
You move around the room more during the lesson and have meaningful contact with the
You are starting to make your lessons more student-centered so develop this further in your
lesson planning
Your spoken language is generally strong and appropriate. As an English teacher you need to
model appropriate language, effective questioning structures, accurate grammar and spelling
at all times

Areas for Improvement

Develop differentiation strategies in your lessons so you support all students in their
understanding and learning
Develop assessment strategies and tasks taking into consideration advice from your MST
You are starting to make your lessons more student-centered so develop this further in your
lesson planning
Develop strategies that better scaffold and model reading too for your students
Your lesson planning should include more detail at the phase level
Develop more feedback for learning not just at the class level but also individually for students