Volume IX Issue 12

S O N S O F C O N FE D E RAT E V E T E RAN S CAM P # 2 6 5




December 2016



COMMANDER’S QUOTE: “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not- you’ll find an excuse.”

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I wish y'all a Merry Christmas! I will not be at our December
meeting. I am traveling to a Civil War Relic Show in Franklin, TN trying to find vendors for our show in
Tal Floyd will run the meeting along with the other officers in the Camp and hopefully You. There will be
live music and a few activities, but the largest part of the meeting will be the fellowship and food. Please
bring a covered dish, bring a guest, come early, and as sure as we are going to make America great again, I
will not see you at our December 3rd meeting at Penn's in Brandon at 7pm.

-Tim Cupit

November Guest Speaker
Mississippi author and historian Grady Howell was our guest speaker at
the November 5th meeting. He spoke about the battle of Shiloh, a very
important and bloody fight. His knowledge of all things Confederate
and understanding of historic events is impressive, to say the least. He
can captivate an audience for hours, and bring the past to life. He is
always a welcomed guest and we hope he will come back soon!

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Cleanup
Camp members braved the cool temperatures of the early
morning to pick up trash on the morning of Saturday,
November 19th. The camp is responsible for cleaning one
mile along Highway 80 in downtown Brandon, just east
of the Confederate statue in the town square. We had a
good turnout with ten members showing up and making
Brandon a little prettier. Thanks to all involved – you
make us all look good!

by Tom Fortenberry
Christmas Card from the Front
It is cold this evening with the passing of weather. And with the
arrival of the cold so also the shorting of days as the twilight of
evening gives witness to my sight through the barren limbs of
trees shaken from their clothing. A light snow has begun and so
also the thoughts of all of us who have gathered to their camp
fires to discard the darkness of night.
I wrote a letter the other day. They say it went out but I do not
know it's path or if it will arrive to you before the season. We are
well as one could expect knowing the conditions here.
Last evening some of us returned to camp after patrol to find a
small cedar tree decorated with hardtack and bacon. No one
would admit to how the tree appeared. One of the men asked why
would one cut down the living amongst the dead? He was quickly
answered by all that it had not been cut down but only set apart
with the living to give warmth and comfort in this times of
hardship. And so we set our camp fire close with music and
laughter to distance our hearts from war.
Many of us this season will gather with family, friends, and
neighbors to celebrate the eternal warmth and love which
transcends generations and time. It is my prayer that each of you
will be brought closer to His love. Jesus Christ our Lord and
God Bless
Thomas Fortenberry Chaplain Camp 265

“You cannot be a true man
until you learn to obey.”
- Confederate General, Robert E. Lee

by Sid Boteler

General Robert E. Lee shaped one of the most
successful fighting forces on the American
continent. A force that- even after four grueling
years of combat, after the men's bellies were ironed
to their backbones by lack of provisions, after their
hopes of independence were cut to the dirt- stood
on, greeting Lee as he returned from his historic
meeting with Grant by shouting: "General Lee! Are
we surrendered? General, say the word. Say the
word, General, and we'll go after them again!"
One should never underestimate what the war
between the states cost Robert E. Lee. A successful
soldier, he was not used to defeat. No he had lost his
home, his career, and virtually all his worldly
goods. Worse, he had suffered the premature death
of a daughter, a daughter-in-law, two grandchildren
and countless colleagues and friends. Now
deprived of his citizenship and liable to be tried for
treason. His home state of Virginia was now under
occupation, its citizens deprived of their rights, its
fields, town, and cities devastated by the union's
policy of total war. And yet.... Lee was not defeated.
Soon after the war's end, he was increasingly
regarded not only as a military genius, but as
someone to be venerated by the South and by the
North. To be venerated, indeed, throughout the
western world as a great man.
English Field Marshal Viscount Wolsely wrote of
"I desire to make known to the reader not only the
renowned soldier, whom I believe to have been the
greatest of his age, but to give some insight into the
character of one whom I have always considered
the most perfect man I have ever met.... I have met
many of the great men of our time, but Lee alone
impressed me with the feeling I was in the presence
of a man who was cast in a grander mold, and made
of different and finer metal than all other men."
As Winston Churchill would later write, Lee was
"one of the noblest Americans who ever lived, and
one of the greatest captains known to the annals of
Taken from
Robert E. Lee on Leadership
by H.W. Crocker III

A Turkey Shoot to Remember!
A big congratulations goes out to Miss Kyla Bryant for
shooting better than hundreds of other contestants and
winning the Turkey Shoot at the Fall Muster. She was
presented with her original target, a certificate of
participation & appreciation, a letter from the Camp
Commander, and a crisp new one hundred dollar bill!

Two members of the Mary Ann Forrest Chapter 23 were recognized
and rewarded for their hard work and dedication by chapter
President Brandi Gray.

The ladies of the Mary Ann Forrest Chapter 23
have been busy! In November we participated in
Florence Fest and recruited two new members. We
also served breakfast at the Brandon Police
Department along with some of the members of
Camp 265, and were received very well! The
commander rewarded us all with a Brandon Police
Dept patch that bears the emblem of the
Mississippi State Flag. We are super proud of what
we do and the capacity in which we can serve our
supporting Camp, Rankin Rough & Readys 265.
At the November 5th meeting, an uncut sheet of
Confederate bonds worth approximately $600 was
given away. Only those members who had paid
their dues, and were in good standing with the
camp were eligible for the drawing. When the
winning name was pulled – who else could it be
but our very own Chaplain, Mr. Tom Fortenberry!
Congratulations and best wishes go out to him!
Who knows what kind of awesome prize will be
offered next year? Good luck in advance!

December Meeting Pot Luck Dinner!

The Rankin Rough & Readys Camp #265, of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans would like to
welcome Mr. Larry Fred Eubanks as the newest
member of the SCV family. He entered upon his
ancestor Private James Giles Eubanks, Co. F, 33rd
Mississippi Infantry. If you see Mr. Eubanks,
please introduce yourself, shake his hand, and
make him feel welcome!

The December 3rd meeting will be a Christmas Pot
Luck dinner! Please be sure to bring a covered dish
or desert to the meeting to share with everyone. It
will be a special time of fun, fellowship, and
thanks for all the blessings we are so grateful to
have. Come early to grab a seat, and enjoy the
company & conversations! Can’t wait to see you


The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp #265

317 Lake Heather Road
Brandon, MS 39047

Our next meeting is December 3rd
at Penn’s in Brandon at 7:00pm.
Come early!