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Example High School

123 Street Address

City, State 12345
(123) 456-7890

September 25, 2016

Mr. and Ms. Parents
321 Address Street
Anytown, State 12345

Dear Mr. and Ms. Parents

I hope that this letter finds you well, and you are enjoying the beginning of fall. I wanted to get in
touch with you about your daughter Courtney, and her assignments in class. After reading
Courtneys argumentative essay due last week, I was very pleased with her writing. However,
Courtney has not turned in her rough draft, her notes, or her outline on the paper.
While I want to assign Courtney a high grade for her essay, I am unable to do so without her other
work. The rough draft and outline is the English equivalent of showing work, and its imperative that
Courtney includes that for a passing grade. I will accept Courtneys rough draft and notes up until
October 15th for full credit. If Courtney does not get them in by then, she can submit them up until
October 23rd for half credit. After that, I cannot accept the work since first quarter grades will be do,
and without the work she will not pass this quarter.
At your earliest convenience, please contact me to schedule a time to discuss solutions for
Courtneys grade. I have a flexible late work policy, and would be happy to accept the rest of
Courtneys work any time until October 8th, when first quarter grades are due. I genuinely care
about Courtneys work; hopefully we can work together a make a plan to get the rest of Courtneys
assignment in as early as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Ms. Tropila
Example High School English Teacher

September 2016

Dear Parent or Guardians,

Greetings! Im taking this time to introduce myself and express my excitement and gratitude of
working with your child this year. Id like to start off by introducing myself and giving you a little
background on who I am. I graduated Arizona State University with a degree in Secondary
Education English. This is my first year teaching, although I do have a recent student teaching
experience. I am originally from Orange County, California, but have been in love with Arizona
since I moved here five years ago. I love teaching English Language Arts because I care deeply
about the voices of each of my students. I believe that through writing students can find an outlet to
share their experiences, and that it will truly help them grow.
We have a great year in front of us! Your children and I will be reviewing, learning, and having lots
of fun along the way. Ninth grade English is a year filled with reading, writing, and many enjoyable
assignments. This is the year when students will begin preparing for college. Any other information
about the course and assignments can be found on the class syllabus. The syllabus also asks that you
email me so that I have your contact information, and you are free to address any questions,
comments, or concerns.
I am available for phone calls and meeting by appointment every week. To get in contact with me,
feel free to email be at any time, and I will reply within 24 hours. I would be happy to schedule a
meeting or phone call via email. You can reach me at
Im excited to work with your child! I welcome and encourage questions or comments, and Im
looking forward to a wonderful year.
Ms. Courtney Tropila
English Language Arts
949) 545-8949

Courtney Tropila
123 Street Address, City, State 12345 Tel: (949) 545-8949
August 25, 2017
The Principal
Example High School
Mr. Principal,
I am writing to express my interest in the 8th grade English teacher position, advertised with your school. I
believe that my education and my recent student teaching experience have prepared me to teach. I would love
to share my enthusiasm and abilities with the students in your school.
Recently I completed my Bachelor of Secondary English Education from Arizona State University, in Spring
2017. While at ASU, I completed three internships at varying secondary schools in the valley, and was a
student teacher of Spring 2017 in middle school. I have experience working exclusively with English
Language Learners, and have observed multiple secondary English courses. I also have the skills of working
with students in an alternative school setting. I am skilled at writing and implementing lesson plans, classroom
management, and maintaining updated student grades.
What I bring to this position includes effective communication skills, classroom management skills and the
ability to get and maintain students attention, and a strong aspiration to provide the highest quality of
education to the students at Example High School.
The attached resume can provide you with greater details of my background and experience.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Courtney Tropila