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Asthma weed or Tawa-tawa

(Euphorbia hirta) Tea
30. January 2014 Anupama (

Euphorbia hirta (/health/post/2014/01/30/euphorbia-hirta-information.aspx) is

a common medicinal plant which is used in India, Philippines, Australia, Mexico
and some parts of Africa for treatment of diseases. The whole plant of herb is
used to prepare a decoction or tea. This preparation is useful in treatment of
various diseases.

/image.axd?picture=euphorbia_hirta_1.jpg)This tea has anxiolytic, analgesic,

antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory activities.
Latin name:Euphorbia hirta, other scientic names Euphorbia pilulifera,

Euphorbia capitata, and Chamaesyce hirta

Common name:Asthma plant, Hairy spurge, Garden spurge, Dudhi, Tawa-tawa,
Asthma weed

Recipe of of Tawa-tawa tea

Euphorbia hirta plant (15-30 gm), Water (1000 ml)
Take Fresh whole plants of Euphorbia hirta.
Soak fresh plants in water for 2 minutes and then rinse with tap water to clean
soil and dirt.
Add in boiling water and cook for ten minutes.
Leave and let it stand for 20 minutes. Filter using a strainer.

Dosage of euphorbia tea

Drink in small amounts throughout the day.
Take this decoction for one week.

Health benets of euphorbia tea

Asthma, respiratory problems, respiratory tract inflammation
Lung problems
Gastrointestinal disorders, Diarrhoea
Diabetes, Dengue fever
Can be used in form of oral rinse to treat mouth blisters or oral thrush
Consume this tea in moderate amounts only for one week.