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Week 4: 23-10-2016 / 26-10-2016

Generally, at week four I was sick and I couldnt teach more than one
or two hours a day so I did only few lessons, and to develop my
teaching techniques I observed my MST more to see what she does in
areas that I need to develop in instead of sitting at home doing
nothing, and while observing I was watching mostly how does the MST
monitor her time management and what kind of activities she does to
develop students learning. Also, I was looking at how she manages her
time of management to finish all the activities. However, week four
was a tough week, because I was sick so I couldnt teach but I
managed to do other things about my projects, and I was very nerves
about my first observation because I am showing how the dynamic
teacher be.

However, the first thing I did is to take an appointment with the

principle and she direct gave an appointment in same week on
Tuesday, so we did the appointment with the principle and I took all
information that I need with taking a permission from the principle to
record just to listen again in case if I needed.
And the second thing that I was organizing for is to take the students
to a trip and I felt very confused because I was looking for a teacher
that she agrees to come with me in trip, because it is not allowed to
take the students in a trip without their teachers and I strongly agree
with that because we are trainers and we dont have enough
information about how the students will act so the first time for sure
will be difficult on me and I hope next week I get more information that
I need to manage next trips.
However, my first observation was on Wednesday 26-oct-2016 by
ms.Julie Watson, and I was very worried about that because it was my

first observation lesson and when I had that morning conversation with
ms.Julie Watson I can say that I learned a lot from her before I begin
the class and I felt confident to show her my skills. In addition, I leaned
from my MCT that students always like to do new things and I suddenly
had an idea to add it in the lesson which is to make the students act
instead of me, but the students did not get the idea well and for next
time I am sure that they will do it better next time because it was the
first time for them to do.
Also, I learned a new strategy to engage students which is to control
my sound volume like very low, medium low and high. For example,
when they have a new vocabulary that they are doing I use the volume
strategy in repetition, so when the I say the word puzzled in loud voice
they repeat it loudly, while when I say the word using low volume they
repeat it in low volume also. My reflection about this strategy is that I
strongly agree because I used it in the class on Wednesday and the
students were engaged to pronoun the word and I was surprised about
the way that they did it! I thought that it will be difficult to tell them
how to do it while they could do it from the first time I used the
strategy of low-medium-high volume of sound in repetition.
This picture shows the students engagement when they are leaving
the classroom, and this shows me that they were fully engaged and a
great listener in the class because they are singing and acting the
words that they learned in this lesson which was about feelings and

This picture displays the students acting with me while I am singing for
them, and as you can see that they are acting like they are thinking.
So, the acting game I use it mostly to memorizing the vocabularies or
introducing new vocabularies.