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Lesson Plan Components

Content Standard:
MHSAC.6 - Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
a. Compare and contrast various genres and styles of music.
b. Analyze music utilizing knowledge of the choral score.
c. Interpret emotions and thoughts communicated through music.

Student Learning Goal(s)/ Objective(s):

The students will identify and describe the emotions communicated through the text and music by annotating it.

Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks

Launch: ____5______ Minutes
The students will get their music journals out and watch a video of a choir performing Robert Burns
arrangement of My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose. In their journal entry for the day, they will answer the
following questions: What did you notice in the song as you listened? What kind of emotions are in the song?
What did you hear that makes you say that? I will provide an example of how I would answer those same
questions, but for another song.

Instruction: ____20______ Minutes

I will pass out the printed lyrics of the song and show a larger version on the projector for the class to
see. I will model the way I want them to annotate by doing a think aloud and underlining key emotion
words and phrases in the first stanza. While I am modeling how I want them to annotate, I will
question, aloud, how the author was feeling and the different meanings the text could have. This way,
the students will know how I want them to question the author and themselves as they make notes on
their papers. The next stanza will be done as a shared reading/think aloud with the students helping
me annotate. After that, the students will get in small groups and annotate on their own. I will walk
around and listen/observe as they work.
Closure: ____10______ Minutes

The students will share the emotions they have identified, and describe how they connect through the
text and music.


Describe the tools/procedures that will be used in this lesson to monitor students learning of the
lesson objective(s).

Evaluation Criteria

Type of assessment
Description of assessment
(Informal or Formal)



What evidence of student learning (related to the learning

objectives and central focus) does the assessment provide?

I will observe the groups

The students will show that they understand
working together to be sure that how to annotate a text while sharing ideas
they are participating.
with a group.

When the groups demonstrate

what they found in the text
during the closing, I will assess
their ability to identify and
The students will demonstrate their ability to
describe emotions in the
question, annotate, and comprehend the text
text/music while supporting their as well as present their ideas to the class.
answers with contextual
evidence through key terms and

Worth 25 pts

5 points for focus/standard/objective alignment

10 points for completed/coherent instructional strategy/learning task section
10 points for completed/coherent assessment section