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Reiner Tristan R.


August 21, 2016

Reaction Paper no. 2

PSE 101


Creation, what comes to your mind if you heard the word creation is where one invents
an object and he has benefits of why he created such an object or stories being creative giving
audiences different story patterns that they are used to or is it the creation of the universe where
scientist stated that the start of everything is the big bang theory where after the explosion the
universe is constantly expanding. Then asteroids starts colliding to one another thus creating
planets the other planets colliding to other planets resulting a bigger planet. The sun was created
As the material drew together, gravity caused it to spin. The spin caused the cloud to flatten into
a disk like a pancake. In the center, the material clumped together to form a protostar that would
eventually become the sun. The young protostar was a ball of hydrogen and helium not yet
powered by fusion. Nola Taylor Redd (January 17, 2013) because of the gravity of

the earth it pulls the planet of fixing them by a certain place to rotate around itself on the suns
orbit. That is how science explained the creation of universe from a single boom to life on earth.
Now let us talk about the creation according to the bible. On the first day there was nothing but
darkness God said let there be light God saw that it was beautiful then he separated it from
darkness. On the second day God created the sky and sea and on the third day



land. On the fourth day he created the stars, sun and the moon. On the fifth day he created sea
creatures including fishes and birds. On the sixth day of his creation he the created us and the
animals. Lastly the seventh day where he watches all his creation being amazed from what he
has created the came from nothing but darkness.

Now what is myth, according to google myth is a widely held but false belief or idea.
a widely but false idea but on the article myth stands as the based on truth and are essential to
every culture because it is their history. Myths purpose is to keep the persons deed alive having
his legacy acknowledge by others through generations but while time passes myth is becoming
more story like where people is having a hard time whether if it is true fact or false because of
the time itself. Now let us now about history, it is a significant event that somehow stayed
memorable to humans such as the world war Is history. It is to show a story of what actually
happened in world war I giving people idea a thing to remember such as myth except myth is
having superhuman characters where they somehow saved the earth by certain villain. But
according to the article myth and history has the same goal, it is to tell the truth about things.
God upholds the universe in a consistent way that the human mind can understand. If the
universe were merely the result of chance, then there would be no reason to expect it to obey
laws. Even granting the existence of laws, there would be no reason to think that such laws
would be in nature or understandable by the human mind. Now which of the stated creation is a
myth or a history? Earlier I mentioned that myth is based on true facts and its purpose is to be
remembered by people through generations that have passed but instead of believing them we
started to think that myth is somehow a story like has or no proof that it happened is it because
that it happened a long time ago? But we have the record of it and I am not talking about the
scientific theory on how the earth was created but the story from the bible of how the world was
created by God. We have the bible from the very first gospel of Christ they have written it down.
Saying that God created the world by a snap of a finger creating us in an instant whether how he
pleased on what he will be creating. But dont worry the scientific proof has full evidences too.
Actually their research on the creation of the universe took a long time for them to understand

until they have reached the point on that they all agreed that that is the certain event the
significant event on how it all started. Now that we are done on the creation of the universe in
both scientific and religious ideas we will be tackling next is the creation of man. God created
man but he does not want him to be alone so he created a suitable partner for him which is the
female. God named them Adam and Eve there were still in the paradise listening to what God has
to say until that he ordered them not to eat the fruit of knowledge. But a devil named Satan came
to the paradise of Eden and tempted Eve to eat the fruit. After the have bit the apple they became
aware that they were naked and hide from each other. When God was calling them God noticed
that they are covering their private parts thus being sensitive with God. God ask why are you
covering yourselves up? Adam and Eve answered that they are ashamed of being naked. God
asked them again and how did you know that you were naked? Have you eaten the fruit? the
two honestly answered. God said by clearly disobeying my order you can no longer live here on
my paradise. Adam and Eve fled. God commend an angel to clothe them and guide them. See
God give them free will he did not force them to obey him instead he give Adam and Eve their
own will to do what they want but somehow that will is to do what is right it was the snakes
fault by tempting them disobey God and listen God knows that they are now aware that they
were naked so he commended an angel to clothe them. See that even though they disobeyed what
God clearly said not to do God still cares about them. Because our God truly loves his creation.
So from that very day our ancestors generated a sin that has been passed through generations to
generations up until now. That is why we people are greatly sinned in order for us the be pure we
must repent ask for forgiveness and worship God. God will save us from eternal damnation but
we must first do our role before he our salvation on the afterlife and that is worshipping God. It
is because Gods sole purpose of creating us is so there is someone he can his overflowing love

to. Because for example if you are the God and you have no one to love now one who can love
you back imagine being alone. So he created life. But that is not the first thing that came on
minds of the human. He then communicate with us helping us and guiding us to be saved.
Sending his one and only Son on earth to save us from our sins. So why do still people wants to
learn more about the creation if we people cannot even follow what God wants. Its just like they
are accepting the fact that Gods existence is not true. I too like to study about it because I find it
entertaining and informative but devoting your life to a certain proof and you suddenly think of
wow so that is what actually happened is God even real if this explanation is easier to
understand? no because according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church man cannot
comprehend the mystery of God we can only comprehend his Love. Now just because you came
up with an evidence you are forced to believe that or set aside the other thought or idea. Sure you
can believe in both but dont forget to worship, repent, ask for forgiveness and thank god daily.
Because once the final judgment came your science cannot save you. The only one can that can
save you is our Lord God. so giving God time and communicating with him makes you more
happier and has a much more clearer sight of their goal. The Big Lie Theory (*Bang) No hate
on that but it really just irritates me that one person is still pursuing the fact that everything
comes from the Big Bang while there is the scripture open it up read the chapters of Genesis
from the beginning until the end or maybe somewhat try to read the entirety of the Bible and
maybe you can tell or believe that the greatest Story of Creation is not the Big Bang Theory not
the Nebular Theory and other theory that can mess your mind up but only God, God alone
uttering words and creating things in just seven days. That is the greatest Story of Creation.