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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016 XVII, Edition 89

South City officials eye Oyster Points future

Discussions address marina operations adjacent to proposed Bayshore development
By Austin Walsh

With a massive life sciences

campus along the Bayfront in
South San Francisco expected to
soon break ground, officials are
set to evaluate oversight of Oyster
Points potential transformation.
The South San Francisco City
Council is slated to host a study
session Wednesday, Nov. 30,
regarding the citys role and
responsibilities in managing the
Oyster Point Marina, adjacent to
the 80 acres targeted for development by a builder seeking to con-

struct more than 2 million of

square feet reserved for biotechnology companies.
With groundwork for such a sizable development slated to begin
next year, officials feel it is wise
to address management of the
marina currently operated through
a joint powers agreement between
the city, the board responsible for
managing properties purchased
agency funds and the San Mateo
County Harbor District, according
to a city report.

See OYSTER, Page 20

An artists rendering of the proposed project at Oyster Point in South San Francisco.

Bay Meadows
housing set to
move forward
San Mateo City Council chooses nonprofit
for $50M affordable housing development
By Samantha Weigel


Millbrae native Jonny Zywiciel is wrapping up his first solo tour supporting his debut album with an appearance
at the Boom Boom Room in the Fillmore District of San Francisco.

Stars in sight for Millbrae musician

Jonny Zywiciel finishes first solo tour back before native Bay Area audience
By Austin Walsh

San Mateo County native musician

Jonny Zywiciel is hoping his recently released debut album catapults his
career as a guitarist and songwriter
onto a global stage.
The 24-year-old San Mateo resident
has already gained some acclaim, as
he looks to wrap his first solo tour
with a final stop next month at the
Boom Boom Room in San Francisco.
While many burgeoning talents
may be satisfied with establishing
such a resume at a young age,
Zywiciel said his success over the

past couple years has only whet his

appetite for more.
I want to use my music and influence to help and change for the better, he said. I think music has the
power to do that. So I want to play in
front of as many people as possible
and have my music inspire and use
that music to create positive change.
Zywiciel said he knows well the
ways music can help heal wounds, as
his passion for playing guitar aided
him navigating through a difficult
time in his teen years when his parents divorced.
The trying experience forged a
deeper faith in his talent, which was

further tested when Zywiciel moved

from his native Millbrae to Berkeley
with his former band to pursue a career
as a musician.
Soon after relocating, the band
broke up and Zywiciel said he took to
playing music on the street as a
soloist in hopes of further honing his
skills as a singer and songwriter.
He said his commitment ultimately
paid dividends, as he began landing
gigs at local rooms, further fortifying
his confidence in his ability to make
music that resonated with others.
I feel the need to give music to

See JONNY, Page 19

After decades of planning to

transform a former horse race track
into one of the largest transit-oriented developments in the state,
the city of San Mateo has partnered with a nonprofit housing
developer to ensure people of all
economic backgrounds will have
an opportunity to call Bay
Meadows home.
Constructing a new estimated
$50 million housing development
without intending to make a profit

has taken years of orchestrated

negotiations between the city,
land owner and now an affordable
housing developer.
Last week, the council unanimously approved working with
Bridge Housing to construct
between 68 and 72 units at a 1-acre
parcel the city secured through the
development agreement for revitalizing the second phase of the
180-acre site off Highway 101.
The new project is slated to provide housing for those who make

See HOUSING, Page 20

Cities looking to commercial

developers for housing needs
Foster City approves linkage fees to support affordability goals
By Samantha Weigel

With the jobs to housing imbalance wearing on communities affordability challenges, more cities are
starting to target commercial developers in their quest to help those
struggling with the high cost of living.

The Foster City Council unanimously approved some of the countys highest linkage fees designed as
a way to help offset the impacts lucrative office, retail or hotel developments are having on housing
The Bayfront community is join-

See FEES, Page 19


Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Thought for the Day

"All the world is birthday cake, so take a
piece, but not too much."
George Harrison (1943-2001).

This Day in History


George Harrison, the "quiet Beatle,"

died in Los Angeles following a battle
with cancer; he was 58.

In 1 5 3 0 , Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (WOOL'-zee), onetime

adviser to England's King Henry VIII, died.
In 1864, a Colorado militia killed at least 150 peaceful
Cheyenne Indians in the Sand Creek Massacre.
In 1 8 9 0 , the rst Army-Navy football game was played at
West Point, New York; Navy defeated Army, 24-0. The
Imperial Diet, forerunner of Japan's current national legislature, opened its rst session.
In 1 9 2 4 , Italian composer Giacomo Puccini died in
Brussels before he could complete his opera "Turandot." (It
was nished by Franco Alfano.)
In 1 9 4 7 , the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution
calling for the partitioning of Palestine between Arabs and
In 1 9 5 6 , the musical comedy "Bells Are Ringing," starring
Judy Holliday, opened on Broadway.
In 1 9 6 1 , Enos the chimp was launched from Cape Oil lamps offered by devotees illuminate the Bagmati River flowing through the premises of the Pashupatinath Temple
Canaveral aboard the Mercury-Atlas 5 spacecraft, which during the Bala Chaturdashi festival in Kathmandu, Nepal.
orbited earth twice before returning.
In 1 9 7 2 , the coin-operated video arcade game Pong, created by Atari, made its debut at Andy Capp's Tavern in
Sunnyvale, California.
It sunk almost double that amount fled. Hicks said all of those injured are
Man with lung disease finishes
In 1 9 8 1 , actress Natalie Wood drowned in a boating acci70 to 75 mm (2.6 to 2.9 inches) expected to recover.
marathon towing oxygen tank
dent off Santa Catalina Island, California, at age 43.
over its 17-month observation period
Walker was later shot by deputies
In 1 9 8 6 , actor Cary Grant died in Davenport, Iowa, at age
when he refused to show his hands.
SEATTLE A man with a terminal ending in September, he says.
The luxury high-rise has sunk about
Under a standing agreement with the
lung disease has completed the Seattle
Marathon while towing his oxygen 16 inches and is also tilting. Engineers sheriffs office, the Louisiana State
have estimated the building is still Police will investigate the shooting of
KOMO-TV reports Evans Wilson sinking at a rate of about 1-inch per the suspect.
walked the entire 26.2-mile race Sunday year.
Dictionary.coms word
and finished in just under 11 hours. The
station reports that the former competi- Suspect in fatal shooting killed in
of the year is xenophobia
tive runner has pulmonary fibrosis and shootout with deputies
NEWYORK You might have thought
pulmonary hypertension.
BATON ROUGE, La. Authorities in about it, heard it. A lot. You might have
Wilson told the station that he wasnt
running the race for fun but in the hopes Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Monday even felt it: Dictionary.coms word of the
of raising $50,000 for the Pulmonary released the identities of the attacker and year is xenophobia.
While its difficult to get at exactly why
Fibrosis Foundation. He says the dis- victim after a man fatally shot a woman,
threw her body out of a car and then was people look words up in dictionaries,
Actress Anna Faris
Sportscaster Vin
Comedian Howie
killed in a shootout with sheriffs online or on paper, its clear that in conKOMO reports that Wilson has been
is 40.
Scully in 89.
Mandel is 61.
tentious 2016, fear of otherness bruised
living with both conditions for five
Former French President Jacques Chirac is 84. Blues singerApril Peck, 30, suffered multiple gun- the collective consciousness around the
years. The station says the median surmusician John Mayall is 83. Actress Diane Ladd is 81. vival time is about three years.
shot wounds and was pronounced dead at globe.
a hospital Sunday night, according to
Songwriter Mark James is 76. Composer-musician Chuck
The Brexit vote, police violence
Casey Rayborn Hicks, a spokeswoman against people of color, Syrias refugee
Mangione is 76. Country singer Jody Miller is 75. Pop San Franciscos sinking
for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriffs crisis, transsexual rights and the U.S.
singer-musician Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals) is 74. Former
tower seen from space
presidential race were among prominent
Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee is 70. Actor Jeff Fahey is 64.
Hicks said Peck was killed by Terrell developments that drove debate and

Movie director Joel Coen is 62. Former Homeland Security
Director Janet Napolitano is 59. Chicago Mayor Rahm Space Agency has released satellite Walker, 48, who died after a shootout spikes in lookups of the word, said Jane
Solomon, one of the dictionary sites lexEmanuel is 57. Actress Cathy Moriarty is 56. Actress Kim data that shows the 58-story with sheriffs deputies.
Delaney is 55. Actor Tom Sizemore is 55. Actor Andrew
is continuing to sink at a steady rate threw her out of a car.
The 21-year-old site defines xenophoMcCarthy is 54. Actor Don Cheadle is 52.
and perhaps faster than previously
While a group of passers-by stopped bia as fear or hatred of foreigners, people
to help the woman, deputies said Walker from different cultures, or strangers. And
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Scientist Petar Marinkovic who ana- returned, running over two people, it plans to expand its entry to include fear
Unscramble these four Jumbles,
lyzed the data for the ESA said Monday including a 17-year-old, before stepping or dislike of customs, dress and cultures
one letter to each square,
it shows the Millennium Tower sunk 40 from his vehicle and opening fire, of people with backgrounds different
to form four ordinary words.
to 45 millimeters or 1.6 to 1.8 inch- wounding one. The gunman then drove from our own, Solomon said in a recent
off, crashing into an ambulance as he interview.
es over a recent one-year period.

In other news ...

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Doctors optimistic about officer struck with skateboard


A South San Francisco police ofcer

remains hospitalized in critical condition
after being struck in the head with a skateboard last week while his assailant appeared
in court Monday to face charges of attempted murder.
Doctors treating Ofcer Robby Chon
remain optimistic and say he is showing
signs of recovery, according to police.
Chon, a 12-year veteran of the force with
a wife and two young children, was attacked
at around 2:20 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day
while responding to a report of a man acting
irate toward patrons at a business in the 300
block of Grand Avenue, according to police.
When ofcers responded, they tried to
approach the man who was allegedly causing the disturbance.
The suspect, later identied as 28-year-old
South San Francisco resident Luis Alberto
Ramos-Coreas, refused to comply with the

Police reports
Parking lot rage
A driver who pulled into a parking lot
and honked at a car that was blocking a
parking spot was threatened and spit on
by a guy getting into the car on
Westborough Boulevard in South San
a. m.
Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Theft. A bicycle was taken from a parking lot
on Beach Park Boulevard before 11:17 a.m.
Sunday, Nov. 20.
DUI. A 35-year-old San Mateo man was arrested for driving while intoxicated near East Third
Avenue and Marsh Drive before 5:06 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 19.
Vandal i s m. A vehicle was egged on Edgewater
Boulevard before 12:16 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 19.

ofcers requests. When

arrived, Ramos-Coreas
ed on a skateboard,
police said.
Chon began chasing
the suspect but RamosCoreas stopped, turned
and struck Chon in the
Robby Chon head with the skateboard.
unconscious and suffered major head
injuries, according to police.
Ramos-Coreas continued running afterward but ofcers were able to apprehend
him. He was arrested on suspicion of
attempted murder, assault with a deadly
weapon, resisting arrest and battery on a
peace ofcer, police said.
The District Attorneys Ofce led ve
felonies against Ramos-Coreas on Monday.
The suspect appeared in court to face
attempted murder with special allegations

of causing great bodily injury and using a

deadly weapon. He also faces two counts of
assault with a deadly weapon on a peace ofcer, resisting arrest and inicting great bodily injury, according to prosecutors.

Burg l ary. Three burglarized vehicles were

found on Vintage Park Drive before 8:30 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 18.
Vandal i s m. Mailboxes were broken into on
Meridian Bay Lane before 5:10 p.m. Friday,
Nov. 18.

Di s turbance. Two men were fighting near

Barneson Avenue and Nadina Street before 5:20
p.m. Friday, Nov. 11.
Theft. A vehicle was stolen on Tanglewood
Way before 8:33 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10.
Acci dent. A pedestrian was struck by a green
van at Parkside Shopping Center on South
Norfolk Street before 7:27 a.m. Thursday, Nov.

Reckl es s dri v i ng . A man in a vehicle cut off
another driver and sped through traffic on
Redwood Shores Parkway before 5:23 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 10.
Di s turbance. A man was chasing people and
throwing sticks at them on Glenwood Avenue
before 1:22 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10.
Di s turbance. An intoxicated man was trying
to break a window in a lobby on El Camino Real
before 12:28 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10.

Hi t-and-run. A two-door Toyota sideswiped
another vehicle and left the scene on East Third
Avenue before 1:50 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11.

Ramos-Coreas was referred to the Private

Defender Program and was scheduled to
return 1:30 p.m. Wednesday for arraignment, appearance with an attorney and to
enter a plea. He is currently being held in
jail on $2 million bail, according to prosecutors.
In the days since Ofcer Chon was
injured, his colleagues set up a GoFundMe
account that as of 5 p.m. Monday, raised
nearly $108,000 to benet Chons family.
According to police, Chons family, as
well as the South San Francisco Police
Department, are extremely grateful for the
support and prayers theyve received from
the community.


Di s turbance. A man was seen in a heated argument with a crossing guard at Buri Buri
Elementary School on Del Monte Avenue
before 8:25 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Hazard. A gray sedan was seen sitting in the

Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Local brief
Muni hit by hackers
SAN FRANCISCO Some passengers on
San Franciscos public railway enjoyed free
rides during part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend after hackers infiltrated hundreds of its workers computers and email
Transportation Agency says it decided to
open the gates at underground stations of its
light rail system Friday and Saturday after
detecting a ransomware attack aimed at
stealing sensitive information in an attempt
to be paid for the datas return. Regular fares
were still charged for bus rides.
Agency spokesman Paul Rose says an
investigation determined that the hackers
didnt get any financial records or other
potentially damaging information about the
systems customers or employees.
As of late Monday afternoon, the agency
was still trying to determine how much revenue it lost while giving free rides.
middle lane blocking traffic while the driver was
looking at the fender near Antoinette Lane and
Chestnut Avenue before 7:51 a.m. Wednesday,
Nov. 9.
Mal i ci o us mi s chi ef. Someone punctured a
tire of a blue Honda Civic three times at a Dollar
Tree store on El Camino Real before 12:20 a.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Di s turbance. A person was harrassed by
someone claiming to be a police officer and
tried to pick a fight at Little Lucca on El Camino
Real before 2:16 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9.
Di s turbance. Aperson was seen smashing the
front window of a car and breaking the wipers at
Westborough Park on Westborough Boulevard
before 2:17 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9.


Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Man pleads no contest to hate crime Storms give state needed rain, snow
A Millbrae man pleaded no contest last week
in San Mateo County Superior Court to committing a hate crime in which he called another man
a derogatory name before hitting him near a
Redwood City gas station the day after the U.S.
presidential election, prosecutors said Monday.
Around 11 p.m. on Nov. 9, Michael Goggins,
34, showed up to the Chevron gas station at
2215 El Camino Real, according to the District
Attorneys Office.
Goggins then yelled at an employee Why are
you in my country? and accused him of being
lazy, prosecutors said.
When the employee called police, responding officers found Goggins at a nearby warehouse on Laurel Street. Goggins ignored multiple commands from officers and allegedly tried
to bite officers as they were arresting him.
After he was arrested, Goggins talked about
hitting a Mexican and said aliens were invading
the country, according to prosecutors.
Officers took Goggins to a hospital, where he
was given a psychological evaluation.
Following his arrest, police were able to
locate another victim. The victim said Goggins

had approached him and his friend that day as

they were walking on Willow Street.
Goggins allegedly said to the victim in
Spanish, Im white, Im from here. Where are
you from, wetback?
He then punched the victim in the chest, prosecutors said.
On Wednesday, Goggins pleaded no contest
to making felony threats to a police officer and
a misdemeanor hate crime for violating a victims civil rights.
The no contest plea comes with the condition
that he wont serve no more than 120 days in
county jail and will be referred for consideration
into a mental health program, according to
Goggins will appear next in court on Friday
for sentencing. He remains in custody on
$50,000 bail, prosecutors said.
Goggins defense attorney was not immediately available for comment.
The hate crime case is one of many reported
nationwide following the election of Donald
Trump as president. During the campaign,
Trump called for a wall to be built between the
U.S. and Mexico and threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

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LOS ANGELES California had vital

snow on Sierra Nevada peaks Monday and
positive rainfall totals registered for many
areas after a stormy autumn weekend up and
down the state that hopes to avoid a sixth
consecutive year of drought conditions.
In the Sierra, where the annual snowpack
functions as a reservoir for much of the
states water supply, storms over Kings

Canyon and Sequoia national parks dumped

19 inches of snow at Lodgepole and 16
inches at Grant Grove, the National Weather
Service said.
Southern California mountains also saw
snow accumulations, including 5 inches at
Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino range,
where two ski areas began limited operations. To the west, Mountain High ski area
in the San Gabriel Mountains planned to
open Tuesday.
Schwab said he could not say whether any
of the cases were related, but noted there
have been various incidents of maritime
drug smuggling along the coast.

Local briefs
Three arrested in connection with
alleged drug smuggling boat
Authorities arrested three people Sunday
morning along a remote area of the San
Mateo County coast in connection with a
boat suspected of smuggling drugs.
The three suspects, whose identities have
not been released, were allegedly connected
to a panga boat that landed at Ao Nuevo
State Park in unincorporated San Mateo
County, according to U.S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement spokesman James
The incident follows other maritime drugsmuggling schemes nearly two years ago,
one at the same coastal park and another at
Pescadero State Beach.
During this weekends incident, U. S.
Coast Guard crew noticed the boat before it
landed and had been tracking it. Coast Guard
officials then alerted ICE Homeland Security
Investigations agents and San Mateo
County sheriffs deputies, Schwab said.
Authorities responded to the area and
arrested the trio connected to the boat.
Schwab did not elaborate on what kind of
narcotics the boat may have been carrying
or the quantity.
The investigation remains ongoing and
Schwab could not tie the incident to other
drug busts two years ago.
In May 2014, more than 1,000 pounds of
marijuana were discovered along with an
abandoned car and panga boat at Pescadero
State Beach. At the time, officials with
Homeland Security questioned whether the
incident could be tied to Mexican drug cartel.
On Aug. 1, 2014, $23 million worth of
marijuana was smuggled from Mexico to
Ao Nuevo State Park. Nine men were
arrested after two large vans met a panga
boat carrying 5,148 pounds of marijuana. In
that case, some were residents of Mexico,
San Diego and San Jose. Some of the men
pleaded no contest in San Mateo County
Superior Court in exchange for a year in jail
and three years supervised probation.

Three dead after

Thanksgiving meal at church
Three people died and five others were
sickened after eating a Thanksgiving meal
prepared at Antiochs American Legion Hall
by a local church, according to a Contra
Costa County Health Services spokeswoman.
All eight people were admitted to Sutter
Delta Medical Center at various times
between Friday and Saturday with what
appeared to be food borne illnesses.
Three people died, four were treated and
released and one person remains hospitalized, according to the hospital.
Autrey James, commander at American
Legion Post 161, said Golden Hills
Community Church was responsible for
preparing the meals on Thanksgiving.
We are extremely, extremely upset that
anyone lost their lives, James said. We
were not ourselves involved in the cooking
of the meal.
The cause of the deaths and illnesses,
which surfaced after 835 people ate the
meal, is still under investigation, said
Health Services spokeswoman Victoria
Balladares. If it were a food borne outbreak, wed expect to see a lot more people
getting sick, Balladares said.
The countys public health and environmental health officials are conducting an
investigation to determine just what might
have killed and sickened the diners, but
Balladares said there is no current risk to the
general public.

2.8-magnitude reported in Pacifica

A 2. 8-magnitude earthquake struck in
Pacifica Monday morning, according to the
U.S. Geological Survey.
The quake occurred at 7:36 a.m., had a
depth of 8.1 kilometers and was centered
near Sharp Park Road in Pacifica.
No damage has been reported as a result of
the quake.

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Cremation offers many options for nal

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preservation in a columbarium niche, or
scattering at sea or in a place of meaning.
We are happy to explain all the choices
that accompany cremation. We hope you
will allow us to assist.


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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Killing may be racially motivated Darrell Issa narrowly wins seat



in the San Francisco Bay Area are
investigating the slaying of a young
black man as a possible hate crime
amid growing concern over racially
motivated incidents and attacks
The Contra Costa County Sheriffs
Department arrested one white suspect and is searching for two others
thought to be involved in the Nov. 12
killing of a 28-year-old musician.
Investigators say Will Sims was
robbed, beaten and shot to death in
the wee hours outside a bar near his
Investigators say Sims worked as a
retail clerk, had no gang ties and a
clean criminal record.
Authorities arrested 31-year-old
Daniel Porter-Kelly and charged him
with robbery and murder with a hate
crime enhancement. Authorities are

searching for 32-year-old Ray

Simons and 31-year-old Daniel
Ortega and didnt elaborate on the
hate crime allegations or the details
of the homicide. Porter-Kelly remains
jailed without bail.
Porter-Kellys attorney Colin
Cooper says his client denies
involvement in the killing and that
prosecutors have not yet provided
any evidence or details supporting
the hate crime accusation.
Contra Costa County homicide
prosecutor Derek Butts declined to
discuss details of the case or the evidence supporting the hate crime allegation, noting that investigators
were still searching for two murder
The Southern Poverty Law Center
says it has documented 701 reports
of hateful incidents of harassment
around the country since the presidential election.

Dorothy Daniels DeCorte

Dorothy Daniels DeCorte, 94, of San
Mateo, died Nov. 8, 2016, with family by
her side.
Dot is survived by her two children,
Michelle DeCorte (Frank Elliott) and
Michael DeCorte (Lisa Holden), her two
grandsons Tyler and
Dallas Elliott, and two
great-grandsons Chase
and Dash Elliott.
Fleeing persecution in
Persia about 1917, her
parents immigrated to
the United States and, in
1922, Dot was born as a
American in Chicago.
Michael in California,
they married 1946 in New Orleans, and after
a series of moves finally made it back to


SAN DIEGO The wealthiest

member of Congress is keeping his
Republican Darrell Issa narrowly
defeated Marine-turned-lawyer Doug
Applegate after a bitter contest in in
the 49th District north of San
Unofficial returns Monday showed
Issa holding a 2,348-vote edge, with
only a small number of votes left to
tally. Vote-counting extended for
weeks after the election as officials
tallied late-arriving mail ballots and
those filled out at polling places.
For years, the eight-term congressman and chief antagonist of
President Barack Obama and
Democrat Hillary Clinton faced
Republican-leaning district. But
Donald Trumps presence on the top

Southern California in 1962. Mike died in
1996 and, five years later, Dot moved to San
Mateo, wanting to be closer to her children.
Dot was a talented artist, photographer,
avid reader, expert scrabble player, crossword puzzle enthusiast, loved to travel and
entranced by the beauty of clouds. Family
was her highest priority.
We will miss her happy disposition,
easy laugh, clever sense of humor and most
of all her devoted love.
Services will be 11:30 a.m. Dec. 3 at
Crosby-N Gray, Burlingame. Reception follows at Shellys house. Memorial contributions may be made to Schwab Charitable
Fund, mailed to Shellys home address.

Rosemary Cadden
Rosemary Cadden died peacefully Nov.
21, 2016, surrounded by her family. She was

of the ticket in
Democratic-tilting California
and diversifying
opened the way
for a tight contest.
Rep ub l i can s
are on track to
Darrell Issa
hold at least 240
seats in the House next year. With
Issa keeping his seat, the only unresolved races left in the country are in
Democrats, who hoped for significant gains in the election, picked
up just six seats on Election Day and
remain in the minority with 194
The political newcomer Applegate
sought to portray Issa as an extremist and Trump foot soldier, while Issa
framed his rival as a liberal who was

finally able to join the

love of her life, her dearly beloved husband John
Tyke who died in 2002.
She is survived by her
three children Michael,
Jeanine and Nicole (Bill)
and her two beloved
She will be greatly
missed by her sister
Kathy and brothers Tom and John. Friends
and family are invited for visitation 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Nov. 29 at St. Bartholomew
Church, 300 Alameda de las Pulgas, San
Mateo where a vigil service will begin at 7
p.m. A funeral mass celebrating Rosemarys
life will be 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30
at St. Bartholomew followed by a reception.
Interment to follow at Holy Cross Catholic
Cemetery, Colma. In lieu of flowers, the

out of step with the district and

would raise taxes and snatch guns
from legal owners.
In a race in which Democrats
sought to link Issa to Trump people
saw him as his own guy, said former
Issa staffer Kurt Bardella.
The race between the car-alarm
magnate and the soldier-litigator
became a surprise after Applegate
came within a handful of points of
topping the veteran congressman in
the June primary.
Francine Busby, chairwoman of
the San Diego County Democratic
Party, said no one in the party
expressed interest in running
because they saw no chance of winning.
We were all astounded, including
Applegate, Busby said. He barely
had run a campaign. Its just hard to
run in a district where people dont
see a viable race.

family requests a donation be made in

Rosemarys name to UCSF Memory and
Aging Center,

Ernest (Ernie) Nathaniel Wormley Jr.

Ernest (Ernie) Nathaniel Wormley Jr., 62,
died Friday, Nov. 18, 2016, in Redwood
City, California. Ernie was born June 22,
1954, to Ernest and Grace Wormley at
Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City,
California. After graduating from Palo Alto
High School in 1973, Ernie enlisted into
the U.S. Army.
Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Thursday,
Dec. 1 at Crippen & Flynn Woodside
Chapel, 400 Woodside Road, Redwood City,
CA 94061. Interment will be at the San
Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, 32053
W McCabe Road, Santa Nella, California


Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Trump won presidency, but lost popular vote


WASHINGTON Donald Trumps tweets

cant erase the reality that he lost the popular
vote in this months election, according to the
Associated Press vote-counting operation.
The president-elect tweeted on Saturday that
hed have won the popular vote if you deduct
the millions of people who voted illegally. He
also alleged serious voter fraud in California,
New Hampshire and Virginia and complained
that the media arent covering it.
Not only did he present no evidence to back
up those claims there apparently isnt any.
Asked to provide supporting evidence on
Monday, Trumps transition team pointed only
to past charges of irregularities in voter registration. There has been no evidence of wide-

spread tampering or hacking that would change the

results of the presidential
contest, and for good reason, experts said.
For one, it would be
highly impractical. The
nations election system is
decentralized, a patchwork
Donald Trump of state laws whose differences would be nearly
impossible to target on a large scale, said
Wendy Weiser, director of the Democracy
Program at the nonpartisan Brennan Center for
You would need to have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people conspiring with
insiders and with one another, Weiser said. To

Around the nation

U.S. investigating leak related to Petraeus case
WASHINGTON The Defense Department is conducting a
new leaks investigation related to the sex scandal that led to the
resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus, The
Associated Press confirmed Monday, the same day Petraeus was
meeting with President-elect Donald Trump
in New York.
Petraeus, who could be in line for a
Cabinet nomination, arrived at Trump
Tower in early afternoon and met with
Trump for about one hour. Trump afterward
tweeted that he was very impressed.
Petraeus said Trump basically walked us
around the world, showed a great grasp of a
variety of the challenges that are out there
Gen. David
and some of the opportunities as well. Very
good conversation and well see where it
goes from here. Well see where it goes
from here.
A U.S. official told the AP that investigators were trying to
determine who leaked personal information about Paula
Broadwell, the woman whose affair with Petraeus led to criminal charges against him and his resignation. The information
concerned the status of her security clearance, said the official,
who was not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation by
name and spoke on condition of anonymity.
Disclosure of the Broadwell information without official permission would have been a violation of federal criminal law.
The latest twist in the case could complicate Petraeus
prospects of obtaining a Cabinet position in the Trump administration, resurfacing details of the extramarital affair and FBI
investigation that ended his career at the CIA and tarnished the
reputation of the retired four-star general.

keep a conspiracy of that

magnitude secret is just
The process is not
America, said R. Doug
Lewis, who headed the
nonprofit Election Center
for more than two decades.
Hillary Clinton Interest groups, bloggers
and others across the political spectrum keep anecdotal lists of instances
of election fraud, he said, but when each side is
forced to come up with factual examples where
that has happened, where they have to name
names ... almost always the allegations go
On Twitter, Trump has returned to two well-

worn techniques: Denying hes lost anything

and playing on public distrust.
The APs vote-counting operations in
California, Virginia and New Hampshire used
locally hired workers to gather vote totals from
local jurisdictions. In some states, the news
agency also collected votes from secretaries of
state or state election boards.
The AP, which called Democrat Hillary
Clinton the winner in all three states, said its
vote count operation found no significant differences between the county-by-county vote
totals and those released statewide on election
night in California and Virginia. In New
Hampshire, the APs vote totals were reported
directly to the news agency by town clerks and
were verified by AP in most towns before the
count was completed.

Disputes, falsehoods hit transition

By Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey

NEW YORK The drama, disputes and falsehoods that

permeated Donald Trumps presidential campaign are now
roiling his transition to the White House, forcing aides to
defend his baseless assertions of illegal voting and sending
internal fights spilling into public.
On Monday, a recount effort, led by Green Party candidate
Jill Stein and joined by Hillary Clintons campaign also
marched on in three states, based partly on the Stein campaigns unsubstantiated assertion that cyberhacking could
have interfered with electronic voting machines.
Wisconsin officials approved plans to begin a recount as
early as Thursday. Stein also asked for a recount in
Pennsylvania and was expected to do the same in Michigan,
where officials certified Trumps victory Monday.
Trump has angrily denounced the recounts and now claims
without evidence that he, not Clinton, would have won the
popular vote if it hadnt been for millions of people who
voted illegally. On Twitter, he singled out Virginia,
California and New Hampshire. In another series of tweets
Monday, he lashed out at a CNN reporter who had called
Trumps fraud claim baseless.
There has been no indication of widespread election tampering or voter fraud in those states or any others, and
Trump aides struggled Monday to back up their boss claim.
Spokesman Jason Miller said illegal voting was an issue
of concern. But the only evidence he raised was a 2014
news report and a study on voting irregularities conducted
before the 2016 election.
Trump met Monday with candidates for top Cabinet posts,
including retired Gen. David Petraeus, a new contender for secretary of state. Trump is to meet Tuesday with Tennessee Sen.
Bob Corker, who is also being considered more seriously for
the diplomatic post, and Mitt Romney, who has become a
symbol of the internal divisions agitating the transition team.
Petraeus said he spent about an hour with Trump, and he
praised the president-elect for showing a great grasp of a

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Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory
Care, Short Term, and Hospice Care.
Our k Abou
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variety of the challenges that are out there.

Very good conversation and well see where it goes from
here, he said. A former CIA chief, Petraeus pleaded guilty
last year to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified
information relating to documents he had provided to his
biographer, with whom he was having an affair.
Trump is expected Tuesday to name Georgia Rep. Tom
Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services,
said a person familiar with the decision, who insisted on
anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss
the nomination publicly ahead of the announcement.
Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who is heading the transition effort, teased a number of very important announcements tomorrow as he exited Trump Tower Monday night.
Pence is said to be among those backing Romney for
State. Romney was fiercely critical of Trump throughout the
campaign but is interested in the Cabinet position, and they
discussed it during a lengthy meeting earlier this month.
Other top Trump allies, notably campaign manager
Kellyanne Conway, have launched a highly unusual public
campaign to warn the president-elect that nominating
Romney would be seen as a betrayal by his supporters.
Conways comments stirred speculation that she is seeking
to either force Trumps hand or give him cover for ultimately passing over Romney.
Three people close to the transition team said Trump had
been aware that Conway planned to voice her opinion, both
on Twitter and in television interviews. They disputed
reports that Trump was furious at her and suggested his decision to consider additional candidates instead highlighted
her influence.
Conway served as Trumps third campaign manager and
largely succeeded in navigating the minefield of rivalries
that ensnared other officials. Trump is said to have offered
her a choice of White House jobs either press secretary or
communications director. But people with knowledge of
Conways plans say she is more interested in serving as an
outside political adviser, akin to the role President Barack
Obamas campaign manager David Plouffe played.


Around the nation
Order could have little
effect on pipeline protest camp

BISMARCK, N.D. A government order

for protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline to
leave federal land could have little immediate
effect on the encampment where scores of people have been gathered for months to oppose
the $3.8 billion project.
A North Dakota sheriff on Monday dismissed the deadline as a meaningless move
aimed only at reducing the governments legal
responsibility for hundreds of demonstrators.
The Army Corps of Engineers is basically
kicking the can down the road, and all it is
doing is taking the liability from the Corps
and putting it on the Standing Rock Sioux
A car which police say was used by an attacker to plow into a group of students is seen tribe, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier
outside Watts Hall on Ohio State University's campus in Columbus, Ohio.
The Corps said last week in a letter that all
federal lands north of the Cannonball River
will be closed to the public for safety concerns starting Dec. 5. The order includes the
of a gas leak arrived on the scene and shot the encampment called Oceti Sakowin, or Seven
driver in less than a minute, Stone said.
Council Fires camp.
COLUMBUS, Ohio A Somali-born college
The agency cited North Dakotas oncoming
Angshuman Kapil, a graduate student, was
student plowed his car into a group of pedestri- outside the building when the car barreled onto winter and increasingly contentious clashes
ans at Ohio State University and began stab- the sidewalk.
between protesters and police.
bing people with a butcher knife Monday before
he was shot to death by a police ofcer. Police
said they are investigating whether it was a ter- said. After that everybody was shouting, Run!
Run! Run!
rorist attack.
Most of the injured were hurt by the car, and at
Eleven people were hurt, one critically.
The attacker was identied as Ohio State stu- least two were stabbed, ofcials said. One had a
dent Abdul Razak Ali Artan. He was born in fractured skull.
Somalia and was a legal permanent resident of
Asked at a news conference whether authorithe U.S., according to a U.S. ofcial who wasnt ties were considering the possibility it was a
authorized to discuss the case and spoke on con- terrorist act, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs
dition of anonymity.
said: I think we have to consider that it is.
The FBI joined the investigation.
Surveillance photos showed Artan in the car
The details emerged after a morning of confu- by himself just before the attack, but investigasion and conicting reports that began with the tors were looking into whether anyone else was
university issuing a series of tweets warning involved, the campus police chief said.
that there was an active shooter on campus
In recent months, federal law enforcement
near the engineering building and that students
ofcials have raised concerns about online
should run, hide, ght. The warning was
extremist propaganda that encourages knife and
apparently prompted by what turned out to be
car attacks, which are easier to pull off than
police gunre.
Numerous police vehicles and ambulances
The shelter-in-place warning at Ohio State
converged on the 60,000-student campus, and
authorities blocked off roads. Students barricad- was lifted and the campus declared secure after
ed themselves inside ofces and classrooms, about an hour and a half, after police concluded
there was no second attacker, as rumored.
piling chairs and desks in front of doors.
The attack came as students were returning to
Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone said that
the assailant deliberately drove over a curb out- classes following the Thanksgiving holiday
side a classroom building and then got out and break and Ohio States football victory over
began attacking people with the knife. A cam- rival Michigan that brought more than 100,000
pus ofcer who happened to be nearby because fans to campus on Saturday.

Terrorism suspected in Ohio State attack

Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Feds give states more time

to bolster struggling schools
WASHINGTON States will have more
time to identify failing schools as part of
new Obama administration rules aimed at
supporting troubled public schools and students who are struggling.
The rules, released Monday, provide a
broad framework for states as they design
new accountability systems to improve
schools and narrow achievement gaps. Its a
key part of the bipartisan education law
passed almost one year ago and signed into
law by President Barack Obama to replace
the No Child Left Behind Act.
Republicans and teachers unions had complained that the draft rules released in May
didnt provide states with the time they
needed to assess schools in need of help.
Education Secretary John B. King Jr.,
says the department considered concerns
from Congress, civil rights groups, teachers and others before issuing the updated
Under the new education law, states may
design accountability systems that consider
measures beyond test scores and high
school graduation rates.

Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016



Rebels collapsing in Eastern Aleppo


BEIRUT Syrian government forces

captured more than a third of oppositionheld eastern Aleppo on Monday, touching
off a wave of panic and flight from the
besieged enclave as rebel defenses in the
countrys largest city rapidly collapsed.
The dramatic gains marked an inflection
point in Syrias nearly 6-year-old conflict,
threatening to dislodge armed opponents of
President Bashar Assad from their last major
urban stronghold.
Reclaiming all of Aleppo, Syrias former
commercial capital, would be the biggest
prize of the war for Assad. It would put his
forces in control of the countrys four
largest cities as well as the coastal region,
and cap a year of steady government
It also would bolster his position and
momentum just as a new U.S. administration is taking hold, freeing thousands of his
troops and allied militiamen to move on to
other battles around the country.

Charles Lister, a senior fellow at the

Washington-based Middle East Institute,
said the oppositions losses in Aleppo are
the biggest since 2012.
Aleppo city itself has also been a consistent base of moderate opposition activity, so its collapse spells what could be an
existential blow to the moderate opposition from which itll likely struggle to
recover, he said.
Ever since it joined the uprising four
years ago, eastern Aleppo tried to make
itself a model for a Syria without Assad. It
elected local leaders, ran its own education
system and built an economy trading with
the rebel-held countryside and neighboring
Its residents kept life going amid ferocious fighting with the pro-government
western districts, but four years of battles
and airstrikes have reduced entire blocks in
the territory to rubble.
Helped by massive Russian air power and
thousands of Iranian-backed Shiite militia
fighters from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, Assad

renewed his push for Aleppo this month.

The besieged eastern districts came under
intense airstrikes that killed hundreds in the
past two weeks.
More than 250,000 people are believed
trapped there with limited access to food,
water and medical supplies. They include
more than 100,000 children, the U.N. says.
It is stinging cold, food is scarce and
people are shaken in the streets,
Mohammad Zein Khandaqani, a member of
the Medical Council in Aleppo, told The
Associated Press in a text message from
eastern Aleppo.
Troops moved quickly Saturday into the
Hanano neighborhood, the first time they
had pushed that far into eastern Aleppo
since 2012. On Monday, they moved into
the Sakhour district, putting much of the
northern part of the citys besieged rebelheld areas under government control.
With the capture of Sakhour, the rebels are
now boxed in mostly in central and southeastern Aleppo, encircled by government

First commercial US-Havana flight lands as country mourns


HAVANA Passengers erupted into

applause as the first commercial flight from
the United States to Havana in more than 50
years landed in Cuba, arriving as the island
begins week-long memorial services for revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.
Cubans saluted the packed American Airlines
flight by spraying water from firetrucks above
the plane as it taxied along the runway at Jose
Marti International Airport in honor of the
inaugural voyage.
It was very emotional for me, said
Jonathan Gonzalez, 31, a Cuban-American
born in Miami who said it was his third time

visiting the island.

Passengers wearing straw hats provided by
American Airlines with the word Cuba on the
back were greeted with welcome signs in various languages but no music. The visitors
are arriving at the same time that tens of thousands begin paying homage to Castro in
Havana and a state-sanctioned ban on live
music has hushed the capitals usually festive
Im intrigued to see how the city is after the
death of Fidel Castro, said Tamara Cara, 45,
an education professional from Puerto Rico on
the flight.
For years U.S. travelers to the island have
had to go through burdensome charter flights

with four-hour check ins. The U.S. and Cuba

signed a deal in February to restore commercial
air traffic, marking one of the most important
developments since Presidents Raul Castro
and Barack Obama announced they would
restore diplomatic relations nearly two years
President-elect Donald Trump has denounced
Obamas moves to open relations with the
island. Adviser Kellyanne Conway told ABCs
This Week Sunday that nothing has been
decided on Cuba, but said the U.S. is allowing
commercial aircraft to do business with a
repressive Cuban government and military.
Several other flights from the U.S. also were
scheduled to arrive on Monday.

Around the world

Global economic agency
urges more infrastructure spending
PARIS An international economic
agency said Monday that the kind of infrastructure spending promised by U.S.
President-elect Donald Trump could boost
global growth, but warned that protectionist
tendencies hurt prosperity.
Cooperation and Development overall hit an
upbeat note in its latest world economic outlook Monday, thanks in part to stimulus
efforts planned in the U.S. and China. The
OECD raised its forecasts for global growth
to 3.3 percent for next year, up from 3.2 percent in its last outlook.
The Paris-based intergovernmental agency
encouraged governments such as Germany to
take more advantage of this window of low
The OECD raised U.S. growth forecasts
slightly to 2.3 percent for 2017, and predicted 3 percent growth in 2018 based on an
assumed easing of fiscal policy. The forecast
for eurozone growth next year was also shifted upward to 1.6 percent.
After Trumps campaign tirades against free
trade, the OECD also warned that growth
could be threatened by protectionism.

Pope confirms 2018 visit

to Ireland, prime minister says
VATICAN CITY Pope Francis confirmed plans Monday to make a 2018 trip
to Ireland, a Roman Catholic country devastated by the clerical sex abuse scandal,
where same-sex marriages are legal and a
constitutional ban on abortion is being
The prime minister said talks were under
way about whether Francis would visit
Northern Ireland, which St. John Paul II
avoided as pope in 1979 on security

of local news content
is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries The local community
newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of
the newspaper industry.
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We are looking for a special person to join our
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You must be community-minded, actionoriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a
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You will be offering a wide variety of

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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Letters to the editor

Why I didnt vote for Clinton
In the story, Locals digest Trump presidential win in the Nov. 10 edition of the Daily
Journal, students at the College of San
Mateo question how Hillary Clinton could
have lost. As a registered Democrat who did
vote, this is my answer.
I have been a Clinton supporter since I first
voted for Bill Clinton in the early 1990s.
My support for Hillary stopped when I found
out that she used a private server to conduct
State Department business.
It is my belief that government is a necessary evil that can become oppressive to the
people it governs. Our founders instituted a
system of checks and balances to counter
this very real threat.
Government oversight, a free press and the
Freedom of Information Act are used to
counter this threat. By conducting State
business on a private server, Secretary Clinton circumvented all three of these
safeguards. Think about it. Not even a court
approved FOIA request could have pried any
information from this server.
This information was not only kept from
us, but lost to future historians.
Such prevention of transparency makes Ms.
Clinton unfit to hold any office of public trust.
She could have won me back if she had said
something like,I am sorry for setting up
this server and did not consider its effect on
government transparency. I will make all
government business available to government archiving agencies. She did not do
that. Instead she said her actions were perfectly acceptable.
I still have great respect for her abilities and
am saddened that we will lose that talent.

David Boddy
San Mateo

Japanese internment
and the Muslim registry
Like many of my friends involved with the
Japanese-American community, I am pretty
shocked by Carl Higbies suggestion that
Japanese internment camps are a precedent
for establishing a Muslim registry. It finally
dawned on me that this was actually planned
and deliberately crafted to appeal to a particular demographic of the electorate. Higbies
comments were not accidental, and his continued refusal to retract this statement
reminded me of disturbing reports issued during the primaries.
In early 2016, articles published about
polling data indicated that voters were directly asked if they approved of Japanese
internment camps. In Iowa, 48 percent of

Jerry Lee, Publisher

Jon Mays, Editor in Chief
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor

Trump voters approved of the use of these

camps. In South Carolina, 32 percent of
Trump voters supported internment. The
question I asked myself is Why? Why
would this question even be asked?
Voters were asked how they feel about the use
of presidential executive orders, and followup questions ask their view of various historic
executive orders, including the Emancipation
Proclamation, the desegregation of the Army
and Roosevelts infamous Executive Order
9066 that led to Japanese internment.
One can only speculate on the motives behind Higbies statements, but the Trump
campaign and those with designs behind the
Muslim Registry have seen this polling information. They know that the idea of
Japanese internment as a precedent for a
Muslim Registry is accepted among a specific group of voters, and they will continue
to press this idea because it is becoming normalized as political leverage that appeals to
the Trump base.
This is not just the random rambling of a
crazy guy. This is a carefully crafted strategy
designed to take away the civil liberties of
citizens of the United States.

Steve Okamoto
Foster City

The KKKs support

doesnt make Trump racist
Regarding Guy M. Guerreros letter
(Trumps KKK endorsement) in the Nov. 22
edition of the Daily Journal, Donald Trump
did in fact disavow the support of David Duke
and the KKK right after the South Carolina
primary to avoid losing votes from an area
they are both still popular.
The KKK also endorses, venerates and promotes another man. Does that automatically
make him racist too just because they like
him? His name? Jesus Christ.

Howard Welch
Redwood City

Hollow YIMBY argument

Weve recently been barraged with the message that the silver bullet to kill rising rents
is to build more housing. A friend recently put
to rest this hollow YIMBY argument:
Building market rate housing doesnt bring
rents down to rates that people with even the
median income can afford. It creates new demand for additional affordable housing [...]
because the new high income residents dont
provide (many) essential services for each
other. They need low-and-moderate income
workers to provide services for them (retail
sales, food service, etc.).

Michael Davis
Charles Gould
Dave Newlands
Joy Uganiza

Henry Guerrero
Paul Moisio
Joel Snyder

Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer

Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events
Terry Bernal, Austin Walsh, Samantha Weigel
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events
Ricci Lam, Production Assistant

Letters to the Editor

Should be no longer than 250 words.
Perspective Columns
Should be no longer than 600 words.
Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters will not


Renee Abu-Zaghibra Robert Armstrong
Jim Clifford
Caroline Denney
Dan Heller
Tom Jung
Mona Murhamer
Karan Nevatia
Jeanita Lyman
Brigitte Parman
Adriana Ramirez
Nick Rose
Andrew Scheiner
Megan Tao
Gary Whitman
Cindy Zhang

For market rate rents to drop to the point

where a person making the median income
could afford them under classic housing affordability standards (rent comprising 1/3 of
take-home pay), theyd need to drop by approximately 50 percent from their current
levels. If that happens, well be in economic
free-fall. We cannot build our way out of this
problem by burying ourselves in larger and
larger amounts of market rate housing.
Newly built affordable housing will only
have limited positive impact for existing
residents, because Fair Housing laws make
everyone from everywhere just as eligible to
get those units.
Its noteworthy to underscore that affordable housing, based on 30 percent of resident
adjustable gross income, considers all residents when averaging out those figures,
including those making six figure salaries.
So, just remember, when they insist on
bringing more turkeys to the table that you
are footing the bill. After consuming enough
of the fixings, I am ready for a serious diet.

Lisa Taner
San Mateo

In the recent article New pro-growth group
taking on old notions in the Nov. 15 edition of the Daily Journal about a YIMBY (an
acronym for Yes In My Backyard) group, promoting housing development, it is clear that
the facts are a little mixed up.
The group stated that citizens who bought
homes to San Mateo in the past oppose
growth, which keeps the young from living
in the same area. These people that the group
talks about are the citizens of these towns.
Who better has a say on what happens in
their town? The majority of us worked our
way into these towns. We made our towns
what they are today. We are not against smart
growth, we just define it in different way. If
you want high-density housing and transitoriented development build the
infrastructures first, develop the transportation and parking first, then, only when its
apparent that we can support this type of influx, then come to the citizens and ask
not the other way around.
The quality of life that the group states
everyone deserves comes from people that
have been here and developed that quality of
life. We understand the problem with housing, the real problem though, is that you do
not understand us. NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) till my backyard is ready.

Robert Nice
Redwood City
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Date that will

live in infamy

ec. 7 will mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor
a strike that triggered our
nations entry into World War II. The surprise air strikes perpetrated by the
Imperial Japanese Navy claimed the lives
of 2,335 U.S. Naval servicemen. The
attack was the first of its kind in a modern-day America a wake-up call for our
It reminded us that we are always vulnerable to attacks against our beloved soil. It
also reminded us that we could no longer
ignore the call of our allies to combat the
Axis powers in both the Pacific and
Atlantic theaters. While Nazi Germany did
not have a hand in planning or perpetrating Pearl Harbor, its continued assault on
our European allies warranted our immediate involvement
in the war effort.
For a moment,
the nation was
brought to its
knees. President
Franklin D.
Roosevelt delivered a speech to
reassure the
American people
of their safety
and security the
evening followJonathan Madison
ing the tragic
event. Dec. 7, 1941, is a date that will
live in infamy, said Roosevelt. The president went on to describe the terror perpetrated by the Imperial Japanese Navy. He
concluded by reassuring the American people that the nation would persevere in the
face of terror nonetheless. No matter how
long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, he said, the
American people in their righteous might
will win through to absolute victory.
Fifty-four years later, our nation was
attacked by al-Qaida during the terrorist
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The nation was
overcome with a familiar fear and despair
after bearing witness to terrifying images
of the two tallest towers in the heart of
the worlds superpower collapse at the
hands of a few foreign terrorists.
President George W. Bush responded
diligently in assuring the American people that we would overcome a tragedy that
claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 of our
While our nation is still deeply
involved in the War on Terror we began in
2001, our militarys resilience has proved
successful time and time again. After more
than a decade of diligently searching, our
brave U.S. Navy Seals located and brought
to justice Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the tragic Sept. 11, 2001,
One thing is certain: Our nations
resilient spirit has been tested time and
time again. Each time, we fight and endure
with the same spirit of our rebound from
Pearl Harbor. As such, let us take a
moment of silence to honor the victims of
the Pearl Harbor attacks. Following that
moment of silence should be a recognition of the resilient spirit our military and
nation has and continues to display. I
would personally like to extend the
utmost thanks to our beloved veterans
who have continually made courageous
sacrifices to defend our freedoms in past
and present foreign wars. Let us continue
to fight the good fight wherever it may
be, and to make every effort to protect our
dear soil.
A nativ e of Pacifica, Jonathan Madison
work ed as professional policy staff for the
U.S. House of Representativ es, Committee
on Financial Serv ices, for two y ears.
Jonathan Madison is a recent graduate of
the Univ ersity of San Francisco School of
Law. He can be reached v ia email at



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Stocks pull back from records; banks, retailers fall


NEW YORK Stocks pulled

back slightly on Monday, retreating from the records the market set
last week.
Consumer companies and banks
took some of the largest losses.
Small-company stocks, which
have been outperforming the rest
of the market for weeks, gave back
some of their recent gains.
The Dow Jones industrial average lost 54.24 points, or 0.3 percent, to 19,097.90. The Standard
& Poors 500 index lost 11.63
points, or 0. 5 percent, to
2,201.72 and the Nasdaq composite lost 30.11 points, or 0.6 percent, to 5,368.81.
Consumer discretionary stocks
were among the hardest hit, following the closely watched postThanksgiving sales push.
Online retail giant Amazon fell
$13. 60, or 1. 7 percent, to
$766.77 after Citigroup analysts
cut their price target on the stock,
citing deep discounting by the





retailer to compete during the holiday shopping season. Barnes &

Noble fell 30 cents, or 2.3 percent, to $12.50 on reports the
bookseller is also doing deep discounting to attract customers.
Mondays declines follow what
has been a remarkable rally in
November since the upset victory
of Donald Trump in the U.S. presi-

S&P 500:
NYSE Index:
Russell 2000:
Wilshire 5000:



10-Yr Bond:
Oil (per barrel):
Gold :



dential election. Investors have

made big bets that Trump, with a
Republican-led Congress, will
push to deregulate energy and
banking and cut taxes, which
could lead to stronger economic
The economic and equity market backdrop was already improving before the election. Trumps

victory and the Republican sweep

provided a catalyst for investors
to ratchet up their optimism, Bob
Doll, chief equity strategist at
Nuveen Asset Management, wrote
in a note to investors.
The Russell 2000, an index of
smaller companies lost 1.3 percent on Monday, ending a 15-day
winning streak. That was the

longest winning streak for the

index in 20 years, rising roughly
11.6 percent this month alone.
Banks also fell more than the
rest of the market, with the financial sector of the S&P 500 falling
1.4 percent. Banks have surged
since the election on speculation
that the Trump administration will
roll back some regulations put
into place following the financial
Investors have also pulled out of
the bond market, betting that
higher economic growth will also
lead to higher inflation, something the U.S. economy has had
little of since the financial crisis.
Bond prices rose. The yield on
the 10-year Treasury note fell to
2.31 percent from 2.36 percent.
Bond prices have been falling
sharply since the election as
investors anticipate that Trumps
policies could lead to higher economic growth and higher inflation. The yield on the 10-year
note was 1.83 percent the day
before the election.

Shoppers change Cyber Monday DirecTV wants to


NEW YORK The Monday after

Thanksgiving is still a time when millions of
Americans pause to check out online deals and
check off items from their gift list but a
one-day Cyber Monday frenzy appears to be
going the way of the dial-up modem.
Shoppers who have high-speed connections at home and on their phones are pouncing on deals that stores are spreading out over
several days, leaving the so-called Cyber
Monday online shopping bonanza in danger
of losing its title as the top online sales day.
So instead of doorbuster markdowns on a
select few products, retailers are shifting to a
stream of discounts and alerts during the entire
week via email and social media. Cartwheel,
Targets digital app, started offering holiday
deals including 50 percent off one toy per day
on Nov. 1. Amazon started offering 35 days of
Black Friday deals on Nov. 16. And Walmart

kicked off its Cyber Monday deals on Friday

for the first time as it aimed to grab customers
ahead of its competitors.
The Monday after Thanksgiving has been
the busiest day of the year for online shopping since 2010, and referred to the day when
people returned after the holiday weekend to
offices where they had high-speed internet
Cyber Monday still packs the biggest
punch in terms of a single online shopping
day for now. Shoppers spent $540 million
between midnight and 10 a.m. Eastern time on
Monday, affirming that sales are expected to
total $3.36 billion, up 9.4 percent from a year
ago, according to an early tally by Adobe
Digital Insights, which tracks online retail
But other days are catching up. Adobes forecast puts Cyber Monday neck-and-neck with
Black Friday, when consumers spent $3.34
billion, a 21.6 percent jump from last year.

be the next online

substitute for cable

NEW YORK There are already a few

online services that aim to replace cable,
but they havent attracted many users yet.
AT&Ts DirecTV hopes to change that.
While just about any person you meet on
the street will tell you cable costs too
much, the vast majority of Americans dont
think its bad enough to cancel. Cheaper
online live-TV services, like Dish
Networks Sling TV and Sonys PlayStation
Vue, remain relatively unknown compared
with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. And while
theyre easy to order and cancel online and
fairly simple to use, they still have drawbacks.
No one has really delivered the right
combination of content, price and ease that
will get people to make that call to their
current provider and say sayonara, said
Forrester analyst Jim Nail.
Its unclear if AT&Ts new service, creatively dubbed DirecTV Now, will break out
with consumers. But it has the size to get
better deals from entertainment companies,
who have slowly come around to the idea of
streaming. And if that doesnt work, watch
for a live-TV operation from Hulu early next
year. And maybe one from Google. Or, who
knows, maybe even Apple, too.

the business models of entertainment conglomerates. Only people in some markets

can watch broadcast channels like NBC and
Fox in real time. Thats OK if you can wait
to watch the next episode of a TV series, but
sports fans typically want to watch games
And even though so-called cord-cutters
are on a quest for cheaper video, virtual
cable may end costing just as much,
depending on how many sports channels or
other extras you want and how much your
internet costs when its disconnected from
its cable-bundle discount. Bundles from
Sling and Vue range from $20 to $65 a
month. You can pay to add more channels.
These services are easy to sign up for and
cancel but connecting them to a TV often
requires an extra step or a new gadget, like
an Apple TV. On the plus side, while
theyve experienced some technical issues
during major events, service quality
appears to have improved.
And they sometimes lack some of the
best features of both traditional TV (endless
channel options, DVR recording) and subscription TV services like Amazon and
Netflix (no blackouts, no restrictions based
on location if youre in your home country).

Who wants to watch?

Enter DirecTV

If an online cable service could figure out

how to get customers to pay up, it could
attract millions of people.
Americans are increasingly dissatisfied
with how much they pay for whats on TV.
The number of customers paying cable and
satellite operators for TV has dropped nearly 3 million, to roughly 97 million, in the
past two years, according to industry
experts MoffettNathanson Research.
And plenty of people never signed up for
a $100 TV bundle to begin with. Research
firm SNL Kagan estimates that about 14.4
million households pay for internet but not
TV. AT&T sees the potential market for
DirecTV Now as 20 million homes.

The problems with internet TV

New services dont have all the channels
people want. Theres been no perfect solution that lets you pick only your favorite
channels for a reasonable price, a vision of
TV nirvana known as a la carte that has
failed to materialize because it undermines

It appears that DirecTV Now will have

some of those same problems. It still hasnt announced a deal with CBS, which airs
hits like NCIS, The Big Bang Theory
and NFL football games and which has its
own streaming service it wants you to pay
But having the muscle of AT&T and
DirecTV, together the countrys largest
video provider, behind DirecTV Now may
help it shake out more attractive packages
from entertainment conglomerates. AT&T
CEO Randall Stephenson said in October
that the $35-a-month service will offer
more than a hundred premium channels.
That selection would be striking compared to the smaller offerings from competitors, said Macquarie analyst Amy Yong.
AT&T will promote it by letting its cellphone customers watch without using up
their mobile data. But it may not be good
for large families AT&T has said you can
only run it on one or two screens at a time.


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top of the AFC world
Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Big Ten reprimands Harbaugh

By Ralph D. Russo

The Big Ten reprimanded Michigan

coach Jim Harbaugh and fined the
school $10,000 on Monday for violating the conferences sportsmanship
policy by criticizing officials after the
Ohio State game.
Harbaugh blasted the officiating after
the Wolverines 30-27 double-overtime
loss Saturday in Columbus, Ohio, saying he was bitterly disappointed during a lengthy rant.
He complained about an unsportsman-

like conduct penalty he drew in the second

half of the game when he tossed headphones and a play card, a pass interference
against Michigan that prolonged a key
drive for the Buckeyes and a non-call of
pass interference against Ohio State. He
was most ardent about the spot of a fourthdown play that gave the Buckeyes a first
down in overtime when a stop would have
won the game for the Wolverines.
Ohio State scored the winning touchdown on the next play.
The Big Ten cited its sportsmanship
policy in punishing Harbaugh, saying his
comments were in violation of a portion

that states in part that The Big Ten

Conference expects all contests involving
a member institution to be conducted without compromise to any fundamental element of sportsmanship. Such fundamental
elements include integrity of competition,
civility toward all, and respect, particularly toward opponents and officials.
The statement said the conference
would have no further comment.
Michigans loss to the Buckeyes prevented the Wolverines from earning a
spot in the Big Ten title game and likeJOE MAIORANA/USA TODAY SPORTS
ly ended their hopes of reaching the Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh discusses a call with the
College Football Playoff.
referee Saturday at Ohio Stadium.

Generation next
Menlos kid sisters
coming full circle

Athlete of the Week

By Terry Bernal

Mia Vandermeer was aglow as she conducted

postgame interviews Saturday following the
final home match of her Menlo School career.
The senior middle blocker earned her glow
with a stellar performance in the biggest
match of her three varsity seasons.
Vandermeer owned middle net in the
Knights Northern California Division IV
championship victory over Monte Vista
Christian-Watsonville advancing to
Saturdays Division IV state championship
game matching the team high of 10 kills
and scoring a career-high 8 1/2 blocks.
The outpouring of two-way dominance
earned raves from Menlo head coach Marco
Paglialunga, who called Vandermeers effort
a perfect game. It also made her a cinch as
the Daily Journal Athlete of the Week.
As Vandermeer fielded questions smiling
ear to ear in Saturdays postgame, a group of
ladies descended on the arena-style court at
Menlo to start an impromptu game of catch
and pass, including former Menlo great, and
Mia Vandermeers older sister, Lida
The last time Menlo advanced to the state
championship was in 2013, Lida
Vandermeers senior year. She isnt the only
player from that Nor Cal Division IV championship team that fell in the state finals
to Francis Parker-San Diego with a
younger sister on this years squad.
Current senior libero Jessica Houghton,
the only remaining player from the 2013
varsity team, is the older sister of sophomore outside hitter Sianna Houghton. And
current senior middle blocker Dea Dressel
was a freshman junior-varsity player in
2013 when her older sister Morgan Dressel
was a senior.


See AOTW, Page 12

Menlo senior Mia Vandermeer starred in the final home game of her varsity career Saturday
to lead the Knights to the Northern California Division IV championship.

College playoffs
see return of the
BCS atmosphere

im Harbaugh went on and on, as if

his incessant whining would overturn the result of what was, in effect,
a playoff game before the playoffs begin.
Anyone who listened to Harbaugh in
his last year in San Francisco would have
easily recognized the tone. Its what he
does when things go bad, and go bad they
did Saturday in a thriller at Ohio State
that took two overtimes to decide.
The outburst cost Michigan $10,000 in
the form of a ne
Monday from the
Big Ten, pocket
change when the
coach makes $7
million a year.
What was far more
costly to
Michigan was
blowing a 10point fourth quarter lead in a game
it dearly needed.
Now Michigan
waits on the outside, hoping
against hope for a Hail Mary that will
give the Wolverines one of the four
prized spots in the College Football
The fact that its not totally impossible
shows how little things have changed
since the ve big conferences that rule
college football scrapped the Bowl
Championship Series three seasons ago.
Yes, the players get paid a little more,
so date night may now include a movie as
well as a pizza. And four teams now have
a chance to prove their case on the eld
instead of the two anointed each year by
the BCS.
But its still subjective, with the nal
four teams and pairings decided behind
closed doors in a conference room in
Texas. The rst two years of the new system were relatively easy, but that all gures to change this week in one of the


See CFP, Page 16

Durants double-double leads Dubs past Hawks

By Janie McCauley

OAKLAND Kevin Durant had 25 points

and 14 rebounds, Draymond Green blocked
two shots in the final 43.4 seconds and the
Golden State Warriors held off the Atlanta
Hawks and their strong bench 105-100 on
Monday night for a 12th straight victory.
Stephen Curry scored 25 points with four
3-pointers, and Klay Thompson added 20
points as Golden States Big Three each

Warriors 105, Hawks 100

reached 20 points for the
The Warriors won their
seventh straight home
game and fifth in a row
against Atlanta at Oracle
Kevin Durant Arena while welcoming
back Green from a onegame absence while injured.

Durant knocked down a 3-pointer with

2:57 left in the third quarter that pulled
Golden State to 76-73. Then, as the period
wound down, he dribbled over midcourt and
found Ian Clark for a long 3 to beat the
buzzer and cut Atlantas advantage to 81-80.
Durants jumper to start the fourth put the
Warriors ahead, and Andre Iguodala followed
with back-to-back baskets. Iguodala finished
with 12 points, five rebounds and five assists.

Dennis Schroder scored 24 points for the

Hawks, and Tim Hardaway Jr. had 10 against
his fathers former team. Dwight Howard
added 14 points and 16 rebounds, while Paul
Millsap had 14 points and 14 boards.
Durant recorded a double-double in consecutive games for the second time this season and had his sixth performance with at
least 20 points and 10 rebounds.
Yet in the first half, the Warriors hardly

See DUBS, Page 14



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Honor roll


HMB junior Chase Hofmann went past the

2,000-yard season rushing mark Saturday.

has e Ho fmann and Jake

Quo s i g , Hal f Mo o n Bay fo o tbal l . The Cougars racked up 506
yards of total offense in their 41-24 win over
Menlo School in the Central Coast Section
Division V championship game Saturday
night. Hofmann and Quosig were the main
culprits, combining for 52 carries between
them. Quosig showed up with 137 rushing
yards and two touchdowns. But, of course, it
was the CCS rushing leader Hofmann who
fronted the ground attack with 216 yards on
31 carries and two touchdowns, giving the
senior 2,173 rushing yards on the season.

Continued from page 11
[Lida and Morgan] were super tight and
they introduced Dea and I freshman year,
Mia Vandermeer said. This is like a dream
come true for all of us. Having them
come watch our game winning match, it
kind of brings it full circle.
The 2013 state championship run ended
in stunning disappointment for Menlo.
Falling in four sets to Francis Parker, the
Knights opened the match with a Game 1
win then had Game 2 in their sights with a
24-18 lead. But Menlos six set points
slipped away in a hurry, Francis Parker went
on to win the set in extra points and then
strong-armed Menlo through the final two
games en route to a 21-25, 30-28, 25-15,
25-16 win.

Jo rdan Mi ms , Menl o -Atherto n fo o tbal l . The senior running back is still within
striking distance of the CCS rushing lead after
his epic performance in the CCS Open
Division I championship game against
Milpitas. Mims led the Bears to a 17-0 win
with 257 rushing yards on 24 carries and two
touchdowns, upping his season total to 1,981
rushing yards, ranking second in the CCS,
according to and submissions
by local teams.
Dani el Hei mul i , Menl o -Atherto n
fo o tbal l . The sophomore cornerback had
his biggest career performance on the seasons biggest stage thus far. Heilmuli had a
banner night in M-As CCS Open Division I
championship win, a shutout of Milpitas, by
totaling 20 tackles and 2 sacks.
Jacquel i ne Di Santo , Menl o -Atherto n
v o l l ey bal l . Another day, another doubledouble for the dynamic 5-6 outside hitter.
DiSantos most recent all-around effort came
in the Northern California Division I finals. A
four-set win over Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills,
DiSanto overcame a slow start on offense to
total a team-high 15 kills and added 14 digs.
Si tal eki Nunn, Serra fo o tbal l . What a
ride it has been for Serras star quarterback this
season. Having missed four games due to
injury earlier in the year, Nunn has bounced
back with a vengeance to help the Padres to a
nine-game winning streak. The most recent
victory came in last Fridays CCS Open

Division II championship game, a 37-24 win

over Mitty, in which Serra produced a remarkable 642 yards of total offense. Nunn totaled
421 yards and five touchdowns, three passing
and two rushing.
Jerl ene Mi l l er, So uth Ci ty g i rl s
bas ketbal l . While star point guard Brittney
Cedeno opened the season with 14 points,
seven rebounds and eight assists in the
Warriors 59-19 win over Capuchino, Miller
produced a double-double in the post, totaling
a game-high 17 points and 14 rebounds.
Ai dan Is rael s ki , Menl o fo o tbal l . The
junior had a big showing both sides of the ball
in Menlos 41-24 loss to Half Moon Bay in
the CCS Division V championship game.
With HMB adamant about running to the
opposite side of Menlo defensive end JH Tevis
all night, Israelski racked up a team-high 12
tackles. On offense, as a receiver, he hauled in
seven catches for 103 yards.
Jo s h Mi l ch, Terra No v a bo y s bas ketbal l . The Tigers opened the 2016-17 basketball season with a 56-46 win at Yerba
Buena. Milch turned in a career-high 19
points and came up big in the clutch. With the
game tied going into the fourth quarter, Terra
Nova outscored Yerba Buena 20-10 over the
final eight minutes, with Milch going 4 for 5
from the field to pour in 11 points.
Jake Lang e, Nuev a Scho o l bo y s
cro s s co untry. The senior made the most of
his first foray into CCS state championship

It was really sad because I think we all

knew we could have won that game, Jessica
Houghton said. I think we were almost in
shock. I dont think we realized what was
Despite the lineage carrying over to this
years squad, the two teams approaches are
entirely different. A lot of that has to do
with different coaches. Steve Cavella was
the head coach in 2013. After he stepped
down following last season, Paglialunga
took over this year and the Italian-born
coach installed a much more defense-centric
The approach on defense is much more
befitting this years Knights, a vastly different style of team than the one that saw
three players surpass 200 kills in 2013;
Lida Vandeermer (286 kills) and Morgan
Dressel (207 kills) ranked second and third,
respectively, while outside hitter Maddie
Huber led the team with 306 kills.
This year, only opposite hitter Ashley
Dreyer has reached 200 kills, totaling a

team-best 228.
We had amazing athletes (in 2013) and a lot
of them went on to play
in college, Jessica
Houghton said. This
team is different. We may
not have that kind of athleticism but were mentally tough. Thats defiMia
Vandermeer nitely our strength.
Mia Vandermeer was
also a JV player as a freshman. This season
she has grown into Menlos most consistent attacker, leading the team with a .378
hitting percentage. Shes also shined as the
teams most dominant blocker this season,
but Saturdays performance was by far her
most spectacular.
A lot of preparation went into defending
Monte Vista. The team watched a lot of
video on the Mustangs. It also helped that
Menlo has a strong kinship with neighbor
and rival Sacred Heart Prep, which played
Monte Vista twice in the course of 10 days
from a loss in the Nov. 12 Central Coast
Section Division IV championship game to
the Gators being eliminated from the Nor
Cal tournament on Nov. 22.
Knowing what they were going to do was
helping us set up the block, Mia



Monday - Friday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 am to 4 pm
Specializing in
new rearms
hunting accessories, knives.
We also buy and consign rearms.


Nueva School senior Juliette Love led the Lady

Mavericks to third place at the state XC finals.
competition Saturday in Fresno. Lange
reached the podium with a seventh-place finish in a time of 15 minutes, 48.8 seconds.
Jul i ette Lo v e, Nuev a Scho o l g i rl s
cro s s co untry. With Nueva School making
its first appearance in the state championships Saturday at Fresnos Woodward Park,
the Lady Mavericks stunned everyone.
Entering the meet ranked No. 13 among
Division V teams, the Nueva girls claimed
bronze with a third-place finish. Love was the
teams top finisher; she senior took 27th
place with a time of 19:35.3, placing just
ahead of teammate Jenna Lange, who took
28th with a time of 19:36.1.
Vandermeer said. It was crucial when you
want a side out.
Now, Menlo travels to Santiago Canyon
College in Orange for Saturdays 11 a.m.
Division IV state championship game to
face another San Diego team in Point Loma.
Menlo and Point Loma have a lot in common. Both teams finished in second place
in private-school leagues. In fact, the team
that ran the table in Point Lomas City
Western League, Cathedral Catholic, will be
playing for the Division II state championship against Valley Christian. One of the
striking facets of Point Loma is its outstanding junior class and not a single senior
on roster.
For Menlos seniors, however, the advantage of having experienced the state championship atmosphere extends beyond
Jessica Houghton, the only player still
remaining from 2013. But Mia Vandermeer
and Dea Dressel both traveled to the state
championship match that season to root for
their older sisters.
As a freshman, I didnt really know how
big a deal it was, Jessica Houghton said.
Weve been working so hard the last three
years to get back there it makes me want
that state title so much more.




341 Beach Road, burlingame








ON CALL 24/7




Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


No. 10 anything but perfect for Niners

By Josh Dubow

SANTA CLARA Ever since the season opener, the results for the San
Francisco 49ers havent changed each
week: 10 straight losses for the worst
skid in franchise history.
With the playoffs, a winning record
and just about any positive now officially out of reach this season, the
49ers (1-10) are left searching for any
signs of progress that could provide
optimism for the struggling franchise.
Colin Kaepernick provided just that
in Sundays 31-24 loss to the Miami
Dolphins. Kaepernick threw for 296
yards and three touchdowns, ran for 113
yards more and nearly led a late gametying drive before being tackled at the 2
on the final play in a performance that
looked like a flashback at times to when
he emerged as one of the NFLs top
young quarterbacks in 2012 and 13.
Hes made a progression from game
to game where you see improvement
from him, which is what youre looking for, coach Chip Kelly said on a
conference call Monday. I think that
part of it is positive. I think in all
facets, its not just one facet where its
just this and this is all hes done. Its in
everything; his pocket presence, his
accuracy, understanding and knowledge
of protections.
Kaepernicks struggles last season
led to his benching midway through the
year and then he struggled with injuries
all offseason. With his practice time
limited, Kaepernick was beaten out for
the starting job by Blaine Gabbert
before regaining it last month against
After struggling his first two starts
when he completed just 46 percent of
his passes and had a 66.2 rating,
Kaepernick has stepped it up since the
bye week. He has completed 59.3 percent of his passes the past four games
for 1,110 yards, eight TDs, two interceptions and a 96 rating. He has also
rushed for 223 yards in that span, averaging 7.7 yards per carry.
Despite gaining at least 475 yards for
the second time in four games, the
Niners were unable to translate that
into a big scoring output. Garrett Celek


Derek Carr celebrates Sunday after the Raiders 35-32 win

over the Panthers at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.


49ers running back Carlos Hyde is tackled by Dolphins defensive tackle Earl Mitchell
during the first half of Sundays 31-24 loss, the Niners 10th straight, in Miami.
lost a fumble in the
Francisco settled for
a field goal on
another drive inside
the Miami 20 and
then the final drive
was stopped 2 yards
short of a tying
Colin Kaepernick touchdown.
Im just disappointed in how we
really hurt ourselves
in that game, Kelly
said. On the drives
stopped, all but one
of them I think were
our fault. We had the
fumble in the red
zone and then a couChip Kelly
ple times the penalties put us back, put us in long yardage
situations, so it was tough to get out of
those. But, I thought the offense did a
nice job. You just wish with 475 yards
of offense youd have more than 24
The other good sign for San
Francisco has been an improving run
defense. After allowing a 100-yard
rusher in an NFL-record seven straight
games, the Niners have been stouter on

defense in recent weeks.

They held David Johnson and
Arizona to 80 yards rushing on Nov. 13
and then bottled up Jay Ajayi on
Sunday. Ajayi had just 45 yards on 18
carries, far below the 137 yards rushing
he had averaged over the previous five
But it wasnt enough as Ryan
Tannehill threw for 285 yards and three
scores, including a 43-yarder to Kenny
I thought our run defense played well
yesterday, Kelly said. When you hold
Ajayi to 45 yards, one of the premier
backs coming in, I think our guys did a
good job. I thought they tackled well
by and large, but there were some, I
think on the negative side, some of the
pass-coverage stuff. Weve got to do a
better job just contesting balls. There
were guys there, but we need to make a
play on the ball when its in the air.
No tes : The 49ers arrived in Orlando
on Sunday night and will stay there
before traveling to Chicago before
Sundays game against the Bears. ... LB
Shayne Skov had an MRI on his injured
knee but Kelly did not have the results.
... The 49ers signed RB Raheem
Mostert to the practice squad and
released RB Kelvin Taylor from the
practice squad.

Raiders move on up by
any means necessary
By Josh Dubow

ALAMEDA Khalil Mack has given the Oakland Raiders a

motto to live by this season: By any means.
No matter what hurdles have presented themselves, the Raiders
have proved adept at dealing with them.
Three early starts in the first four weeks. A full week in
Florida between road games. A home
game at high altitude in Mexico City.
Then came the latest example on Sunday
against Carolina. The Raiders came into the
game on a short week after beating Houston
in Mexico City, while the Panthers had
extra time off following a Thursday game.
Quarterback Derek Carr then hurt the
pinkie on his throwing hand on the second
play of the second half, helping spur 25
Khalil Mack
straight points by the Panthers before
Carr led a late comeback and Mack sealed the 35-32 win
Sunday with a strip sack.
By any means.
Ive even borrowed it a couple of times. It rubs off, coach
Jack Del Rio said Monday. You like it, right? It makes sense.
Because whatever we have to do, by any means. Its awesome
and its really been what weve been about.
The Raiders (9-2) have lived by that motto to move to the
top of the standings in the AFC. They lead Kansas City by one
game in the division and are tied with New England for the
best record in the conference.
Not that it has come easy. Seven of the nine wins have come
by seven points or fewer and Carr has led five fourth-quarter

See RAIDERS, Page 16


The gift of preplanning and prepaying is something

everyone should consider doing for their loved ones
For more information on pre-need arrangements in
the Peninsula's premier location, please contact
Charlie H. Aho Jr. FD 1848
Community Service Counselor
Skylawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park




Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Bradys blocking suddenly a topic

By Jimmy Golen

Finally, theres a hole in Tom

Bradys game.
The four-time Super Bowl champion admitted Monday that hes a
little lost when called upon to
block for his teammates, saying
hes really a fish out of water when
Im out there.
(I) dont even know what to do
when I get out there, the Patriots
quarterback said in a radio interview a
day after leading New England to a
22-17 win over the New York Jets.
Im looking around at bodies, really
a fish out of water when Im out there.
Things happen so fast. Its like
youre out there on the highway.
Despite missing two days of
practice with a sore knee, Brady
completed 30 of 50 passes for 286
yards and two touchdowns on
Sunday, becoming the fifth NFL
player to surpass 60,000 yards
passing in his career. It also was his
200th career victory, tying Peyton
Manning for the most in league history.
Brady said Monday that he never
thought he would miss the game
because of the injury.

Sweet Baby James to play

concert at AT&T Park July 29
Singer-songwriter James Taylor
has announced a summer tour of four
baseball parks, culminating in a
date at Fenway Park, home of his
beloved Boston Red Sox.
Taylor and his All-Star Band will
open the tour July 14 at Nationals
Park in Washington. It continues
July 17 at Wrigley Field in Chicago;
July 29 at AT&T Park in San
Francisco; and Aug. 11 at Fenway.


Despite earning his 200th career

win and surpassing 60,000 career
passing yards, Tom Bradys aloof
blocking was the hot topic Monday.
But there are limits to what he
will do to demonstrate his durability.
I feel like as a player, you want
to be available to your team, he
said. For a quarterback, its hard to
really show toughness other than
being out there every play. You
guys saw what happened when I get

Sports briefs
Demo begins on beach patio
used by territorial surfers
Southern California city has begun
demolishing an illegal shoreline
patio used by surfers who are
accused of aggressively keeping
outsiders away.
A helicopter was used Monday to
lower workers and equipment to the
elaborate stone structure at Lunada

out in front of a running back, I

cant do (expletive).
The play Brady was talking about
happened in the first quarter, on a
pitch to LeGarrette Blount. The
Patriots running back saw nothing
along the right side, so he reversed
direction and started heading back
around to the left, with the Brady
out in front of him.
The surprised quarterback sort of
loped forward as if he intended to
engage with Jets safety Marcus
Gilchrist before veering away and
ducking into safe space.
On Monday, Brady poked fun at
himself on his Facebook page with
a video of the play interspersed
with clips of monster truck, school
bus and locomotive train collisions.
Coach Bill Belichick did not
comment on injuries to Brady or
tight end Rob Gronkowski during a
conference call with reporters on
Monday. Brady said he doesnt
know anything about the injury to
Gronkowski, who left in the first
quarter with what was reported as a
back injury.
Gronks a tough guy, though,
Brady said. No one thought he
would be back last week.
Bay below the steep ocean cliffs of
Palos Verdes Estates.
Pressure to remove the decadesold structure recently increased
amid allegations of thuggish
behavior by locals to keep other
surfers out of the bay.
Critics have claimed in a lawsuit that a murky group known
as the Lunada Bay Boys used it
as an observation point to spy
o n arri v i n g o ut s i ders t h en
harass them when they reached
the shore.


Texas high school player

injured seriously in game

WACO School officials say a

Texas high school football player
is in intensive care after suffering
an injury during a playoff game.
Conroe Independent School
District spokeswoman Sarah
Blakelock said in a statement
Monday that Grant Milton was
injured during the regional football playoff game Saturday in
Waco. A spokesman at Scott &
White Medical Center-Hillcrest

Continued from page 11
looked like their usual efficient
selves on either end and trailed at
halftime for the fourth time and
second at home. They committed
11 turnovers that led to 16 points
for Atlanta, got burned on defense
while giving up easy baskets and
missed their own open looks in
shooting just 45.2 percent.
Green returned after missing
Saturdays hard-fought win against
Minnesota because of a bruised
left ankle sustained in a collision
a night earlier at the Lakers that
left Clark with a throat injury.
Clark also sat out Saturday.
Green quickly made an impact in
this one, forcing a turnover on
Atlantas first possession and
emphatically pointing to signal it
was Golden States ball. He dished
out seven assists and first made a
big block against Schroder before

listed him in critical condition.

She said the senior at The
Woodlands High School had
required emergency surgery after
the injury.
Blakelock directed questions on
the details of the injury to a
CaringBridge page set up for
Milton. The page said he had suffered a head injury.
The Woodlands beat Austin
Bowie 52-31 in the game at
McLane Stadium on the Baylor
University campus.
stuffing Kent Bazemore to finish
with four blocks.

KD bobblehead
Some fans lined up in their cars at
the Oracle gates at lunchtime for a
chance to be among the first
10,000 to receive the first Durant
bobblehead with the Warriors.

Golden State is 5-0 vs. Eastern
Conference teams after going 27-3
against the East last season. ... Durant
was chosen Western Conference Player
of the Week, his 25th such honor and
first since joining Golden State.
During a 4-0 week by the Warriors, he
averaged 24.8 points, 8.3 rebounds,
6.3 assists, 2.75 blocks and a steal in
32.3 minutes. ... The Warriors recalled
C Damian Jones from the D-League
Santa Cruz Warriors but he was inactive
and will play again in the D-League
before getting any Warriors action,
coach Steve Kerr said. ... Golden State
finished below 30 assists for the second straight game after going 10 in a
row with 30 or more.



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Tiger and Jeter play golf and only one of them is retired
By Doug Ferguson

NASSAU, Bahamas They were voted

rookie of the year 20 years ago in their
respective sports and quickly piled up championships. Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter
finally had a chance to play golf together
Only one of them is retired.
He never played golf when he played
baseball, Woods said after going nine
holes at Albany Golf Club with the former
New York Yankees shortstop. Now that
hes out of baseball, hes addicted to playing golf. From what I had first heard from
some of the guys I know who have played
with him, he slashed it around. But now hes
focused. He likes to practice. He likes to
play. He does his fitting, tries to get better.
You can tell hes analyzing, hes watching,

hes asking questions.

The group included
Tino Martinez,
Olympic gold medalist
Justin Rose.
They played before the
rest of the 18-man field
began arriving for the
Tiger Woods Hero World Challenge, a
holiday event that benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation and suddenly feels a lot more significant because
Woods is coming back after 15 months, the
longest hiatus of his career.
Woods has a new endorsement on his golf
bag (Monster Energy) and a few new pieces
of equipment, mainly a Bridgestone golf
ball, a TaylorMade driver and the old Scotty
Cameron putter he used to win his 14 major

L.A. Galaxy hires Peter Vagenas

as GM, replacing Bruce Arena
Bt Greg Beacham

CARSON Peter Vagenas replaced Bruce

Arena as the LA Galaxys general manager on
Galaxy President Chris Klein promoted
Vagenas, the captain of the Galaxys 2005
MLS championship team. Vagenas will be
involved in the search for a coach to replace
Arena, who was the Galaxys coach and GM
while leading the club to three MLS Cup titles.
Arena returned to the U.S. national team last
Pete has been part of this club since its
early years and embodies everything the
Galaxy stands for, said Klein, Vagenas teammate with the Galaxy for two seasons.
Vagenas also will remain the Galaxys vice
president of soccer operations, his job since
January. The Los Angeles-area native and
UCLA graduate became the director of the LA
Galaxy Academy in 2013 after playing nine of
his 13 MLS seasons with the Galaxy, winning
two MLS Cups.
Not only does he have a deep affection for
the LA Galaxy and knows what were about,
but he also knows what weve been building,
Klein said. Im confident in the value that he
brings to the club in understanding us, and also
understanding the league rules and how we can
best build a team that can be successful.
Klein and Vagenas will be in charge of charting the future for the Galaxy, who face major
changes after the departures of Arena, Robbie
Keane and Steven Gerrard over the past month.

Klein intends to have a

coach in place before
2017, but the Galaxy also
are plotting personnel
moves to bolster their roster after finishing sixth in
the MLS table and losing
in the Western Conference
Klein confirmed LA
Peter Vagenas
Galaxy II coach Curt
Onalfo is the only internal candidate for the
job, but the club plans to interview at least one
international coach. Former Galaxy coach
Sigi Schmid, another UCLA product, also
could be a candidate, Klein said.
A coach has to have a belief not only in our
club, but in our league, Klein said. There are
a number of bright soccer minds around the
world that could easily translate what they do
to our league, but they have to believe in it.
The Galaxy are known for their high-profile
signings of international stars, from David
Beckham and Keane to Gerrard and Giovani Dos
Santos. Yet theyve also invested in player
development while producing a series of homegrown contributors in recent years, including
Gyasi Zardes and defender Daniel Steres.
Klein plans to continue that two-pronged
approach to success after the departures of
Keane and Gerrard, but the Galaxy still have
the core of an MLS contender built around Dos
Santos, Zardes, Sebastian Lletget and a strong
back line led by Jelle Van Damme. Landon
Donovan also might extend his comeback for
another season.

For someone who

began playing only two
years ago, Jeter already
is down to a 10 handicap
and hits it plenty far, usually where hes aiming.
He asked me a bunch
of technical questions
about the game, and I
could hear him pick the
Derek Jeter
brain over there with
Rosie, Woods said. He wants to know.
Hes one of the best athletes who ever lived.
He wants to learn. He asks the right questions.
Jeter ended his career two years ago with
an RBI single in the bottom of the ninth in
his final at-bat. Woods can only dream of
finishing a career like that; he knows that
never happens in golf.
You would think that win a major and

youre done, he said of the perfect end to a

golf career. But if you win a major, youre
going to want to come back and play.
Woods relished the few hours with Jeter,
and referenced an end of the era thing with
him, Jeter and Kobe Bryant, another rookie
in 1996.
We all came in together. We all followed
each other, watched each other, he said.
We all were in the prime of our career,
doing stuff, winning championships, winning majors. When I was having my run, he
was having his run.
The Yankees won the World Series four
times in five years through 2000. Woods
won the Masters in 1997 for his first major,
and he won four more majors in 1999-2000.
Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers won the
NBA title three straight years; Woods won
six majors during that stretch, including an
unprecedented sweep.



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


Rodgers shows leadership skills on field, leads Pack to win

By Rob Maaddi

PHILADELPHIA Aaron Rodgers threw

perfect passes, ran for key first downs and
did all his talking on the field.
Nobody will question his leadership this
Rodgers had 313 yards passing and tossed
two touchdown passes to Davante Adams to
help the Green Bay Packers snap a fourgame losing streak with a 27-13 win over
the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.
The two-time NFL MVP openly criticized
his teammates while the losses piled up,
causing people to point the finger back at
him for the way he handled it. But Packers
coach Mike McCarthy praised his quarterbacks approach.
His positive attitude has been consistent
through all this time, McCarthy said.
Hes grown as a quarterback since the start
of 2008, and grown as a person all the way
through. Hes an excellent leader, always
has been.
Rodgers hasnt had a losing record since
his first season as the starter replacing Brett
Favre. Hes led the Packers to seven straight

Continued from page 11
oddest years in college football.
The new rankings will be out
Tuesday, and they will be read like tea
leaves for an indication where the
committee is going. But the real fun
comes on Sunday, when the conference title games are over and the playoff teams are named.
Former Secretary of State and committee member Condoleezza Rice may
need all her diplomatic skills to pacify the schools left out.
Right now, Michigan seems to be
on the outside looking in, though
that could change with losses by
Washington and Clemson in their
conference championship games.
Actually, a lot of things could change
if Washington or Clemson lose,
though you have to gure Alabama is
a playoff lock and Ohio State isnt far
What could keep committee members up all night Saturday, though,
would be a win by Penn State over
Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game. There would be a lot of


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is

pressured by Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks.
playoff appearances and a Super Bowl title.
But the teams recent struggles and some of
Rodgers comments made him a target for
Its been a rough stretch, Rodgers said.
Were human, so you lose a few in a row and
doubt starts to creep in whether or not you
can actually finish one of those games off.

unhappy people in Happy Valley if

the Nittany Lions won the conference
championship and were left out of the
Theyd be even unhappier if Ohio
State a team Penn State beat at
home this year got in instead.
Thats despite the fact the committee
has already indicated it thinks Ohio
State has a better resume than the
team it lost to.
That aside, its anyones guess what
kind of thinking is going on behind
those closed doors in Texas.
Depending on the outcomes of the
conference title games, there are various scenarios that could see
Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State or
even Colorado nd their way into the
Its entirely possible that winning a
conference championship may not be
enough, which should give pause to
those who insist conference title
games are more than just a chance to
haul in millions more in television
None of it is particularly clear.
What is clear, though, is that the new
way of crowning a national champion
still falls short of a true playoff system.
In too many ways it still feels like
the BCS, where in some years it was

So for us to finish it off the way we did on

offense the last two drives, defensively to
come up with a stop, and to finish out the
game with a couple of sacks was great for
our confidence.
Green Bay (5-6) wasnt losing because of
Rodgers or the offense. The defense allowed
at least 30 points in each of the four previous games and 89 in the past two. Injuries
on both sides of the ball didnt help the situation.
Rodgers made sure the Packers started
fast, leading them to touchdown drives on
the first two possessions. They took hostile crowd out of the game early and became
the first team to win in Philadelphia (5-6)
this season.
Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers only
managed a field goal against the Eagles in
Week 3. Matt Ryan and the Falcons had
their lowest scoring output (15 points) here
on Nov. 13.
The victory kept Green Bays sinking
playoff hopes alive but the Packers are still
two games behind the Lions (7-4) in the
NFC North.
Theres a big difference between 4-7 and
5-6 for sure, but I hope theres not a ton of

difcult to gure out just what the criteria for getting in the title game was.
That included the 2006-07 season,
where Urban Meyer, then at Florida,
famously lobbied to poll voters who
helped jump the Gators over
Michigan into the national championship contest.
Meyer may want to do some more
lobbying this week just to make sure
his Buckeyes are in. Nothing is certain, though he and a lot of others
cant fathom the committee leaving
Ohio State out.
I think were one of the top teams
in the country, Meyer said after Ohio
State escaped with an improbable win
over Michigan.
As for Harbaugh, he may be incapable of putting together a coherent
case for his team. He spent almost all
his post-game press conference complaining about the ofciating , when
he should have been talking about
how a team that lost by a point at
Iowa and in double overtime at Ohio
State could still be one of the four
best teams in the country.
Not to worry, though. Leaving
Michigan out of the playoff series
will give him something to really
whine about.

relief because we still have a lot of things in

front of us wed like to accomplish,
Rodgers said. This is a step in the right
direction, a game we needed to take care of
business, but we have a short week with
Houston coming in and we have to have a
similar performance.
Rodgers showed off his accuracy under the
prime-time lights, going 30 for 39. He
made two passes to Adams that will make all
the highlight tapes.
Rodgers threw a perfect 20-yard TD pass
to Adams to give the Packers a 14-7 lead
early in the second quarter. Nolan Carroll
had excellent coverage on the play, but
Rodgers put the ball in a tight spot and hit
Adams in stride in the back of the end zone.
After Ha Ha Clinton-Dix intercepted
Carson Wentz in the third quarter, Rodgers
connected with Adams again. Adams was
covered well on a deep pass, but Rodgers
threw it in the right spot and Adams made an
outstanding over-the-shoulder catch for a
50-yard gain.
When Aaron gets in a rhythm and he
starts finding guys ... and making great
throws, thats the offense were accustomed
to having, right tackle Brian Bulaga said.

Continued from page 13
comebacks already this season. The latest came Sunday when he
came back from the injury to tie the game midway through the
fourth quarter with a TD pass to Clive Walford and a 2-point conversion to Seth Roberts and then won it with an 82-yard drive to
set up Sebastian Janikowskis game-winning field goal.
One of the things I really love about the NFL is the extreme
highs and lows and we got a good dose of those yesterday, Del
Rio said. Always best when you finish with a win.
Its just the latest clutch performance from Carr, who has
thrived under pressure this season. He has completed 80 of
118 passes (67.8 percent) for 1,109 yards (9.4 yards per
attempt), 10 TDs, one interception and a 122.5 passer rating
when tied or trailing in the fourth quarter or overtime.
The latest comeback might have been most impressive because
of the pain he dealt with after jamming his finger on a fumbled
snap. He managed to come back in after missing one series with
a glove on his right hand and taking all snaps from the shotgun
and there seemed to be no long-term effects from the injury.
Im doing good. Im doing good, Carr said Monday on his
weekly appearance on 95.7 The Game radio station .
Obviously its a little sore, but thats expected. But should be
good. Just get some swelling down and well be all right.
The Raiders are counting on that if they want to end a 13year playoff drought and make a run come January. They
already are having their best season since winning the AFC in
2002 and have realistic hopes of doing much more.
First they will have to negotiate a tough closing stretch to
the season starting with a home game against Buffalo on
Sunday. Oakland then has three road division games in the
final four weeks, including a Thursday night game against the
second-place Chiefs on Dec. 8, as well as the home finale
against Indianapolis on Christmas Eve.
But those are on the back burner for now.
Right now everything were doing is all about Buffalo, Del
Rio said. Its all about Buffalo leading up to this weekend.
No tes : Del Rio said he still expects DL Mario Edwards Jr. to
return this season from a hip injury sustained in the exhibition
opener on Aug. 12. ... Del Rio had no update on the status of
CB DJ Hayden, who left Sundays game with a hamstring
injury. ... CB David Amerson tested out his injured knee before
the game but was not made active. We elected to give him a little more rest and hope to get him back this week, Del Rio said.



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016


What Trump can learn from Obama on health care


WASHINGTON President Barack

Obama took on the problems of a lack of
access to health care and high cost, but he
and Democrats paid a political price.
President-elect Donald Trump has promised
to undo much of what Obama put in place,
and pledged to make the system better.
Although Trump is lacking in specifics,
he seems to want to make costs his priority.
States, insurers, businesses, and individuals
would get more leeway to sort out access.
Health care keenly reflects the countrys
deep political divide. A look at some lessons Trump might learn from Obamas
rough ride:

the artificial lines and

you will have yourself
great plans, Trump said.
That ignores practical
issues such as whether an
insurer in Houston can
set up a viable network of
doctors in New York.
There are no easy
Donald Trump solutions in health
care, said Jim Capretta,
a health policy expert with the businessoriented American Enterprise Institute.
Whatever is done will necessarily involve
some trade-offs, and winners and losers.
There are political risks associated with
every kind of policy proposal.

The perils of promises

New Medicare and Medicaid

Obama promised that if you like your

health care plan, you can keep it. But then
several million people were threatened with
the loss of policies that didnt conform to
his overhaul. Obama said premiums would
come down, too.
Trump hasnt made such specific promises, yet it may already be too late for him. In
the campaign, Trump made it sound like
replacing the law would be quick and easy,
and people would be widely satisfied with
the results.
Consider his idea for allowing insurers to
sell policies across state lines. Get rid of

As a candidate in 2008, then-Sen. Obama

proposed requiring parents to get health
insurance for their children, one of several
steps to move toward coverage for all. As
president, he embraced a broader individual
mandate requiring most people to be covered. Enforced with fines from the IRS, its
been unpopular from the start.
Separately, Obama and a Democratic-led
Congress financed part of the coverage
expansion in the Affordable Care Act with
cuts in Medicare payments to service
providers. That was an unwelcome surprise
to older people. Even if Medicare cuts

improved the programs

balance sheet, older voters helped deliver the
House to Republicans in
2010, a few months after
Obama signed the overhaul.
Trump has promised
not to cut Medicare, but
Barack Obama Republican leaders in
Congress want to revamp
the program to provide future retirees with a
fixed amount to purchase private insurance.
Will Trump go along?
Trump initially also said he wouldnt cut
Medicaid, the health care program for lowincome people. During the campaign,
though, his views shifted to backing a
block grant that would limit federal
money to states and could result in big cuts.
Medicare and Medicaid have been around
for more than 50 years and are politically
Republicans, dont equate the programs
with the health law. So Trump could be left

Going it alone
Democrats passed the 2010 law over solid
GOP opposition. Progressives blamed
Republican obstinacy and said the overhaul
contained many provisions with a centrist,
even Republican, pedigree. But the lack of

bipartisan support stoked years of opposition.

Trumps ability to win over some
Democrats will determine whether his ideas
are remembered as a fleeting lurch to the
political right or a lasting course correction.
At the moment, its hard to detect any
glimmer of bipartisanship.
If President Trump succeeds in getting
the ACA repealed, he and the Republicans
will own Americas health care system,
said Ron Pollack of Families USA, a leading
advocate for Obamas law. As tens of millions of people lose coverage, the blame
will go squarely onto the shoulders of those
who engineered the repeal.

People live here

When Obama signed the measure into law,
Democrats hailed it as the fulfillment of historic aspirations to close the last major
hole in the nations social safety net.
If Trump gets to sign repeal and replace
legislation, the rhetoric will be about getting government off peoples backs and
giving consumers the options they really
How will the reality measure up?
Obamas law has been a lifeline for many
people who previously could not get cover-

See CARE, Page 19

House to vote on bill aimed at speeding drug approval


WASHINGTON The House plans to vote

Wednesday on a $6.3 billion bill aimed at
speeding federal approval of drugs and medical
devices and boosting biomedical research.
The legislation, a priority for congressional leaders in the lame-duck session, seeks to
streamline how federal regulators assess the
safety of new treatments and let them reach
markets more quickly. It provides new money
for the National Institutes of Health and Food
and Drug Administration, including funding
for the White Houses cancer moonshot and
precision medicine initiatives.
The bill also would seek $1 billion in grants
to states to fight opioid abuse.
Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who chairs the
House Energy and Commerce Committee,
announced details of the draft bill Saturday
along with Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.,
chair of the Senate Committee on Health,
Education, Labor and Pensions. They
described the legislation as an innovation

The legislation seeks to streamline how federal

regulators assess the safety of new treatments
and let them reach markets more quickly.
Americas patients are waiting on us, the
two lawmakers said in a statement.
Republicans said the measure was final. But
aides to Democrats they are the minority
party in both the House and Senate said
negotiations were continuing. Democrats
were seeking additional changes to garner
strong bipartisan support, according to a
Democrat speaking for the House committee.
The draft bill includes several provisions
pushed in part by Democrats aimed at addressing mental health issues, such as increasing
access to treatment for children and on college
A version of the bill previously passed the
House but has been on hold for a year as
Democrats and Republicans sparred over levels of NIH spending. The latest draft bill would
provide $4.8 billion to NIH and $500 million

to the FDA.
It would be paid at least in part by selling oil
from the nations Strategic Petroleum

Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat on the
Senate panel, had pushed for a broader bill that
included provisions on opioid-addiction treatment as well as mental health reform.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
R-Ky., has said once the House acts on the bill
the Senate will follow before the end of

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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016



Weed is winning, but the train could still go off track

By Kristen Wyatt

Stricter regulations


DENVER Weed is winning in the polls,

with a solid majority of Americans saying
marijuana should be legal. But does that
mean the federal government will let dozens
of state pot experiments play out? Not by a
long shot.
The government still has many means to
slow or stop the marijuana train. And
President-elect Donald Trumps nomination
of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next
attorney general has raised fears that the
new administration could crack down on
weed-tolerant states 20 years after
California became the first to legalize medical marijuana.
We need grown-ups in charge in
Washington to say marijuana is not the kind
of thing that ought to be legalized. It ought
not to be minimized, that its in fact a very
real danger, Sessions said during an April
Senate hearing.
The Controlled Substances Act bans pot
even for medical purposes. A closer look at
some of the governments options for
enforcing it:

Take em to court
The government rarely invokes its
authority to sue states, but its the quickest
path to compliance. The Justice Department
could file lawsuits on the grounds that state
laws regulating pot are unconstitutional
because they are pre-empted by federal law.
Something similar happened in 2010,
when the Justice Department successfully
sued Arizona to block an immigration law
that conflicted with federal immigration
Federal courts can also compel action, not
just block it, as in Kentucky last year, when
a county clerk was ordered to issue marriage
licenses to same-sex couples following a
landmark Supreme Court ruling.
Twenty-eight states and Washington,
D.C., allow marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. The government has yet
to sue any of them.

Raid pot businesses

The government could avoid court entire-


William Britt, left, and Al Moreno celebrate after Californians voted to pass Proposition 64,
legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the state. There is worry that with a new presidental cabinet, a crackdown on legalized marijuana is coming.
ly if it doesnt mind a more expensive
option: law-enforcement raids.
The Drug Enforcement Administration
retains the legal ability to shut down anyone selling or growing pot, but there has
been no coordinated federal attempt to close
pot producers in multiple states. The agency
has said repeatedly that it does not have the
resources to pursue ordinary pot users.
Any change in that approach would likely
require more money from Congress, which
just saw many of its constituents vote in
favor of legalization. And a federal agency
probably will not spend limited resources
busting people growing pot for personal
use, said John McKay, a former U.S. attorney in Washington state.
Who is going to stop people from smoking pot in a residence in Denver? Federal
agents? he said. They are going to stop
doing terrorism investigations and start
arresting people for pot? That, to me, is
Still, a series of raids could upend the
marijuana landscape and chill investment

in the fledgling industry.

Financial hurdles
Its the biggest complaint in the weed business: taxes.
Businesses selling marijuana cannot use tax
breaks or incentives offered to other small
businesses, and some of them say they pay 80
percent or more of every dollar on taxes and
fees. They have limited access to banking
because many financial institutions are leery
of the paperwork they are required to file on
clients working with marijuana.
Colorado officials tried last year to ease the
banking burden by setting up a special credit
union to safely handle pot-shops money,
only to see the Federal Reserve Bank and federal courts block the effort.
As long as Congress and the new administration leave those hurdles in place, the marijuana business will grow haltingly. Voters
may generally support pot legalization, but
few have sympathy for a pot entrepreneur
unable to become a multimillionaire because
of banking obstacles.

Government officials who are skeptical of

marijuana but also leery of going against public opinion can use regulation and red tape to
slow commercial pot.
Legalization opponents frequently decry
the strength of todays marijuana, an argument that provides political cover for pot
skeptics who once used the drug themselves
and gives legalization opponents a backdoor
route to blocking weed.
In Colorado, for example, marijuana skeptics nearly succeeded earlier this year in getting state lawmakers to cap commercial pot
potency. The proposal would have banned
some 80 percent of the pot products on
Delays can be just as damaging. Even in
Colorado, the first state out of the gate with
recreational stores, businesses complain of
long waits to get permits or licenses. A few
shops were hobbled in 2015 when Denver
health authorities raised alarms about pesticides and banned the sale of thousands of
In Alaska, voters legalized pot in 2014, but
shops are only just now opening.
Washington state spent more than a year
mulling rules for the pot business.

Not everyone all in

The marijuana industry has grown under
three presidents, each opposed to legalized
The Obama administration has generally
shied away from pursuing commercial operators who comply with state-level rules. When
states began pushing the marijuana experiment beyond the medical realm, former
Attorney General Eric Holder urged them to
keep the drug away from criminals, kids, federal lands and other states where it remains
Marijuana activists say the pot experiment
is too far along for anyone to stop, but the
industry is anxious. When Sessions was
announced as the attorney general nominee,
the pro-legalization group Drug Policy
Alliance didnt mince words.
This, the group announced in an urgent
email to supporters, was our worst nightmare.



Continued from page 1
ing San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos,
Menlo Park, the county and soon San Bruno, in
requiring commercial builders to contribute
money toward locally-controlled affordable
housing funds.
Recognizing new commercial buildings create new jobs that consequentially exacerbate
the demand for housing, the council agreed its
time for developers to share in their profits.
Given the economic climate today and the
amount of money the developers are making, I
think its only fair for them to contribute, pay
their fair share to the economy and those who
are working 40 hours a week and still cannot
afford to live on the Peninsula, said
Councilman Sam Hindi, according to a video of
last weeks meeting.
Cities throughout the county are considering
how to help bridge the gap of nearly 55,000
jobs versus just 3,000 new units of housing
being created over the last few years. Now,
theyre looking to regulate employers and
developers by considering linkage fees as a way
to have commercial builders fund affordable
housing goals. Foster City, along with most
cities throughout the county, participated in the

21 Elements Nexus study that outlined linkage

fee rates that wouldnt be overly burdensome to
developers while providing communities with a
new source of funding.
Foster Citys fees, slightly higher than others in San Mateo County, include charging
$12.50 per square foot of new hotel space,
$6.25 per square foot of retail space, and
$27.50 for each foot of new office developments. The fees will only be applied to net new
developments meaning if a builder tears
down an existing 100,000-square-foot office
park and creates a 150,000-square-foot campus,
they would only be charged on the new 50,000
square feet of space.
With a variety of projects in the pipeline and
based on future buildout, staff estimates the fees
could generate tens of millions of dollars over
the next decade.
Vice Mayor Charlie Bronitsky said he typically falls on the side of caution when considering whether government should regulate private
industry. But as commercial developers appear
uninterested in willingly contributing toward
affordable housing needs, its appropriate for
the city to step in, he said.
No one wants to do anything to help the situation, so youve got to act. I think the private industry has given us no options,
Bronitsky said. When you look at the amount
of money these companies are making, these
are reasonable fees to accomplish a reasonable

Continued from page 1
other people because it has helped my life so much, he said. Its
like a life vest for me. I want to give that to other people. It affected my life so dramatically, I just feel the need to share it. Its giving back.
Since striking out with his guitar on his own, Zywiciel has
started to collect more fans and attention. His current tour wrapping up Saturday, Dec. 3, in San Francisco has spanned the
California coast and his lead single Time to Heal, from the
debut album Onward & Upward is gaining traction on the college radio charts.
Hopefully Billboard is next, said Zywiciel.
He has also traveled to open for Uncle Kracker in Oregon and

Continued from page 17
age. For others it brought unwanted legal obligations and
expenses that burdened household budgets. The law did not hold

Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

Many councilmembers noted more people are
driving from further away to work on the
Peninsula due to the lack of affordable housing
options so, in a sense, the fees could help reduce
traffic and benefit the environment.
During their meeting Nov. 21, many councilmembers expressed frustration with past
developers both commercial and housing
that expanded in their community but failed to
uphold promises.
Mayor Herb Perez said companies or office
developers not doing their part and builders that
end up selling housing units for nearly double
what theyd initially claimed were shameful
and discouraging.
So the question is what do we do as legislators to prevent bad actors from fulfilling their
promise to the community? To provide us with
adequate funds when they gleam the benefit
from our community? Perez said.
The council previously stalled on approving
the fees as some first sought direction on how
the money should be spent. Faced with a number of residents adamantly opposed to any new
units being built in the traffic-plagued foursquare-mile city, the council agreed the funds
from the linkage fees could be used to retain
existing affordability-restricted units slated to
Affordable housing advocates urged the council to adopt the impact fees, emphasizing the

collaborated with Bobby Kimball, the former lead singer of Toto.

Proceeds from the sale of Time to Heal will be donated to the
Amy Winehouse Foundation to enhance access to music programs for disadvantaged youth because Zywiciel said the song
was inspired by watching his friends struggle to overcome drug
Zywiciel compares his music to the stylings of John Mayer, Ed
Sheeran or Sam Smith, who have risen to fame in recent years as
solo singers and songwriters with broad pop appeal.
Though he is reluctant to assign a specific genre to his tunes,
Zywiciel said he will embrace any affiliation with the superstars
he has been likened to by fans.
Ill take that comparison, he said, of the parallels to Mayer,
Sheeran and Smith. I dont mind being compared to them at all.
Ascending to similar heights as the aforementioned luminaries
is the next goal on Zywiciels list.
I want to be up on the Grammy stage, I want to be up on all the
back the trend of rising out-of-pocket costs for those with
employer coverage.


money can be pooled to leverage outside funds

for new developments.
This particular policy would capture some of
the incredible economic growth we have here
and use it to solve some of our problems, said
Leora Tanjuatco, policy director with the
Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo
Councilwoman Catherine Mahanpour said
she supported the funds being used toward anything reasonably related to affordable housing,
but wants to ensure they dont overly deter businesses.
I think we just need to make sure were planning for the future and need to be nimble because
the economy could take a downturn,
Mahanpour said.
She and Councilman Gary Pollard raised concerns about giving developers a 25 percent
reduction on the fees for paying construction
workers area standard wages. Instead, they preferred Hindis proposal to consider a citywide
requirement that developers looking to build be
required to pay workers a livable wage, also noting the city has negotiated with builders for
higher wages as part of the development agreement process.
Ultimately, the council decided to provide the
discount but may take up the matter through a
citywide ordinance at a later date.

award stages playing in front of millions of viewers, he said.

And I want to give back to the community.
He said his perspective has been influenced by the exposure to
different cultures he has performed for while on the road. But with
his first tour ending back near his home turf, Zywiciel said he
appreciates the opportunity to perform for the people who initially inspired him to launch his career.
This is really one of the best places to grow up, and to come
back here and share my music and perspective, I couldnt think of
a better place to do that, he said. I want to travel more and keep
sharing, but San Mateo and the Bay Area in general have been
such a great place to grow out of and be influenced by.


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care, said Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family
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costs, which come on top of premiums, erode the value of their
insurance card.

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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

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Though no decision is set to be made during the upcoming meeting, city staff is
seeking guidance from councilmembers
regarding the shape and scope of the agreement in coming years, according to the
Development, LLC] and their drive to redevelop a large part of Oyster Point has created an urgency to examine the long-range
relationship between the city and the district, and to modify or alternatively to terminate, the JPA, according to the report.
Oyster Point Development, LLC is the
initiative spearheaded by the Greenland
Group of China to spend an estimated $1.5
billion revitalizing more than 80 acres of
property along the northern portion of the
Bayshore in South San Francisco, east of
Highway 101. The project was previously
proposed and entitled to Shorenstein
Properties, but it fell fallow prior the development rights being acquired in June.

The builder has expressed an interest in

constructing the project to house office as
well as research and development space for
companies to occupy in the heart of South
San Franciscos thriving biotechnology
As part of the project, the Greenland
Group offered to sponsor a variety of infrastructure fixes to help accommodate the
anticipated uptick in demand for accessing
the area. Examples of the proposed fixes
include trail rehabilitation, street repairs
and new athletic fields.
Many of the improvements were authorized in negotiations between city officials
and the developer, but the Harbor District
will retain control of management, maintenance and operation of the nearby marina
according to terms of the joint powers
agreement, which will dissolve in 2026.
Once the agreement ends, the city is slated to take on control of the marina, according to a city report.
Action now to revise and/or terminate
early the JPA is advisable given the development activity by [Oyster Point
Development, LLC], and the potential for
the district to begin winding down operations and capital improvement in advance

Continued from page 1
some of the lowest incomes in the area and may also be one
of the first to apply for funds from Measure K a countywide sales tax voters recently extended and agreed should be
spent on affordable housing.
I think its fantastic to support the whole community
and to ensure that theres housing dedicated for everybody,
especially in such a difficult place to afford to live, said
San Mateo Mayor Joe Goethals. And it is a testament to
the city councils that came before me.
In its approval of Bay Meadows, the city negotiated for
the land as a way to ensure an estimated 15 percent of the
more than 1,100 residences would be set aside as affordable.
Most of the affordable units are sprinkled throughout the
site and the Bridge development will represent the sole
property completely dedicated as affordable. San Mateo will
provide the city-owned 1-acre site to Bridge through a $1
annual ground lease for 99 years. The site is now on its way
to become home to renters making between 30 percent and
60 percent of the areas median income which is between
$33,000 and $66,000 for a family of three, according to a
staff report.
It really was very prudent of the past city councils who
negotiated the development agreement to include this 1acre parcel for affordable housing, said Deputy Mayor
David Lim. Diversity is very important for our community
as a whole; so its nice to know theres going to be a range
of socioeconomic diversity at Bay Meadows.
Aside from providing the land, the city will also provide
a $2 million loan to Bridge. The city chose Bridge, one of
the states largest nonprofit developers, to build the one-,
two- and three-bedroom apartments at the property off
Delaware Street near 28th Avenue.
We have been watching this site for a long time, said
Ali Gaylord, Bridge director of Northern California development. Bridge has a long history of doing transit-oriented developments so this fits right in with our wheelhouse.
The site is centrally located near the Caltrain line and,
once the grade separation project at 28th Avenue is com-


of the termination date, according to the

A 455-boat slip marina, yacht club, boutique hotel, 33-acre park and terminal for a
commuter ferry currently run from the marina just six miles north of the San Francisco
International Airport. The city owns the
marina and park, but allows the district to
manage operations under an agreement
established in 1977.
A new or amended joint powers agreement
could also be established through collaboration between the district and the city.
Under recommendation of a hired consultant, the city should not take on operations
at the marina, but instead hire a professional company with more experience to handle
the task, should control shift hands, according to the report.
When the Oyster Point development was
initially entitled in 2011, the deal included
opportunities for partnership between the
city and the private builder such as development of new open space, hotel development, Bay Trail improvements and more.
The city set aside $30 million in money
generated by the former redevelopment
agency dedicated to be paid in collaboration
with the builder toward infrastructure

pleted and the Hillsdale Caltrain Station relocated, this

development will have great access to mass transit along El
Camino Real, Gaylord said.
Winfield Hill, a subsidiary of Bridge, will develop the site
and a public hearing and planning process will ensue allowing time for community input. Bridge has chosen architect
Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects, which designed the neighboring Nueva School and is expected to create a cohesive
feel for the neighborhood, Gaylord said.
The nonprofit must also outline a financing plan to support the estimated $50 million project. Bridge is expected
to apply for federal tax credits, as well as traditional financing from private or public sources. Gaylord said Bridge is
also hoping San Mateo County may begin to release offers
for Measure K funds. Earlier this month, voters approved
extending Measure A, the countywide half-cent sales tax,
after proponents proclaimed it as a way to support affordable housing needs.
Gaylord said shes hoping construction could begin in
As with many affordable housing projects that require an
assembly of financing, land is often a key component and a
citys donation can help jump-start development. San
Mateo officials are familiar in leveraging city assets toward
affordable housing goals and are in the midst of considering
doing so again at two other parcels near downtown, which
have been targeted for workforce housing and public parking.
Gaylord said shes impressed with the dedication San
Mateo staff and the council have shown thus far.
The councilmembers are always very focused on how to
address the affordable housing crisis in San Mateo, theyre
doing great from a leadership perspective, Gaylord said.
The value they can provide [with the land] and the forethought of requiring a certain percentage of affordable is
critical, especially at a transit-oriented site. Allowing
people to live there that have lower incomes as well, is part
of the foresight of the planning process.
(650) 344-5200 ext. 106

improvements in the area.

As part of the upcoming discussion, the
council will address proposed potential
improvements throughout the area, as well
as the variety of opportunities for future
projects near the marina. Another similar
discussion is set for the City Council early
next year, according to the report.
But with a sizable undertaking looming
on the horizon, city officials believe more
clarity should be established regarding management and operations of the area near the
biotechnology development, according to
the report.
Staff recommends exploring revisions to
the existing JPA, forging a new partnership
with the district under a more comprehensive JPA providing clearer guidance for
future operations, maintenance and governance at [Oyster Point Marina], according
to the report.
The South San Francisco City Council
meets 6 p. m. , during a study session
Wednesday, Nov., 30, at 33 Arroyo Drive.
(650) 344-5200 ext. 105

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refreshments, coffee, raffle, dance hosts.
Casual dress, dance shoes suggested. $5
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dance experience. Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing,
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For more information call 342-2221.
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Exhibit. 3 p.m. 55 W. Third Ave., San
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54 Bullring shout




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CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Stick to simple
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offering people incentives and options will pay off.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You need to set high
standards and goals for yourself and others. Strive
for equality, peace and happiness. Dont back away

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) Set your strategy to
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Consider adding to your qualifications, negotiating a
deal or investing in something you want to pursue.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Dont get involved in
joint ventures or lend or borrow money or possessions.
Protect what you have and refuse to give in to
someone pressuring you for a donation or help.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Set high standards

Want More Fun
and Games?
Jumble Page 2 La Times Crossword Puzzle Classifieds
Tundra & Over the Hedge Comics Classifieds
Boggle Puzzle Everyday in DateBook

and proceed with passion. Your actions will make

a statement that will lead to recognition and new
opportunities. Youngsters and seniors will play a role in
your decisions.
CANCER (June 21-July 22) Dont trust your
peers. Sharing personal information will put you in
a precarious position. Dont feel the need to make
changes just because someone else does. Moderation
is in your best interest.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Dont get angry when you
can get moving. Making alterations to your home or job
will be rejuvenating. Children and elders will contribute
insight that will help you make a decision.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Emotional matters will
flare up, causing you to miss other opportunities.

Put things in perspective and distance yourself from

whatever is causing frustration, stress or personal
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You need to step up your
game and bring about changes that will make you feel
good about who you are and what you do. Jump at an
opportunity. Indecision will lead to regret.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) A missed opportunity
will encourage a new idea. Reuse old material to
construct something unique and applicable to current
trends. Romance is encouraged and will improve your
personal life.
COPYRIGHT 2016 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

104 Training
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classifieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its liability shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be submitted within 30 days. For full advertising conditions, please ask for a Rate


110 Employment
RESTAURANT - Need Cook/Kitchen
help. Fletchs catering business is taking
off. We need help! Call (650)685-8301

San Mateo Daily Journal

Seeking Delivery drivers to manage newspaper routes on the
Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat. Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am
Routes available from South SF to Palo Alto.
Call 650-344-5200

The best career seekers
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Assisted Living Community

for Seniors in Burlingame
(Close to Broadway).
Near Public Transportation.

110 Employment


Up to $15 per hour. Company Car.

Call Molly Maid at (650)837-9788.
90 Glenn Way #2, SAN CARLOS

Call Ana

The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
of the newspaper and media industries.
This position will provide valuable
experience for your bright future.
Email resume

Benefits-Bonus-No Nights
FX: 367-6400

SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales

Representative needed to sell newspaper print and web advertising and event
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to


(650) 367-7341 OR EMAIL:
San Mateo / Palo Alto Store Locations
Part Time / Full Time

Experience with print advertising and online

marketing a plus. But we will consider a
candidate with little or no sales experience as
long as you have these traits:

Join us, if you check off on these qualities and also believe in the future of newspapers.
Please email your resume to
A cover letter with your views on the newspaper industry would also be helpful.

Immediate need for Full Time/Part Time
Home Care Providers
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You will be offering a wide variety of

marketing solutions including print advertising,
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industry continues its evolution and our paper
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

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Entry up to $16
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is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries The local community
newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of
the newspaper industry.

You must be community-minded, actionoriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a

self starter. You will be responsible for sales
and account management activities associated
with either a territory or vertical category.

110 Employment
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp
required. Starting at $15 per hour.
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
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of local news content
The leading local daily news resource for the
SF Peninsula seeks an entreprenuerial
Advertising Account Exec to sell advertising
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We are looking for a special person to join our
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110 Employment

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Exciting Opportunities at

Candy Maker Training Program

Applicants who are committed to Quality and Excellence
welcome to apply.

If interested, please call Eugenia or Ava at

(650) 827-3210 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EOE


110 Employment

The Daily Journal is looking for interns to do entry level reporting, research, updates of our ongoing features and interviews. Photo interns also welcome.
We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented interns have progressed in time into
paid correspondents and full-time reporters.
College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not necessarily required.
Please send a cover letter describing
your interest in newspapers, a resume
and three recent clips. Before you apply, you should familiarize yourself
with our publication. Our Web site:
Send your information via e-mail to or by regular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pulgas #112, San Mateo CA 94403

127 Elderly Care


The San Mateo Daily Journals

twice-a-week resource guide for
children and families.

Every Tuesday & Weekend

Look for it in todays paper to
find information on family
resources in the local area,
including childcare.

203 Public Notices

The following person is doing business
as: LAtelier du Pain, 5000 Alpine Road,
PORTOLA VALLEY, CA 94028. Registered Owner: Fiona Strouts, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on N/A
/s/Fiona Strouts/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 10/20/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).

Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

203 Public Notices
CASE# 16CIV01440
Kyle Devin H. Carmichael
Petitioner: Kyle Devin H. Carmichael filed
a petition with this court for a decree
changing name as follows:
Present name: Jazper Constantine Herrera
Proposed Name: Jazper Thomas Rhode
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated
below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be
granted. Any person objecting to the
name changes described above must file
a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court
days before the matter is scheduled to
be heard and must appear at the hearing
to show cause why the petition should
not be granted. If no written objection is
timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. A hearing on the
petition shall be held on January 20,
2017 at 9 a.m., Dept. PJ, Room 2D, at
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA
94063. A copy of this Order to Show
Cause shall be published at least once
each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation:
San Mateo Daily Journal
Filed: 11/10/16
/s/ Susan Irene Etezadi /
Judge of the Superior Court
Dated: 11/10/16
(Published 11/15/16, 11/22/16,
11/29/16, 12/6/16).

Name of the person abandoning the use
of the Fictitious Business Name: 1) Asefaw Hagos 2) Norma C. Madayg. Name
of Business: Speedy Spot. Address of
Principal Place of Business: 701 Jenevein Ave., SAN BRUNO, CA 94066.
Registrant: 1) Asefaw Hagos, 1875 Paradise Valley Ct., Tracy, CA 95376 2) Norma C. Madayag, same address. The
business was conducted by a General
/s/Asefaw Hagos/
/s/Norma Madayg/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
County on 10/25/16. (Published in the
San Mateo Daily Journal, 11/8/16,
11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City
of San Bruno, California (the City) at its meeting on, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, held a Public Hearing, waived the
first reading and introduced the following ordinance, then on
Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at its regular meeting, the City
Council waived the second reading and adopted the following
ordinance. The ordinance amends and replaces Chapter
12.230 of Title 12 (Land Use) of the San Bruno Municipal
Code to establish an affordable housing program and affordable housing impact fees for new residential and nonresidential
development projects in San Bruno.
ORDINANCE SUMMARY: The ordinance is supported by a
residential impact nexus study and a commercial linkage
nexus study prepared for the City of San Bruno, which analyzed the need for affordable housing associated with new development, and included the calculation of fees based on the
nexus analysis and the affordability gap between what lower
income households can afford to pay and the cost of developing new housing units. The nexus studies established that the
fees and related affordable housing requirements established
by this ordinance are reasonably related to the need for affordable housing associated with development projects in the San
The adoption of the ordinance is not a project under the California Environmental Quality Act because the ordinance creates a governmental funding mechanism which does not involve any commitment to a specific project that may result in a
potentially significant effect on the environment. (CEQA
Guidelines Section 15378(b)(4).)
A copy of the ordinance and the Impact Fee Nexus Studies
are available for review at the office of the City Clerk, 567 El
Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that if you challenge the adoption of
the ordinance in court, you may be limited to raising only those
issues you or someone else raised at public hearings before
the City of San Bruno or in written correspondence delivered
to the City of San Bruno at, or prior to, the public hearing.
Please call (650) 616-7053 with any questions.
/s/ Carol Bonner,
San Bruno City Clerk
November 28, 2016

Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, November 29,


203 Public Notices

SECTION 6.15.020 OF
The City Council of the City
of Millbrae does ordain as
SECTION 6.15.020
Section 6.15.020, "Dumping
of garbage prohibited," of
the Millbrae Municipal Code
is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read
as follows:
dumping of garbage prohibited.
It is unlawful to litter, throw,
place, or dump any garbage
or waste matter upon public
or private property in the
City of Millbrae.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the City may establish
rules and regulations from
time to time governing the
placement or deposit of certain types of garbage or
waste matter on public or
private property within the
This Ordinance shall be in
full force and effect 30 days
after its passage. Within 15
days of its passage, a summary of this Ordinance shall
be published once in a
newspaper of general circulation in the City of Millbrae.
INTRODUCED at a regular
meeting of the City Council
of the City of Millbrae held
on October 25, 2016.
a regular meeting of the City
Council of the City of Millbrae held on November 22,
2016 .
Millbrae City Council
By: Angela Louis, City Clerk
Published 11/29/16




Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge


203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices


The following person is doing business
as: Vandervort Homes, 1716 Laurel
Street, SAN CARLOS, CA 94070. Registered Owner: Reside Network, Inc., DE.
The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/Hilary Hedemark/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/03/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).


The following person is doing business
as: 1) Lice Clinics of America - San Bruno 2) LCA - San Bruno 3) Lice Clinics of
America - San Francisco, 1001 Sneath
Lane, Suite 107, SAN BRUNO, CA
94066. Registered Owner: Jacqueline
Huynh, 1121 San Anselmo Ave, MILLBRAE, CA 94030. The business is conducted by a Individual. The registrants
commenced to transact business under
the FBN on N/A.
/s/Jacqueline T. Huynh/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/1/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Roble Construction, 1104 Hillside
Blvd., Colma, CA 94014. Registered
Owner: Marcos Adrian Medina, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/Marcos Adrian Medina/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/1//2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16).


The following person is doing business
as: CDM Clinerr, 1754 S. Grant St, Apt 1,
SAN MATEO, CA 94402. Registered
Owner: Jose T. Villanueva, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on N/A
/s/Jose T. Villanueva/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/04/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).
The following person is doing business
as: Cafe On Primrose, 321 Primrose
Road, BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Registered Owner: Joes Cafe by the Bay, CA.
The business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/Jacqueline Eadeh/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 10/31/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Stocklin Law Group, 1809 Ashton
Ave, BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Registered Owner: Nadine Stocklin, same address. The business is conducted by an
Individual. The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/Nadine Stocklin/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 10/27/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).
The following person is doing business
as: Rapunzel, 1667 Laurel St., SAN
CARLOS, CA 94070. Registered Owner:
Katherine Kelly Quinn-Cannizzaro, 252
Parrott Dr, SAN MATEO, CA 94402. The
business is conducted by an Individual.
The registrants commenced to transact
business under the FBN on 9/1/16
/s/Katherine Kelly Quinn-Cannizzaro/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 10/24/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/8/16, 11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16).


The following person is doing business
as: My Busy Town, 556 San Mateo Ave,
SAN BRUNO, CA 94066. Registered
Owners: 1) Tiffany Padilla, 1708 Toledo
Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010 2) Alex
Padilla, same address. The business is
conducted by a Married Couple. The registrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on N/A.
/s/Tiffany Padilla/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/21/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/22/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16).
The following person is doing business
Birth Therapy, 273 Dundee dr,
Registered Owners: Kseniya Gershberg,
same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business under the
FBN on N/A.
/s/Kseniya Gershberg/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/18/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/22/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Art Attack!, 1812 C Magnolia Ave.,
BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Registered
Owner: Nancy Torres, 1429 Drake Ave.,
BURLINGAME, CA 94010. The business
is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on 2006.
/s/Nancy Torres/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 10/19/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Godspeed Ropes, 595 Quarry Road,
SAN CARLOS, CA 94070. Registered
Owner: James Guaspari, 206 La Cruz
Ave., Millbrae, CA 94030. The business
is conducted by an Individual. The registrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on 01/01/16.
/s/James Guaspari/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/21/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16, 12/20/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Lockehouse Restaurant Group, 477
9th Ave. Suite 100, SAN MATEO, CA
94402. Registered Owner: Lockehouse
Retail Group Inc., CA. The business is
conducted by a Corporation. The registrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on 9/21/2016.
/s/Steve Cutter/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/08/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/15/16, 11/22/16, 11/29/16, 12/6/16).


The following person is doing business
as: Maarit Knits, 3008 HILLSIDE DR,
BURLINGAME, CA 94010. Registered
Owner: Maarit Visbal, same address.
The business is conducted by an Individual.
The registrants commenced to
transact business under the FBN on
/s/Maarit Visbal/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/21/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16, 12/20/16).



Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

203 Public Notices

294 Baby Stuff

300 Toys

304 Furniture


The following person is doing business
as: Zamora Construction, 1630 Claremont Dr., SAN BRUNO, CA 94066.
Registered Owner: Melvin Alberto Zamora Sosa, same address. The business is conducted by an Individual. The
registrants commenced to transact business under the FBN on N/A.
/s/Melvin A. Zamora Sosa/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/21/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16, 12/20/16).

If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing
and state your objections or file written
objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person
or by your attorney.
If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your
claim with the court and mail a copy to
the personal representative appointed by
the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under sectioin
9052 of the Callifornia Probate
Code.Other California statutes and legal
authority may affect your rights as a
creditor. You may want to consult with an
attorney knowledgable in California law.
You may examine the file kept by the
court. If you are a person interested in
the estate, you may file with the court a
Request for Special Notice (form DE154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner:
Woodford G. Rowland, Esq
Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Woodford G. Rowland
55 Professional Center Parkway Ste. A
(415) 472-3434
FILED: 11/23/16
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on 11/29, 12/06, 12/10)

taking certain very important actions,

however, the personal representative will
be required to give notice to interested
persons unless they have waived notice
or consented to the proposed action.)
The independent administration authority
will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and
shows good cause why the court should
not grant the authority.
A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: January 3, 2017 at
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo,
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA
If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing
and state your objections or file written
objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person
or by your attorney.
If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your
claim with the court and mail a copy to
the personal representative appointed by
the court within the later of either (1) four
months from the date of first issuance of
letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the
Calilfornia Probate Code, or (2) 60 days
from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under sectioin
9052 of the Callifornia Probate
Code.Other California statutes and legal
authority may affect your rights as a
creditor. You may want to consult with an
attorney knowledgable in California law.
You may examine the file kept by the
court. If you are a person interested in
the estate, you may file with the court a
Request for Special Notice (form DE154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk.
Attorney for Petitioner:
Shirley Tam
Attorney at Law
95 South Market Street Suite 300
SAN JOSE, CA 95113
(408) 977-7766
FILED: 11/23/16
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal on 11/29, 12/06, 12/10)

BASSINET $25 (Musical, Rocks, vibrates, has 4 wheels, includes sheets &
mattress) (650)348-2306

STAR WARS one 4 orange card action figure, Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead). $8 Steve 650-518-6614

DINETTE TABLE, 3 adjustable leaf.$30.

(650) 756-9516.Daly City.

HIGH CHAIR (wooden) excellent condition $35.00 (650)348-2306

STAR WARS SDCC Stormtrooper

Commander $29 OBO Dan,
650-303-3568 lv msg


The following person is doing business
as: Green City Roofing, 1325 Howard
Ave. #112, BURLINGAME, CA 94010.
Registered Owner: Volodymyr Kravets,
11 Via Canon, Millbrae, CA 94030. The
business is conducted by an Individual.
The registrants commenced to transact
business under the FBN on N/A.
/s/Volodymyr Kravets/
This statement was filed with the Assessor-County Clerk on 11/28/2016. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
11/29/16, 12/6/16, 12/13/16, 12/20/16).
Claire M. Pundyk
Case Number: 16PRO00527
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may
otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of Claire M. Pundyk. A Petition for Probate has been filed by Rosanne Pundyk in the Superior Court of
California, County of San Mateo. The
Petition for Probate requests that Rosanne Pundyk be appointed as personal
representative to administer the estate of
the decedent. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the
Independent Administration of Estates
Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions
without obtaining court approval. Before
taking certain very important actions,
however, the personal representative will
be required to give notice to interested
persons unless they have waived notice
or consented to the proposed action.)
The independent administration authority
will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and
shows good cause why the court should
not grant the authority.
A hearing on the petition will be held in
this court as follows: December 28, 2016
at 9:00 a.m., Department 28, Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo,
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA

Jo Ann OConnor aka Joann OConnor
Case Number: 16PRO00543
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may
otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of Jo Ann OConnor AKA
Joann OConnor. A Petition for Probate
has been filed by Dennis Leroy OConnor
AKA Dennis Leroy Oconnor in the Superior Court of California, County of San
Mateo. The Petition for Probate requests
that Dennis Leroy OConnor AKA Dennis
Leroy Oconnor be appointed as personal
representative to administer the estate of
the decedent. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the
Independent Administration of Estates
Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions
without obtaining court approval. Before


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City
of San Bruno, California (the City) at a special meeting on,
Wednesday, November 9, 2016, held a Public Hearing,
waived the first reading and introduced the following ordinance, then on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at its regular
meeting, the City Council waived the second reading and
adopted the following ordinance.
Ordinance Summary
Smoking would be broadly defined to include any
lighted tobacco or nicotine product, weed or plant; and hookah
and marijuana; whether delivered by cigarette, pipe, cigar, or
any electronic device;
Smoking would be prohibited:
In multi-unit residences (including attached patios and balconies), defined as including more
than one dwelling unit;
In multi-unit residence common areas,
such as halls, stairwells, paths, lobbies, laundry
rooms, common cooking areas, outdoor eating
areas, play areas, swimming pools, and
parking areas;
In 90% of all hotel and motel guest rooms;
In most places of employment, including
indoor and outdoor areas, such as construction
sites, taxis, employee lounges and break rooms,
conference and banquet rooms, bingo and gaming
facilities, health facilities, warehouses, retail and
wholesale tobacco shops, and child care facilities;
In most public places, such as plazas,
parking lots, malls, stadiums, parks, playgrounds,
farmer's markets, and fairs;
In service areas, such as ATMs, bank teller windows, ticket lines, bus stops, and cab stands.
Smoking would be allowed:
In single family homes, rooms for rent in
single family homes, and detached in-law units;
In designated outdoor smoking areas that
are at least 20' from operable doors or windows;
On streets, sidewalks, and other outdoor
areas that are at least 20' from operable doors and
windows or locations where smoking is prohibited,
or if the person is actively moving to another destination.
There would be a 14-month grace period before the
ban goes into effect in multi-unit residences to allow renters on
a one-year lease sufficient time to adjust their living circumstances if necessary. All other provisions of the ordinance
would become effective 30 days after adoption.
Please call (650) 616-7179 with any questions.
A copy of the full text of proposed ordinance is available in the
City Clerk's Office, 567 El Camino Real, in San Bruno, California.
/s/ Carol Bonner,
San Bruno City Clerk
November 28, 2016
Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, November 29,

296 Appliances
AIR CONDITIONER 10000 BTU w/remote. Slider model fits all windows. LG
brand $199 runs like new. (650)2350898
AIR CONDITIONER, Portable, 14,000
CPN14XC9, almost like new! All accessories plus remote included.
20 x 16-5/8 x 33-1/2 $345.
CHARCOAL GRILL with cover, almost
new $30. (650)368-0748

FOUND: KEYS at Westwood Park in

Redwood City, off of Fernside. Call to
claim (650)714-8893
FOUND: LADIES watch outside Safeway Millbrae 11/10/14 call Matt,
LOST - MY COLLAPSIBLE music stand,
clip lights, and music in black bags were
taken from my car in Foster City and may
have been thrown out by disappointed
thieves. Please call (650)704-3595
LOST - Womans diamond ring. Lost
12/18. Broadway, Redwood City.
REWARD! (650)339-2410
LOST CAT Our Felicity, weighs 7 lbs,
she has a white nose, mouth, chin, all
four legs, chest stomach, around her
neck. Black mask/ears, back, tail. Nice
at or call 650-5768745. She drinks water out of her paws.
LOST CAT. Black and White. Black
patch on right eye. REWARD.
Call (323) 439-7713.
LOST SMALL gray and green Parrot.
Redwood Shores. (650)207-2303.

THOMAS TRAINS; Cranky the Crane

$15/OBO; Tidmouth Shed w/turntable
$50/OBO. 650-345-1347.

302 Antiques
ANTIQUE BUFFET Cabinet, with 2 large
drawers w/skeleton key, needs refinishing. $700/obo.. ANTIQUE CHINA cabinet, with doors and legs, dark wood..
$500/obo. (650)952-5049


Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
door / shell / drawers / roller ex $25/BO
ESPRESSO TABLE 30 square, 40 tall,
$95 (650)375-8021
FREE: TWO full-size featherbeds. Excellent
Redwood City
location. 650-503-4170.
INFINITY FLOOR speakers H 38" x W
11 1/2" x D 10" good $50. (650)756-9516

CIRRUS STEAM mop model SM212B 4

new extra cleaning pads,user manual.
$45. 650-5885487


Side Sewing Table, All original. Rosewood. Carved. EXCELLENT CONDITION! $350. (650)815-8999.

KITCHEN TABLE with 4 chairs, Blonde

wood, Farm Style. Apartment sized.
Good condition. $25. (650)359-0213

COLEMAN LXE Roadtrip Grill Red Brand New! (still in box) $100

MAHOGANY ANTIQUE Secretary desk,

72 x 40 , 3 drawers, Display case, bevelled glass, $500. (650)766-3024

JACK LALANE'S power juicer. $40.

Call 650 364-1243. Leave message.

OLD VINTAGE Wooden Sea Captains

Tool Chest 35 x 16 x 16, $65


door Whirlpool Perfect condition .$98.
650 583-9901 650 678-0221

STORE FRONT display cabinet, From

1930, marble base. 72 long x 40 tallx
21 deep. Asking $500. (650)341-1306

TOASTER OVEN, Black & Decker, 4Slice, 1200W, Toast, Bake, Broil;
TRO480BS - $12 (650) 952-3500

303 Electronics

UPRIGHT VACUUM Cleaner, $10. Call

Ed, (415)298-0645 South San Francisco
Refrigerator all working and in good condition all for $99.00 650-315-3240.

297 Bicycles
298 Collectibles
1920'S AQUA Glass Beaded Flapper
Purse (drawstring bag) & Faux Pearl
Flapper Collar. $50. 650-762-6048
1940 VINTAGE telephone bench maple
antiques collectibles $75 (650)755-9833
BILLY DEE Williams autographed Star
Wars action figure: Lando Calrissian,
space smuggler. $35 Steve 650-5186614
LENNOX RED Rose, Unused, hand
painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
$12.00. (650) 578 9208.
MILLER LITE Neon sign , work good
$59 call 650-218-6528
POSTERS TRAVEL, airline, art from
1970s and 1980s; about 50+; $30 for all
rare memorabilia items, casino key, two
coins, small charm. $95. (650)676-0974
SCHILLER HIPPIE poster, linen, Sparta
graphics 1968. Mint condition. $600.00.

299 Computers
KOGI 15 inch computer monitor. Model
L5QX. $25. PH(650)592-5864.

46 MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great

condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
60 GIG Ipod, Does not work.
Battery/hard drive not working. $25.
BAZOOKA SPEAKER 20, +10W, never
used $95. (650)992-4544
BLAUPUNKT AM/FM/CD Radio and Receiver with Detachable Face asking
$100. (650)593-4490
BULOVA WINDUP Travel clocks.Vintage. Set of eight. $99. gene (650)4215469
COMPLETE COLOR photo developer
Besler Enlarger, Color Head, trays, photo
tools $50/ 650-921-1996
FIRST ALERT CO600 Carbon Monoxide
PlugIn Alarm. Simple to use, New - $18
IPHONE 5 Morphie Juice Pack with
charger, Originally $100, now $85.
with 'A-shape' key layout Num pad, $20
MOTOROLA BRAVO MB 520 (android
4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD
card Belmont (650)595-8855
ONKYO AV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital
Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer 650-591-2393
ONKYO AV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital
Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer 650-591-2393
OPTIMUS H36 ST5800 Tower Speaker
36x10x11 $30. (650)580-6324
ORIGINAL AM/FM 1967/68 Honda Radio for $50. (650)593-4490
PIONEER HOUSE Speakers, pair. 15
inch 3-way, black with screens. Work
great. $99.(650)243-8198


RECORDABLE CD-R 74, Sealed, Unopened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X,

(650) 578 9208

QUALITY BOOKS used and rare. World

& US History and classic American novels. $5 each obo (650)345-5502

300 Toys

294 Baby Stuff

3-STORY BARBIE Dollhouse with spiral

staircase and elevator. $60. (650)5588142

SONY DHG-HDD250 DVR and programable remote.

Record OTA. Clock set issues $99 650595-8855

PUZZLES, 20 available, 1000 pcs.

$3.00 each,. (650)596-0513

SONY PROJECTION TV 48" with remote good condition $99 (650)345-1111


seat - $5 (650)592-5864.

DRUM TABLE - brown, perfect condition, nice design, with storage, $45.,

ANTIQUE ITALIAN lamp 18 high, $70



new, bakes, broils, toasts, adjustable
temperature. $25 OBO. (650)580-4763

ADULT BIKES 1 regular and 2 with balloon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356

210 Lost & Found

THOMAS THE TRAIN; trains, crossing

gate, bridge, track; good condition;
$25/OBO. 650-345-1347.

DINING ROOM table Good Condition

$90.00 or best offer ( 650)-780-0193


VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544

VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c-430-a

$60. (650)421-5469


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City
of San Bruno, California (the City) at its regular meeting on,
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, held a Public Hearing, waived the
first reading and introduced the following ordinance, then on
Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at its regular meeting, the City
Council waived the second reading and adopted the following
Ordinance Summary
The ordinance would add Chapter 10.15 to the San Bruno Municipal Code to include water supply cross-connection and
backflow prevention standards to comply with State of California and San Mateo County Environmental Health Services water safety requirements. The ordinance requires installation
and testing of cross-connection backflow prevention devices
for properties that use or generate potentially toxic or hazardous waste. The ordinance will not tangibly affect the City's
practices, and the cross-connection program will continue operating as it is currently.

VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c-442c $60.


LAWN CHAIRS (4) White, plastic, $8.

each, (415)346-6038
LEATHER SOFA, black, excellent condition. $100 obo. (650)878-5533
LOVE SEAT, Upholstered pale yellow
floral $99. (650)574-4021
x 41"H. Double doors with lock & key.
$35 650-832-1448
x 41"H. Double doors with lock & key.
$35 650-832-1448
x 41"H. Double doors with lock & key.
$35 650-832-1448
METAL CHAIRS, quantity 4, brand new
in box $30. (650)368-0748
NEW DELUXE Twin Folding Bed, Linens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must
Sell! (650) 875-8159.
NEW TWIN Mattress set plus frame
$30.00 (650) 347-2356
NICE WOOD table 36"L x19"W x20"H
$30.(415)231-4825.Daly City
NICE WOOD table 36"L x19"W x20"H
$30.(415)231-4825.Daly City
OAK BOOKCASE, 30"x30" x12". $25.
$55 (650)458-8280
$55 (650)458-8280
OFFICE TABLE, 24"x48" HD. folding
legs each end. 500# capacity. Cost
$130. Sell $60, 650-591-4141
obo Retail $130 (650)873-8167
PAPASAN CHAIRS (2) -with cushions
$45. each set, (650)347-8061
QUEEN-SIZED SOFA-BED, beige colored, excellent condition, $99.99 or best
offer. Must Go! (650) 952-3063.
RECLINER CHAIR blue tweed clean
good $75 Call 650 583-3515
RECLINING SWIVEL & high-back chair
(Hampton) exc condition $30 (650) 7569516 Daly City.
RECLINING SWIVEL chair almost new
$99 650-766-4858
ROCKING CHAIR fine light, oak condition with pads, $85/OBO. 650 369 9762
ROCKING CHAIRS solid wood, great
shape asking 30 dollars each. Call
(650)574-4582 Lily
RUMMY ROYAL poker table top $30.00
contract joe 650-573-5269

new $20.00

SOFA & Love seat perfect condition $99

Edie 650 345 8981
TEAK CABINET 28"x32", used for stereo equipment $25. (650)726-6429

VINTAGE G.E. radio, model c1470 $60.



single drawer and stacked shelves. $30
obo. 650-465-2344

VINTAGE ZENITH radio, model L516b

$75. (650)421-5469


12" $50. Call 650-834-4833

304 Furniture

WALNUT CHEST, small (4 drawer with

upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429

2 TWIN MAPLE bed frames, Cannon

Ball construction **SOLD **

WOOD - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x

17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311

5 FOOT resin folding table, still in the

box $30.00 650 368 0748

WOOD FURNITURE- one end table and

coffee table. In good condition. $30
OBO. (760)996-0767.

ANTIQUE DINING table for six people

with chairs $99. (650)580-6324

306 Housewares


feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966.

FOR $12 (415)990-6134

ANTIQUE MAHOGANY double bed with

adjustable steelframe $225.00. OBO.

CHRISTMAS TREE China, Fairfield

Peace on Earth. Complete Set of 12 (48
pieces) $75. 650-493-5026

BEIGE SOFA $99. Excellent Condition

(650) 315-2319
CHAIRS 2 Blue Good Condition $50
OBO (650)345-5644



Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings,
20-pieces in original box, never used.
$250 per box
(3 boxes available).

The ordinance goes into effect 30 days after its final adoption.
Please call (650) 616-7179 with any questions.

COAT/HAT STAND, solid wood, for your

mountain cabin/house. $50. (650)5207045

GARBAGE CANS: brute 44 gal. Excellent condition $15. 650 504-6057

A copy of the full text of proposed ordinance is available in the

City Clerk's Office, 567 El Camino Real, in San Bruno, California.


Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409

PORCELAIN JAPANESE Tea set, Unopened, in wood box, great gift $30.

COMPUTER TABLE, adjustable height,

chrome legs, 29x48 like new $30 (650)

/s/ Carol Bonner,

San Bruno City Clerk
November 28, 2016

PRE-LIT 7 ft Christmas tree. Three sections, easy to assemble. $50. 650 349

COUCH, CREAM IKEA, great condition,

$89, light-weight, compact, sturdy loveseat (415)775-0141

SOLID TEAK floor model 16 wine rack

with turntable $60. (650)592-7483

Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, November 29,


CUSTOM MADE wood sewing storage

cabinet perfect condition $75. (650)4831222
DINETTE TABLE with Chrome Legs: 36"
x58" (with one leaf 11 1/2") - $50.

308 Tools
ALUMINUM LADDERS 40ft, $99 for two,
Call (650)481-5296
BOSTITCH 16 gage Finish nailer Model
SB 664FN $99 (650)359-9269


Tuesday Nov. 29, 2016

308 Tools

311 Musical Instruments

318 Sports Equipment

BENCH SAW - 8 INCH includes attached table and accessories $45 (650)3680748

BALDWIN GRAND PIANO, 6 foot, excellent condition, $8,500/obo. Call


BACK PACK Camp Trails-Oasis $20


CLICKER TORQUE wrench, 20-150,

$20, 650-595-3933

EXCELLENT VIOLIN, previously owned,

first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow
sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer.

CRAFTSMAN 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"

dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402

CRAFTSMAN JIGSAW 3.9 amp. with

variable speeds $65 (650)359-9269
In box. $30. (650)245-7517
CRAFTSMAN RADIAL SAW, with cabinet stand, $200 Cash Only, (650)8511045
CRAFTSMEN 3 saw blades $20. new.
DELTA CABINET SAW with overrun table. $1,500/obo. ((650)342-6993
Phone: 650-591-8062


PAINTING TOOLS - hooks, stirrups 110

ropes, poles, 20 plank, 440 Graco Spary
Machine, $500, Asking (650)-483-8048

POWERMATIC TABLE SAW, heavy duty, excellent condition, perfect for contractor or carpenter. $750 or best offer.
Call anytime, (650)713-6272
ROUTER TABLE ryobi $ 99. like new
SHOPSMITH MARK V 50th Anniversary
SLEDGE HAMMER & Hand Held Heavy
Duty Hammer & Hand Held AX $5.00
TWO WHEEL dolly used $20.00 contact
joe at 650-573-5269
1947. $60. (650)245-7517


SAW, good shape. $1,000/obo. Call

309 Office Equipment

18Dx15Wx28H $10 650-595-2494
IBM SELECTRIC II typewriter with several different font balls. Excellent condition; $40; 650-347-5743

FENDER BASS amp 25 watt. electrical

issue box and speaker very good
$45. (650)367-8146
GULBRANSEN BABY GRAND PIANO Appraised @ $5450., want $1800 obo,
HAMMOND B-3 Organ and 122 Leslie
Speaker. Excellent condition. $8,500. private owner, (650)349-1172
HOHNER Pocket Pal.
Key of C. Original box. Never used.
$10. (650)588-0842
LEXICON LAMBDA cubase LE $60.00
call Patter (650)367-8146
MONARCH UPRIGHT player piano $99
(650) 583-4549
PIANO, UPRIGHT, in excellent condition. Asking $345. (650)366-4769
UPRIGHT PIANO. In tune. Fair condition. $300 OBO (650) 533-4886.
key German w/case $25 call (650)3678146
YAMAHA PIANO, Upright, Model M-305,
$750. Call (650)572-2337

312 Pets & Animals

AIRLINE CARRIER for cats, pur. from
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
(505-228-1480) local.
CANARY BIRD cage 24 x 16 for sale.
$40.00 firm. Used, good condition. Call
ONE KENNEL Cab ll one Pet Taxi animal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
PARROT CAGE, Steel, Large - approx
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
offer. (650)245-4084
PET CARRIER, brown ,Very good condition, $15.00 medium zize leave txt or call
650 773-7201

316 Clothes


BLACK DOUBLE breasted suit size 38

excellent condition $25 650-322-9598

NEAT RECEIPTS Mobile Scanner new

in box $79, call 650-324-8416

BOY SCOUT canvas belt with Boy Scout

Buckle. Vintage. Fair condition. $5.

310 Misc. For Sale

FAUX FUR Coat Woman's brown multi

length $50 650-692-8012

$19, 650-595-3933




3 in 5-gal cans. $10.00 each. 650/5937408.
500-600 BIG Band-era 78's--most mint,
no sleeves--$99.00 for all--650-574-5459
8 TRACKS, billy Joel, Zeppelin, Eagles
,Commodores, more.40 @ $4 each , call
CIAO SMALL Black Duffel Carry-on,
Overnight or Tote bag with shoulder
strap, $15 650-952-3500
condition $50 (650)878-9542



used $8., (408)249-3858
INCUBATOR, $99, (650)678-5133
2006, 2007 New OB $90 lot 650-3687537
LIONEL CHRISTMAS Holiday expansion Set. New OB $99 650-368-7537
LIONEL WESTERN Union Pass car and
dining car. New OB $99 650-368-7537
PREMIUM MOVING blankets good condition $10.00 each (650 ) 504 -6057

FREE SIZE 38 tan gabardine navy officers uniform great condition Perfect for
that costume party.322-9598
LADIES BOOTS size 8 , 3 pairs different
styles , $20/ pair. call 650-592-2648
LADIES SEQUIN dress, blue, size XL,
pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
LEATHER JACKET, New Black Italian
style, size M Ladies $45 (650) 875-1708
MAN'S BLACK leather jacket, size 40,
like new. $85.00 (650)593-1780
MEN'S STETSON hat, size large, new,
rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40
(650) 578-9208
NEW JOCKEY Men's Classic Crew
white tshirts (L) 3pk $15/each (5 available) 650.952.3466
NEW WITH tags Wool or cotton Men's
PARIS HILTON purse white & silver unused, about 12" long x 9" high $23. 650592-2648
PRADA DAYPACK / Purse, Sturdy black
nylon canvas, like new, made in Italy,
$35 (650)591-6596

RMT CHRISTMAS Diesel train and Caboose. Rare. New OB $99 650-368-7537

VELVET DRAPE, 100% cotton, new

beautiful burgundy 82"X52" W/6"hems:
$45 (415)585-3622

SAMSONITE 26" tan hard-sided suit

case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
$60. 650-328-6709

VINTAGE 1970S Grecian made dress,

size 6-8, $35 (650)873-8167

SILK SAREE 6 yards new nice color.for

$35 only. C all(650)515-2605 for more information.
ULTRASONIC JEWELRY Cleaning Machine Cleans jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, keys. Concentrate included. $30
OBO. (650)580-4763
VASE WITH flowers 2 piece good for the
Holidays, $25., (650) 867-2720
VINTAGE WHITE Punch Bowl/Serving
Bowl Set with 10 cups plus one extra
$30. (650)873-8167
WAGON WHEEL Wooden, original from
Colorado farm. 34x34
Very good
aged condition $200 San Bruno
275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $250. 650771-6324

WILSON'S LG Green Suede Jacket

$50.00 (650)367-1508

317 Building Materials

CULTURED MARBLE 2 tone BR vanity
counter top. New toe skin/ scribe. 29 x
19 $300 (408)744-1041
INTERIOR DOORS, 8, Free. Call 5737381.

BACK PACK TENT $20 (650)595-2494

pad $20 (650)595-2494
BUSHNELL NEO XS Golf Watch with
charger. Mint condition. 30,000+ golf
courses. $50. Jeff 650-208-5758
CHILDS KICK scooter by razor with helmet $25 obo (650)591-6842
Rider - good condition $50. (650)2663184
(12"x16") Hardly used! $50. Call


GOLF CLUBS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all-$90.00 (650)341-8342

GOLF CLUBS, new, Warrior woods
3/15 degree 5/21 degree 7/24 degree
$15 ea (650)349-0430
Golf Clubs, used set with Cart for $50.
IGLOO BLUE 38-Quart Wheelie Cool
Cooler/Ice Chest $14 650-952-3500
Right handed with covers and pull cart
$150 o.b.o. (650)344-3104
good condition, 650-341-0282.


POWER PLUS Exercise Machine $99

PRINCE TENNIS 2 section nylon black
Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket$55.(650)341-8342
SOCCER BALLS - $8.00 each (like new)
4 available. (650)341-5347
TOTAL GYM XLS, excellent condition.
Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
Used). 10% incline, 2.5 HP motor, 300lb
weight capacity. $329 (650)598-9804
VINTAGE ENGLISH ladies ice skates up to size 7-8, $40., (650)873-8167
VINTAGE NASH Cruisers Mens/ Womens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz
6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439
WET SUIT - medium size, $95., call for
info (650)851-0878
WOMEN'S LADY Cougar gold iron set
set - $25. (650)348-6955
WOMEN'S NORDICA ski boots, size 8
1/2. $50 650-592-2047
YAMAHA ROOF RACK, 58 inches $75.

345 Medical Equipment

BATH CHAIR LIFT. Peterman battery
operated bath chair lift. Stainless steel
frame. Accepts up to 350lbs. Easily inserted I/O tub.$250 OBO.
(650) 739-6489.
only 5 years old, $500 or best offer. Call
anytime, (650)713-6272

Garage Sales

Make money, make room!

List your upcoming

garage sale,
moving sale,
estate sale,
yard sale,
rummage sale,
clearance sale, or
whatever sale you
Reach over 83,450 readers
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to Palo Alto.
in your local newspaper.

Call (650)344-5200

SHUTTERS 2 wooden shutters 32x72

like new $50.00 650 368-7891
WHITE DOUBLE pane window for $29
or Best offer. Call Halim @ (650) 6785133.

379 Open Houses

318 Sports Equipment


15 SF Giants Posters -- Barry Bonds,

Jeff Kent, JT Snow. 6' x 2.5' Unused. $4
each. $35 all. (650)588-1946 San Bruno


Fictitious Business Name Statements,

Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
Notice of Public Sales and More.
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.

Fax your request to: 650-344-5290

Email them to:

List your Open House

in the Daily Journal.
Reach over 83,450
potential home buyers &
renters a day,
from South San Francisco
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in your local newspaper.
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470 Rooms
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
San Mateo County

620 Automobiles

620 Automobiles

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Daily Journals
Auto Classifieds.
Just $45
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til you sell it!
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Call (650)344-5200

BMW 07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condition Sports package 3rd row seats reduced $19,995 obo Call (650)520-4650
CADILLAC 02 Deville, 8 cylinder, perfect condition, like new, cashmere outside white inside 4787 miles $13,000.
CADILLAC 99 DeVille Concours,
98,500 miles, $3,500 or best offer.
CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
CHEVY HHR 08 - Grey, spunky car
loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500.

Do the humane thing.

Donate it to the
Humane Society.
Call 1- 800-943-8412


640 Motorcycles/Scooters
mounting hardware and other parts $35.
Call (650)670-2888

645 Boats
16 FT SEA RAY. I/B. $1,200. Needs Upholstery. Call 650-898-5732.

LEXUS 94 GS300 148K miles, very

clean. $2,700. (650)302-5523

2003 P-15 West Wight Potter sailboat,


TOYOTA 06 Prius, 149K, clean. $6,500


670 Auto Service

625 Classic Cars

1955 CHEVY BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
obo. (650)952-4036.


Smog Check
Repair Services
Collision and Body Work

86 CHEVY CORVETTE. Automatic.

93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
obo. (650) 952-4036.

Burlingame & San Mateo Locations

CORVETTE 69 STINGRAY 327, Horsespeed SPS, 50.000 miles. $18,500.



FORD 64 Falcon. 4DR Sedan. 6 cyl.

auto/trans $3,500.00. (650) 570-5780.

670 Auto Parts

630 Trucks & SUVs


Flat) 205/55/16 EL 42 All Season Like
New $100. (650)483-1222

LINCOLN 02 Navigator, excellent condition. Runs great! Must sell! $4,500/obo.


635 Vans
CHEVROLET 06 Mini VAN, new radiator, tires and brakes. Needs head gasket.
$1,200. (650)481-5296

640 Motorcycles/Scooters

99 Van, Good Condition,
$5,500, childs play three, call

89 GOLD WING. 1500 CC. 39K miles.

Call Joe 650-578-8357

MAZDA 12 CX-7 SUV Excellent condition One owner Fully loaded Low
miles reduced $18,995 obo (650)5204650

ALPINE STAR motocross boots Tech 8s

size 14 good cond. $75. (650)345-5642

JAGUAR 94 XJ6, very clean, 110K

miles, $4,500. (650)302-5523

BMW 03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call


(650) 340-0026


Flat) 205/55/16 EL42 used 70% left $80.
FIRESTONE TIRES 215/70/R16 good
condition $50. (650) 504-6057
NEW CONTINENTAL Temporary tire
mounted on 5 lug rim Size T125/70/R1798M $100. (650)483-1222
Year 2002 all for $40 (650)948-0912

ATV MOTORCYCLE Lift $50.00 call

Patter (650)367-8146

680 Autos Wanted

Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
Novas, running or not
Parts collection etc.
So clean out that garage
Give me a call
Joe 650 342-2483

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
1 Energizes, with
5 Onetime TWA
10 Lucys co-star
14 Star Wars
15 Bakery draw
16 Thats so true!
17 Misfortunes
18 Las Vegas
losers complaint
20 [Get off the
22 Word with dog,
horse or lion
23 Bank acct.
24 Critter in the
26 Worked hard
30 Spoken
32 Make on the job
34 Explosive
35 Eight, en espaol
36 Like some
37 Martini ingredient
38 Jack of nursery
39 Give __
40 Grate residue
42 Chinese-born
architect I.M. __
43 Techies hangout
45 Doggone it!
46 Dada pioneer
47 Speak hoarsely
48 Landmark on
Missouris state
49 Georgia, but not
51 Vatican City
53 Uncanny claim
56 Crime syndicate
57 What a judge
may do during an
59 Grecian Formula
64 Invention
65 Roughly 30% of
Earths land area
66 Fall zodiac sign
67 Denim pioneer
68 Chimed

69 No bid, in
70 Perfect spot

28 Great Lakes
50 Suitcase tie-on
52 App downloaders
29 Lairs of lions
54 Kitchen strainer
31 Of course!
55 Opposite of
33 Ill-fated whale
everything, in
1 I was home
alone isnt a very 35 Rossini creation
58 Rancor
strong one
36 Is home sick
59 Jelly holder
2 Breakfast fruit
38 Stretch across
60 Land across the
3 *Screenwriters
41 Cul-de-__
pond from the U.K.
work for the first
44 Tubular Italian
61 Gluttony, e.g.
62 Tear (into)
4 Merit badge
48 Concert milieus
63 Execs degree
5 Analyzed, as a
6 Got out of bed
7 __ again!
8 Invoice no.
9 Leader with a
10 __ Lama
11 Big bird from
Down Under
12 Hold on a __!
13 Pentel filler
19 *Orangy Crayola
21 *Simple-to-use
25 *Symbol of
27 Dizzy ... and a
hint to the starts
of the answers to
starred clues

By C.C. Burnikel
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Drought Tolerant Planting

Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
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